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Dr Dan Burisch Area 51 Microbiologist

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SPOKESPERSON Administrator ~ eaglesforum (Majestic created forum) 7/9/06

Email (among other things as we can all see) has been posted in the I.S. I'll make you a deal, Dondep, I'll answer these questions from you, then maybe you will answer one from me? I checked with Dr. McDowell to make sure these answers about MJ12 were correct.

The questions said to be from Dondep were written like this:
1. How did you come to be a 'spokesperson'?
2. Was it through the intervention of the, um, Priory?
3. Is it a paid position, or were you 'encouraged' to take up the position by said organization?
4. Are you at liberty to speak of who pays your 'salary' and where the money comes from? (Yes, I realize that there is no formal 'financial disclosure' regulations at issue here.....Dan is, after all, not running for public office, only for public recognition of his message, which makes it even more important).
5. For that matter, how about the other members of the 'team'?
6. Who pays their salaries?
7. Or are they merely (cough cough) dedicated volunteers who found their own menial daytime jobs, or are they on special 'sabbatical' from the last incarnation of the 'working group'?
8. From whence comes the authority to 'command' them, as in: "Dr Burisch and Marci want all pooh-bahs in the IMNVSI Section NOW!" ?
A. Where DOES the 'authority' originally emanate from?
B. Was that 'authority' legitimate before?
C. If it never was legitimate, what makes its successors any more legitimate?


1. I was personally asked to take the job by a friend of a Provincial and representative to the Archivum Secretum Apostolicum Vaticanum, and was approved by my Provincial. A month earlier, during a conversation in Rome about our coming pilgrimage to Santiago de Campostella, a representative of the New York Province and friend to a former Majestic leader had approached me, telling me about Dr. Burisch's important work.

He told me that Dr. Burisch intended to bring many societies together, to eliminate the communication failures and old rivalries to corner the Illuminati and prevent them from acquiring prohibited machinery. The second mission is to firm up the synarchy against Illuminati interests, to prevent them from creating a one world political order.

I told him of my interest, and a month later I was approached by the friend to the Provincial.
2. Not to my knowledge.
3.-4. The Church tends to my financial needs.
5.-7. The other members of Dan's and Marcia's team, who were Majestic members, are taken care of by the newly seated group. I understand that when they want extra 'lira', they work for it on their own.
8. The authority to command only extends to former Maji personnel and personnel allied to the Maji before they adjourned. That authority rested in the bylaws of the old Majestic 12 and spelled that should an adjournment happen, the designate would be in charge of any final business of the Majestic 12 not transferred to a new group. They don't command me anymore than giving me instructions how to moderate the forum. They don't command the members of other societies that have been brought together.

That was Dan's genius! He controlled the meetings by joining agreements between people, by getting them to first put forth agenda items he knew he could get them to agree upon. Once everyone was friendly, the differences were listed out and he helped them find common grounds for agreements. He said to them that they had already found other agreement points, they could do that too!

A. Originally, his authority was spelled out as early as 1966 when the bylaws of the Committee of the Majority were written. Of course he wasn't mentioned by name in those bylaws.
B. The authority for Dan was made legitimate on October 12, 2005. The legitimacy of the MJ12 authority was first made by Mr. Truman in 1947, and signed off on by every U.S. President since.
C. I don't know exactly what relationship the newly seated group has to the present U.S. administration or other State's administrations. Dr. McDowell refused to answer that question. I called Dan, and he refused to answer it too.

Okay, time for my one question? Why am I getting this email from you, through a third party when you aren't banned from here? Dorion

annmarcher ~ The Priory of Sainte Mary Magdalene ~ 7/11/06 eaglesforum2 (Majestic created forum)

Everybody, We have just completed a roundtable conference. I have been promoted, by Dr. Burisch! Lucky me! He was able to do it even though a few out there haven't given him permission to believe I exist while I was sitting in front of him. I guess he doesn't need the permission of Elder A of the cat people from planet Ceta! Oh that kills me! Anyway, I am the person now known as "Fringe Portal 1" by Dr. Burisch! (FP1) That means, if anyone on the fringe ( wants to find information about the DVD's- they ask me!

Here are a few announcements:
Dr. Burisch has approved the schedule offered by Dr. McDowell. Four parts of that schedule are really inportant.
Part 1: Dr. McDowell has advised she would be done placing video into DVD #1 within 2 weeks from today.
Part 2: Dr. McDowell has advised she would be completed adding voice overs, music, stills, and cgi's to DVD within 4 weeks from today.
Part 3: Once Parts #1-2 are completed, Dr. McDowell will be ready to ship the first DVD's to the publisher/distributor.
Part 4: Dr. McDowell has ordered that the fringers will be the LAST TO KNOW when/where the DVD's are available as mass marketing begins. Ouch! Feeling shut out?The TT members will received free copies first out of the box! It looks like some people have burned their bridges! Ann FP1

SPOKESPERSON ~ Admin. ~ 7/11/06 ~ eaglesforum

I haven't been told I can't and I have been told Dan is busy. So, here it is.

H is Dan, D is me.


D(orian): Hello DanH: Hi, Dor!
D: Dan, what's the meaning of the post by Nate?
H: (Dan) He is aware that I am being approached, albeit by a request to either email or meet with me, by someone via another, but that someone has been linked to the 63 event in Dallas.
D: Why does he want to speak with you? H: The guy has had CIA experience and is apparently deeply involved with attempting to back engineer a craft.D: ET? H: Ya. Intelligence tells me that it would be less than an ARV, but definitely a uniting of present day terrestrial and et designs. D: What do the 2 have to do with each other, if anything? H: Everything! D: Can you elaborate? H: I shouldn't. Any elaboration of would do would be very cellophane, transparent at best.

H: (Dan) Look, the only thing I know for sure was that the event was promoted due his actions after the August 6, 1963 formation of the COTM. He was briefed in early November by Radhakrishnan and after he ordered a separate oversight, you know what happened to him. We all do. Something freaked him out, but by then the course was set and we were locked in with the USSR. D: I'm still not following the connection. H: The guy attempting to contact was investigated by Garrison.D: I get it. I tried to invite Dondep to the forum. H: Why the overture? It's fine by me, buy why did you take that action? D: I thought it may be the right thing to do. H: Dor, you have the authority to moderate, but Don is put between a rock and a hard place. On one hand he knows the importance of the situation, on the other he is dealing with other's "behaviors"...but running a forum (or not) doesn't cut it, after all the bravado of taking action. If there is more going on, I haven't seen it. COPIED PASTED WRONG BY ME, DORION

H: Maybe there is? If so, I haven't seen it. H: Right now we are in a period where the interviews are being granted and it is extremely important to bring the authentic message only to the public. It's not a's what I saw and heard. Factions are defined by their actions...and LACK OF THEM WHEN THE CHIPS ARE DOWN! Anybody can type on a computer and speak lofty words. To do anything, you have to be willing to soil your hands by work. I wonder how many have? Drop the know...and DO SOMETHING?

D: Some of them react as though there has to be another side to the story? H: Of course they do...that is the nature of such a group. I've faced it ever since I first told people in public what I witnessed. Immediately, they said "but what about Case X?" "What about Case Y? "H: As soon as I indicated that I was not trying to mix UFO cases into what I was saying, they looked at me like a pariah. It was at that moment, even if I hadn't learned what I learned about the UFO community, I knew what was up! In a single word: folklore! H: In multiple words: "UFO-Alien Question Folkloristics" branch within Majestic.D: I'm not following, they had a branch like that? H: Yes! Hold on...I just answered an email about it to someone. Let me get it and I'll copy it here. D: OK H: Hi, NAME REMOVED. My comments here may be reproduced as you see fit, so long as they are reproduced in toto.

H: (Dan) While it is true that during my service I have worked around some of the worst of the worst, I have maintained both my honor and dignity, and so I respond to the SERPO-OPRES hoax as honestly as I can. In my capacity in Maj I was present during many higher level discussions about the multi-decade, multi-national, coverup.

H: One of the recurring themes was the role of the so called "ufo community" as purveyors of disinformation through complex folklore and folktales. The involvement of the "ufo community" (some knowingly and most not) was so important to Maj, that the Psychological Operations people (MajPsyOp) had an individual program in place named "UFO-Alien Question Folkloristics." Individuals employed for that purpose have invaded every aspect of the alternative media and entertainment industry.

H: (Dan) One of their explicit jobs was to insert as many individual timeless myth characteristics into the stories as possible, so that they would become as culturally rooted as possible, for later information additions and alterations. H: Now, I am not telling you what to believe or not I know the truth about this particular subject and know that most people hearing about my account have exposure roots inside of the "ufo community".
Therefore, most have already been recipients of one of the finest (and most nefarious) disinformation campaigns blackops history has afforded to the wonderful people of earth.
I would only make a suggestion to you and everyone, one you may already follow for all I know. That suggestion is to look worldwide for the various UFO-Alien question reports, then categorize them within their own cultures and view them against the academically recognized categories of folklore, myths, and folktales. H: Specifically, give this a try: look at the stories (some of them being real) and separate out the common themes and the themes based within their own culture...including aspects of entertainment (movies, television, books, magazines, etc.), then judge which ones are more based (the root story, but above the level of the question of alien contact) on the cultural themes or the common ones across cultures. Therein, I predict anyone would begin to not only see clearer, which ones are more straightforward, but which ones have the hand of DIA disinfo and MajPsyOp in them.

Recognize, from it, as well...which ones seem to be complete stories and which ones seem to be rooted in messy reality. H: We all know the real world is a messy one. God bless you, DanH:
P.S. I am getting ready to watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Special Edition) I can see Serpo in action.COPIED PASTED WRONG BY ME, DORION.
D: That I understand. Dan, reading your work, I just can't help think that you must be miserable right now.H: How so? D: You are driven to do research and the closest you've come to that is evaluating the agreements of the societies and preparing for scheduled interviews? H: Oh, yes...on that level...absolutely miserable! No doubt about it! But...there is a limit. Without that limit...then I would be feeling misery. Marcia is about a month out from sending the first DVD to our publisher. Once the publisher arranges the rest, and I have completed the email and flyers activities...I expect that Marcia will declare this puppy done! I don't expect her declaration to come before January-February next year. But, once it does...D: Freedom? H: Pretty close.

That means I have finished the tenets of the order. We will continue, as I have mentioned before with Level 3 of the timeline. Most people still don't get it, that I could complete this order without interviews. The interviews that some people are making smart remarks about (showing their mentality) aren't a requirement! I am doing them out of good will only.

D:(orian) When you get done, aside from the public reading your website with Marcia, or you doing books and DVD's, you are ruling out further interviews?
H: (Dan) Oh, yes...THAT'S OVER! Do you think for one minute I would want to spend any more time around people who talk nice to my face and stab me in the back each time I turn around...they're flushed, goodbye, gone! My aim is to get back to the peace I had years ago.

There is no way I can do that with that circus train following me around. Have you read some of the comments? These people are only hearing the sounds knocking around in their own heads...comments like 'I'll be cemented here or there''s bull! That's just a reiteration of the line I heard before telling me that I would never go through my life without having to recount the J-Rod experience. For people whining so loudly about Marcia and my alleged lack of sovereignty, they sure base many comments from a position of self-fixed lack of sovereignty, don't they?
D: I don't blame you. H: Here's a clue...when you hear anyone saying I HAVE TO DO ANYTHING or I WILL BE LOCKED INTO ANYTHING...ignore it...because it's a nonsense statement trying to look as though they KNOW what's going to happen. It's carnival bull. A low mentality psyop. H: Well, look, Dor... the biomed issue is probably going to keep Marcia and I hopping around the globe, and the free spare time will be dedicated to the research. My life is still spent mostly in bed, resting. There seems to be nothing that can be done for the heart and the internal carotids are in bad shape. I spend most of the day in thought and prayer...mostly now that is crossing over from one to the other. I don't need prognostications from people who yell this or that to the world, what the world needs, and don't get off their duffs to DO anything about it. H: Why? Many don't give a damn about anything but themselves. Proof?

When an agenda isn't satisfied...when I refuse to present my account through the filter of their agenda...they set on their lazy rear ends and whine...but don't do a thing...but whine! They may provide this or that as an excuse and try to baffle the public with rhetoric or artsy bull, but the proof is in the action. It still equates, no matter how much manure is lumped on it, to doing NOTHING! Bullshit is bullshit. They are full of excuses. If it were important to them...they would do something...anything. To some, its only important if everything is going to be fine. To others, it's only important if everything won't be fine. I have found some willing to help make it better, by actual work...they are doing that now...and many before they and me even linked up.

H: (Dan), Dor, what is important to many is trying to look good, rather than do it. You would be surprised what many are willing to sacrifice, rather than taking a chance at looking bad while trying to do something useful. We are out there DOING something now. We will get angry reactions for it...(a) from people who don't want to be shown as doing nothing, (b) from others who don't want better for others, and (c) from others who just want attention for themselves.
D: It's difficult to get people to care, Dan. Are you still keeping S Shalom with c? H: For my Grandfather, yes. Of course! Out of respect for him and our people, yes, as best I can. D: Great! H: No photos though...D: Most Hasidim are that way too. H: Oo faw ree nu! D: Yes, my friend! Thank you for your work.H:
It shows it's not only Owl that can plain talk.

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mjc ~ Location: Eastern England

Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2006 1:24 pm

Post subject: megaupload link of Rense interview with Dan_B (13th July 06)

13th July Rense interview (8Kb stream) with Dan_B
Size:19.82 MB
Duration: 1 hour 55 minutes (adverts cut out)

addendum: texas wind wrote: 7/14/06 ~ eaglesforum

Hi Dorion. Will these images be available to the general public on the Rense site or only to paid subscribers?
Love and Blessings, Gayle Texas Wind

SPOKESPERSON: The images will be posted openly. Also, as Jeff Rense is deeply committed to disclosure of the information presented by Drs. Burisch and McDowell, he has made full copies of both interviews, 5 hours, which Dr. McDowell will be presenting on, FREE ACCESS TO THE PUBLIC! They will soon be available on Eagles Disobey! - Dorion


Links to Interviews at Library Reading page

SPOKESPERSON ~ Administrator, eaglesforum ~ 7/15/06

Motion of Privilege, Motion #204 To Lay on the Table Privilege / Adoption by Acclamation Motion by/ Jointly Moved:
Danny B Catselas Burisch, Sc.D. (H-1); and Marcia Ann McDowell, Ph.D. (H-2)
Whereas Danny B Catselas Burisch, Sc.D. and Marcia Ann McDowell, Ph.D. are designates of the Adjourned Majestic, as H-1 and H-2, respectively;

Whereas as such designates, the Power to complete the Mission, as designated in the Pre-Adjournment Orders issued to them from the Majestic, dated October 12, 2005, is solely defined within their own authority and decision scope;
Whereas such a decision scope, was assigned to them by the Majestic, with the understanding that they would both and in a joined fashion complete an operation to fulfill the aforementioned orders;

Do hereby move, and request as a Privileged Motion to Lay on the Table and be immediately Adopted by Acclamation, due to the implementation of the aforementioned scope of authority; That they shall immediately make available the data contents of the larger amount of up to 100 hours of the debriefing of Danny B Catselas Burisch, Sc.D. (Designated H-1, formerly H-6196-E Maj / a 20 Years Service Retiree of Majestic) to researchers and journalists of their sole choice; Without Expectancy for personal remuneration, free of charge, in the spirit of truth and responsibility to a public only deserving such; That such information is morally owned by Humanity as a whole;

That such designated journalists and researchers may distribute the contents of said debriefing materials to the public in any way they may choose to do so;That such an action will be conducted in a concurrent fashion with the production of separate DVD's, by Marcia Ann McDowell, Ph.D.;That such DVD's by Marcia Ann McDowell, Ph.D. (H-2) containing said information from the debriefing of Danny B Catselas Burisch, Sc.D., will be given to worldwide distribution in a manner she solely determines, within her scope of authority as H-2 Designate;That both H-1 and H-2 designates do hereby move that said be ADOPTED BY ACCLAMATION, before the body assembled.
Given this date, July 15, 2006, 01:00 ET and is hereby said to LAY ON THE TABLE FOR AN IMMEDIATE VOTE TO THIS PRIVILEGED MOTION.Taken by XXXXXXX XXXXXXX, Majestic retiree, for the assembled body, and received by Nathaniel R., for the Assembled Body.THE VOTE IS NOW CALLED ...

svgrndispctrgen ~ 2:09am

"Per the Drs request, I am posting that the VOTE was held and the motion was CARRIED BY ACCLAMATION." C33

destinydreamer ~ 7/17/06 ~ eaglesforum

This is in response to rmagee above bringing up the stargate in Iran.
It would be curious to know if it is felt to still be in place or dismantled or whatever. The author William Henry, Dan mentions quite a bit, mentioned this stargate in Iran, but as well Willim Henry mentioned quite a bit in his book Nashville, City of Peace and website that either Roosevelt or Hoover knew quite a bit about our own stargate in Nashville, Tennessee and were on a holy grail search for some time ago for incarnation people even before Hitler was onto the search.

The ancient Cherokee knew of these portals. It's part of clan memories of the medicine men. Saddam Hussein was into his reincarnational memories trying to restore things back to his past times as a king of the area. Now this Parthenon in Nashville seems to be it is the energies of the structuring arrangements of the area and all those things set in stone of the Gods of the Parthenon energies, but it is the people who go there to set their elections or fortunes or paths clear and their personal energetics of interaction in an earthly location set up on the old model.

Seemed it was the people making the manifesting or looking glass settings not some machine but knowing the skills the 33rd degrees know on how to effect changes ahead or set themselves in power or ripple stockmarkets as they played it out with a partner simply like a child. I don't know that there was any ancient device located in Nashville like mentioned over in Iran buried deep. There are also those areas like around the Valley of Fire,Nevada, Chaco Canyon,NM, Creston, Colorado and areas you find the ancient petroglyph symbols in the cave areas or pointing to their locations marked by the portal symbols seems like all with the skills (info and harmonics raised )should be able to do the looking glass effect for mass rippling to shift things as one gets the skills using the solfeggio music harmonics, the scoop from Dan Winters on how ones biofields resonate to open the wormholes, plus all the knowledge of the shamir principles seems the whole world could amp up in creation letting go of this timeline warp driving out of here.

Getting to operate the looking glasses outside of controllers who attempt to harness the ones they have to use to operate the looking glass seems to be all with pure heart intent should be free to create and recreate freely as it comes.

I am sure much of these areas will be touched upon by Dr. Dan and Dr. Marcia as they get the DVD's out. I for one KNOW they are telling the truth and working their very best to get it out to transcend those who have harnessed our world for themselves making it much less than it can be and getting this area quarantined off from the rest of creation.

With all these tools to resonate ourselves into wormhole effects coming to the knowledge of so many via the net, there will be too many to suppress these things hidden and those with self agendas and influenced by the future visitors who turned it backwards to enslave the rest will not be able to keep The Secret and the looking glass to just themselves to control those who can work the looking glass effect.

You can likely use some of the biomachines measuring parameters to see if you have gotten yourself resonating likely to interface correctly that Dan Winters is explaining about who is linked on this site and has many new google free video movies lately on it.

Plus when you use the Rosslyn cubes music or the solfeggio tones/harmonics the two doctors here are giving as tools to rev up folks to transcending themselves out of the box, we should have means to become all we can be averting this particular timeline which is a dead end for liberties and leads to misery unending and loss of spiritual transcendence and awareness.

"Morgellon's Disease," discussion ~ eaglesforum ~ 7/18/06

{From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Morgellons or Morgellons disease is a controversial name for an alleged polysymptomatic syndrome characterized by the patient finding fibers on their skin, which they believe are related to other symptoms, including intense itching, skin lesions, as well as a wide range of other chronic symptoms.

These symptoms are occasionally accompanied by the belief in infestation by some unknown arthropod or parasite. The term Morgellons is not in accepted use by the medical community and the syndrome is widely held by the medical community to be a presentation of delusional parasitosis. There is no agreed-upon physical cause, etiology, diagnostic criteria or proven treatment. Pressure from patients convinced they have Morgellons resulted in June 2006 in a statement from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that it had begun organizing a committee for the purpose of investigating the ailment to determine whether it exists." ... }

... is discussed on this page, with Dan's input





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