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Dr Dan Burisch Area 51 Microbiologist

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~ Dr. Dan Burisch

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.   
Posted: Thu May 04, 2006 9:33 pm
   Post subject: Re: Not a q, but references one

Rand_B wrote: Hello, sir. I've sent a q to your public email, which (if you so choose) can be replied to either direct or here. This can go after you've seen.
Thanks, B.

04MAY06/19:35: I'll check that out right now...and respond in here as an edit.
EDIT: 04MAY06/19:41: The following message was received-REDACTED FOR LENGTH.

Wed, 3 May 2006 15:42:48 -0400

Subject: Question(s) for Dr. Burisch "...REDACTED..."

Is it your belief/understanding that the fading magnetic field/wandering poles is in fact a "false alarm," and not a signal of a full-blown flip in the (relatively) near future? (Not unreasonable time-wise, being over three-quarters of a million years since the last.) Also, would the transition and all attendant products we are set to undergo/ experience tend to accelerate/set off the normally (?) gradual (1,000's of years) process of magnetic reversal (if indeed occurring), thus possibly coinciding with or shortly following the event (transition)? (Tell it like you know it...I'm here to learn. ) Thanks,..."

While not a geophysicist, I do not regard the present movement of the magnetic poles as any false alarm whatsoever...nor to I regard their movement as an alarm either...aside from the many effects which may impinge satellite function. The present movement seems to be a natural event, part of a long natural cycle. That said, natural events (of other kinds) seem to be increasing in severity, if not in number, worldwide. Some of those events seem tied to natural cycles, others seem anthropogenically perturbed, and still others are being expressed as a function of our present position within the galaxy. Are the magnetic poles moving as a function of a "flip" of such poles? The reports I am reading suggest the answer to be "yes" however, a reversal of path, as the function of some sort of oscillation of the poles, may also be the answer. We will know as it "shows" us.

I am here to learn too! Could our current position, and vector, be promoting the movement of the magnetic poles as we are observing. Yes. Do I know this as a certainty? No. The information on T2 to which I was privy stated that just prior to the alleged future event, a magnetic pole "flip" had occurred. That said, given that we are as close to completing the transition as we are, and given the movement of the magnetic poles...the present evidence supports either conclusion...that we are going to survive the events within T1, or that T2 would occur right on time.

We are in a very pregnant moment right now...and the solar system is ready to give birth as the time of flowering.

Our Unity, as there is more that makes us all alike, than divides us...and as the consciousness of humanity is now being raised about the earth's transitions...we will be carried into the prophetic days of the life of the Sun of Flowering.
Dan ~
Danny B Catselas Burisch, Ph.D.
(Humbly serving the "Apostle to the Apostles") "eiecitque Adam et conlocavit ante paradisum voluptatis cherubin et flammeum gladium atque versatilem ad custodiendam viam ligni vitae" Gen. 3:24 (V)

Dr. Dan Burisch

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.   
Posted: Sat May 06, 2006 8:06 pm    

Subject: Gulf War info

We have just received a very important letter, asking a valid question. Now comes where there has to be a careful split between what the questioner absolutely needs to be told, what the public has a right to know IN THIS MEDIUM, and what I am able to say in whatever medium I find myself. So, I am reproducing the letter, below, as the public has (in my opinion) the right to know it has been received. The addition of Marcia's replies may also be important, so they are included as well. As the situation around me degrades, other forces are being applied to monitor the motions. I expected this...and am taking the necessary precautions to ensure the mission is completed. My reply, specifically to him, is at the bottom, in bold blue.



To: "'Marcia McDowell'"
Subject: RE: Gulf War info
Date: Sat, 6 May 2006 19:25:58 -0400

Thank you Marci. Even though Dan may not be able to discuss his involvement or knowledge of the facts pertaining to this issue, he might be able to point me in a direction others have not traveled. I look forward to his reply.


From: Marcia McDowell [mailto:SPECIAL ADDRESS RECEIVED]
Sent: Saturday, May 06, 2006 5:55 PM
To: REMOVED FOR PRIVACY Subject: Re: Gulf War info

Sir, Thank you for your letter. I will pass it to Dan so he can review it.

Please know that regardless of whether it is possible for us to offer you the kind of information you need, we both carry you and others who are suffering in our prayers. I'll send this to Dan right away.

Marcia McDowell


Marcia, will Dan ever be able to disclose his information pertaining to the gulf war and any mycroplasms that were utilized during that time frame? The statistics and registry for veterans and what's happening to the majority are just beyond belief! I'm sure there is a plausable explaination for which, in time, I'm sure we'll all know about.

Right now, I'm only seeking some sort of cure/relief. I'm not looking at finger-pointing or reasoning as to "why"? I feel that the 'Majestic team' has an answer, or potential information that could help thousands of us suffering with this illness.

I'm really not into the 'alien' thing, and although statically I find it highly possible and likely that we are not alone in the galaxy (carbon based life forms), I really don't care about area 51 or any of that information you have concerning that issue. I am more concerned about helping some of those that served our country so selflessly in the past. Would you be willing to help?

Please pass this msg. to Dan and ask him to call me if he wants or I can call him if he has any info he would like to share that wouldn't get him into any trouble. I, myself, have a TS/SCI, and don't want him, or me, to cross that line (if there even is one) Thank you.


Sir- Thank you, sir, for the letter. First, may I say I nearly completely agree with you- I am not into this whole "alien" thing either, save the experiences, I have little interest in considering it on a regular basis. I should inform you from the outset that your letters have been removed from our email, and a copy of your information has been maintained in hard copy only, in a place where spooking won't raise them. Unless expressly stated otherwise, I will take your name to the grave, without ever speaking it to anyone. Marcia will do the same.

The orders I received on October 12, 2005, clearly spelled out the framework for my formal public commentary, and limited that required commentary to the "extraterrestrial issue." That said, I am also allowing commentary to be made on my biological and metaphysics research as it applies to Project Lotus and associated work, as some of that was "inspired" by my contact with the J-Rod. The dropping of Ganesh Particle producing drums off the coast of Florida in 2002, and certain apects of Operation Raindance, will be the limiting boundaries to which I am willing to openly speak to the issues of alleged biological intervention by any government agency or military branch, during my course of public testimony.


A Public note: That said, if anyone else has any evidence, including recordings or videotapes of me speaking to such issues...they are well within their ethical and moral right to publish said material at their discretion and in any manner they deem appropriate. That doesn't, however, mean that I will make myself available for subsequent comment to it, unless there exists a previous standing agreement to do so.***


Now that I have restated the required framework...I will now get to what I am willing to do. Of course neither you nor me wish to step over any lines. Your worry, of course, should be for you. I have existed around the applicable agencies in somewhat of a different manner...more in a shaded zone than getting "black and blue"...and so I have the liberty to be able to act in such a manner as to not have a problem looking at myself in the mirror in the morning. Others, strictly bound within certain clearances have duty first...and I fully respect that! I would never willingly do anything which would really harm our Nation. I am willing to go to the grave on that, as well.

So, given that you may someday find yourself in the Las Vegas area, as...say...a tourist on vacation...I would encourage you to write to Marcia at the address you used. We will do whatever we can to free ourselves from our schedules and it would be my great honor to buy you a cup of coffee. As individuals can normally carry their "proper identification, level and compartment within SCI" with them, I would then suggest an appropriate area for conversation, to then be mutually agreed upon by the friendly acquaintances then sipping coffee.

I pray for the individuals suffering from all ravages of war, and would do anything possible to help.

Very truly,


Location: Civilized Earth
Posted: Sun May 07, 2006 12:52 pm    

Post subject: Sharing

"... I also want to thank those of you who are sharing privately what's being said publicly at E-D.NET, and I encourage you to post these things publicly here too.

This isn't about to become a 'hate' sight by any stretch of the imagination, so please don't feel fearful about posting here simply because you're posting elsewhere. It can only be a healthy thing to question things, even what Dan says in his public answers, and if I know the man at all he encourages a healthy questioning of all that we hear....just not blind attacking of it simply because it may not agree with what we've been taught to believe. ..."

"...A final note; this is not nor ever has it been a 'popularity contest'. I've said that the pace of this forum will slow considerably since Dan is now posting answers to readers' questions elsewhere. It was never our intention to provide a 'cover' for a Majestic-controlled outlet; there is now that, and there is also the 'anti' forum. So long as readers exhibit Common Courtesy they are welcome to post opinions of all stripes, including Dan's answers from the official E-D.NET forum (thanks for sharing the recent posts, djunke). In fact, I would think that should be the job of every conscientuous share their opinion on what is being discussed from all parts of the spectrum of 'Disclosure'.

[Dag, thanks for your words of encouragement, but please be assured that I won't be using this forum to express any private animosity...... other than how the efforts of Dan's superiors to 'discombobulate' the public have been manifested. I have never blamed Dan for anything that has occurred......and people that can't take the longer view are simply ill-advised by their 'better angels', if they even have such.]

Dr. Dan Burisch "the provenance of the information"

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.
  Posted: Mon May 08, 2006 10:38 pm

"...Hi, R.B.: NEARLY everyone's position in all of this (aside from the declared opponents- Illuminati and Rogue Unit DIA Disinformation Specialists, and the "stupids" and "duped" who follow them...) are reasonable here and many want to know more. Right, provenance of data is extremely important, and while I STILL HAVE THE UTMOST TRUST IN DON in moving information he has into the public...we must always question the provenance of the information! I include the information I have in that statement as well! This is why I am so careful in making declarations of where I have received the information. Such care serves not only the public good by providing higher quality information and truth, but also acts as a indicator device for me to make decisions as to how I should say things.

Dr. Dan Burisch ~ Discernment

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.
  Posted: Tue May 09, 2006 10:37 pm  

"...I have made a life of determining grades of evidence, what's real versus what's not, judging evidence by provenance and statistics, and opponents by their behavior. I have judged the Maji no differently.

Yes, I have a certain close connection with one of them...such communication connection is all but servered at this moment as they all scramble to orient themselves for the coming "Frosty Season." I am certain that the one will understand when I speak out my feelings, as I will do.

If the information I had, had only come from the mouths of the Maji or reports that they would have offered me to read... I WOULDN'T BE SPEAKING OUT AT ALL! I don't trust them as far as I can spit!
...and coming from a now middle aged "inner city kid" from a very poor neighborhood of Los Angeles...that says something...because even though we sure learned how to spit, I am way out of practice!

[I hope the early video, shot in the neighborhood of my youth, will be made public. We traveled back there over a year ago...and I was filmed where I last saw my kid sister, and where the abduction took place. Emotions were...high.]

Evidence comes by way of personal experience, depth and integration of reports, first and second hand reports of line agents who have reflected their personal experiences to me, and the degrees to which the control-authority, acting over me, have attempted to dissuade me from learning what I have learned. I have also been privy to private conversations of the 12, while they wrangled between themselves and with the military, industry, and media...and while they argued over treaties.

From 20 years of watching, listening, reading, experiencing, being abused...I have developed an opinion as to where I believe the truth sets between their utterances of truth, lies, and mixtures of both. That is why I am so particular as to whether something is first hand, second hand, etc.

I would be doing the public no good whatsoever, if I were to blindly accept what they have told me.

So, I will continue to methodically separate the levels of provenance, something I probably would not do if I trusted those "above" me. While it remains true that I must protect my country by not disclosing certain information (military), it equally remains true that I first serve the public good in any contest between loyalty to the Maji or the people. Of course I maintain a certain loyalty...that comes with 20 years immersion in a culture. You will see it when we visit greetings upon one another, such as "M/R" for "Majestic Respect." I am from that culture and make no apologies for it, yet in any contest between that culture and the rights of the public...the public will win.

The greatest guarantee I can offer, aside from my perspective stating that I shall carry forth with the application of my sacred honor, is to present the information precisely as it was presented to me...while overtly stating the conditions under which it was provided. I am not presenting information that I am asking anyone to "believe a storyline" or a "political position." I am presenting the information as it was presented to me and while doing so trying to pull my sometimes excessive ego out of the public's way as it it no good to them. Only the information should be presented (on the larger matters) for their consideration. That said, my own history, life, and personality must be weighed by the public so they can judge the level of provenance themselves. I will, however, protect against any and all other's agendae, should they attempt to integrate that agendae into the authentic account. That said, other's perspectives can be heard...I welcome it...but the account will stand on its own...along side other's perspectives...and will not be mixed into them to SATISFY ANYONE! It is a difficult balance, to be sure...but one I do feel up to completing, God willing.
P.S. In any occasion, by all means listen to everyone...then trust yourself, your mind and heart together.
Danny B Catselas Burisch, Ph.D.

Dr. Dan Burisch ~ J-Rod

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.
  Posted: Tue May 09, 2006 11:29 pm  

UncleJohn wrote: Uncle John here: Dan, were you able to ask any question to the jrod? If so, what were some of the unexpected questions and answers?

How many separate times did you have contact with the jrod? Were you debriefed after contact with the jrod?

Yes, the conversation between myself and the J-Rod flowed freely. It was, however, totally against the rules. We were only supposed to have formatted discussions, indicated precisely in our protocols. I fulfilled those protocols, but we also chatted as friends. The most unexpected things, just right off the cuff, was his explanation to me about Christianity, his concept of a Cosmic Christ and the integration of certain ancient symbols (like the Ankh and the galaxy) into that explanation where I had never thought of the two together prior to that occasion. His first occasion of speaking to me, while I was part of a B-Team on the s4-4 floor, preparing the receiving devices for another's (A-Team's) entrance into the Clean Sphere, was the most shocking! I initially thought it was extraneous thought as we were warned we could perceive while near the enclosure. I slowly figured out that he was speaking directly to me, even while he was at the far left...his normal position, and while I was across from him almost the diameter of the hemisphere's circle away.

His wit always gave me profound pause... While in the introduction gantry, just prior to entering the sphere, he told me we were "both captives" at that moment. Then, his statement to me, during post enclosure egress protocols...
..." an indepth report by Dan continues in follow-up threads...(continued) @ "UncleJohn wrote:"

Danny B Catselas Burisch, Ph.D.
(Humbly serving the "Apostle to the Apostles")

Dondep ~ Site Admin ~

Posted: Thu May 11, 2006 3:29 am

     Post subject: The Culture of Majestic 12

"...I wrote the following as a glimpse inside of the Majestic operation to give the reader some insight into the machinations of late, and I trust I haven't given away anything too sensitive.


For many of the readers of this 'saga', to truly understand what has happened both on this forum and what will be happening you really have to understand the players in Majestic, how they inter-relate, the world they live in and the burdens of knowledge they carry.

First and foremost among the Maji is the father-figure to Dan whom I've referred to as the 'Dadmiral' – a/k/a J-1; it has been said that the admixture of his biological son's essence with Dan's back during that abduction scenario in 1973 has created a special bond between he and Dan beyond that of mere subordinate and superior officer. You'll note he often refers to Dan as "Danny Boy", a term of affection. J-1 entrusts the care of his 'favorite son' to his beloved 'Binah', or Marcia Ann McDowell, sister to Ann Marcia Marcher. Marci is fiercely dedicated to Dan, and follows J-1's instructions to the letter, if not better. While fairly easygoing and an easy conversationalist, she can just as easily and abruptly carry out any orders from J-1 deemed necessary for Dan's survival, happiness, and above all the fulfillment of his mission. She is Dan's "Number One", and is the one person Dan trusts and relies on for ….. mostly everything.

It was a rare allowance that Dan and I were able to take that walk for about an hour-and-a-half shortly before the big explosion took place on this forum…….rare because normally Marci is ever-present, even when I was privileged with a visit to Dan's "inner sanctum". In fact, Dan's orders are her orders; his mission her mission.

This is the way it's been almost since the beginning of the 1990s, when they 'found' each other working in the casinos of Las Vegas. And consider the alleged fact that Marci was brought to England to meet Dan in 1980 (or was it 1981?), even though that meeting was short. I suspect that J-1, supposedly knowing about the role they would play in the future, not only ensured they would strike up a relationship but already was making plans to establish her as Dan's "right-hand" and caretaker.

There is nothing wrong in any of this, it's merely background material to set the stage for the current situation, but now we have to include in the mix the constant camera surveillance that both Dan and Marci endure on a daily basis. To my mind, neither of them are truly retired until they rip out all the cameras, the microphones, and turn them all away from looking inside to looking outside – if indeed there is a real and physical threat to them, which may be the case once Dan starts speaking publicly. Dan has a plethora of cameras trained on him whenever he's at home; this goes a long way to ensuring tight psychological control, and most readers can only begin to imagine what kind of toll this would take on a man after 20 years.

Marci's sister Ann was head of the Consistory's security detail and was brought out from Washington to head up Dan's security when it became evident that Dan would be moving into a more public role, particularly when he was first chosen as the new J-9 to replace Romano Prodi, who was most recently elected Prime Minister of Italy. Consider that this is the position that Ann holds, and then consider the moments in this 'saga' when we've heard from Ann.

It's very rare when that happens. When it does, you can usually figure something important is going on, even though she appears only to make some provocative gesture, then leaving the damage in her wake. She's good at what she does.

What was going on when we first saw her enter this forum, seize the Watcher in the Woods account, and 'stir' things up? The first time – since we've been in Las Vegas, that is – was a couple of weeks back on the night when I met with Dan and Marci in the same facility where Bill Hamilton's famous video of Sept 2002 was filmed. Marci brought a tape recorder, which clued me in to the fact that this meeting was deemed important enough to record, and though Dan was all for giving me a copy of the proceedings, Marci would have none of that. The purpose of the meeting boiled down in essence to this: how much weight was to be given to the T2 timeline in Dan's Disclosure, and the calculations that had been made if it came to pass.

The T2 Timeline is the so-called 'catastrophe' timeline. As Dan has indicated elsewhere, and even earlier on this forum, this timeline is only a "possibility", the way he has been led to believe. Yet the very existence of such a thing, not to mention treaties with time-travelling extraterrestrials, is of such magnitude as to make the guardians and users of such information feel, well, 'elite'. The "DCTP" – Doctrine of Convergent Timelines Paradox – can have enormous consequences on the people who use it as their 'standard operating procedure', as Dan once called it. Imagine; you bear the burden of knowing such mundane things as the fact that your wife (this was one of the examples Dan has used) is supposed to break her ankle "south of Los Angeles" during a certain time-frame in February of 2005, and lo and behold…..she in fact sprains it while tripping over a classroom doorway threshold, but not at Cabrillo Bay – where it was imagined this would occur, as she was to be onsight during that operation but ended up not going. Imagine the burden of not being able to share that information because of the consequences…….by helping someone avoid a 'bad thing' in the future, one can cause an exponentially-bad thing to occur from avoiding it when it's allegedly going to or is supposed to happen.

Dan supposedly knows the "history of history". You can imagine how ultra-careful the Maji have been in making sure that the information he learns from their sources is carefully selected. This includes information from the so-called "Yellow Book" and the time-viewing machine known as the "Looking Glass", and of course the ancient prophecies contained in the carefully-preserved parchments in the Masonic Temple in Washington DC.

Which brings us to the next factor; Dan has now admitted to his recent induction into a 'secret society', but hasn't allowed as to what that group's name is. It isn't some obscure 'secret society', although the membership wishes it could go back to being that, I'm certain. Not only Dan, but his wife, his "number one", J-1 and one of his chief aides has also been drawn into this group as the organizational structure of Majestic goes even further into 'dissolution', or should I say 'underground' as if that were possible. This group – one of the successor groups to Majestic – allegedly has good 'goals', but this recent turn of events should give pause to anyone who knows how power is practiced.

No-one voluntarily gives up power on the planetary level, especially a power center such as Majestic 12. No, they are supposedly heading for the hills and leaving Dan in charge, 'holding the bag' as it were, even though his daily surveillance is more of that of a prisoner than a humble hermit and apostle to the apostles. Now why would all these individuals – look at the 'epitaphs' that Dan has posted as these "J"s go to ground – voluntarily annul their collective identity and turn over the job of Disclosure to one of their subordinates?
Why indeed?

..." (continued )

Dondep ~ Site Admin ~

Posted: Fri May 12, 2006 5:17 am

 Post subject: Drama

From a recent turn of events at Ed3, or NE-DS as some refer to it: (this is precisely the importance of being 'independent'; J-1 ordered the first breakaway from Iggles closed down less than a month later, no explanation given. Dadmiral, your thoughts? You can always make a statement publicly on this forum as "I-K" so long as you observe the Golden Rule, just as "K" may. That would be the 'way' of your better angels, I do believe. What would the Christ do?)



Posted: Fri May 12, 2006 1:22 am    

Goddamnit man! Do you really think you can stop me providing information to Deppeller by your agents cutting our electronic lines?

I know it was you! You left that crappy hacker man from Jurassic Park waving his goddamned finger at me! All my people have the Jolly Roger displayed when they try to login to the old nodes. How long are you going to play commander and cut off the flow of goddamned information?


MarciaMcD ~ 2:27 am
Gathering Debbie, is a little like herding cats.
Sorry. no can do.

Dr. Dan Burisch ~ Las Vegas, Nevada ~ 2:29 am
Ban him and erase this conversation from the record. We don't need this getting in the way of the true dialog between me and the public. If he wishes to keep feeding Don with his "angles" then he can skulk around and do it another way.

Goodbye, OLD BOY! It looks like you've been banned from two forums today! Dan

Dr. Dan Burisch ~ 2:34 am 
Marcia, as soon as you can, PLEASE!

K ~ 2:36 am
  Dan, tell them about the prophecy! You can't hold this back!

MarciaMcD ~ 2:36 am
I'm trying.
I've been knocked off twice. Each time I tried, it happened again.

MarciaMcD ~ 2:38 am

T ~ 2:38 am
Danny I'm here. mr T

Dr. Dan Burisch ~ 2:41 am
Very well... T

T ~ 2:41 am 
Stand Easy Sir! dmr T

T ~ 2:42 am 
He's off!T

Dr. Dan Burisch ~ 2:42 am 

Thank you, sir!

T~ 2:43 am
Marcia should have control back.

Dr. Dan Burisch ~ 2:44 am
Marcia, ban him now. Clear the decks with him. T call me, now.

T ~ 2:45 am

Dr. Dan Burisch ~ 2:48 am
T, Marcia is still down. From now on point-source the cleansing from crap like this and we won't engage in conversation. I want Brent D'ed to Marcia now.

T ~ 2:51 am 
We have 3 at her loc

Dr. Dan Burisch ~ 2:51 am 
Thank you I'm in lock down.

For those who didn't see, the avatar of "T" was the Israeli flag. Could this be the nom de plume of the 'Israeli consortium' that PageMarker recognized? ~

My, what an amazing turn of events! The reader will note the exact definition of "Majestic-control". (Again, I don't blame Dan and Marci one bit; it seems that this 'slumber room' may not have been the appropriate place to 'do battle'.....a fact of which I'm proud but as SpongeBob Squarepants sez, "Uh, good luck

NOTE: This was posted on "Team Announcements", at Other threads there: "Discussion Thread", "Q & A", "Public Announcements".


Dr. Dan Burisch

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.
  Posted: Fri May 12, 2006 4:53 am

I want to take a moment to congratulate our team on the excellent work by putting this attack down! The system worked exactly as it is intended should people be out of position as you were...and each of you did a professional job. I am extremely happy with the rapid phys-sec response to Marcia's and my locations!

We owe a deep debt of gratitude to the J#. He has informed me that he will be supplying us with the 24/7 detection equipment he uses, later this morning. This will allow a very rapid response by either Marcia or the sec-od in the future, should Eagles come under attack like this again.

Marcia- wonderful job! When you arrived here, I had no idea what was happening elsewhere and you did exactly as we planned should a diversion ever occur...reminds me of days gone by and "cage alarm" plans!

The opponents are getting smarter aren't they? Hit at Eagles while a diversion is underway here, you defend there, I defend here, you come here, they hit you here while a second offensive is launched at Eagles?

Given that this gentleman's "angle" on disinformation and the names and locations of his team members is now known, it won't be hard for us to focus on the appropriate locations to decrease that position's ability to wage hostilities. "Team B" break from Diekplus for 24, and make it so!

As to the information T just supplied me, concerning elsewhere...all I can do is feel for they don't know the full story of this individual, cannot be provided it, and are forced to therefore look from the outside-in. Take no umbrage whatsoever, as he is only looking for the truth!

Once more...GREAT JOB, TEAM!

Dr. Dan Burisch

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.
  Posted: Thu May 11, 2006 9:58 pm

"...The next question had to do with the control of this forum. Precisely, I have been asked "Is this a Majestic controlled forum?"
The answer is "NO."

This forum ( is presently composed of 4 threads. One of those threads, the "discussion forum" is only monitored by Marcia for open rudeness or vulgarity. Aside from that, people can do what they want and discuss what they wish. If the removal of vulgarity is considered an act of "Majestic Control" then I would humbly suggest that those making that case have an extremely low bar for where they seek conspiracies!

The thread having to do with "Team Announcements" is under MY CONTROL. As I do not comprise Majestic...then it can't be under "Majestic Control" now can it? I will say, however, that the public has not been invited to post on that thread for the following: I don't want my team mixing with the public's comments, for several reasons. Among them are-

1- I required a defined place for such announcements, so that neither me nor my team will miss any of them, inadvertently mixed with other's statements.
2- Some on my team (save Marcia, Deborah, and T) aren't "house trained." They can become rather brutal with their comments and I see no reason why the public has to put up with their antics.

The third Thread is the" Q/A Thread"...where the public can and does ask me questions...and I can and will answer them as I would anywhere! So, the location makes no difference...whether is be at Don's, GLP, here, anywhere...the answers would be the same. Control is therefore not a factor as I am not being TOLD what I can and cannot say.

The last thread is the "Public Announcements" thread. The public hasn't been invited to post there as the pure function of the thread is to make public announcements. That thread is controlled by ME!

So, where is the Majestic Control??? Sometimes, good people, there just isn't a conspiracy to find.

The actual question was posited to me concerning Don and Toni's Forum ( concerning what I have perceived as their concern that they do not appear to be operating a "controlled" forum. Given the fact that the keys to the forum (so to speak) were never offered, nor taken, from them...that "control" was never removed from their hands, it comes down to what is allowed to be posted or not, by the forum moderators (collectively known as) "The Mod Squad" and the owners Don and Toni, doesn't it? It also comes down to how they wish themselves perceived.

Give that none of my people are posting there, and have been ORDERED by me to leave them be, I think the perception is now formally delcared and very clear. Isn't it?

I have been asked what has happened with regard to surveillance over me. I no longer have camera surveillance in my home. The machines "failed" a few days ago. I am not permitting their reentrance. Marcia's residence remains under surveillance.

I have been asked "very personal" questions about Marcia, Deborah, and myself. I see no reason why my "private life" is anyone's talk to tail! I see even less need to speak to other's personal talk to the tail on that as well........

Dr. Dan Burisch ~ censorship

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.
  Posted: Sat May 13, 2006 3:57 am   

Hello, everyone...
I have received more than one comment in email about "Poor old K." Yes, the tears are flowing...and over a man people don't know...and one with an agenda about which they are as equally unknowing.

Some have said, "You bastard!" You have cut him off from speaking to Don Deppeller! No, I haven't! With all due respect, those saying that don't know what they are talking about!

Did I ban him here? Yes! All aligned with the    Illuminati will find that such a fate is there own, should they come here!

Have I cut him off from a public "Yahoo! UK" email account? No! I have no legal right to do any such thing! He can access his account any time he wishes to do so...just not using an anonymity account which is not his to use! Have I cut him off from a formerly owned Majestic Anonymity account? Yes, I have...and I have not only every right to do so...I have every responsibility to do so! I never trample upon the rights of others! ...but it has to be a right! He has no right to what he doesn't own or which is within his professional sphere of influence!

There are those out there who would cry..."Oh, no! This is against transparency!" They couldn't be more wrong! Given my responsibility to carry forth in honesty, as the leader of a small unit (under 100), and to carry-forth the orders I was provided on October 12, 2005...
I am to bring "the truth of the extraterrestrial reality, as I have personally known it, to the population..."

People scream for honesty and transparency...

I am guaranteeing that former Majestic property will not be used for the furtherance of the coverup.

When I was placed in charge of this small unit...this mission that must and will be to the responsibility to act in the best interest of others was somewhat given me. I can't escape it! If I do is in the best interest. If I do is not in the best interest.

Does plausible deniability, a system which the powers have used for decades to escape responsibility, serve the public good (in this subject and context) or not?

I say, "not!" So, if this "K" character wants to hide behind the veil of anonymity he surely won't be allowed to use our resources to do it.


Danny B Catselas Burisch, Ph.D.
(Humbly serving the "Apostle to the Apostles")
"eiecitque Adam et conlocavit ante paradisum voluptatis cherubin et flammeum gladium atque versatilem ad custodiendam viam ligni vitae" Gen. 3:24 (V)


Posted: Sun May 14, 2006 2:31 am
 Post subject: H, J, and K
The Illuminati Versus Majestic 12

From Dan to Dag at NE-DS:
"K is in alignment with the Illuminati! Don has been receiving information from him. I banned K, and removed K's access to the anonymity system we have, but have done NOTHING ELSE to restrict K's communication with anyone.

Don has never been banned here...he has been invited here...he doesn't post here because...well... ...well...nevermind!

Thanks for acknowledging that, Dan. However, so the readers of these forums will know, those providing me with information have assured me that they are NOT "Illuminati", as some snips from their correspondence will show: (this happens to NOT be from the individual known as 'K') snip...

  Dan's 'compartmentalized' status leads me to believe that he wasn't   told the truth, the 'Big Picture' as it were, as is so often the case when the   PTB [Maj and CotM] want to avail themselves of his genius while not disclosing   their true agenda. What IS the ultimate agenda? Can you put it in   perspective, and provide a better understanding of the Maj/Illume conflict? You have been told in detail, from previous leakers, the truth regarding the conflict between the two world financial powers, the so called "Maji" and the "Illuminati"...

"...and another indication: snip...
"Mr. Deppeller (Don),

Please do not reply here as those damned elements in Las Vegas keep breaking into the system. I have expanding news for you. First, I hope all of our efforts, aside from the chap caught with the Hamilton letters, are arriving. If they have, you now possess an appreciation of how "in the dark" Dr. Burisch has been kept."

Dan, you must realize how much I've wrestled with the information that 'K' has provided me, concerning your newly-established positions in the 'secret societies', and the particulars as to why. I wrestle with it because on the one hand, it involves questions of a personal nature, but on the other, it involves a glaring discrepancy between the public stance you have taken vis-a-vis the 'catastrophe' where you have attempted to minimize the 'warning' to such an extent as to make it almost non-existent, (which isn't for us to pass judgement on for the public; allow them to make their determination with the full range of information), and on the other hand allowed for certain machinations to occur, such as the recent 'subsuming' following the vigil. "K" has never shown himself to be anything other than a deep supporter of you, and has inDEED provided me with much information that has been verified subsequently by none other than yourself.

I am hesitant to publish some of the more recent correspondence, as I don't want to appear to 'pour gasoline on the fire', but to open up the real debate so that the discussion can be truly joined.

Of the three letters, H, J, and K, only one has had a personal relationship with an ET. That ET however I am told was given a misleading paradigm to pass on to Majestic, a "poison pill" that has been eagerly swallowed by the enforcers of the financial, pollitical and military might of the West. This part of the equation has yet to enter the fray.





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