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Dr Dan Burisch Area 51 Microbiologist

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~ Dr. Dan Burisch

  Posted: Sat May 13, 2006 10:05 pm   

"Dr. Miguelito Loveless" wrote:

"The Illuminati

"We hear that term bantered about often in your story in that your team claims to be an opposing faction. Therefore, answering a few questions on them wouldn't be revealing any 'trade secrets by getting past the myth that surrounds them."

Yes, I know and it's unfortunate...I'll get to why in a moment...
Just so everyone Marcia and myself...none of my team are permitted to answer questions from the public. This is one of the good reasons why we provided a "Team Announcements" that they could speak amongst themselves, but in such a way as to make their comments public knowledge. I answer for them...and their conduct...should it become necessary.

The term "Illuminati" is another one of those good terms hi-jacked for another purpose. That crud are no more than Luciferians in the financial, government, and upper social circles. They aren't the true Illuminati, as spoke of "The Shining Ones" of ancient cultures. It is, I am afraid to say, just another example of "something" trying to appear as an angel of light.

"Loveless" wrote: "We 'outsiders' hear nearly a endless myth that surrounds them. From a international Satanic Cult of Wealthy Elite usering in the rule of the Anti-Christ to Muli international trillioners 'old boys' club bent on world domination by way of a real life game of Parkers Brothers Monopoly and everything in between the two extremes. You have claimed that last year 2005 you were invited to attend a mysterious ritual at the Mother of Darkness Castle but declined due to your religious convictions. Also you claim that your faction of MJ-12 are in a direct hot war with the infamous Black Hand (a title of Illuminati.) Yet, you remain cryptic in describing them and their true agena.

What precisely are they and their ultimate agenda? Are they serving the mythic literal Satan or a cult of heretical believers? Or are they a secular Trillioner boys club bent on economic world domination? Are they both or neither?" Thanks...

I was invited to attend a meeting, including dinner, in Belgium. I have not been informed as to what "rituals" may or may not have been scheduled to be practiced there, at that time. I declined to attend, partially, as I will not sit and eat with them. To me, eating is a deeply religious act. Further, other messages were passed to me, regarding their "offers" to me, while in flight to the Continent. Those "offers" were rejected. I did, however, stop and consume some Belgian coffee with chocolate. Contrary to some reports, just like some "claims" are expounded that have never been made by me, I paid for the coffee myself, on the way out the door. I passed a single note, in response to the offers...the note contained exactly two words, and then my signature...

The second of the two words was "OFF!"
EDIT: The so called Illuminati's goals? More power. If that means less people...that's okay with them.

... ..."The only fear (if we are speaking to the so called "Illuminati") would come from their vast wealth, therefore power to hire individuals who can do others physical harm. Such fear, when one perceives an able-bodied opponent (so to speak) is a good thing...a matter of reaction for self preservation. Aside from that, I am unaware of any fear concerning them, whatsoever.

"Loveless" wrote:"You have recently claimed that you now belong to a new 'secret organization' and you (team members) claim you are Roman Catholic in good standing. You do know of course that the Catholic Cannon and Catechism forbids Catholics from belonging secretive organizations such as Freemasonry and other secret organizations. Therefore how do you justify your present and past memberships in such a organization? As well as your catholic team members (if any.) More questions coming later. ML"

Thanks...It's very true that I have associated myself with a private Judeo-Christian service organization! I feel that doing service for others is an important thing in "living the faith." Your statement is incorrect that it characterized myself as a "Roman Catholic in good standing." My team better not be characterizing me as such, either...and I do not believe they have. My terminology, that you will probably find next to the statement about the "private group" I believe "nearly excommunicate." What part of "nearly excommunicate" is found in "good standing"? Of course that's just the perspective I took away from the last meeting I had with the Bishop, in November 1987; after I left the Seminary. I am still "officially" in communion with the Roman Catholic Church, but in truth I no longer attend masses.

I have no comment as to whether I have any team members who are Roman Catholic. Their religions are their own business and that is the way it will stay. Their association with me remains or falls on whether they follow (in the words of Marcia) a "positive path". Their association with me has nothing to do with any religion. If they do their jobs...they keep them.

Concerning the Freemasonry question...that is something which deserves treatment! When I was originally sworn into Majestic, in 1986, I had absolutely ZERO CLUE that they were associated with Freemasonry. But...swear in...I did! That falls mighty short of being a Freemason...and I have steadfastly refused to take a Masonic Oath! My refusal has NOTHING to do with a Pope telling me "NO!" has to do with conscience. I have read the words to the oath, and have found them unacceptable to my "path."

As for the characterization that "all secret societies" have been banned by the Roman Catholic Church...tell it to the Jesuits. Always as subordinate to Almighty God, I now utter nearly the same words as I did back in 1987...

Should I find myself made excommunicate by my faith in God and honesty in that relationship, then I shall be pleased to wander the countryside with Christ!
Danny B Catselas Burisch, Ph.D....


Posted: Mon May 15, 2006 4:26 am  

Post subject: The New Majestic

The People's Right To Question, or the New Majestic

The people have a right to question the provenance of information, from whence it comes, and who controls it. Worse, they exercise it.

It's with a heavy heart and a sense of trepidation that I write this, because I know a chill has come over this forum in the wake of the admission that some form of email 'control' was exerted the other day. However I completely understand the reason behind the clamp-down, since the information that I've received is potentially very explosive, and if blurted outright would be counterproductive. I write this in light of both Dig's question, the many readers who've already heard some of this information, and the many just coming to the story who haven't a clue as to the legitmacy of information.

Yes, it has to do with Dan's alleged membership in the Priory of Sion, which was first mentioned recently where? By Dan himself, unless by careful examination a record can be found preceding his. I didn't want to weigh in until I heard from either Dan or K on this, but now that Dan has said that he won't comment further, I want the reader to know a few pertinent facts before we put this issue behind us.

K's "patriotic human" agents (not to be confused with either Majestic or Illuminati ones, but forced to play the fall guy when those guys need an opponent, I understand....of course I'm willing to be corrected, if something more probable rears its head) have tracked hand-written and hand-delivered messages from Sxxxxr Axxxxe d'Saunxxxx in Pxxxxxxxx, France [the reader recalls the emphasis of the provenance of information earlier] to Dxxxxxxx, Ireland, home of St. Xxxx's "priory", the subset front for the more famous "priory". From there an electronic message was transmitted to the US, containing the request that Dan – in consideration of his acceptance into the "priory" – relinquish the famous crystals he used at the Tau-9 Treaty signing XX to join the records of Jesus Christ's bloodline.

God, it sounds too fantastic, but then these are the people that brought us the records of Dan's "operative" degree, the Blue Docs and other records of the Cabrillo Bay operation, and numerous other documents and images that will soon see the light of day. They corroborate who Dan is, how important he is, and how important all of this is.

Part of the reason that the actual names are with-held is out of consideration for the fact that, in return, Dan will be given his doctorate back, one way or the other. That is the over-arching reason, as I understand it, for him to accept the invitation from this most infamous and prestigious organization. Can one blame him? Of course not…..he deserves to have his own earned title back. He shouldn't have to make an acquiesence though, but he genuinely is convinced that the purpose of the organization is a good one. I'm sure it is, at least in the overt sense, otherwise he would never accept membership in it. Imagine; to be in the company of such prestigious contributors to human civilization as Leonardo Da Vinci……Dr Dan Burisch certainly deserves it, if anyone alive today does. I mean that with the most respect.

However, there are four other people who are also to be included with membership, including, surprisingly, J-1. The rest of the Maji are being taken in by other 'secret societies', allegedly, where they will "batten down the hatches" for the times of "cyclic change". These are the people who held the Coverup in place for so long, and probably don't expect too much to come from Disclosure that won't be happening from behind an official gov't podium, or be accompanied by any solid evidence such as the body or even photographs of a J-rod. The experiences Dan had are real enough, but he isn't allowed even a vial of zetan blood for public analysis.

I've asked before rthetorically and I'll ask again; exactly WHY are these men of power, who control most aspects of our daily life and especially the power to surveill those lives, 'going to ground'? Men do not willingly give up power, especially when you're at the absolute top of the info chain. They've named Dan H-1 to replace J-1, as Dan and his team of deeply respectful Majestic agents are to bring the truth of the extraterrestrial reality to humankind. You can imagine the burden of humility on this team; to be so honored and privileged to carry out the orders issued within the past 24 hours by the new head of the final phase of Majestic, H-1. In due course, all five of the new inductees will receive their Holy Orders rings.

Now, one might well ask, why is all of this on such a tight schedule? Orignally Dan wasn't to take over as H-1 until January 1, 2008, but events have now been accelerated, and to what purpose? Can we blame Dan if he wishes to have the assistance of an obscure and near-mythological semi-religious sect in securing the rights to a doctorate, one which he earned already? I don't think we can, and I don't think we can blame him for wanting to make the best of all futures for his family, who have suffered much for his sake. I say that because even though Dan lives in fairly modest circumstances, a lot of it's due to former Majestic stinginess rather than personal choice. Given his druthers, I'm sure he'd have eaten a whole lot more Chinese take-out than he has. The silver lining is that he's a good cook.

Still, it isn't only for the elite who are invited into these secret societies (others of which are picking up the remaining Maji and their aides-de-camp) to prepare for the times of 'cyclic change'. The average person should also have available to them the 'warning', and the implicit admonition that we should prepare on every level of existence. As one of K's colleagues once told me, "short of failure, the public should be told the truth". If we take away all hope, panic ensues, but to downplay the warning negates the whole purpose behind the telling of it.

There is quite a bit more that has been told to me of these so-called 'secret societies', but I've spoken to the important issue. Majestic is dissolving, although J-1 still holds sway over his favorite son and his Number One (Dan).

Together they will be taken under a protective wing; other Maji and their aides will find other wings reaching out to protect them. The "cycles of change" are upon us; let's hope that all those following this story have the same opportunity extended them as we face up to what the 'warning' implies.

In fact, it would behoove us ALL to form/join our own 'secret societies', groups of like-minded individuals who can work together, prepare together, and share a collective understanding. (Unless, of course, we have no desire to interact with our fellow humans.) I think that's the message we should all share in, so that the onus of elitism that's usually associated with these organizations is finally put to rest. It's what all truth-seekers should want, in the end.
Never stop long enough to think you have a handle on the 'truth''s ever-expanding

Dr. Dan Burisch ~ Concerning the "Da Vinci Code" mania

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.
  Posted: Sun May 14, 2006 8:40 pm>

"Blog" response to questions received in email:

Concerning the "Da Vinci Code" mania...which seems to be sweeping the planet at the moment......please be advised that I have already responded to the assertion by some that I must be involved in a non-existent "Priory of Sion."


Before anyone asks......I know of no relationship between a portion of that man's name, ATHANASE...with my Grandfather's or my biological Father's name...and the name from the history of the Voynich Document- Athanacius Kircher, a Jesuit.

Okay, then...

Dr. Dan Burisch ~ catastrophy?

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.
  Posted: Mon May 15, 2006 9:47 pm

~F~I~T~A~ wrote: Hi Dr Burisch,

Does the low probability of the catastrophy you have spoken of, have anything to do with the choices we as individuals make now?

What I mean is, obviously the choices we make now help determine what our future will be, but without giving too much away, has the change to the catasrophy being a high to a low probability, more to do with us as individuals and our choices, or has some actual measure been put in place to avoid it?

Hi, Fita!

There is a dual thing to this- the trigger for the catastrophe is being handled. That trigger is a variety of technology which would perturb the earth as we experience higher energies from the Cosmos and our Sun. Those items are being handled, around the globe, by force of arms.

Know this- we are presently in the position from whence the catastrophe came for the J-Rods and Orions. It's's now...and we are handling it. The threat will remain in our presence for a few years to come.

The real upside to this is where your question comes in! The natural energies in this section of the galaxy are very conducive (if what I have been told is thoroughly accurate) to positive enhancements to our gene pool. As previously stated to John...the appearance of a higher than normal incidence of special children (so called Indigo children) acts, in some ways, as testimony to that as fact. There is a long history of wisdom supporting the position that when one orients oneself to the positive...their energies...and I think positive energies drawn from the Cosmos (God if you will) increase! The orders under which I am bound...and they are good orders...say exactly the following:

"To: The Most Honorable Dr. Danny B Catselas Burisch, Majestic ID# H-6196-E

From: The Most Honorable MJ#1, for the Consistory of the Majestic 12, Washington, D.C.

Within and for the Consistory of this Majority assembled; by order of the Majestic 12, in Formal High Session, Thursday, October 12, 2005 A.D., you are hereby instructed, ordered, and enjoined to the best of your abilities and talents to present the truth of the extraterrestrial reality, as you have personally known it, on dates yet to be established, to the population of the world. You will conduct this disclosure with the application of your sacred honor, without regard for personal security, and in an unwavering manner rely upon the Truth and the countenance of Almighty God as your personal defense. Know now that you have the personal assurance of the Majestic 12 that none shall prevail against you, that your message shall be for the unity of humanity during the time of the cycle's cross. Such supremacy of word, but subordinate to God, is established by Treaty with the future extraterrestrial intelligences. You are hereby held to all ethical and moral boundaries, as in keeping with the standards set forth for Senior Agents of the Majestic 12. May God be with you, O' Son of the Majestic! We will stand, unanimous and adjourned to your purpose.

Your acceptance of this order is hereby requested forthwith."

The above words were read to me on October 12, 2005, they are to what I am bound, and they are the words as part of a much longer speech read to my team on Sunday, May 14, 2006. They say something very important, and something that the naysayers, prophets of doom (whomever they may be), and the opponents who would wish us all ill, should well read-

"...that your message shall be for the unity of humanity during the time of the cycle's cross."

The wisdom of the ancients, in support of orienting ourselves to the positive, are clearly heard in that statement, aren't they?

On the last day before the LookingGlass at S4 and Tw-NTS were dismantled, and the same day they were also dismantled in India, many of the J#'s and senior line agents (of which Marcia and I are two) gathered at a special session, at S4, with the senior operators of Project LookingGlass.

What we first saw were two visions, projected from recorded film, of the future which began oscillating back and forth, from one set of scenes to another...from catastrophe to surival, back to catastrophe, and back to survival. As the last couple of years have passed (as evidenced by time/date stamps on the film), the pace of the oscillation so increased, that by the time we were watching it live that day, after watching the films, the pace oscillated back and forth so fast we could no longer determine a coherent scene. We then viewed the confidence data, suggesting that the amount of time spent in one scene, versus the amount of time spent in another scene, indicated mathematically that there remains a LOW LIKELIHOOD of catastrophe. (The predominance of one and the minor in the other were obscured by the very pace of the oscillation...only able to be discerned by computer.) The statistically computed time-lengths are apparently how they determine such matters, and have been (as I understand it) proven through prior controlled tests. The project managers then moved the equipment and changed the settings to a time past the very rapid oscillation, to a time just beyond the point of the "fork in our collective road"...which also oscillated back and forth...catastrophe to survival, back to catastrophe, and back to survival...but as those events were farther off...the oscillation was slower and we could watch the individual scenes.

We watched the devastation events (T2), and earth changes accompanying a time of survival (T1)...a time we are in now. What stuck out in the T2 scenario, was what we heard of other people (scientists) in another facility, underground, saying, "They had it in their hands and they let it go!" Another yelled, "We could have had unity, but they swayed, and now we're all dead!"

Following that visit to S4, on October 12, 2005, I was provided the orders above. So, after experiencing that...and actually watching J#'s weeping in the same room... can see the critical necessity for me to stay to my orders, and if for nothing else, that I will be able to say I did everything I could...for the UNITY OF HUMANITY DURING THE TIME OF THE CYCLE'S CROSS.

To answer your question then...YES! Stay positive, accept the positive energies that this beautiful portion of the Cosmos has to offer us...and we shall move the future intended the Children of God.
Love, Dan
Danny B Catselas Burisch, Ph.D.
(Humbly serving the "Apostle to the Apostles")
"eiecitque Adam et conlocavit ante paradisum voluptatis cherubin et flammeum gladium atque versatilem ad custodiendam viam ligni vitae" Gen. 3:24 (V)

~ MarciaMcD

   Posted: Wed May 17, 2006 2:53 am

ANNOUNCEMENT - (copied to all threads)

I am stopping by for a moment to make this announcement for everybody on the forum. I am going to be calling an end to the questions and answers, in about 4 more weeks. I am notifying you this early, as a courtesy. I want you all to have ample opportunity to gather up and ask all the questions that are on your mind, before we have to close off this portion of Dan's efforts.

So please make sure that you ask all the questions that are on your mind NOW, while you have the opportunity.

I will be calling a halt to this phase on or about June 21st, 2006, when we will move into other areas we have to concentrate upon to fulfill our orders.

Dr. Dan Burisch

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.   Posted: Tue May 16, 2006 8:45 pm  Q&A

"Dagwood" wrote:

"How is one selected to be a member of Maji?"

We have come from two segments...first, those who have had family in the Majestic sphere since its inception, and second, those whom are recruited for (a) their abilities, tool sets, (b) ability to think in a manner which would serve a particular project, (c) political reasons between secret societies and governments, and (d) as a consequence of treaties.

Marcia and Deborah both fit in the first category, yet have also found a place in one or more of the second categories. I fit in one or more of the second categories, but not the first.

"If the current members are if fact 'retired' are they now joining different secret societies? Which ones?"

That is one excellent question, so good in fact, I can't provide you an answer. To provide an answer to that question, would be to-

(1) Allow the Illuminati to track the former members, and
(2) Allow the conspiracy community to do likewise. The former could cost lives, and the latter expose the former members by watching changes in particular societies, which would then expose them to the Illuminati and cost lives.

That's the truth of it...but if I were to joke (as is my personal way), I would say that if I exposed them, the Societies would no longer be a secret, right?

Thanks, though, the question is truly a great one, but the answer is equally dangerous. It is for that reason, I invoke OpSec (or Operational Security) in not answering it.

9:05 pm  J-ROD

"Dagwood" wrote

I know you may not answer this next question completely, but I would like to know exactly what happened. It's a question I've been mulling around with a bit lately,....

When J-ROD grabbed you and gave you a glimps into his head (the "tackling" inncodent in the Clean Sphere), what did you see? Future events? Past events? Will you please walk us through the sequence of images and sounds of what you saw?"

You are right in your consideration of the word "completely." Some of the information I have never revealed to anyone, some will never be. Some was private between he and me (what his son looked like, etc.).

First, the "tackling scene" was not a tackle at all. He moved toward me, unexpectedly, and I stumbled backward onto my back. He then crawled on top of me, sitting on my chest, and looking down into my eyes.

"What can you tell us in detail about what you saw?"

I can give you categories, but specifics on that are actually covered under (1) legal contracts to reveal as a matter of sequence in the DVD's...that's right...I am under contract to "someone." and (2) some of the information is so explosive that I am actually not sure I should speak about it.

The categories of information, during that one incident, included:

(A) His home world.
(B) The Gliese base.
(C) His philosophy of the creative process (that was included by me in an earlier missive which became public.)
(D) The machinations of his government, and human history.
(E) Religious issues from the past of humanity.
(F) The Giza Pyramids. (Some of this has already been made public by me, but not all of it.)
(G) His trip here and his remembering the time with his mother before.
(H) My abduction. (1973)
(I) Mathematics/Geometry.
(J) His personal issues.
(K) Other items I CANNOT/SHOULD NOT indicate.
(L) His past trips to earth.
(M) The interactions between the travelers and human beings in antiquity, as well as some interactions that he learned about from other J-Rods, about their visits with other J-Rods of other times (past and future- from our standpoint).
"Thanks Dan.

  Posted: Thu May 18, 2006 4:00 pm

Area 51 Caller Line Coast to Coast Artbell:

Here is a transcript of the talk:
"Hello Art? Art? Hi....I don't have a whole lot of was a former employee of Area 51...I was let go on a medical discharge about a week ago...and...and...(starts to cry)...I kinda been running across the don't know WHERE to start......they'll triangulate on this position really, really soon... (starting to break up and get more frantic--Art tells him to give us something quick>) What we're thinking of as Aliens ...they're EXTRA-DIMENSIONAL BEINGS...that an earlier precursor of the SPACE PROGRAM MADE CONTACT WITH...uh...they are NOT what they claim to be...uh...they have INFILTRATED a lot of aspects of the MILITARY ESTABLISHMENT particularily Area 51...uh...the DISASTERS that are coming...the GOVERNMENT knows about them....and there's a lot of SAFE AREAS in this WORLD THAT THEY COULD BEGIN MOVING THE POPULATION TO...N O W - Art.....but they are NOT doing anything about it... THEY WANT THE MAJOR POPULATION CENTERS - WIPED OUT SO THAT THE FEW THAT ARE LEFT WILL BE MORE EASILY CONTROLLABLE....(breaking up more, starting to cry...)...I started getting...." Silence - Art went off the air at that point.
Lets assume this is real... Can you explain to me how this desire of "they" that want this to happen affects the two timelines? And how can we combat it? Is there anything we can do to deter their wish?
Dex -- Who are "they?" 



  Posted: Thu May 18, 2006 6:19 pm

****** NOTICE *********************

Cross posted to all threads
I am taking a moment because I need to advise everybody of a couple of things, and again, I am going to be posting this notice to all three threads, to ensure that it is seen. I am currently re-thinking the wisdom of Dan going to public speaking engagements, or dealing face to face with the public at all, right now. The radio interviews will be uninterrupted, and I think that there may be adequate safety measures in place to allow him to be present at one of the upcoming venues, but even that is going to have to be carefully considered.

I was called out of a meeting by my security team, as an incident took place at Dan's residence; two persons attempted to gain entry. This could have become ugly, fast - however the two individuals departed and were followed from the property. I am still waiting for followup information.

There are a lot of people who really do not want Dan to say what he saw, and remembers of his time with Majestic and experiences up at S4. These two were of military or professional bearing, and appeared to be armed.

IF they had transgressed a couple of inches further, there would have been a lot of mess to clean up, as we all are very serious about protecting Dan and the family from harm. And Dan is no slouch when it comes to defending himself or the kids.

This said, I wanted to tell you that Friday's excursion to the mountain is cancelled. WE will use a rock gathered from a previous trip as a focus.

The experimental run is STILL ON! Everybody who is aware of the details will know lwhat I am talking about - everything is still a go. Those who are not aware of the details, do not need to be.

We are not going to stop, or even slow down.

We are working daily on the first DVD to be released, and I have plans for much more to follow. We are not going to be swayed from this. Not by anybody. But we are also not going to be foolish about safety issues. His safety is taken very seriously.

Thank you all for your time, and I'll talk to you soon.


  Posted: Sat May 20, 2006 1:01 am    Post subject:

NOTIFICATION - Cross-Posted from the Public Information thread

To All, You may have noticed that Dr. Burisch is not named on the forums any more, as a moderator.

At this point in time, I do not expect Dan to return to an open public forum again. He will still be very active with his private forum, and his work toward the DVD releases, but he will not be taking part in any public venues.

I know that I said June 21st would be the most likely cutoff for questions, and I apologize to everybody as this caught me by surprise too. But I have the utmost respect for J1 and aide S-1, and so I am rolling with this new situation. I hope that you all can do the same.

For what it's worth, I can still collect your questions which we can try to use in conjunction with future DVDs. We currently have hundreds of questions on file and I actually have so many hours of discussion with Dan in the can already that I expect to have enough material for many (well over a dozen) DVDs.

Ok, next thing - Dan is no longer at the protoseed address. If you have questions for future DVDs, please direct them to me at

I have been tied up in conferences for the better part of 24 hours. And the bottom line is this: For safety reasons, we are dropping a total logistical blackout over Dan and his movements starting immediately. I am sorry to have to disappoint people, but No public appearances will be authorized. I know that many were under consideration, but they have been determined to pose too great a risk to Dan.

When I received my orders, it was made plain that while Dan should go forward like a good soldier, it would be up to Debbie and I to jointly care for his safety: this is a quote " .... we hold that you and Deborah Burisch shall be jointly held to care for Dr. Burisch's personal safety during the times ahead."

Debbie and I have jointly decided that it is time to limit all specific information concerning Dan's whereabouts (logistics) and his timetables for upcoming meetings, outings, discussions etc.... for obvious reasons. DVD productions continue, work continues, radio interviews continue as well as personal interviews with key people, but all those details will be kept private and all arrangements will be made on an individual basis.

The Illuminati are actively pursuing a violent resolution to Dan's life, and it is up to us to do our best to prevent their success.

You all can continue to use the Eagles forum as you wish, open up new threads as you like, and discuss what you choose. Be advised that Guardian is still working when I am not available to watch, so as always, inappropriate, rude or hostile posts can be removed at will. Marci





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