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mjc ~ Doctrine of Convergent Timeline Paradox ("DCTP")

Location: Eastern England
Posted: Mon May 22, 2006 3:58 pm 

 Post subject: backburning the eschaton

The above link [WM's Corner regarding "the DCTP Debriefed" Part 1] at may have slipped by unnoticed from some readers, but it's a very interesting read.

After reading the tract a couple of times, I get a better impression of the reasons why Dan wants to leave all mention of the possible catastrophe on the backburner.


Posted: Tue May 23, 2006 3:26 am

Post subject: Putting It All Together

"...Second, and this is in reference to Ann and the other members of her 'team':

-----A.M. : (posted Sun May 21, 2006)

"….By the way, DonD just confirmed the line "throwing leaves". Thanks, DonD, we now know how the leak has occurred and I AM PERSONALLY GOING TO PLUG IT! I WILL MAKE SURE NONE OF THESE GUYS EVER HAS THE ABILITY TO CONTACT YOU AGAIN. THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP! YOUR GAVE US ALL THE INFORMATION WE NEED."

(See, Ann, that kind of threatening announcement is "chilling". (Not to be confused with "chillin' "). And your synopsis is incorrect anyway, I'd hazard.)

Personally, I don't care if "Ann" is really an alter-ego of Marci's, brought in to 'stir' when J1 needs her. Dan apparently believes she is real, and has told me that her surname is different because she took it from a former lover she was supposed to marry.

What IS important is the 'division' that J1 has intentionally fomented by his careful manipulation of events to 'discombobulate' this forum and the ongoings at the 'new' forum.

It wasn't originally intended to be that way, as "a decision had been taken" for Dan to use this forum to answer the public's questions, but something happened a couple of weeks back in a little room at the UNLV during a meeting between Dan, Marci and myself. Imagine that; the whole idea was to go to a place where we could meet in peace without having any surveillance cameras or microphones hooked up, but lo and behold, Marci showed up with a tape recorder. We might as well have sat in one of their apartments at that point; after all, the idea was to speak openly and honestly without being self-conscious about being recorded. Dan wanted to take the tape afterwards and slide it to me, to post as I saw fit, but Marci – as I said before – would have none of that. I knew that the intended recipient of the tape was to be J1, and just as I suspected he reacted. I stand by what I said, if the tape is ever transcribed accurately, and I'll make my public agenda and private agenda equally known as being one and the same: I want a GENUINE 'Disclosure' that stops pulling the wool over the eyes of the public, so that they can prepare themselves physically, spiritually, socially, politically, economically, and in every way possible, and with HOPE, for the 'frosty season', as Dan so playfully puts it.

J1, however, has continued to pull the strings of idealism in both Dan and Marci, not to mention Ann, and compounded it by reminding them of their 'special role' in History, which makes for awfully brittle and sensitive egos when the recipients of such solemn admonitions are asked to live in enforced modesty while at the same time moving in the most secretive circles on the planet. Just like every one of us, they're sensitive to the slightest slights, and since they live on the 'inside' and generally more 'in-the-know' than we mere mortals, who have no contact with 'parchment prophecies' and 'Looking Glasses' and 'Yellow Books', they may have a tendency to justify certain actions that others would consider 'fraudulent', it if avoids a certain 'future'. Imagine what it must be like, to be privy to such information! How can one tell if one is seeing an "accurate" future? Indeed……. Better to respond to the conscience within than the fear of the future from without.

Which is telling, especially in the light of what William Moulton has posted in his "DCTP Debrief". This document deserves a lot of scrutiny, and musing, and even questioning. I hope many will give us an opinion of it.

It may well be true that J1 has orchestrated a 'division' to make manifest a prophecy, just as he is attempting to use a fear of a prophecy to help him determine what courses of action Dan takes. What he needs to do is get out of the way, stop pulling Dan's strings, and give him free rein to exercise his own 'Disclosure'. I could very well have agreed to play the "bad cop", if they wanted a "good cop/bad cop" scenario, but from what we know the plan is to ascribe the "pro-Catastrophe" role to myself and anyone else who might even SUGGEST such a possibility, thence to attack anyone who seriously considers the possibility as wanting to make it manifest merely by thinking of it…….the possibility, that is. What can one do in the face of such an approach?

To J1;

This is sad, but is that what you wanted me to do, J? (I don't blame Dan and Marci at all in the farce.) If that's the game plan, I could've gone along with that, we could have discussed the best way to do it, but to have to used such fraudulent means to create this 'division'. Especially considering the oaths recently taken. That isn't the kind of behavior I think would be smiled upon by the creator, I'd wager.

Personally, I think you've acted more like a doting father to a debutante, to whom no-one would be good enough. Yes, I know, Dan having actually held the title of a Maji {thanks to you, naturally)……not to mention all the other titles and accomplishments he's performed. (Yet all he wants is the one thing he truly, personally earned….his own doctorate.)

What you need to do, sir, is to "let up on the boy". Let him do his job, let me do my job, let us work together somehow for the good of all. I know fully well why you are compelled to go the extra distance away from 'It', why you can't admit to all that you know, and why you would even jeapordize your own salvation in your determination to make it all a question of those who believe "It" will happen or those that who refuse to believe "It" will happen.

You can't get to lamedvavnik status with such poor spiritual math, sir.
That kind of thinking led to an emperor who wore no real clothes, as he didn't need them… see, the belief by the people that he wore them was good enough. In fact, the 'new clothes' he wore were so finally SPUN, that the fooled public was convinced they were real and so drove the new clothes to 'priceless' status immediately.

Until some durn kid stepped up and started blabbin'…….

Never stop long enough to think you have a handle on the 'truth''s ever-expanding


Posted: Tue May 23, 2006 1:38 pm  

Post subject: Outside looking in, Just my take:

First of all, I'm truly surprised at Boom's recent departure from the "Inner Circle." I knew Boom to be integral to the TT forum and research topics, so what transpired to oust him is a mystery (feel free to explain or not, Rob. It's your perogative.)

Ever since Marcia, J, Ann, or WHOEVER set up the Eagles Forum after the flap with Toni here, I've seen the circling of the wagons. Dondep has ascribed this to J's prevailing control of Dan & Co. This is very perceptive on Don's part. Those of us once thought confidantes of Dan are now again outside the castle walls. I remember my first run-in with Marcia had to do with characterizing this band of allegiance as a "motley crew", especially as it relates to the TT "serious" topics. She evidently took offense, and summarily offed me, AS SHE HAS MANY OTHERS since. Others much more qualified to befriend and contribute to the saga and its controversy.

Dan has proved himself a perfect gentleman in all of this, but that doesn't count for much, due to MAJIC's ongoing control of the orchestration. I also once warned Dan & Marci of their being pawns to Majical controlled Disclosure, but they being Majical creatures to begin with didn't mind.

They remain fiecely loyal to their handlers -- the disobedient eagles simply characterize the schism within the MAJIC/Illuminati that wished for Disclosure as negotiated with the Ebens.

The lesson learned being that THERE'S NO WAY any of us mere mortals would be allowed to influence the MAJIC mandates and directives, no matter how chummy were the appearances going all the way back to GLP up to the present. Dan loves/needs the public interaction, but it was merely part of his therapeutical regimen as far as Marcia (read TPTB) was concerned.

I don't blame her/them for having a short fuse for critiques or alternate points of view -- that's their perogative, given the material they're dealing with. That there's been personal disillusionment along the way is just the cost of doing business for these people. I was particularly struck by Alan's, Dondep's, and now Boomer's being disregarded once their usefulness had expired.

Marcia sees herself on the mission (orders). Whether she will be remiss or seek pardon for her offenses after the debriefing cycle completes is unlikely, imo. Her glory will be in being instrumental in getting Dan's story out. The personal casualties will be no skin off her/their back.

It would be great if Dan could/would directly interact with his loyal tribe, but given the seriousness of attacks (physical, intellectual, and media-based) thrust upon him, I doubt he'll ever be free from his caretakers -- and if it saves his life -- good, and so be it.

We have a message to deal with here folks, yet we've come to love the messenger. We MUST separate the two aspects of the saga if we are to move ahead.


  Posted: Wed May 24, 2006 4:05 am

Thank you Guardian.
Upon reviewing his repeatedly rude statements here, after his being warned to behave more appropriately, I have decided to ban this individual.

It has been brought to my attention that he is posting over at NightShade's new forum - claiming that nothing said by our team should be considered truthful.

That's odd. I guess he's upset that his demands for a picture of Ann and I didn't get the results he wanted. Now he claims that the picture that others have seen is insufficient evidence (even though that is what he demanded). So he is upping the bar one more time. This is the same tactic showing up again, and again and again by the opponents of our work.

Now, the tactic is to stir up trouble using statements from digrunntled people (with whom we no longer associate) and waving them around to see if they get a reaction from Dan or myself. Well, any crowd willing to listen to that is welcome to it.

Everything that we have reported to the public concerning Lotus, and even our Majestic history, has been accurate; our experimental records justify that fact. (Yes, all those records that Dan laid out on the floor of his office when Rob and Harry were here for a week visiting.

~=~ ~=~
There were tens of thousands of images, thousands of pages of meticulous records, and hundreds of videos of experimental runs. And in all the time he was here, he never once bothered to open a book or examine any of the records. And Dan's office was under surveillance, it covered the whole thing - he just waved them off and told Dan to show him what he wanted to.

Rob was told that Dan would not hand him the energy criteria that he so desperately wanted, as it could (in the wrong hands) be used to produce a weapon. And Rob had admitted to experimenting with Lotus on his own, for the purpose of deriving energy. Dan's position has never changed on this matter - and it never will. This could be the driving force behind his change of heart, since upon return from their visit, both Rob and Harry reported (in the Stargate Forum run by Bill) seeing the experimental phenomenon first hand with their own eyes.

Anybody who can swing from one extreme to the other like that is either working on their own agenda or is simply not stable. I prefer not to deal with people of either type.

~ Boomerang

Posted: Thu May 25, 2006 1:25 pm

Post subject: The Ganesh Particle

I'll answer any questions but would rather concentrate (for now) on posting the facts, these may even answer some questions as we proceed.

To begin, this is not a case of 'sour grapes' (as the people at Dans forum are insinuating). I left the core group by choice. I was asked on a couple of occasions if I would be returning to the TT and I said I may return. I didn't feel comfortable discussing things that didn't sit right with me any longer, therefore my visits to the TT have been non-existent for a number of months.

My belief in the story being accurate and true have (for many reasons yet to be discussed) diminished since visiting Las Vegas last year.

As you have read, I was indeed attempting to reproduce the results that Dan Burisch has so often reported and imaged. I reported this on the open forum, it was not a secret. This is what happens in REAL science. Experiments are replicated, results compared, conclusions drawn, new discoveries announced and acknowledged. Dan Burisch doesn't appear to want to play by these regular rules, the self same rules that Dan himself trained under. Dan apparently, would prefer to operate in a world of pseudo-science, an arena where angels guide the proceedings and anything is possible if you use your imagination.

I've devoted a great deal of time looking at the evidence presented by Dan and 'others'. I can tell you that it appears to have some truth attached to it, however, I'm sorry to say that there is also a great deal of spin and 'literary licence' being used in the presentation. In the future we'll be looking at the finer details of how this spin has been applied. For now we'll concentrate on what I can tell you from first hand experience with regard to the GP production process. As always, I will not dress anything up or down.

If there are any doubts about the veracity of the following, you could contact Harry Dschaak 'Harrdrawk' to obtain a second witness statement and opinion...(the narrative continues at the above URL)

boomerang ~ posted during 2nd visit

Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2005 2:30 am

HI guys, Rob and Harry here!

Having a fascinating week here in Las Vegas, posting from marcis PC, to date all 'promises' have been fullfilled. Have I seen a portal open???

Sure have! Dr Burisch has demonstrated proof of his work in front of two independent witnesses. The next twelve months will be interesting indeed........Handing over to Harry..." 

Boomerang ~

Posted: Fri May 26, 2006 6:00 am

Post subject: Inadequate Responses

The following post from Dans forum is typical. It answers nothing. His defence is based on.....the non return of a dollar video tape.

The outstanding return of the tape is neither an issue or relevant.

Honour (honor as you say) works both ways. Dan has not been honest with us. There's one comment in the post that comes as a new development. Take note of the following;

It now surprises me NONE that he was unable to get a replication of Lotus. It's a matter of information, yes, but also of "heart." So Dan now releases his excuse for the lotus NOT being reproducible by 'normal science' The scientist was not of good enough heart!

For anyone that may not visit Dans forum, here's a copy.

Quote:Posted: Thu May 25, 2006 6:46 pm Post subject:
(URL added here:

This statement just arrived for me. I think it's important to post it for all in the team as well as anybody in the public who is interested. Owl, and others, we will be adjusting our posture accordingly.


I have become aware of the issues about Robert Blair (Boomerang), and the tape that I explicitly only loaned him during November, 2005. The tape was that of an excursion Deborah and myself took to Frenchman's Mountain on October 4, 2001. The photograph of all the items setting on my floor can be scrutinized and actually shows the tape, prior to its being loaned. Time has passed, and so has the good word of Robert Blair, that he would return it. I am directing that all my staff and agents working on our behest cease commenting about Robert Blair, whatsoever. Why? While I am aware that he (Robert) maintains the same surname as the Prime Minister of Great Britain, given his behaviors, such a coincidence should not reflect poorly upon an esteemed family in Great Britain.

Given that he now only says "perhaps" to honoring his word, he may keep the tape. I have apologized to Deborah, the other person on the tape, for trusting someone who apparently turned out to be a confidence trickster and common thief.

This man, now claims there's some magical evidence on the tape against me? He is welcomed to make it the centerpiece of his argument. His arguments in the past have needed help...including his believing he was looking at a scorch from the former ERB at Frenchman's Mountain, and when I evaluated it, his evidence turned out to be common crustose lichen. Maybe he will find the help he needs in this tape. What could I be talking about?

I am hoping that he will someday be able to recognize the tape for what it has now become to him: a token of his lost honor, needing to be restored, for lying to you, me, and the rest of us, that he was good for his word.

He has come here yelling and screaming like a school boy, has flung quotes out that would most likely embarrass anyone who knows him, and he accused us of falsehoods while uttering prevarications.

We placed our entire operation in abeyance for one week for he and Harry. Harry has shown the good grace to have acted politely to what we offered. Initially Robert did the same, but now he wishes to do this to himself. That's his decision. Leave him be, and let him continue his course if he must. His undoing, the lies and loss of honor, cannot be restored by me, you, or any on our team. So...I do not want the team getting in his way as he continues his path of foolishness.

If you decide to send this to the public, you may wish to explain to them what the tape was about. It was the hiking tape Deborah and I did right after 911, to check the mountain for areas for future experimentation and to see if any safeguards had been placed on the nearby water facility as a result of the defense of our Homeland. She did the most of the taping. We wanted to see where we could, and could not "go." I advised Robert and Harry that I remembered a cave being where it apparently is not, now. Deborah was with us, that day with Harry and Robert, and her memory served as my own. Robert entered the area, taped the area, and we compared his tape against our own, shot 4 years prior. The tapes did not seem to match: the reflection of sunlight off a wall seemed to serve as evidence the cave was where we remembered it to be. So, as I trusted Mr. Blair, I loaned him the personal tape so he could shoot side-by-side shots of the the two tapes together, in an effort to find out what perception of the area was the objective truth. Now, apparently, he wishes to act like some others. It now surprises me NONE that he was unable to get a replication of Lotus. It's a matter of information, yes, but also of "heart." The tape can now not be trusted as evidence we could use, if he sends it back.

Marcia: direct that he now not return the tape to us! He lives in a foreign country, and we are at war. As he has now shown his willingness to steal, I cannot trust that he not capable of showing other misguided, illegal, or immoral behaviors, and so I am forbidding any of our operatives to open any package sent to us, by him. Such would now require the protection of the Department of Homeland Security, for safety sake.

Thank you, Dan


   Posted: Fri May 26, 2006 7:03 pm

"Yes, Lee. He has been a snake in the grass for a long time and only faked support. Dan has been well aware of it for a long time. He posts his impressions and calls them "facts" and has now gone to outright lies just like his buddy (I'm not lying about that either- Nightshade09). Dan put it right by calling him a "confidence trickster". That's the game he's played and the Maji (J in particular) have watched him ever since he first gave up his real intentions.

It was long time ago, when he posted the word "Why?" over and over again to incite people. Anything short of his getting his hands on something he could use to make himself famous and very rich (the Lotus energy) was his trip wire to declare it all false. Just a few days ago, he posted,

"I can't show that the saga is a hoax, but I also can't show that it's 100%genuine and honest. What I can do is show where it contains flaws that require patching and also allow the players the opportunity to show that they are what and who they say they are."

at the Nightshade09 forum., The Golden Thread 2006.1, The Golden Thread Lives, Page 112, Sun May 21, 2006 9:02 am.

He disappeared for 6 months and has just now reappeared as Dan and Marcia near putting the DVD's out. A coincidence? No way Jose! The input for a call to Alan? It was a hoax by him, that others, treating him as honest responded to. Blair attended the After Rachel Party at Alan and Sandy's place a few years ago and has their phone number and has their email contact information which hasn't changed sinced that date. I've checked it.

Alan, who also promised to return something to Marcia (sound familiar?) and then went back on his word (sound familiar?) wanted to control the debriefing process to ultimately stop it, and shelve it in support of ufology making their unclean bucks from lies. This was found out in time, and now the first half of the debriefing is in Marcia's hands. Who do you think got sent in next? Garner. He strikes a deal with Stan F., George K., and a ufomagger, to get the story for the ufomagger, by way of leading Dan toward the failed attempt guy- Lazar. When Dan and Marcia tell him that it's not necessary to gain the approval of ufology before it goes out. Garner goes off! Telling them that THEY HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THE APPROVAL IS NECESSARY. That ufomagger has a history of buying accounts and shelving them. Have you seen the Lazar movie? You won't. Garner is soon sent away, and the second half of the debriefing is secured by Marcia.

So you can see, this 6 month reappearance is RIGHT ON TIME because he didn't get the power for a bomb and so he has to keep his alliances up with his true side: Nightshade09 and the others behind the scenes, but not Don and Toni... (continued at the above URL).





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