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Dr Dan Burisch Area 51 Microbiologist

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Location: Los Altos California USA
Posted: Sat May 27, 2006 8:03 am

Uncle John here:
Here is the coincidencegirl post from last night. I have the angel.jpg on my computer but it would be hard to include it here. Also the davinci.jpg showing proof she was at last night's showing of the Da Vinci Code in LV. It looks like she was stalking Dan and that is not a cool thing. I don't like deleted posts, so here goes along with my somewhat inspired response on Marci's forum.

COINCIDENCEGIRL: Posted: Sat May 27, 2006 3:24 am:


Of course you know by now that I am not a "coincidence girl", that I am no young girl but a grown woman. I know who you are and what you stand for. I want to introduce myself first and foremost to let you know that I am no stalker. I did however observe you all evening tonight in the company of your wife. Can I prove it, yes I can.

You wore black over black and so did Deborah. You attended the 9:30pm showing of The Da Vinci Code at Boulder Station right after eating in the Firelight Buffet at Sam's Town. You ate crab.

I sat three rows up behind you and to your left, and one behind your Mongrel, who really does look like his avatar.

I was amazed at the way you held your reaction when Tom Hanks said that the fleur-de-lis key in his hand "might as well be an artifact from Area 51." Was that a coincidence? You know the answer don't you? I know your Vitruvian secret, how it played in the book and movie and know you now wear a pentagram, the original gift your father gave you as a young boy, that John and Dodie took away.

Dear Danny, I know about why D.W. is so close to you in frame of mind, the Golden Mean and Fibonacci, the sequence in the movie.

I did see you bow your head in prayer when they mentioned that the keystone was to be found in the "Church of Sainte Sulpice." I know why you bowed your head too and it was no coincidence was it? Dan Brown wrote the Da Vinci Code in 2003, but you were being trained by members the Order of Sainte Sulpice in 1987 weren't you? Sure you were. You weren't there for any other reason than to receive special training, were you? That is why you left so quickly, even with straight As.

"The Origins of St. Patrick's Seminary On September 20, 1898, five Sulpician priests and 34 young men gathered at the somewhat remote location of Menlo Park to inaugurate what was to become the preeminent seminary on the West Coast - St. Patrick's Seminary. At the time of its inception, St. Patrick's was the only institution of its type west of the Rocky Mountains. One hundred years later Menlo Park is no longer so remote and other seminaries have sprung up in the west; but St. Patrick's Seminary continues in its efforts to produce men commensurate to their critical and holy vocation. Under the careful guidance of the Sulpician Fathers, young men (and some not so young) have been molded in mind, body and spirit to serve the Catholic Church in the western United States and the Pacific Rim." Here is the angel you prayed under in the courtyard for so many hours.

I remember seeing you counseled nearby by Fr. "Gerry", S.S. That's right I was there and you know who I am.

Now the Maji have finally let you go and you have all sorts of monsters plotting against you, more than ever before. You also have the new people with you. The older gentleman who stood outside the movie theatre, and the young man outside all the theatres. The older man bowed as you walked by and the young crossed his hands in front of him and lightly bowed. I saw.

Danny, I was assigned early and know your secret, the one you shared with Chielah and the one you share with the P of S. I know that members of the B of K of F can't appear before public gatherings, and that is the real reason Marcia and Deborah cancelled them. You cannot serve the secret of the P of S if you do.

Please do arrange for Marcia to see that I can speak with you. We are here to help. We always have been, and now is the time you need our help more than ever.
Love, Ceil


Location: Los Altos California USA
Posted: Sat May 27, 2006 11:11 am

"...Uncle John here:
If you classify all testimony as hogwash if it can't be proven, then pretty much everything must be hogwash to you Boomer. Here is the angel from coincidencegirl's posting last night.

Here is the angel taken from St. Patricks Seminary's Website.

Well, there is a little proof.


Posted: Sat May 27, 2006 3:09 pm
Post subject: Boomer Has The Floor

UncleJohn wrote:

COINCIDENCEGIRL: Posted: Sat May 27, 2006 3:24 am wrote:

"I know that members of the B of K of F can't appear before public gatherings, and that is the real reason Marcia and Deborah canceled them. You cannot serve the secret of the P of S if you do."

UJ: Dan has already appeared before a public gathering at Rachel and Frenchman's, so that cat is already out of the bag.
UJ; that 'gathering' was before Dan was inducted, a process which culminated only a little more over a week ago (ALLEGEDLY, as Boomer would have it; that is, after all, the whole problem according to some.)

COINCIDENCEGIRL was a little bit too close to publicly sharing certain information that might get someone in trouble.

But allow me a bit of elaboration on the whole issue of 'evidence', or provability, as it were. Is it true that Dan Burisch became a member of the P of S recently?

I believe so, based on an inordinate amount of detailed information received, but of what consequence is it? The organization is technically a 'front', so that the inductees have 'plausible deniability', just like they did as members of Majestic. They have also sworn on pain of death that they will NOT reveal the secrets of their membership, and for someone like Dan, who is prone to tell the truth as he knows it (that portion that has been made available to him), it is better that he not be put in an awkward situation that would force him to choose between the truth and an oath to a secret society. As Dan has often said, we've been given a brain as well as a heart, meaning we shouldn't be stupid or naive in our desire to do the best we can.

The goals of this 'society' are laudable, according to what Dan told me personally. He also told me that he had to explain all this at length to Deborah. Toni and I have held passionate debates about this at home; if the goals are laudable and good, why does the society have to be 'secret'? Why are people 'erased' for providing detailed information on this group? Why do they not want any questioning, and why have some gone so far in attempting to prove it was all a 'hoax'?

Last night, on CNN, Anderson Cooper did an hour-long expose of the whole Da Vinci Code (Leonardo Da Vinci was apparently the 12th grandmaster of the P of S); he had on a number of guests, who all called the existence of the P of S "nonsense" one point, one gasbag insulting the viewer's intelligence was wafting away when the camera panned to Anderson who had looked downward suppressing a snicker. It was one of those little subtle moments that only 'insiders' could appreciate.

Our 'heroes' have gone from one secret society to another, so that some form of control is exerted even to this day and beyond. Out of respect for Dan, "K", and "17", I will not be posting the particulars I have been provided with. For one, those details are "unprovable" in the classic sense, despite the fact that to do so would invite permanent emnity from those 'inside' who have kept me abreast of the 'true' story this whole time, and for another, if those details WERE to be published, they would inevitably lead to a hunt by certain 'hounds' ......a quest that would come to no good end.

In any event;
This is Boomer's time to 'have the floor', as it were, because alone among us he has compiled the most vast array of documentation - and evidence of a lack of documentation - during this long saga, and I don't want to detract from the presentation he is making. I may, however, play the 'devils advocate' in responding to some of the rhetorical questions he poses, if no-one else weighs in. That's simply to help flesh out the argument he makes, for better or worse. Remember that half the battle is in asking the 'right' questions.


Posted: Mon May 29, 2006 1:15 am
Post subject: Previous 'discrepancies'

Okay, Rob, I think I should weigh in a bit on the subject of the 'discrepancies'.

I think that to call them out-and-out "lies" or "conscious falsehoods" is simply wrong, and I'll tell you why.

While I think that Dan has often tap-danced around certain issues, and will often simply avoid answering a question or 2, I think you are vastly underestimating the "hide-in-plain-sight" culture of Majestic, not to mention their stinginess; remember that Dan was originally ordered to conduct his work at Area 51/S-4, and that environment isn't conducive to the kind of 'thinking outside the box' that's required for someone of Dan's "metaphysical" caliber.

Which brings up another point; Dan may be a less a brilliant 'scientist' than a 'metaphysician' who's had the benefit of 'insider knowledge' from not only the PTB but also an ET that he can truthfully call a 'close friend'. AND.....if we are to believe the 'secret' that hasn't been disclosed to the public here but you have had some privy access to yourself, then there is a clear rationale for the Maji's stinginess.

The problem is, if you take it all in without looking at the 'Big Picture', much of it makes no sense. At least, to the rational mind. Yet you yourself know for a fact that this quest hasn't been for the benefit of some Hollywood studio, for some cruel sense of humor from a bored billionaire, or for the minor enrichment of any one or several individuals. SOMETHING is at the root of all this, and I aim to be able to show it, once all the individual 'discrepancies' rear their heads. I may have to drag the principal powers-that-be of Earth into the public arena to do it, but it WILL be done; if the people that can't see the forest for the will-o-the-wisps get too caught up in the minor details (which I will show a plausible rationale for, point by point, after the 'questions' are exhausted and the reader is ready).


For the reader: I intend on publishing information that I have received that may seem somewhat unflattering to some, including myself, but which will show that the rabbit hole goes deeper than anyone has been willing to admit.....without throwing up their hands in despair and aggravation. And the reason that it goes so deep is that the souls of billions, the future of our species, and select groups within it, is at stake. That means - ANSWERS DON'T COME EASY, and PROOF IS BETTER LEFT OFF THE TABLE.


Posted: Mon May 29, 2006 2:19 am

Post subject: Preparing to eschew the eschaton

And the fact is that these are not 'games' on our is 'gamesmanship' on the part of J1 and the psy-operators in Majestic who seem bent on using Dan's testimony to the world to white-wash their complicity in the Coverup, and their intended complicity in the continued ignorance of the sheeple.

Many people over the past few years have risked themselves, their lives, their Majestic careers (some even get transferred to Iceland if they're not careful! ) to provide information, and the example of the first 'drop' of November, 2003, is a perfect illustration of how 'asleep' and naive we can be.... (continued at above URL)


Posted: Mon May 29, 2006 3:05 am

Post subject: Transcript of May 02, 2006

The following is a snip from a transcript between J1 and H1. I intend to post the full transcript in due course, and I will post it (the transcript only) as I received it:




J1: Look, once the Illuminati react to the treaty breach you know there is only so much we can do to protect you?
H1: I understand sir. But, what we do now the world will never know, and they don't need to.
J1: You're right, Danny Boy. Of course. I do have a concern about those around you?
H1: What concern?
H1: With whom?
J1: Dep and his gal.
H1: They're fine! They've got good hearts.
J1: That's not it. It is a violation of our way to involve outsiders in our battles.
H1: They're the public. They have a right to be involved.
J1: No you don't get it. You are standing out there, what if a bullet misses you?
H1: Oh.
H1: You mean to say that...they could get hurt.


Posted: Mon May 29, 2006 9:34 am

so now the nEDs (new forum is gone.... the timing is just too much

interesting thing is that we use the same company here.
we have not had any data loss - there have been down times but never a loss of data



Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 2:13 am

Post subject: Full transcript of May 02, 2006

The following is the full transcript of the conversation between J-1 and H-1, exactly as I received it, both from the original sender and Dan I soliicted and received Dan's 'corrections', which immediately follow, so that whatever impressions the readers form in their minds will be informed by his corroboration.

Shortly before this post, my subsequent emails to Dan were returned to me, with a big block picture of the "white noise" so described by Owl, and signed by.............'J". I believe this would mean that I will no longer be able to communicate with Dan.

Sorry, J. The people DO have a right to know what possible machinations are behind the shenanigans. A lot of people got hurt in the "leaf-throwing". Thank you for allowing Dan to set the record straight.



Dondep: "I soliicted and received Dan's 'corrections', which immediately follow, so that whatever impressions the readers form in their minds will be informed by his corroboration."

J1: Look, once the Illuminati react to the treaty breach you know there is only so much we can do to protect you?
H1: I understand sir. But, what we do now the world will never know, and they don’t need to.
J1: You're right, Danny Boy. Of course. I do have a concern about those around you?
H1: What concern?
H1: With whom?
J1: Dep and his gal.
H1: They're fine! They've got good hearts.
J1: That's not it. It is a violation of our way to involve outsiders in our battles.
H1: They’re the public. They have a right to be involved.
J1: No you don't get it. You are standing out there, what if a bullet misses you?
H1: Oh.
H1: You mean to say that...they could get hurt.
J1: That's it.
H1: It's not like I am the kind to turn my back on people, J.
J1: Turn or not something has to be done.
H1: ? But why?
J1: Ann just fucked things up for you, didn't she? Do you think it will be long before Deps gal reacts?
H1: She already has and we pledged no reaction, for the sake of peace.
J1: She's bound to see your letter and the one from M.
H1: Well, I shared it with Don, but don't suspect he'll show it would just piss her off.
J1: In confidence?
H1: Yes, sir.
J1: If she find it and reacts, use it as a pretext to separate. She dislikes M anyway. It'll fit.
H1: To you, it's another, to me...I don't have that many friends.
J1: You'd rather have dead friends, if someone misses you? You know what I told you the LGlass showed us.
H1:'s just...Don isn't stupid...he's bright...he'll figure something is off. I wish I could have been there for that.
J1: Is't he into that Planet X stuff? You aren't questioning what I have told you I hope?
H1: No, sir, I take you for your word. You aren't suggesting I declare I'm in contact with Planet X? Just kidding...what?
J1: Throw leaves in the air after the initial break off and declare Planet X as doomsday foolish. If you don't the prophecy will kick into motion.
H1: Well...technically...I can do that...if I define it carefully.
J1: Don't lie. That would set things wrong.
H1: I'm not suggesting I would.
J1: Yes, just press it that way. That will show the division between you and doomsday.
H1: There's a division?
J1: You know what I'm an saying.
J1: Look, Danny, if not that, something else, there will be no way to keep these people safe and getting them hurt is not our way. You should have thought of that, but you were too busy inviting them to safety in Vegas.
H1: I understand, sir.
J1: You need to look at their whole safety issue. The LGlass says Mid month May the Illuminati are going to come at you. You don't want friends hurt, do you? Then send them on their way.
H1: Well, they'll think I am some asshole, huh?
J1: Which is more important? They'll probably hate you, but you'll keep them alive this way.
H1: Their safety, I understand, sir. You don't need to convince me further.
J1: Has M settled on a route?
H1: To Colorado?
J1: Yes
H1: Yes, sir. If necessary eevac is standing ready for the children.
J1: Good man. Has the Xxxxx settled on the arrangements between you and suny? I want that off my soul.
H1: They are working it right now. But, I was going to have Don with an NDA on the evidence.
J1: Who else?
H1: BH
J1: He's good. He keeps company with Harris. How about her?
H1: Fine, sir. Is there any other way on this?
J1: And them not be subjected to harm? No.
H1. Okay.
J1: Get over it. The prophecies say you and M have to walk this alone, from the desert. Danny, it will save billions of lives or you'll have a friend or two?
H1: Yes, sir. Understood.
J1: Once the Illuminati come for you, the prophecy (I Believe the correct word in that spot was "LGLASS", not prophecy.) shows the danger high and you and M fight and succeed in sending the word out. Just keep your ass behind doors!
H1: Well, it's not like there's much left of it.
J1: You and M are saving more lives by the simple knowledge of you two than anyone else in history. You two must walk the path alone to Sion. You know this. (The correct statement here was close to "You and M are saving many lives through your work. You should be proud.")
H1: We are! I will not fail, sir. M will not fail, sir.
J1: I know you won't.


Location: Eastern England
Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 7:30 am

Post subject: the illustrious J1 & Nuclear sub goes Boom.

From Booz Allen's website

Prior to joining Booz Allen, from 1992-1996, Mr. McConnell served as Director of the National Security Agency (NSA). He led NSA at the end of the Cold War in addressing the agency's transformation to adapt to the multi-polar threats posed by the changing international environment. Under Mr. McConnell's leadership, the NSA routinely provided global Intelligence and Information Security Services to the President and his cabinet in addition to military and civil departments and intelligence customers.

While serving as NSA's Director, Mr. McConnell was one of the first senior officials to identify information assurance (IA) and information defense as major strategic issues in our increasingly networked society. Mr. McConnell's discussions in Defense, the White House, Congress, and in industry in 1994 laid the foundation for significant changes initiated in 1998. In addition, he served as the Intelligence Officer (J-2) for the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS-J2) during the dissolution of the Soviet Union and Operation DESERT STORM..."
"... In addition to many military awards, Mr. McConnell holds the nation's highest award for service in the intelligence community. He was also named one of the top 25 most influential consultants by Consulting Magazine, the leading trade publication for the consulting industry, in early 2002..."


Posted: Wed May 31, 2006 9:57 am

Post subject: Corrections

Dr.Miguelito Loveless (NS) wrote:

Hey it just came to mind.
Why is Owl a bitchin and a griping. If this was all predetermined in Danny's peep hole (aka looking glass) as the events unfolded. Then Owl should be very glad and happy we don't believe Burisch over here in this forum. For "The Plan" is right on track! Seriously think about it. Owl has no right to complain!

DR ML; please be advised that making claims like this on behalf of this entire forum is unacceptable. It isn't the case that "we over here in this forum don't believe Burisch", it's the case that "we over here at this forum question what is going on with Dan Burisch (and Marci McDowell)". See below.

It appears that Dan is being (wo)manhandled by his manhandlers, but we haven't established that Dan has "lied". Boomer has brought up some discrepancies, and maybe I should weigh in on having the vignettes he provided explained, but this is the chance for others to play 'devils advocate' here.

Just to make the point, I'll enclose a snip from an email last year, and a 2-some of emails from both Dan and Marci that tends to validate their position as originally stated. Incidentally, the unknown correspondent Marci is addressing may actually include Alan Gudaitis, as at that time he was a trusted member of the so-called "Loop Group" and was actively attempting to prevent Dan from speaking on the forums, except perhaps to maybe 'talke baseball' (or maybe that was Winston that was advocating he speak on the forums....about baseball). In any event, A, S, and W allegedly did NOT want Dan conversing with us on these forums. Let the record show that at NO time did we suggest or otherwise advocate Dan NOT speak to as wide an audience as possible.


The e-mails confirm the contraction around Dr. Burisch and what seems to be brewing: a slow train to China pressured by McDowell.


In Dr. Burisch's failing health state, he barks loudly but has very little energy to fight the strong wills around him. His state continues to worsen and there appears to be a progressive loss of coordination due to seizure-related brain damage. Walking for him has become more difficult and he now uses a cane. He was issued a hand-crafted masonic walking stick, from the Washington Consistory, by request of J1 himself. It is personalized and quite elegant. {edit.: I can personally corroborate having seen Dan use this cane on virtually every occasion I saw him within the recent months. It has indeed 33 notches.}

Recent communications between he and McDowell have indicated that Dr. Burisch has demanded to sign some type of document to forever swear off the receipt of monetary gain from his story. Dr. Burisch reacted in a very vehement manner about not receiving monies. This portends that he intends a "story" to be told. It also suggests that he has lost neither his sense of moral balance nor his ethical base. McDowell is still very active in the Maji and is Dr. Burisch's #1 protector. Ms. Marcher is a close friend of both she and Mrs. Burisch and together they watch him 24/7. Dr. Burisch is not aware that McDowell and Marcher are close. Other internet communications suggest that some type of public announcement from Dr. Burisch's "handlers" is imminent. I have read that whatever is coming, it is not a book.

I believe they intend to permanently disallow Dr. Burisch actually speaking directly to the public. McDowell is acting as the focus group coordinator and appears to be in charge of how anything would be released.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ----------------------------------------------------------------
From: Operations Director <>
Subject: xxxxxxxxxxxxx ,

I have something very important we need to discuss. Actually, all of us need to discuss it, and Dan has agreed that he is not the best one to figure out how to handle things from here - he is way too close to this issue, and he has always been a little detached from the outside world we all live in and have to navigate on a daily basis. So he has asked me to spearhead this brainstorming, and bring him my best recommendation based on our collected wisdom.

Ok, all this drumrolling is over. Here's the basics as best I can put them.

Within the last 48 hours (or thereabouts) Dan and I learned something that really just rocked our world. We learned that the Maji had been lying to us on a very key issue concerning our limitations after public retirement; namely the Butterfly Effect.

They had told us that if Dan or I spoke again publically about what had previously been brought forward (Area-51, S4, Dan's contact with the EBE, his knowledge of EBE biochem, issues concerning his participation in the Gulf War - the Lotus project, and essentially all the work we have been involved with since his retirement, ............. all that stuff............that it would have a critical impact on the Lotus Model being found in the future - and that would result in a cascade of events that would cause millions of people who could have been helped through the Lotus Model, to either suffer, die or not receive the help they might otherwise have gained. Neither of us was willing to endanger so many, and we willingly went into silence.

Well, we just found out that this was a lie. A pure lie, concocted by some of the Maji, and carried forward to silence us in the most effective way that they knew how - by using our own integrity as a control mechanism.

The Maji are awfully smart about psychology - they knew that no outside control source would ever have been as effective as a restriction we imposed upon ourselves, for honor and integrity. Dan learned of this deception first. I got it confirmed by a source I trust. We mulled it over and what the implications might mean. We actually got into some pretty heated discussions, especially as our anger was being vented at being manipulated like that.

So what we now know is
1) the butterfly effect argument, has no validity. Nothing Dan or I say or do now will have any bearing on the Model being found properly. Everything is going to happen exactly as it is supposed to happen, and the restriction was simply a control mechanism, to keep Dan, and incidentally me, from talking too much or making the Maji uncomfortable. (Personally I think this house of cards began to crumble when Dan and I realized that we were being played - big time- by the Powers that Be, when at the Soda Shop.

Our subsequent data proved that a secondary op was going on right next to us, at the Port of Long Beach, using our procedure only on a grandiose scale, and then they had the gaul to use a wave guide to steal our GPs as they were produced, augmenting their own mission. It's a long messy story, that was confirmed by one of the 12 who got really upset that Dan recognized what happened, and told us that they were deploying 500 tons of artemia at the same time as we were working in the Soda Shop, and that Dan should just leave the POLB alone now. )
2) Dan is just furious. He wants to tell everybody the truth, to shout it! It's just killing him to think that anything he said has been wrong - and he desperately wants to set it straight. It's been all I could do to calm him down and make him sit on his hands while we all put our heads together.
3) He actively wanted to go out of his way to help this Don Dep person who is trying to get immigration in Canada to let him stay up there. He apparently has been basing his whole case on the Maji's potential for retribution against him for talking so much about Dan's case, and has been trying to get people to help, or go on record, to try to prove Dan's case in Canadian court - which would by definition prove why he needed to stay in Canada. I don't know what Dan thinks he might be able to do to help DonDep, other that possibly going online with him and letting some attorneys sit in while he is in essence deposed.
4) Dan, after calling a spade a spade about the Port of Long Beach has effectively been dumped by the Maji, except for his emeretus status being upheld. And with this new revelation, it seems to Dan as though there is really nothing stopping him from talking to the public again, etc..... I disagree personally. I think it would be a huge mistake since he would be walking right into the teeth of all those people who would like nothing more than to discredit him if they could, using his financial background etc.... They can't touch him on what he did, and experienced up at the Area. But they'll use anything they can get to do him damage. I think he's just unjaded enough to think things are going to be ok, if he recontacts people.

So, I talked on the phone with and and then we dashed off to talk to him in person the next morning. He made some awfully good points and Dan seemed to calm down a lot. The end product of that meeting was that Dan should consider creating a biography. There is no reason he can't anymore.

*** The butterfly effect is null and void.
*** His secrecy oath was rescinded years ago (they promised that another one would be forthcoming, but it never came forth.) So he is officially without an agreement in force and he cannot be sent to jail for violating an oath that was officially rescinded. Of course, he has always considered the intent with which he swore the oath to be binding, but now that he has been lied to - AGAIN - he is rethinking his implicit feeling of obligation when no explicit order exists.
I said that nobody we could get to write it would be able to handle the scientific content (without spinning it to their own agenda, or missing key points through unfamilarity) which would have to be included to make it make sense, especially if they were basing their writing on interview notes. And personally, I just don't think I can face another full scale book project right now. So I counter proposed that we do a series of video recordings of Dan to use as the basis for future writings, that way we could preserve the exact content as he says it, writes it on a white board etc.... his inflections and more layered meanings, and take the time we need to create the biography.

Then, I changed my proposal to: making the videotape logs into DVDs. We could release DVDs of Dan talking about his own work directly - no middle person skewing his words or meanings. We could put hours and hours of tape together, well edited, and it would give people much more than a book ever could. Much more in depth and 3-dimensional. It would probably take 2-3 years of work, on a low key basis, or casual relaxed basis - if you will. I am not looking for a massive dump - that's exhausting. And we'd end up missing a lot. But if we record Dan a couple of hours a week, talking about key subjects, it should be better. He could add things as he thought of them, and by editing carefully, we could make sure that all the key points in a subject are included even if they were remembered days or weeks apart.

Dan seemed ok with that, as did Xxxxx . Xxxxx will be talking to Yyyyyy, and I wanted to approach you with this series of thoughts. So now that I have, please think about the implications. We could be talking about actual disclosure, at least in terms of EBE contact through Dan's work at the Area. And that might lead to real disclosure eventually.

Side note: We received a secondary confirmation this morning, that the Maji had lied to us, and that much was being considered among their elite numbers. We have been told that there will be no opposition, now or in the future, to the plans as we are currently shaping them. In a way I think we might be on a cosmic 'right track' but I need your input and we all need to discuss this.

Zzzzzzzzzz , your skills with editing and videography would really be a huge help if we decide to move forward with something like this. We know you are not physically available that much but your advice would be invaluable. I am hoping that we can all get together in the near future to talk in person about this stuff but in the mean time, I would like to open up this discussion using email. We need to hash through everybody's thoughts and ideas.

So please consider this the official "Get the Ball Rolling" email, so we can discuss this in detail. Marci

From: "Dan Burisch" <>
To: "Binah" <>

What follows is the distillation of the session conducted this morning, basically read to you over the phone. You may share it with the Loop Group as you wish. Pope

31MAR05 I/C Session J1 Notes

1. Cause of Issued Untruth: Majority in the 12 was tipped by Tenet/Prodi, to prevent my disclosure by Illuminist Elements, 7/5 against.
2. Cause of Change: With Prodi/Tenet gone, shift has now moved to 6/5 in favor. J1 advised that I can proceed with what I am doing under the assurance of no negative from the Maji, yet no vote authorizing.

As the Maji have been informed of my intent and that I have now been told of the untruth, they officially sit in a "not convened, no actions taken against operator, no further presumption of wrong doing" status.

They (6 of 11) have signed on that, and that prevents future votes against me that could yield greater than a deadlock (6 of 12) with no action.
3. Import: Some disclosures are good and some are bad. (Could feed Illuminist elements, ex. military disclosures.) Was told my particular history, truth to be told, and my orientation to it, will do nothing but act to hasten our survival and 2012 success.

The 33 (CotM) voted in 1994 that I should be the one to disclose (at an undetermined time) the relationship between the ETs and the timelines, as the received info from the positive ETs indicated it would hasten our ability to resist the negative influences as we approach that time. J1 was unaware of that vote and it had been removed from the records by Tenet. J1 just became aware of the vote and the Illuminist Elements were exposed.
4. Possibles: If deemed appropriate from the data provided by me (and possibly others), the Maji may allow my (and others) exposure (Congressional) to "do the (D)eed." FWIW end notes.

"So He drove out the man; and He placed cherubim at the east of the garden of Eden, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way to the tree of life." Gen. 3:24 (NKJV) Danny B Catselas Burisch, Ph.D. H-6196-Maj-E ret.

Never stop long enough to think you have a handle on the 'truth''s ever-expanding

annmarcher ~ Global Moderator member The Priory of Sainte Mary Magdalene
Re: Welcome Reply #33 on Yesterday at 8:02pm

Hello, Brian, I considered long and hard before replying...given the state of affairs and the absolute bullnuts being "propagated" by Mr. Blair ("Boomerrang"). It is, sir, absolute bullnuts. Three things are at work with the Ganesh Particles...and I have mentioned them before, but with the apparent Mad Cow problem he is now suffering, I doubt that he would remember them. His accusations of my lying are total fabrications, and the man knows it or has lost it. The ... (continued... )

harrdrawk (Harry D.)

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Posted: Sat Jun 10, 2006 4:46 am

Post subject: The beating goes on...

"...I am not drawn into this, and I don't mind talking about this experience with anyone if it will make a difference. It should be obvious that Dan and Marci, (the PhDoctors), their cohorts in the High and Mighty Maji, and all of the lab experiments in between, cannot answer some of our questions truthfully when asked directly.. From time to time, all involved will need to humbly redact statements of fact made in good faith, when it is discovered that they were in fact, not facts, but something quite a bit less..

Which of the Majestic 12 members will ever go on record as saying they made a mistake? Do they make mistakes? Sure they do. Do they owe you or me an apology when they do? No. They don't answer to you or me. This is because they are not serving you, or me.."

They are busy serving themselves. (Unfortunately, this includes our dear friends in the Maji who believe that they are only serving others). We need to let them be themselves, and let them be happy. They think they are saving the world, but they are not saving anyone. (Not even themselves). They believe they know something, but what do they really know? They all have an abundance of fear. (fear of the unknown) They think they know secrets, but there are(in fact) no secrets. You'll notice it was said that this is "adult business". Why would you want to act like an adult when the guy who turned water into wine at his own wedding counseled us to become as little children...

Silly adults...
Hope any of this helps anybuddy...

-- Eleanor Roosevelt

svgrndispctrgen ~ Cryptic Rite ~ eaglesforum (Majestc initiated forum)

6/8/06, randb wrote:

"Hello all. I suppose this is directed primarily to Mr. Nathaniel _, but of course anyone who can provide a answer is welcome to reply! (Normally, I'd not even ask, but with the level of transparency occurring in the past...) I'm curious if an edited transcript of the meeting set to transpire on the summer solstice between the heads of the respective societies and top-tier Intelligence persons is intended to be made openly available, either unconditionally or to those in the "Think Tank," or are the bulk of the expected contents simply felt unfit for public consumption? (I would certainly understand, if not expect, the latter.)Thank you,R.B. "

Hello, Rand_B. That decision rests solely with Dr. Burisch....

Cryptic Rite

Dr. Burisch has provided us with a list of individuals whom he suggests a response. You are in that list. I do not believe that Dr. Burisch will allow any comment from the conference aside from indicating that an agreement was reached. The information reaching the public could not be filtered from illuminati sight. Because the accords will be sensitive it would be impractical to provide any information to those who would be working against us.





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