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Dr Dan Burisch Area 51 Microbiologist

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~ Dr. Dan Burisch

Posted: Wed Mar 15, 2006 10:01 pm

Hi. Thanks for the respect, please just call me Dan. Disclosure is a process, not an event, and a process that has been ongoing for some time.

It has been a grindingly slow release for several decades, due to social, psychological, and sociobiological axes that have been established for such a release. The public's understanding of the famous Brooking's report is only the tip of a very large iceberg. The information I am going to formally release is just another step in the process. It just so happens that I drew the short straw for such a release of information at a time where the destiny of humanity is being once again tested, by a fork in our collective road.
I suppose I should parse out two release timelines:

(1) The timeline involving my release of information, told truthfully and to the best of my ability and knowledge will begin this year, and I am hoping about mid-year...but we will see how that goes.

(2) The release of information by governmental plan, while I fit into that release system by virtue of my past work and their present standing orders for such release, is an ongoing process.

Truth be told, I have no idea what will be happening to the process after we have completed the passage through the galactic plane, now underway. The Majestic has stood adjourned. I suspect a new group, unknown to me, will be seated after our passage. As this age (this Sun) is coming to a close, so to is the old process. The orders I received on October 12, 2005, are my last. I will fulfill them, and go on with my life....

Dr. Dan Burisch

Posted: Sun Mar 19, 2006 4:04 am


A call for public and scholarly assistance has been issued at Eagles Disobey ( ). I have requested that we slightly delay (probably 2-3 weeks at most) the text writing for the Solfeggio Polyhedron, in order to request input from the scholarly and public communities regarding two sets of Hebrew Letter Sequences (HLS). These HLS were derived as a consequence of the evaluation of the relationships of the Solfeggio frequencies to one another.

We have some input from other sources, concerning the HLS, but I feel that more information is present than we are finding. For instance, if you look at the graphic presented on Eagles, you will see two sets of HLS, containg 9 sets of 3 letter sequences. The first set, containing "He Mem Mem (fnl) [alt. Hey, Mem, Mem (fnl)] may be read either "He, Mem, Mem" or "Mem, Mem, He." Both sets of sequences, in the panel, may be read either direction. In the case of the former sequence, we have found the following information:

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HEY MEM MEM(fnl): "MAKE NOISE, CONFUSE, DISCOMFORT." "DEUTERONOMY 7, Verse 23: "And YHVH your God shall…. confuse them into great confusion until they are destroyed" (literal translation). Both "confound" in Shmot 23:28 and "confusion" in 7:23 are of the root h.m.m (hey, mem, mem) meaning to "make noise, confuse or discomfort" (and is an onomatopoeic word, just like the English "hum")."


It is references such as these we are seeking. Should anyone (THAT MEANS ANYONE!) be able to provide verifiable information regarding these letter sequences, apart from the above single reference, we will give that person name credit, for their information contribution(s), in the upcoming publication.

Please provide all information contributions to The above address is my public/archive address. All Think Tank Members, reading here may either provide information to the public address or my private one, or directly inside of the Think Tank. Think Tank members will not be given special circumstance, and ALL information contributions will be given equal credit.

We have received many requests to know the exact nature of the Solfeggio Polyhedron, that is "...what polyhedron is it?" Most guesses have indicated that the likely shape is a "tetrahedron." While I will not confirm the exact polyhedron until publication on Eagles, I can affirmatively state that we are not presently working a "tetrahedron."

I can say that the orientation of the frequencies to one another in a 3D format, not only produce (numerically) copies of Solfeggio frequencies (as some type of self-generating system), but also seem to possess esoteric relationships that may be plucked from the orientation of the numbers, possibly giving this form special meaning.

We appeciate the assistance of the public in this regard, and look forward to your contributions. Should any particular contributor find a line of investigation which requires more than our anticipated delay, we will be happy to extend such delay (with public announcement) to enable completion of an important avenue of investigation.

Should a particular investigation turn up esoteric information relating to either wider patterns in the HLS, or something (anything) unusual, please make that a contribution and it will be evaluated with an open mind. (Please, only honest contributions, need apply. All rude or offensive letters will be ignored and deleted.) Happy hunting! (Dick Cheney need not apply! ) Dan


Dr. Dan Burisch

Posted: Sun Mar 19, 2006 7:03 am 

   Post subject: Well, that was quick!

Of the several emails already received, I have had a number of people asking whether the "Solfeggio Polyhedron" is a 3D Tree of Life? Others have asked about the colors of the letters, and if they are important?

No, the Solfeggio Polyhedron is NOT another version of the 3D Tree of Life, as one would compose a "dodecahedron-hexahedron-tetrahedron" composite. That version of the 3D Tree of Life, and at least one or two more has been known for a very long time.

To my knowledge, no other person has published this particular find.
We will be using Tree of Life schema, such as two or more versions of the Divine Sephira, as a consequence of the Polyhedron. Should I find out that anyone else has previously presented this, I will be happy to move in a different direction, not that I will be strictly working this for very long. This publication was not anticipated, and has made my already overflowing plate much worse. It has done the same for Marcia.

Yes, the colors matter, but no, they do not matter for the purposes of the call for public and scholarly assistance.


"And so he drove the man out and posted at the east of the garden of Eden the cherubs and the flaming blade of a sword that was turning itself continually to guard the way to the tree of life." Gen 3:24 (NWT)

Dr. Dan Burisch

Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2006 11:33 pm

Greetings, everyone!

"... the Solfeggio Polyhedron's publication is complete.

The title of the publication, save any last minute changes by Marcia (who is presently in my office, and me in hers, some 100m apart) is "EMANATION OF THE SOLFEGGIO". The publication has been broken into 5 sections.

If our calculations are correct, the paper will come it at 68 pages, including 103 images. Our estimate of electronic size is approximately 500Mb, including the imbedded imagery. In addition to that size, and as some very minor quality is lost with imbedded imagery, all images (in their hi-res format) will be accompanying each another considerable amount of size will be added to the package due to the 103 images being individually included.

It was for that reason (appropriately anticipated size) that addresses were requested at Eagles Disobey. Marcia will be speaking with the Think Tank tonight, as well. I believe she has opted to "mail" a disk to each recipient.

We began this process on January 22, 2006, with the recognition of the existence of the tonal relationships creating a polyhedron (of sorts), and here we are, barely 2 months later, with a completed work.

I feel it necessary to make this mention: For those who have issued threats against us, and others who have made claims of discovery and yet have showed NOTHING for it- let this be a lesson to you! When we say we are going to complete something, we do! As a favorite detractor (very) commonly says: there's a difference between talking the talk and walking the walk! The completion of this publication, as a piece of side work (in a like manner as a waitress fills salt-shakers, and in this case not even the majority of tasks we complete...) should serve as a notice that there is a stark difference between preaching about walking the walk and actually doing it! To those individuals (and ONLY them): SHAME ON YOU!

(As a side note, I have even received threatening telephone calls...not the imagined ones of some of our detractors...but real ones! One to which I am referring praises Hitler and talks about killing people. The difference between such claims from the internet hoaxers and what we are saying: we have some of them on tape and will turn a tape over to Don Deppeller.)

Now, enough about the hoaxers and their "talk"...
This publication brings into focus a line of thought that has extended from the time of Akhenaton (various spellings accepted)...and possibly even present...and for the astute reader and observer, "speaks to" the Blue Apples. But, even more importantly, it speaks to the unity of the human species during a time when world-wide peace is threatened due to self-serving divisions of some in government and the bent ideologies of the fanatical. It is not a read for the faint (or feint) of the recipients will learn.

For me, I am now beginning the creation of an image, which will be posted on Eagles Disobey, containing the basic, salient, information about the to the public.

I have ANOTHER possible "discovery" of my own (waiting in the wings as well)...but will pace myself for that to be produced. We have MANY competing tasks...some of which will come first.

Of those things anticipated to come first: the distribution of the first debriefing promised. Once the image, for Eagles, is completed, I will need to take a day or so off, to rest. Marcia will do the same...we need to take a breather for that day or two.

I will be returning, daily, to the Think Tank as of the first of the Solfeggio Polyhedron's packages will be on the way to their recipients.

Being I am returning full time to the Think Tank, I will not be available here for a little bit, but will keep the public informed as to the progress on the various projects, as necessary.

God Bless,

Dr. Dan Burisch

Posted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 8:12 pm

Hello, everyone!

The image of the Solfeggio Polyhedron (OF SORTS in this dimension...hint, hint...) will soon be up at Eagles Disobey. When we use mirrors (...hint, hint...), it is to observe something of importance, not just our own there are much more important things in this Universe, than the simple measure of man. Thank you all for the congrats...we submit this work to the good people...those honestly looking for the an act of love.

There will always be people wishing to interject their own foolishness, or acting as apologists for the foolishness of others - my suggestion - give them what they deserve - ignore them.

On this day, 20 years ago, and on a sleepy Sunday afternoon in 1986 at 16:00 (local time), I was approached by the representatives of the Committee of the Majority and the Majestic 12, in the UNLV laboratory of Dr. Bert Bell Babero, while I was engaging in the microtomy of nematodes for one of his upcoming publications.

I said, "Yes." My life has never quite been the same...

Tonight, I will attend my last formal cocktail party, this time in my honor, with them.
I hope the hors'deurves are yummy!
Talk with everyone, soon!
God Bless, everyone!


Posted: Thu Mar 30, 2006 11:09 pm


Dr. Dan Burisch

Posted: Sat Apr 01, 2006 12:48 am    

Success! ...and just in predicted time! After some adjustments and compression (and thank you InfoWars for your kind offer! ), the "Emanation of the Solfeggio" publication has been zipped into 6 files of about 90Mb total. The 6 files, currently resident in a secure section of Eagles Disobey (.net), contain the entire text with imbedded images, plus all of the hi-res images as well. Tonight, members of the Think Tank (ONLY) will be given the pass-codes for entry to download the publication. Think Tank members stand-by as Marcia will be posting the pass codes inside of the TT, shortly.

On Monday, April 03, those from the public who have requested the publication will be given a special pass-code to retrieve the publication from another secure section of Eagles Disobey. Those members of the public requesting the publication, will be privately emailed the pass-codes for retrieval. Should the download hit a big snag, we would then look at ground mail to the get pub to you.

A certain number of copies of the "Emanation of the Solfeggio" will have to be ground shipped to a few researchers who have requested that kind of delivery.

For the time being, I will be available to debate the contents of the "Emanation of the Solfeggio" with Think Tank members only. The reason for this decision is that I only (right now) have barely enough time to engage scholarly debate. Given the nature of the publication, which spans thought from ancient Egypt to Judaism, Islam, and Christianity...passions may flare and such would require an excess amount of time which I do not have, given other commitments.

I will keep the email site open, should anyone need to vent... I hope everyone enjoys the publication and it furthers the cause for philosophical and scientific debate.
God Bless,



Dr. Dan Burisch

Posted: Sun Apr 02, 2006 7:41 pm


On this date, April 02, 2006, given the number of inquiries, it has become necessary for us to make a public statement, concerning the interview conducted by George Knapp of KLAS TV8 (Las Vegas), on the "Coast to Coast AM" radio show, aired the night of April 01, 2006. During that broadcast, one Robert S. Lazar, former Groom and Papoose Lake (NTS) Physicist, attached to an Engineering/Propulsion Section of Majestic's Project Galileo; and others, made statements concerning their present criminal/legal/Department of Homeland Security status.

Dr. Danny B Catselas Burisch, former Groom and Papoose Lake (NTS) Biologist (Microbiologist V, Working Group Leader), attached to the Biomedical Section of Majestic's Project Aquarius (Team 2, AQ-JRod), is in no way presently associated with the above named, Robert S. Lazar, aside from sharing a happenstance former workplace environment, Papoose Lake (NTS). Dr. Danny B Catselas Burisch has NEVER worked directly with Robert S. Lazar, and has had no past relationship with him. Due to what appears reckless and possibly dangerous behavior which could (conceivably) impact the security of the United States of Amercia and the safety of her people, Dr. Danny B Catselas Burisch formally declares he has no present, and has ruled out ANY AND ALL future relationships with this individual, named Robert S. Lazar.

During said radio broadcast, information was evolved that Mr. Lazar is presently suffering criminal/legal difficulties and investigation by Federal Agents of the Government of the United States of America, surrounding the focal points of (a) Molecular Hydrogen Gas, (b) Atomic Uranium, and (c) an alleged collision mechanism which may be used to measure energy output from testing of properties of the first two items, ("a" and "b"), inclusive.

Dr. Danny B Catselas Burisch, presently a named Laboratory Director of an International Biomedical Concern (fully legal, licensed and certified to conduct the activites they do), wishes to express to the Federal Agents of the United States Government, that during this time of war, he would be happy to host them and assist them with whatever concerns they may have, in any regard. The security of the United States of America and her people is of the utmost concern to Dr. Danny B Catselas Burisch and he will act lawfully, in that regard, to protect both.

Please direct any email inquiries or request to Marcia A. McDowell, M.A. at, or call Dr. Burisch directly at the numbers which are currently on file with The United States Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Sincerely, Danny B Catselas Burisch 1-H-6196-E-Maj ret.
by, Marcia A. McDowell, M.A. (for Dr. Burisch) (Representative)

Dr. Dan Burisch

Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2006 8:02 pm


Appearing soon on Eagles Disobey(.net) will be excerpts from a first review of the "Emanation of the Solfeggio", submitted by Mr. Robert Deane, of Canada!

Also, we expect a full review will soon be published on Eagles Disobey, on the same paper, by a 33 year senior esotericist and musicologist.

We thank everyone for their positive, critical, and constructive comments. The detail in the evaluations we are receiving speaks positively to our decided method of disbursement of this publication to those honestly looking to learn and evaluate.

We are learning from the comments, are analyzing areas where some have pointed to possible errors in interpretation and places where more information could have been included.

This is how real science used to be done! It is how we will continue to offer our work, from Eagles Disobey, to the public - honestly - allowing others to make up their own minds and not pitching an agenda, as many are now- on weak and shifting sands.

Marcia McDowell, M.A.

Posted: Wed Apr 12, 2006 4:17 pm

Hi everybody.

I want to take this opportunity to try to interject something positive. Dan and I are very honored to be in communication with some of the wonderful people of the Tribal Nations of America and First Nations of Canada. My spirit is always lifted by these great people, and I would invite people to visit one of their websites:
These people have been kind enough to place some of Dan's words (echoed below) on their site, along with this photograph which should cause us all to remember what should never be allowed to happen again.

"In each case, where I was asked to do a duty, for the Government of the United States of America, I did so to the best of my ability, but always held the safety of humankind as supreme over all - for the Great Spirit lives in us all. In those cases where my duties were mixed with instructions where the supreme safety of humanity was placed in question, I acted in a manner which would place limits on those "products" which caused them, ultimately, to fail.

The Majestic, a group with which I had been associated for 20 years is aware of this, yet I have solidly refused to provide information to anyone which would enable the immoral and unethical "products" to function properly. To date, their better minds have been unable to decode the subtle "clockwork" mechanisms altered by me, while in their sphere of operations. The replacement coding, for the "clockwork" changes, has been long since forgotten by me, thus enabling me to not be able to provide them with the solution, no matter what they may ever decide to do to me. My simple hands have been graced with more than one such matter, and such work are in "products" of which they remain unaware- they destined to failure too, should the madness of certain humans ever decide to use them. I have always remembered that my hands are your hands, my heart your heart, my life, your life. We are one people!

When I hear that such genocide could be attempted, and knowing that we indeed have the ability to do so, it reminds me of my ethnic heritage- the Macedonian Jewish people who were targeted by Hitler, because of what they were. I am them, so I am you.

I do ask for prayers from your people, prayers for the sum of humanity as we enter a time of change, prayers for UNITY, before the Great Spirit!

Please know that I am your servant, a servant to your great peoples, and will be there for you at your calling.

Until God deigns that we may meet in person, and in the presence of the Eagle and in the heart of the earth, I humbly say to you:
Walking in Love,


Dr. Dan Burisch

Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 1:32 am

PageMarker wrote:

"Disclosure for the purposes of fulfilling the Tau IX and 'coming clean' need not be mutually exclusive, but the 'beanbox' approach the Maji has employed over the years has the unfortunate consequences of selective release and disinformation which has already manipulated us against any semblance of consensus."

Dan B.-> I think people should take responsibility for themselves. Real information in the adult world, does not often arrive with labels, as would a child's toy.

PageM.-> "What are the ramifications of Treaty non-compliance should Dan's efforts fall short of another's expectations?"

Dan B.-> It will. There is a bevy of that kind of person nearby at a .org. The disclosure effort is for another reason, a more complicated one, one which will stand on its own, and as certain people have just found out...without their permission. I think my words were: "they're not in the discussion"? What is everyone waiting for, a stage presentation? Watch the Oscars! My job is to simply...very simply...tell the truth.

PageM.-> "I think in the overall picture, Dan needs backup support of those in the know rather than those like us who support his efforts."

Dan B.-> I have it. That backup support is underway. The results, however, may be different than some expect. If they want fast food...go to McDonalds! But, as the focus of your statement is "others", perhaps not everyone will know exactly what that support may be. You are right on!

PageM.-> "Without it, I do not realistically expect very much of anything will change, the possible catastrophe is avoided, and Dan goes on with his life as we go on with ours."

Dan B.-> What more of a change would everyone need? Maybe the idea is, and the efforts of a great many people are...just that we may go on with our lives...unperturbed by...well...many things. ??

PageM.-> "The bottom line is that we are facing the need for a paradigm shift of thought and it is the rate of transformation that becomes the over-riding concern."

Dan B.-> Interesting. Some are wondering how to effect a change in thought, yet tell me not to tell them what to think as they are afraid of misinformation, disinformation, skewed information...the baseline is "afraid." Fear gets everyone, nowhere. If it be that one wishes Utopia, then you're there! If it be that one wishes to effect a change in thought...that should happen naturally...and over time. It won't come from me. I tell NO ONE what or how to think. #1 it isn't my job...and #2 I don't care to have that role. Maybe, just maybe we AREN'T facing a need for a paradigm shift of thought...maybe that is the wrong course...the psychologically harmful one? Maybe the people who are placed before the public should do their jobs...and they should just be "heard"? My aren't the wings of butterflies beautiful, and do they not make such wonderful perturbations...

Dr. Dan Burisch

Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 2:24 am

By the way-

I should probably announce this as being a decision taken? This, of course, is up to Dondep and it is their forum... But...with their permission...I have decided to make this forum the place where I will answer the public's questions and just chat with folks, as I have time, while the public phase of my testimony/account occurs.

It is my intention to remain here, as of now, and until Marcia hears and then gives me the word that the mission has been completed.

(This will in no way influence my participation in the Think Tank...which...given it is research based...will take priority...)

So, those (few or many) wishing to speak with me, via the internet...will have to come here to do it.

...or...not. Dan

P.S. If I miss anything the pages change...remind me...things will be hitting the proverbial fan around me (like they aren't already... ) if I happen to miss something...please don't think I am avoiding simply means I missed it!

The community questions taping will occur after the first DVD hits the streets...which will be some months from thought it would be the right thing to be the "open" as the public phase begins. I expect that the public phase will formally start at about mid I just thought I would chime in.

POST P.S. This is not a request to pellet me with in a shotgun blast...but just to let everyone know that I am here and don't intend on going anywhere (so to speak) until the public phase is concluded. I would suppose that the greater number of q's will occur after the interviews...etc...begin. This also offers those listening, and getting the DVDs, to have a place to go...for honest, direct input, and questions.

Dr. Dan Burisch

Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 10:07 pm

Just to let everyone know...

I will be out of contact for the rest of the evening, unless someone calls me, as Marcia and myself will be hosting a very important guest at my office, for coffee and chat, at 20:00!

(BTW: if anyone ever wants to give me a call to either chat or scream at me , or about just anything, I am also happy to provide my telephone number via PM or email. Send me a PM and I will return the number forthwith! )

I'll be back, God willing , tomorrow!





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