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Dr Dan Burisch Area 51 Microbiologist

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~ Dr. Dan Burisch

Dr. Dan Burisch Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2006 6:15 am

Starryeyes posted:

"I am very confused as to the focus on the healing tones stuff and your final orders by Majestic. Are they connected?"

Dan Burisch -> They are not directly connected. The work being done on several fronts: the 27 blue tones being integrated to sacred literature for future music/video DVD's, and the Solfeggio "Cube" with the frequencies it imparts are separate projects as well. Neither of those two separate projects are owned, under the guidance of, or funded by the former Maji. I have turned down funding and equipment, offered by them for the first of the two projects, prior to October 12, 2005, to keep that project, the intellectual property created by it or from it, and its future, independent. There have been no such offers, as a consequence to the Solfeggio. While they are not funded by them, that doesn't mean, however, that we have no funding.

Starryeyes -> "Also, how does the disclosure order (disclosure as understood to be the existence of the alien presence) and the cataclysmic events during the time described as the "crossing" relate?"

Dan Burisch -> As the rogues (P+45K) J-Rods have been intimately involved in the background machinations of many governments, as the Illuminati are within the intellectual/political sphere of influence of them, and as their prompting of not only the paradox but the selling of technology to promote such a possible catastrophe in cooperation with the Illuminati...the two suppositions (existence v. catastrophe) are related.


That being said, I am under a fairly simple set of orders. In part, the orders read: " present the truth of the extraterrestrial reality, as you have personally known it, on dates yet to be established, to the population of the world." "..." "

The quote, immediately above is directly from the text of the October 12, 2005, orders. I cannot quote them, as a single complete unit, per traditions which go all the way back to the Truman administration, until after the formal Recitation of Orders has been delivered. As of this date/time, they have not been formally delivered.

What role my presentation of the account and the truth as I have known it, plays in the overarching issues confronting the world, is not for me to say...or even really consider. The consideration of such matters, by an individual "blessed/burdened" with this requirement, would not only be wrong, but would lead that person's message in the wrong direction. I expect that we will continue to undergo earth changes, as they are already occurring as a consequence of natural/extant cycles (apart from any external perturbations), anthropogenic perturbations (pollution, global warning, etc.), and our position to the galactic plane (with all it may portend), for some time to come.
Starryeyes -> "Why would 'disclosure' help to inform the population of upcoming disasters and how one might prepare themselves. If one looked at it as an outsider to the UFO scene -- one might speculate that "disclosure" might hurt one's credibility about information related to pending cataclysmic events... or is it that "disclosure" is the way in which you have to illustrate and prove your "inside" access to "confidential" information?"

Dan Burisch -> "Disclosure" is a word I do not often use, as it has come to mean as many different things as there are people to wonder about it.

"Disclosure" in the sense of the political elite, abandoning common sense (and their plausible deniability) coming to the people and begging them for understanding won't happen. (That kind of thing only happens in movies.) "Disclosure" in the sense of the word getting out, slowly to the larger population, has been underway for many years.

[Yet, there remains some (and some I have encountered) who scream "Disclosure" yet really mean "I hate the government and I want to do them and anyone connected with them harm, because I don't like my life and I feel I am owed better." To them, all I can say is that such an approach is fruitless and lazy. You won't get your way by crying into a towel and yelling foul.]

Contrary to what many may believe, I have no "in-born" compunction or mandate to either disclose the account of my life or kiss the rear ends of those who feel they can demand anything and everything from me, in an agenda driven effort to coerce my silence. When we reach certain "common sense" levels concerning my veracity, number of evidences of my past, people speaking to it (and no, I don't mean some of them who seem to be missing more than a few "cogs"), we (who possess it) are left with just that- common sense. Those who do not possess it, won't get it! Some will never see enough. They are the loudest mouths. In the end, that's all they have are loud mouths and useless wind coming from them. (Of course, I think everyone knows about whom I am writing. They jump from one issue to another, never being satisfied, and are willing to even use outright lies to prevent anyone else from hearing. They give themselves away.)

Concerning the relationship of "Disclosure" as being used here and credibility involving cataclysms, let's look at a recent example of a man not involved with Majestic, and who has been telling everyone the truth about his scientific observations of coming problems...
"Dr. Jim Hansen"

Heard of him? If not, google his name with the words "NASA", "Scientist", and "gagged." The picture will come clear, quickly.

First, I am under orders to provide the information, as I know it. Second, I was a member of Majestic, I won't lie about it! Third, information reaching the public (as Dr. Hansen knows as well), is information reaching the public.

As for my personal credibility, I have just received, within the past 48 hours notification of the title to which I have been named, by a fairly large international biomedical "concern": "Vice President of Research and Development". Yes, "something" will be provided to the public on that, but under conditions and in the time I set, as there exists biomedical ethics in the issue, and as many of the names involved won't want to be prodded on by the low brows who regularly make total jackasses of themselves by attacking me without evidence. They don't associate with such people, period. If they (the rabid naysayers) don't like it, tuff! I don't work for them.

As my credentials {and there will be something on that coming as well, soon} have been verified by the Board of Directors of this "concern", that's all I really need! I'm good with it, as they say. The rest, after the fact of being attacked by these nutballs, could really be categorized as an extension of benevolence. Most would tell them to take a flying "%^$#@" in a rolling doughnut...but I am a nice guy at heart, plus I am doing a certain amount so that "common sense" (in those who have it) will kick in. I am going to do my job, by telling the truth, then get on with my life, which is looking better by the day.

~ Dr. Dan Burisch

Posted: Sun Apr 23, 2006 7:34 pm  

For those new, I know exactly what it sounds like, but it is at the center of a great problem being worked by many people the public will never know about. The issue relates to something called the DCTP, or the "Doctrine of the Convergent Timeline Paradox." In other words, it's a paradox situation within which we reside, the more the tinkering with future-past occurs, the greater the number of "overlays" into our reality which then exist in our apparent "linear timeline."

That's exactly the reaction I expect from people, "Huh? That sounds like a movie!" know what? Maybe that's best...and their ignorance is bliss?..."

Dan Burisch, Mon Apr 24, 2006 2:29 am  

PageMarker posted
"...have never heard a plausible explanation as to what is the "Doctrine" of 'Convergent Timeline Paradox' or why that idea should be accepted as anything more than a 'theory.'"


Dr. Dan Burisch

Posted: Sun Apr 23, 2006 10:05 pm

InfoWars, you are 100% correct...I cannot argue you on the points you have made. Being a simple human being, I am grouchy right now...grouchy given the responsibility placed with me, handed to me, dumped in my *&$%&^# lap by cowards!

They know I will carry out my mission, as I have sworn, and Marcia her own, and sit back with their *&^&%$# plausible $%#^%&*^ deniability! I also know that I cannot make a decision for everyone, but absolutely must make the right decision (or God help my soul too) with this information.

An audio tape will be made of the proceedings tonight. All major meetings are that way. We will hold that procedure even though a non-member will be present. There are no guarantees that any of it will be released, but the public has the right to know it will exist and will be in my care.

In this corner, hailing from Almighty God, we have...
The public's absolute right to know. (...but the possibility of the information itself precipitating harm to some.)
And in this corner, coming directly to us from a technology which should have never been used, giving us data we should never

The low probability of occurrence.
I need an aspirin.

Dr. Dan Burisch

Posted: Tue Apr 25, 2006 6:28 pm

Rand_B wrote: Dr. Burisch wrote: "...

"...Here's the truth of the debrief as I knew and know it.

When the debrief was originally offered to me, it wasn't offered as a set of orders by Majestic...not one bit. Marcia proffered the debrief to me as a way of getting my history in my words, given my health conditions. One of the health conditions I have is somewhat a timeb/mb...the one in my heart. She knows this, and the offer was made as a consequence. Soon thereafter, discussions occurred to make the debrief public. I had no argument with that...and thought it a good idea. The first half (young years) was done at Alan's/Sandy's residence, in their garage-turned-studio. The second half occurred at another location, with Ron Garner (and many others) present. During the efforts (the timeframe) where Mr. Garner was present, the orders of October 12, 2005 arrived. Right now we have quite a bit on tape...I would estimate way over 50 hours. Does this (way over) 50 hours contain the entirety of my experience with Majestic? No. Does it contain, science included, sufficient material to provide a first DVD to the public, concerning my experiences? Absolutely, way more than enough!

The issue of minimums, under which I am being pressed by the former-Maji, is another matter. They and Marcia have held discussions as to what amount of material needs to be presented by the timeclock at Eagles. (I am not at liberty to discuss what the word "needs" means in this context.)

So, the truth rests somewhere between your number 1 and number 2.

Truth be told...should others have not pressed for this to become public, and with me originally acquiescing, the original tack to make it public would have never occurred. Should the Maji have not ordered it, last October 12, given its contents, I would not be arranging for any public appearances, anywhere, but would only be concerned that the DVD's reach the public.

(As an addendum for some out there, but certainly not all, as a consequence of certain letters I have received: People should understand that it goes both ways: some scream and yell and say treat us as adults, then act as children, vilifying the person (the messenger) who brings to them the adult account, and during a time when they need to hear many accounts. If they wish to be treated as adults, then act as adults...otherwise I have a long history of dealing with small children and I will accord them the same. We are already taking their behaviors into account as we arrange for public appearances: they will receive as they give, and we will orient our efforts to minimize their contact with me. It's just the way it is, as it is not just the echelon you makes a decision with whom they associate, I have a choice with whom I do, as well.) Will I be willing to sit down for more, more than what is already on tape, plus the taping we are arranging involving Don and Bill, and certain interviews? I am not sure. I have the responsibility to make this public...true enough...but it certainly won't be (God willing) the rest of my life that I am doing it. Truth be told I DON'T LIKE TALKING ABOUT THE J-ROD...NOT ONE BIT. I am doing what I should, however, even though it is not what I like.

Dr. Dan Burisch

Posted: Tue Apr 25, 2006 6:32 pm

JAnunknown wrote: Hoi all,

I did see the Hamilton face before you did. (I think and I know). Right after Bill showed the whole picture my first reaction was. WHOW there is also something I“ve seen before. Yes the Hamilton face. And I was very impressed by the squares. In nature that is the most unnatural thing there is (apart from the S-cube)
LOL. This face must be the next Lukilu (?).

You did? JAn, you I take on face questions to be asked. I will speak with Marcia right now about this!
(From now on scream it out when ya see something! )


As Marcia and I, save another prove an earlier find, are the original public finders of record for this "form", we have the discretion what to apply to it in the way of names. As Janunknown is known to us as being as honest as the day is long, and as we come from different languages...making some things more difficult...he has been named, in truth and honesty, as a concurrent co-finder of the form, also applying the name of the great people of the Netherlands to it. I am listed with a "USA", Marcia with a "USA/CANADA" and JAn with a "NETHERLANDS." We have decided to keep the name "Hamilton's Face" for the record, as a nickname to be used...but now the 3 names are present on the find. Congratulations to the great people of the USA, CANADA, and the NETHERLANDS for this find!

Also visit

Dr. Dan Burisch

Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2006 12:01 am


The Eagles Disobey Team is privileged to announce that Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, graduate and past faculty member of Harvard University, past faculty member of Tufts University, author of such books as... Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola -- Nature, Accident or Intentional? DNA: Pirates of the Sacerd Spiral Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse (coauthored with Dr. Joseph S. Puleo) and his newest upcoming book: Walk on Water, due May, 2006
...has honored the Eagles Disobey Team with a review of the first edition of "Emanation of the Solfeggio."

This review will be available to the public at within minutes to an hour (or so) of this public posting.

We are humbled by the kind and penetrating words of Dr. Horowitz and genuinely look forward to continuing scholarly conversation with this leading scientist and visionary.

Respectfully submitted,
Dr. Danny B Catselas Burisch and Marcia McDowell, M.A.



"Dr. Leonard Horowitz,...has reviewed the Emanation of the Solfeggio research paper.

We are so honored that Dr. Horowitz has given his encouragement and positive comments to us regarding our work on the Solfeggio frequencies.

Dr. Horowitz wrote:

"Your research is precisely what I was hoping someone with your resources and talents would do with "The Perfect Circle of Sound." It is nice to know that at least three of us realize we stand on the threshold of being, owning, and manifesting our dreams. With this knowledge and hydrosonics, our world is transforming." and, "Keep up the great work!"

~ Dr. Dan Burisch

Posted: Sun Apr 30, 2006 7:20 pm

subject: NEW FORUM

(PART 2 OF 2)
"...Also, in that communication, as my team's leader, she provided for me to continue answering the public's questions, by setting up a question-answer response forum at As my word is good...and I said I would remain in the public to answer questions...until this course is complete...Marcia will remove questions from here or elsewhere (whereever she finds them) and place them there, at the Eagles Form, where I will provide my answers. I hereby give my full permission for any such properly quoted attributed answers to be copied/pasted whereever!

During conversations last night, Don and Marcia agreed they would continue the conversation about my public presentation of answers, after a few days. (Whatever is fine by me as long as my answers to questions provided, reach the public, and are not censored or otherwise coaxed from public view!)

I am still in hopes of getting some of my team to come out in the open, once an open place is provided for them.

I also look forward to doing a subsequent DVD, answering to community forum questions, with Don and possibly Bill Hamilton being the "inquistors"!..."


Keep coming with questions (unless they otherwise decided that they can now only be aired in PM) send them directly to ...and she will post all legitimate ones...for my Eagles. Nothing stops, nothing slows...the train is leaving the station. ...AND THE BEAT GOES ON!

Dr. Dan Burisch

  Posted: Mon May 01, 2006, 2:17 am

...I just got off the phone with Marcia as she was wondering who this was as she didn't add the account. She had just added one for Deborah, after speaking with her at the Mirage...and here you are! Marcia sends her best to you, sir!
...and now that Deborah has "viewed" this site, she just called me as well to pass along her best wishes.
I have landed, tempest-tossed, upon this shore, after Marcia exerted M/R ref some comments on a public forum.


I made a public declaration that as this proceeds I would answer some of the public's questions. Once the M/R was exerted, I then had to do "something."
D/M/R Dan




  Posted: Mon May 01, 2006 5:49 pm

Hello everybody,

Well, here is what I have learned about the forum status. After I fell asleep last night, the administrative code was changed by someone above me, allowing for this forum to accept public members.

I will stand by that, and allow the public membership. However, please be advised that I am suggesting to Dan that he only respond to direct questions that may be put to him, from members of the public, and NOT get involved in discussions or casual chatting. This forum was never intended to detract from Don and Starry's forum (, where all the real discussions and chatting should be taking place.
(Note: the chat Modus Operandi had later changed)

This was originally established as a place Dan could read and respond to questions and where our teams could talk freely without being censured or told to take it elsewhere. That's how I am going to try to maintain this board.

Also, with respect to questions: If rude, antagonistic or inflammatory questions or comments get posted, I will not hesitate to delete them and the questioner's account right along with them.

{Note: This is a "controversial post", IMO}


Posted: Tue May 02, 2006 8:35 pm

 Post subject: Good Questions

Dagwood wrote: I am curious, is the former Maji with us or against us?

Dondep wrote: It depends on what you mean by 'with us' or 'against us'. By 'with us', if you mean they are in the same boat, yes. They won't be allowed to escape. By 'against us', if you mean keeping us in the dark, then they want only a certain spectrum of light, and that filtered, to come through.

Dagwood wrote: If they're with us: Why would they censor the Dr.?

Dondep wrote: I don't think 'censure' is the right word anymore. Dan was actually 'ordered' to 'disclose'. What he will be 'disclosing' however is what's important. An incredible amount of energy, time and money has been involved in making sure that the information he will be 'disclosing' is of a certain nature.

Dagwood wrote: Why would they want to create a seperation or 'stir the pot'? What could they possably have to gain?

Dondep wrote: They want to seperate the carefully-prepared data from being sullied by any alternative explanation. John also - being so insulated from the real world himself he doesn't like to get his hands dirty in the physical sense - wants to ensure that Dan isn't rubbing shoulders with the likes of any who could possibly distract from his mission. Good fathers try to do that, but once again it's a clumsy attempt to 'protect' Dan from being unduly associated with 'undesirable elements'.

The 'gain' is that Dan can issue orders to his team without being fettered by the constraints we imposed here to assure we're all 'no better nor worse' than Dan is approaching the time to 'go public' with his minimums by the summer solstice, he needs a public platform from whence to commence. In simple terms, he needs a venue under his control, or at least under the control of Poppa.

Long-time readers have seen this happen before; Dan enjoys speaking to the public, does so, Dad gets nervous or upset and pulls him back, then arranges for a place he's in control of, then shuts it down, Dan finds a way to talk to the public anyway, then the cycle repeats again. That's why there have been so many forums where Dan has come and gone from.

Dagwood wrote: If they're against us: Isn't Burisch one of they're people?

Dondep wrote: Of course; he's the 'point person' for Disclosure. Hence the super-sensitivity. It's no bad reflection of Dan, just the people who have controlled his movement since he entered Majestic in 1986. A lot has been invested in him, much is expected of him by not only the Maji but others from different groups, including extraterrestrial ones.

Dagwood wrote: Why should we trust any of this? Could this in fact, be an effort do disinform us?

Dondep wrote: Now you're talking. Carefully sift through everything and don't 'jump to conclusions'. An analogy: remember Homer Simpson (for those who like the adult cartoon series) when the Simpson family were guests on a flying saucer? It was a take-off on an Outer Limits episode...A dusty book was found which read (and I'm paraphrasing somewhat) "How to Prepare Humanity".....but when the dust was wiped clear, it continued "For Cooking". (Again, a bad paraphrasing....maybe someone can recollect the exact wording.) It doesn't mean we are being 'disinformed', just that we are being carefully 'informed' with only certain information.

Dagwood wrote: Bottom line, niether of the two possable answers to this question can HELP the cause at hand. So 'why' is J1 involved?

Dondep wrote: My comments above explain why J1 (John, the 'Dadmiral') is not only involved but manipulating the situation from his vantage point high in Manhattan and DC.

Dagwood wrote: He's handed Burisch his orders, Dan is following them well, in my mind.

Dondep wrote: Dan will carry out his orders from wherever. In fact, look to those orders to be hauled out by others - not Dan necessarily - and used to justify many machinations; not that they need to be made in order to carry them out, just that they are a convenient excuse when necessary.

"...May 02, 2006 8:52 pm  

Dagwood wrote:: Hey Don, So is what you are basically saying that the meeting we had with Dan was more on a low level "how do you do" and the higher ups did not know of it keeping them out of the loop and this concerned them? Or, are you saying that this situation predated our arrival and was used as a catalyst to an already developing situation?
If I am way off on that I am sorry...

Dondep wrote:Arizona, the meeting was indeed more of a "how do you do" since neither of you had ever met Dan and he didn't even know who you were. Others in the black-ops community however DID know of who you were, as by appearing as regular posters on Burisch-related forums you were probably 'looked into'.

In fact, even though most people might simply take in stride casual comments we all make, others will take them out of context, amplify and concretize them to set up straw men that can then be knocked down. As unknown entities, it could be justified ordering the surveillance of our time together here, since there is not only the possibility but the probability that there are indeed dark forces 'out there' that wish Dan harm. They 'couldn't take the chance'.

Keep in mind too that Tex's understanding and awareness of how the 'indy forums' have been controlled and manipulated by the black-ops community is also potentially explosive......Starry had sent Dan information about the 'conspiracy of conspiracy forums', connections between GLP and other spin-offs, some months ago.....he indicated that he was going to pass it along to his security people and within two days a mountain of related information that had been posted at EgoCentral was suddenly removed. Even Dan agreed that the timing was suspicious.

They like "woo-woos" mindlessly musing and woo-wooing, where they can keep tabs on them in venues/forums they have 'control' of and can discombobulate them at will with little effort when the occasion calls for it


  Posted: Wed May 03, 2006 6:15 am    
Post subject: URGENT MESSAGE

To All:

Dan will continue to post here (, and answer questions concerning his years with Majestic, because he has said that he will - and Dan does not go back on his word. However, Dan will answer NO questions concerning either Don or Starryeyes.

There will be no further postings made to Don and Starry's forum ( as one attempted to incite a rekindling of anger under a flag of truce.

This letter, I just posted at Don and Starry's forum is reproduced here for review.
The DVD of Dan's history and the AUTHENTIC message, will be released to the world wide public, exactly as promised. We are on schedule.

This release of information has started right here, right now, with this forum (


Below is the letter for your review:
Dan has just informed me that a few moments ago, after Starry posted a letter he shared with DonDep in confidence, that he has made the decision to sever relations with both DonDep and Starryeyes.

This breach of trust in the face of our attempts to honor Don's personal request that Dan and his team try to allow the stress levels to subside, is nothing short of a deliberate intent to incite increased tension and spread anger throughout the forum.

Anyone who behaves in that manner, will not remain in association with either Dan or myself.

I am especially saddened at this situation, since the Watcher in the Woods postings, which were encouraged by both Don and Starryeyes while they were residing in my household until they could find jobs in the community, were something that all of us, especially Dan enjoyed creating. Don, encouraged by the sense of fun and creativity joined in with his Catcher in the Wry postings, almost one for one. But that era of fun and spirited hyjinks has come to an end with Starry's hipocracy - her stating that she is abashed for allowing a double standard, all the while encouraging both Don and Dan to post cartoons while they were here.

Perhaps what has really incited this attack is the fact that Don (although he has tried very hard to change Dan's mind) was never able to convince Dan to adopt an gloom-and-doom presentation.

We talk freely in letters which are intended to remain private. Apparently, Dan's mistake was in trusting DonDep to keep that letter in confidence.

J-1, thank you for watching our backs. You know your stuff.
No-one from Majestic has bothered Starry's computer.
No-one from Majestic has bothered their phone.
No-one from Majestic has bothered surveilling much as they obviously want the attention.

The only surveillance that took place was when Dan was present with three new people- one of whom (the main reason for the surveillance) brags about how she flies from planet to planet handing down laws. We cannot be associated with kooks.

While Dan has apologized to DonDep and Starryeyes, should they have ever been inconvenienced by any member of Majestic, he has also informed them that if they ever were under surveillance, they had come to the attention of at least two law enforcement agencies, due to a combination of Don's previous background and a person with whom Don was maintaining contact via internet. Yet...... they continue to want to garner attention for themselves, as if they were important enough to receive it from Majestic. This simply was not the case. Whether they want to believe it, or not.

No one from Majestic will involve themselves with DonDep or Starryeyes in any way, including surveillance.

I sincerely hope that they find some measure of peace and happiness in their lives, but they won't find it while looking for darkness everywhere.

Dan tried, on several occasions, to pass this positive message along to them, but to not avail. When you look for darkness, when you jump to every negative conclusion you can find, that is all you ever find.


We realize that this mission we are undertaking is bigger than DonDep, bigger than Toni, and bigger than ourselves.

Don and Starry are not the modern equivalent of the martyrs that they pretend to be. While they present sadism coming their way in the form of surveillance and harassment, the vast majority has been masochism by way of their constant search for doom.

In my humble opinion, Don seems actually sad that Planet-X as forecast by Nancy L. didn't clobber us. He's been looking for a replacement catastrophe he can point to, and be right about, to vindicate himself from being wrong about Planet-X. The search for a catastrophe, is EXACTLY what we are fighting so hard against. That's why I said in my letter that" When you look for darkness, when you jump to every negative conclusion you can find, that is all you ever find.

Blessing to everybody reading here, and I hope you continue to look for the light of love. Dan will probably not be answering questions until later tomorrow, as his tasks are very heavy right now - but he WILL answer your questions about his work at Majestic and S-4 as soon as he can. We wouldn't consider it unusual if the number of questions coming Dan's way subside, due to the shock of this situation. But, Dan cannot allow the authentic message to be changed by anybody, including DonDep, for whom he has had great fondness. If he does, he's be letting us all down.

Good Night, and have a Better Tomorrow.


Posted: Wed May 03, 2006 2:22 pm

I have made a few small changes in the forum organization - since Dan and I have discussed the matter, and decided to make this forum free for chatting as well as questions. The public may self-register and post to either thread.

Organizaton: To make it possible for Dan to see the questions easily
Please post all future questions for Dan into the Q & A Section ONLY. You can use the Discussion thread for regular chatting.

A word about Moderation: Although threads will not be heavily moderated, if I see the need I will simply delete any offending posts and eliminate that poster's account as necessary.





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