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Dr Dan Burisch Area 51 Microbiologist

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Bill Hamilton & Marcia "The Dan Burisch story" 6/21/06

UNDERLING 6/24/03 Eagles forum

I have the privilege and deep honor of announcing the following:



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Posted: Sun Jun 25, 2006 3:36 am

Post subject: What a difference induction makes
The Courtship of BJ Wolf By Poppa "J"

(One of an occasional series of reproduced documents from the history of the 'saga'. In this episode, recounted by Marcia McDowell [then known as 'BJ Wolf'], "J" makes it known to BJ just how omnipresent his power is in the life of Dan Burisch. Coloration added, misspellings left intact from original as much as possible. - ed.)
Eagles Disobey: The Case for Inca City, Mars pg. 210-214 Chapter 10

( this post shortened )

"... "... "Dan, did we or did we not have an hour-long flashmail conversation about 35 minutes ago??"

"NO!" He typed, in large boldface letters.

"Oh God", I typed. What was going on. I'd talked to Dan for over an hour. He said he had Access violations that locked him out of his own screen, and he managed to fight his way back. Zeroes appeared whenever he tried to talk, blotting out his communications. Could his 'gov' friends have faked the whole thing, double-teamed me just to convince me that one of the people I was talking to was the real Dan? And why go to all that trouble? What were they hoping to gain?
Yea, I muttered to myself, welcome to being harassed.


Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2006 12:15 am
Post subject: Clarification

For clarification: The Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) is always MJ-3, not MJ-1. Regarding the 'retirement' of certain Majestic operatives: allegedly Majestic has gone/is going to ground, although this too may be yet another 'cover' story, since the last 'official' 'working group' has become almost too well-known by virtue of this 'saga'. MJ-1, though 'retired' as MJ-1, is still the master manipulator of Dan and Marci's march to Sion, with his control undiminished.

Dan was originally scheduled to become the new "H-1" (for Holy One) on January 1, 2008, but apparently is using his appendage more fully in the wake of the induction of J-1, H-1, H-2, Mrs. H-1, and J-1's aide-de-camp into the, ahem, 'Priory', which they have sworn never to admit to. The other Maji have been subsumed into other secret societies in preparation for the 'Crossing'. It doesn't mean they've retired from public life; just yesterday J-5 was discoursing on TV about the Iraq war as if nothing had changed behind the 'curtain'.

When considering the so-called 'Stockholm Syndrome' as it may or may not apply to Dan, consider too not only how dependent he is on 'them' for his ability to navigate through life but also how literally every keystroke of his is recorded. (The fact that he was able to get a begrudging acceptance of his request to extend a helping hand to us in a time of need is indeed a miracle in light of all that.) He's aware of this, and the fact that some of the thugs appointed to him by J-1 were also chosen for their ability to appear 'independent' and encouraging of him to 'disobey', while all the while responsive to J's dictates. I stand by my original analysis of the psy-op as it was conducted; a cause predicated on a fraud or 2 has only dismay as its destination. That's no reflection on Dan though. "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." In memory of Lancer.
Never stop long enough to think you have a handle on the 'truth''s ever-expanding

"" what was once a public created amiable forum; refuge from Kate's forum and prior forums now; antithesis, the newer created (majestic) (eaglesforum)

Refer to "comments" page, "Editorial 9/16/06" to 1/15/07

OWL 6/25/02 ~ eaglesforum2

Hear, hear, Underling! Forget about a post showing outrage! Show a post with any surprise at all? Of course he was doing an investigation, just like the old-towne criers were doing with the hot-lamps and the mics up the wuzoo! They are what both Doctors called moral and ethical relativists. They do whatever they want, and as long as they can justify it as them being the poor victims of a society gone wrong, you know the old sixties BS, or the work of black ops, they feel just fine. Forget the fact that none of our people watch them or give a damn about them, THEY HAVE TO BE PERCEIVED AS THE VICTIMS! "Oh, my computer is being watched! It must be Majestic!" Is it more likely Majestic or the police? It's an attention thing. Donkey and Foni are both attention cravers. Hey, I want my taxes to go down! How can I display my anger? I should rob a bank! That will show the establishment! Dumbass. When Majestic wants to know about Planet X, we'll call you. Hold your breath until then. For Foni that won't be hard. The old-towne criers argue the "so what?" bull. "So what if we did have him under those lights, so what if he did get sick, so what if we could hear his heartbeat, so what if we were doing an investigation, so what if we were working with Ron and pretending to hate him, so what, so what, so what, so what----they have no right to not be our friends? They must have been pretending to be our friends!" You know what that sounds like? They never left school. To come before the internet and argue their point like that, trying to convince people they spoke dirt about just a year before, that they are soooooo nice and the Doctors were sooooo bad, makes them look like spoiled rotten brats. Congratulations old-towne criers, now you look like spoiled brats and still have no credibility.BC

UNDERLING ~ 6/26/02 ~ eaglesforum2 Forum

Some emails have been received asking the meaning of Dr. Burisch's title: H-1. Many are asking if it is some kind of religious title? Others are still asking about the Priory of Sion? The Priory of Sion does not exist. The Priory that both Drs. Burisch, Dr. McDowell, and Ms. Marcher are members of is clearly written on the Eagles Disobey News section. It is not the mythical Priory of Sion. The Priory of Sion is fiction.Drs. Burisch and McDowell have the H-1 and H-2 designations, respectively. The designations have nothing to do with any religious title. Dr. Burisch's Majestic badge # was H-6196-E before being designated as H-1. Dr. McDowell has not given permission for me to list her prior badge number, but it makes no difference. Dr. Burisch's "E" was given upon active operational status retirement before the Majestic 12 adjourned. The "H" of H-1 is the same as the "H" of H-6196-E. The "H" stands for cross compartmentalized status. When it was determined by the Majestic to send Drs. Burisch and McDowell out from Majestic with their last instructions from them, it was decided they would receive a ceremonial new ID number.

The H-1 and H-2 were chosen by vote of the Majestic 12. It simply means they are the leaders at this time, bringing news to the world about Majestic and the coming events.

Two different teams exist, Drs. Burisch's and McDowell's counterparts, in a backup team, are called H-3 and H-4. There's nothing more to it than that

UNDERLING 6/27/02 - eaglesforum2

I want to make it perfectly clear that I am in no way involved in the contents of the message below the dotted line. The message itself was written by T (O.M. Maj ret.), with information provided to him by Drs. Burisch and McDowell.Underling, O-2813 Maj ret.


Public Announcement from Drs. Burisch and McDowell:By direct order of H-1, this announcement is being made public.

In a live teleconference, Drs. Burisch and McDowell have reported to the adjourned Maji, at the request of the adjourned Maji. The contents of the report contained the talking points and positions which Dr. Burisch intends to take during the first public interview scheduled for the Jeff Rense Show, July 3, 2006.

During their review of the talking points and positions, the adjourned Maji expressed "serious concerns" about the contents of Dr. Burisch's intended message. The Maji linked their "serious concerns" to the meanings in the text of the orders given to Dr. Burisch, on October 12, 2005.The meeting was concluded without a satisfactory resolution to the concerns.

Dr. Burisch has indicated that he is opting to proceed with the Jeff Rense interview by applying his authority as H-1. He has indicated that he will do so in the manner he intends, with or without the approval of the Maji, who set in adjournment, and therefore possess no power of veto over his actions or authority as H-1.



NEW eaglesforum2 Moderator ~ 6/29/06

I think it time to introduce myself. I am a Brother of the Society of Jesus, in a special Tertianship to the Maji, granted this Jubilee year, after personal request from Dr. Burisch and the former MJ#1.

I formerly worked in the Il Gesu of Roma, year round, and in the Archivum Secretum Apostolicum Vaticanum, between September and July for the past 3 years. During that time I obediently served His Holiness Pope John Paul II and His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI as a liaison to the Seals Conservation and Archivist.

The name Merrill was an expected code to Dr. Burisch, a name of a foundation where I previously served. I am not a member of former Majestic 12, the Committee of the Majority, or the misguided Illuminists.I am here to serve the needs of Dr. Burisch during this delicate historic time, and look forward to assisting to bring a more positive spirit to this forum. I am here, more importantly, to serve the public.Greetings to you all.

~ SPOKESPERSON ~ 6/30/06 ~ eaglesforum2

Just received this from Dan. It was part of a longer letter to some researchers. I am posting it publicly here because he didn't say I couldn't! I think it spells things out.


Dor: This just sent, Dan

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: The timelimits concerning our presenting the account comes in three levels:

Level 1: COUNDOWN CLOCK AT EAGLES DISOBEY- "172 days, 22 hours, 3 minutes, and 21 seconds left until ...... the minimums must be fulfilled!" (at the time of this writing)...blah...blah...; D
We have been ordered by the former MJ1 to have the first DVD, emails to many locations, and flyers at a great many venues, completed by that date. It sets on or about Winter Solstice, this year. It was a timelimit he set before the formal adjournment, so we are following it. It sets like a sentinel, leering at us, on the website!

Level 2: For my personal sake (and my personal peace), before adjournment, the former MJ1 ordered that my public discussions of my history must not extend past approximately September, 2007. He ordered this to protect me...and to make sure I will be available to attend the 60th. anniversary party of the establishment of Majestic, to be held "somewhere" on the East Coast, September ??, 2007! That's what he told me! But...I will tell everyone straight right won't go that long! I have absolutely no personal interest in or need to speak publicly (whether by radio or in person) anyway. I have no interest in popularity or playing any PR games! I'll leave that to other people. I am not interested in such superficial issues. I am fulfilling what I must do, then moving on with my life, research, and publications. I have never said otherwise! If others have used the "disclosure" label in ways not compatible with this...then they are puffing blue smoke in order to create something not genuinely from me. I understand that certain things are being programmed in order for me to fulfill my Level 1 orders, and the important spread of this information, so while I am honored by them, I am personally "putting up with" interviews. I find no pleasure in publicity...none. I am, by nature, a researching recluse. That won't and shouldn't change.

Level 3: A probable book on the Emanation of the Solfeggio, a possible biography, a highly probable new Eagles book, continued publication of background debriefing materials via DVD's, anticipated Community Questions DVD, a highly probable Lotus DVD prior to a possible book on the subject of evolution, other research publications or books, tonal relaxation/healing DVD's and CD's...this (God willing I live that long) may go for years! (I hope I live that long! ) None of this...though...indicates in any way my willingness to come out in the public and be exposed to the continual circus. That won't happen. My destiny lies elsewhere. May God Bless and keep everyone!


Location: Eastern England
Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 7:53 am

  "... I listened to the refeed of Dan_B's 3rd July interview between 7AM-9AM GMT this morning, and Dan_B did one helluva job in getting most aspects of the saga across in a precise and clear manner. I recorded the interview on the 8kb stream as an mp3, so anyone who missed the interview or who wants to keep it for posterity, can download it from:

The first few seconds of the 8Kb recording are a bit scratchy and jarring. I took the 44 minutes of herbal healer/ antioxidant adverts and associated music out, so its running time is approximately 76 minutes. The download's around 13MB.

-:- ~>>-<>~+~<>-<<~ -:-

SPOKESPERSON ~ JULY/4/06 ~ eaglesforum2

I have just come into possession of this. The order read and was validated:

"By my order as H1: I hereby declare that even this transcript should be made public by any operative assigned to me, and capable of doing so at a public location.

"OK Dorion>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TX0607040113----------Jo in meeting prep--------------------JX in meeting--------------------H1 in meeting----------JX: What the hell were you doing out there?H1: I thought you would be pleased?JX: Don't you fuck with me! H1: Sir, I have a unanimous mandate from the 12, and pursuant to MROO, as established during the tenure of the 12, I have the right. JX: You have the right? We moved prior to adjournment, that contests to your actions, are privileged. We gave you the right! H1: Thank you for making my point.JX: Like I said: don't fuck with me. The privileged motion is also contained in the T9/6 final, pg1404 allowing us to contest your actions if they are made public to us beforehand.

H1: Sir, during my time with the oldest's PTA, bear with me here, I was made Parliamentarian long before I was voted President of it. I was responsible for Robert's. Such a motion is deemed privileged only valid when made at the time of adjournment, but not when adjournment sine die!JX: Danny! It doesn't matter, the Treaty spells out a deference to the originating 12 in all matters.H1: Not in all matters.JX: Yes, in all matters.----------LJ4JX in meeting----------H1: The renewal of a motion, in accordance with the 12's MROO, is required at the next session. Being it was adjournment sine die, you have a problem. The Treaty structure allows for the designated H1 that power to conduct the mission. That mission originated on October 12, of last year.JX: Danny T9/6 pg1404 declares, where there is a breach of the peace, you have the authority.H1: Sir, that provision was in place prior to the October 25, 2004 BREACH by the p45r, on our property.JX: Breach?H1: The actions of MajSec, the situation requiring them to brandish weapons, is carried under T-9-6, page 2108, under the meaning of "H, Breach of the Peace / SH, Penalties". On November 15, 2004, in TC session, the 12 declared, in text, the p45r incident to have been a "Breach of the Peace" and required a formal response from the p45r's, which was carried by the p52o's and f's assents as well.JX: That was never forwarded after the first vote, to the member states for their agreement.H1: Neither the MROO or the T-9-6 require it.JX: Damned foolish.H1: Damned truthful!JX: Next time out you are to move it totally back to unity. That's what your orders read.H1: No.JX: What did you say to me?H1: Scroll up if you missed it! That is not what my orders read! They said: "...that your message shall be for the unity of humanity during the time of the cycle's cross."JX: Well? H1: Well what? It doesn't say "that your message shall be the unity of humanity..." It says it 'shall be for the unity of humanity.' Every utterance of mine was "for" the unity of humanity. Passionately so! The only message I can provide which is "for" the unity of humanity, is a truthful one! JX: Danny I didn't tell you to lie. Who told you to lie? H1: JX did when he attempted to coerce me. He was maneuvering for a lie by omission! He requested nothing else but Actus Reus.

JX:You will cease on this course! H1: No! You have no authority to make that order! JX: You will g.d. do it! You will follow what you are told to do. You OWE the allegiance! H1: I owe allegiance to whom? A defunct group? Or, do I owe my allegiance to the 4.2B(illion) we are all trying to save? JX: You know we've got everything, so your first allegiance is to the Maji. H1: Did that allegiance come before or after pl/d meant more than the 4.2? JX: We aren't getting anywhere with this. I guess I need to cut new orders? H1: What group would that be from Sir? JX: From the newly seated candidates. H1: I've never sworn an allegiance to them! Don't ask me to, either.JX: What are your intentions? H1: General or specific?JX: Both H1: General...tell the truth. Specific...I won't forecast.JX: We'll watch your S/I traffic. That's just the end of it. H1: Fine, and I will turn over all f2f commo to the public! H1: By my order as H1: I hereby declare that even this transcript should be made public by any operative assigned to me, and capable of doing so at a public location.JX: I won't allow that.LJ4JX: You may not, but I will. Danny is right. H1: Thank you, sir!----------JX left meeting----------LJ4JX: Dan, I was there on your first day all the way to your last day. You keep doing your job! H1: I will. God is watching us! LJ4JX: Good! You have a good night. Excellent interview! H1: Thanks, again. How deep's the water mama? LJ4JX: 3 feet high and rising! You don't worry about it. I'll take care of it.H1: Okay, fine!----------LJ4JX left meeting--------------------H1 left meeting---------


Posted: Tue Jul 04, 2006 4:39 pm
Post subject: Good Job, Dan

Good job on Rense last night, Dan. You kept the whiff of the emperor's new clothes to a minimum.

Thanks for making the show available to any 'interested' reader/listener, Mjc. And now, please allow Dan to introduce themselves, they are many a man (and woman) of wealth; they've been around for many a long year, stolen many a man's fate by stealth.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Scoundrels and Truthseekers, we present to you the most Majestic Twelve:

J1: JMM - Adm. John M McConnell --- former NSA director, a/k/a "Daddy-O" for his paternalistic fawning over Dan.

J2: RBC - Richard B Cheney --- soon-to-be-former Vice-Resident, USA

J3: PJG - Porter Goss --- former DCI [Director, Central Intelligence, a/k/a the CIA director], a/k/a "Sxxxxxce"

J4: BRI - Adm. Bobby Ray Inman --- another former NSA director, among many other positions within the US black-ops community. a/k/a "The Cryptkeeper". However, in his defense, his Wikipedia entry contains the following: "In 2006, Inman criticized the Bush administration's use of warrantless domestic wiretaps, making him one of the highest-ranking former intelligence officials to criticize the program in public."

J5: HAK - Henry (Heinz) Alfred Kissinger --- former Sec'y of State under Tricky Dick Nixon as well as his National Security Advisor

J6: ZB - Zbigniew Brzezinski --- another former National Security Advisor, but the Democratic answer to J5. Highly critical of the Bush administration's Iraq policy

J7: RBM - Richard B Myers --- a/k/a "CJCS", or Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Resident Bush until his recent retirement in Sept. 2005

J8: KT - Kevin Tebbit --- Permanent Under Secretary for the British Ministry of Defence, alleged to be the "K" who provided or arranged for some of the 'leaked' information given to myself.

J9: CT - Carol Thatcher --- daughter to former Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher of Great Britain and a school chum to Dan while he was 'schooling' in the British Isles, appointed by Dan to succeed him as J9, Dan having succeeded Romano Prodi, an alleged Illuminist who was recently elected Prime Minister of Italy

J10: AG - Alan Greenspan --- former chairman of the Federal Reserve, a/k/a "Xxxx Xxxx", deleted out of deference to Andrea Mitchell, his wife and a current leading broadcast journalist for NBC News

J11: HEV - Harold E Varmus --- former Director of the National Institutes of Health and "an American Nobel prize winning scientist. He was a co-recipient (along with J. Michael Bishop) of the 1989 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for discovery of the cellular origin of retroviral oncogenes."

J12: (previously EM Kelly) --- (I have no information on his replacement at this time)


["According to an article in DNA Magazine dated July 6, 2006, and series of interviews given by a Dr. Dan Burisch, (an alleged government employee of MJ-12 for 20+ years) on the Jeff Rense Radio program July 6th and July 13th, 2006, the alleged current line up of MJ-12 consists of the following members: ..."

The same members as Dondep's roster ]



" ... Dadmiral, or "Daddy-O"; the veiled threats and emotional outbursts from you try to hide behind Dan, when most of us recognize that no matter how you and your assignees try to shield yourselves behind him, the truth of your duplicity and lies will finally out. Any 'naysaying' from me has to do not with Dan, but you and your co-conspirators who continue to commit the lies of omission, not commission. 'Unity' comes from healthy debate born out of love; something you recognize in Dan but refuse to accept to this day. "Who taught you to lie?" you indignantly ask Dan, when it is you who have refused to face certain facts, who have ordered and sanctioned fraudulent psy-ops, resulting in your recent pouting. More on that later.

SPOKESPERSON ~ Administrator ~ eaglesforum

Jul 4, 2006, 7:54pm, SPOKESPERSON wrote:

B. I asked him. The short answer was that he didn't like the oath. Dorion

Yesterday at 11:26am, Dagwood wrote:
The oath? What didn't he like about the oath, sir. I know the answer to these questions, I've discussed it with him myself. It is the same reason I declined to be a mason. Not sure how anyone can take that oath, and call themselves a proponant of God. How do you do it, sir? From what I have gathered, you have taken the oath, have you not? Just so were clear on this, sir, I am not attacking you, I am not trying to cause waves, and would prefer to keep this the size of the mole hill it actually is, since it really has nothing to do with what Dan is doing or attempting to do. But as Dan will tell you,...I gotta call when I see it. Therefore, I see it as a requirement that all of Dan's people be as honest and upfront as he is. With all do respect, sir, you being of the same team with the same mission, if you wish to bring up a subject manner and percieve it falsly, I will call you on it as I know it to be false. You cannot have your cake and eat it too."

Dag I doubt either of the Drs will be willing to comment on this, but I have been told by both of them I am free to speak my mind. Dr. Burisch has also legally freed all agents of the former Maji to do the same, or disappear into their own retirements. Most have done just that.I am now on the same team. But this team isn't the team that existed just months ago. Drs. Burisch and McDowell had their own plans, plans not in keeping with the Maji's, the Mason's, the Illuminati's, the religious, or other secret societies. They had their own secret plans that I think have been slow cooking for decades.

I hope I am not out of place by saying it's my opinion that they've known this would be coming, for many years. Information is emerging among the dozens of societies he called together on June 21, that Majestic friends of either Drs. Burisch or McDowell had contacted members of those societies as early as 1986. In a few cases, we have traced the contacts back to Dr. McDowell's family as early as 1972.

I know that Dr. Burisch knew he couldn't fulfill his promise to the good people of G-d and at the same time serve the Maji's wishes.

The Maji ordered Dan to speak only about "happy things" Monday. Dr. Burisch had promised the religious societies on June 21, that he would "out" the Maji, in the name of G-d. He said that if they couldn't stand that, then they couldn't stand and say they weren't Illuminati, as he put it "..wearing the same Halloween costume but with a different label."When he did what he said he would do, the Maji reacted almost violently, even though they are in adjournment. Dr. Burisch is protected, now by better security than he ever had with the Maji. So not to worry.I know that

Dr. Burisch has known something was deeply wrong with everything, ever since they asked him, on numerous occasions. Especially the last time, on Maundy Thursday, to take an oath designed for the false light, to extinguish candles in stead of light them in the dark.When I say that Dr. Burisch is on the side of the common people, the people of G-d, I mean it.

Dorion (p.s. I am a Jesuit no Mason)

SPOKESPERSON ~ eaglesforum ~ 7/6/06

Hi. I have a new system, where emails and questions are being fed into this forum in the I.S. I can pick them up there and post answers here. That works fine!

We received a number of emails asking where Dan and Marcia do what Dan and Marcia do. Due to security concerns I can't reveal the exact locations or exactly how many there are of them. Because Dan has been threatened, the reasons will be obvious to all but those doing the threatening! Dan and Marcia maintain their private offices in their homes just as everyone has known. They also share an office space, provided by their financier group, in Las Vegas. That office space is temporary and was provided to Marcia for her to complete the first DVD, so that more of her time may be given to the biomed concerns.

The financial group with them understands they have to complete their mission before their full time attention can be given to them. Dan was provided office space, computer, etc. at that same place only so he could be there, doing what he does, while Marcia produces the first DVD. Soon, their office space will be moving to another location in Las Vegas. Major financial issues are happening, issues I can't comment about. Some have wondered if the temporary office has now been abandoned. No, that's not so.

Dan and Marcia are also now affiliated with Laboratories and educational and medical institutions in North America, South America, an island location off the coast of the U.S. and an island location off the coast of Europe.

Sorry, but I can't be more specific. Prying eyes and noses would try to cause trouble. It's unfortunate that the majority can't know because of a minority of troublemakers. Marcia is due at her temporary office tonight and Owl has been summoned to Las Vegas. Maybe I can get him to take a photo of Marcia at her office tonight? In the future as they travel from lab to lab, and send photos, we may be able to play, "Where in the world are Dan and Marcia?" It think it just might be a really fun thing to do! I'm serious! It's an idea of mine for when travel time increases for them. They could send pictures and the inspiring sleuths can try to track them down! Many emails have been received asking what Dan's primary interest area is in the biomed group.

I called Marcia and she gave me permission to say two words: "vaccines research." His life from early research has come full circle for him. Proof of their activities, colleagues, affiliations, and financial information has been given to a professional journalist, two professional researchers, and another person. But the information was given under a nondisclosure agreement because protecting the information is more important than the screaming few.- Dorion

Ganesh2005 ~

Location: Terra Australis
Posted: Thu Jul 06, 2006 3:34 pm

Post subject: Astounding post, Shady!! (alias "NightShade", "Dr Miguelito Loveless", etc.) where credit's due..

It was truly marvellous to see Nodstar rolling around the floor in uncontrollable laughter... especially in light of her having had some rather devastating news earlier today.....

That one had it all...pathos, claymores, writhing strippers in G-strings, fire brigades, Latvian battle-axes, and of course the all-important component.....SEX!!! An offering of truly Shakespearean less than half a page!!

So much better than your report on the FOI docs.....a Herculean journalistic effort!! BTW...where did you find her? Was it at the Annual Sand-castle and Bucket duel at Malibu? Anyhoo.....5 stars for you ***** "Truly Magnificent"

nodstar 4:21

I have to offer my genuine appreciation for Shady's magnificent response to charges of misogyny ...

In what may be a historical first for the male species .. Shady just could be the first male in history to reply to the heinous accusation of discrimination with an answer that included fire trucks, strippers, a woman called elisabeth, two kinds of impressive gothic weapons .and the final tour de force ... culminating in sweaty sword infested sex ...

How could ya hate a guy like that ??? A guy who goes THE WHOLE WAY ...GIVES HIS ALL !!!

Who generously shares valuable and obscure insights into the mind of a truly gifted pathological fibber . No matter .. I was riveted, from beginning to end ..

Truly awestruck at the previously unplumbed depths of Shadys panoramic scale of tale telling ..

Shady doesnt just tell stories .. HE CREATES LEGENDS !!! I was UTTERLY entertained .. The truth pales into insignificance beside such such monumental creativity .. KUDOS to you Shady .. Best offering yet !!!! - Nodstar*

. .





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