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Harrdrawk (Harry Dschaak) 4/7/2004 10:49 pm EDT

Re: Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 5:) Page 40

Mystery of Dan Burisch update. 04/05/04 Las Vegas, NV

A private meeting between Life Scientist Dan Burisch, Eagles Disobey author BJ Wolf, (Marcia McDowell) and two members of the GLP Forum, was arranged by an unidentified reader/poster close to the top of the chain of command, who (with a kindly nod from me at least) has now reached "Dove" status.

Prior to this meeting, Bill Hamilton was the only known witness from the outside allowed such an audience. This [isolated case] describing unfettered outsider access to Dan caused some suspicion that maybe Bill had been recruited by the black-Ops community, but that now seems less likely. In fact, Dan Burisch, reported to Harrdrawk and WallRace that Bill has graciously supplied Dan with two very important writings relevant to the Lotus Project. He said readers could contact Bill for details, as he wouldn't have time to describe their significance in the minutes remaining of the meeting.

That was my announcement from that day, but I never made it to a computer, (sigh).

Here are some additional thoughts and observations for the record.

I was left with the impression that Maji is far from Majic, and not endowed with endless funding. Dan and Marcia both agreed that things such as wire-taps and surveilance of persons in the private sector was not within Majiīs budget. That those capabilities stem from other agencies or organizations but neither would speculate further.

We discussed the couriers like Bennie, (Birdie Raven), and others who have taken turns borrowing the ravenmaji username. They were quite impressed with the information quality that had been leaked, and complimented whoever was responsible for those leaks without naming names. They both revealed that neither has approved access to non authorized gadgetry and have no access to the thread, that the only word they get is from the thread is secondhand.

Both agreed that 61 (Brian) was very "effective" in keeping communication lines disrupted, and the GLP group at odds. They had no idea the group was still functional, and did not expect anyone to ever show up with such a detailed report of Danīs health, schedule, or so many subtle insights on their daily activity. Their mood the entire evening was energetic, complimentary. and grateful. I produced a Greeting Card from the stalwarts of the GLP, with those Avatars (and first names) and everyone's State or Country if I knew it, (33 in all), and they both were humbled guaging the size of their extended family.

Marcia told me that she was impressed that we had managed to get Eagles Disobey recovered (albeit in pieces)and recounted how she felt after seemingly having failed to make even a tiny splash for all her efforts to gain disclosure. I took a few minutes to introduce everyone not already familiar to them. They deliberated for 10 minutes on how they might somehow smuggle the card past security, and in the end decided not to take the chance. Instead, they both signed the card as follows:

5 APR 04 A.D.

"May God in His Infinite Beauty Teach, Guide, and Heal each of us, thru His Loving Kindness" ----- With Love, Dan Burisch (Signature) This world is a finer and better place because of the Love and dedication that you show -- Please keep the faith and donīt give up. Love to you all, Marci McDowell (Signature)

When I get the chance I will get this card and signatures into the Library, for you all to see. We could have probably taken photos of Dan and Marcia, but the feeling was that we would see them again soon, so we both spaced it off. I am not worried, I have been already been gifted with so much.

We learned that the CD from Stealthskater was taken to a place for scanning before being entered into any part of their system, and has yet to be returned to Danīs possession. The only card that he has received so far was the pink one from Harrdrawk which he has on his desk.

Dan confirmed the accuracy of the Controlled Remote Viewers who described his work station and the activities so described in the posts. He said he had no problem with visits from any remoteviewers. Claims that they are most helpful and always welcome and gave us an example which will take a seperate effort to convey. Deborah Burisch is presently in charge of their own RV unit. To clarify a part of Sterling's report, one of their Remote Viewers we learned about in Volume 1, (Sheala Anderson) screwed up some months ago while īviewingī Frenchmanīs. She īchallengedī the entity there, (whether with her own two eyes or remotely Dan said isnīt clear to anyone). they found her alive with blood coming from her eyes, and to this date is still being īcared for, as she trembles uncontrollably and is unable to care for herself.

Both Dan and Marcia got very quiet at this point. They urged Viewerīs to please be careful. This entity was not the Light Being referred to as Danīs Angel, but one that some witnesses described in conjuction with the Stargate. Not sure if this was the same occasion when personnel was lost (as in disappeared, as in time-travel type disappear) Neither Sterling or I felt to press for more insight on the subject, as it was becoming a mood killer. They said one of the CRVīs is called Spirit, but Iīm not sure if that was Shealaīs code name. They would like anyone who can help Sheala to please feel free try. Prayers will help if nothing else.

I have a distraction here. Need to post. More to follow,



Harrdrawk (Harry) comments about BJ Wolf PAGE 41 Vol. 5 / 6:33 PM EST 4/8/2004


Harrdrawk 4/9/2004 2:56 pm EDT

Re: Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 5:) Page 44

Hello everyone everywhere,

Rawk report here,

I am very frustrated with my computer skills, and am struggling to get the story of our meeting with Dan and Marcia out in a timely fashion. It has been 5 days already and I am still squirming to get things recorded before I forget. I never want to forget, and I want everyone to be there with Dan as much as possible.

I want to talk about everything, like the first hand experience Marcia had at Frenchmanīs when she found that even at 50 meters from the Stargate she still recieved a type of burn on her right arm and neck (the side closest to the flash). She rolled up her sleeve to show me where the skin is still recovering and I felt her hands where her fingerprints were still rough from handling the heated pieces of "bacon bits" months earlier. (Imagine walking around on this planet bearing scars from your involvement with a off-world package retrieval... Iīll bet the occasion to share that story doesnīt present itself very often... I have alot of cool stories I could tell my grandkids someday, but I canīt beat that one). I suggest the next time they go to send something to the Orionites or the Sirians, to slip a pizza in the mix.. (at least it will get there hot).

Dan tried to get my farmer brain to grasp a proven Dan Winterīs theory, but I begged off, thinking I would prep myself before our next meeting.. Like most of our conversation subjects and topics they were so ordinary I thought I would remember things, so I didnīt write them down.. I also thought we had only 55 minutes from the time we began. Trying to make the best use of those minutes, I only wanted to brief them on the leaks and status of the group and leave them to their scheduled meeting. It turned out we were welcomed. They were not used to recieving straight talk. Generally speaking, their interreaction with other humans is limited to those mostly seeking answers, not providing them. For this reason as much as any other, we were allowed ALL of their allotted time and then some, security even sent in an older fellow to check on them cause we had gone over the limit. We all spent some of those moments revelling in the experience... amazed at the reality of the illusion. It seemed like we would most certainly be allowed more such meetings, as our two worlds were colliding in a splendid fashion. The Controllers and the Gods had arranged it... the Angels and the Guards allowed it... a summit meeting.. (for once...)

I was there... I was connected... I'll be talking about it forever. For someone to suggest that a meeting with Dan and Marcia never took place or that anyone could have dreamed these things up is evidence that more than one kind of Rawk has learned how to type.

Night before last I wrote a piece and couldnīt decide what to do with it, so I just saved it. Judging by the thread and the Holiday this might be a good Easter story about Angels:

The Subject of Danīs Angel: Sterling specifically asked about Danīs Angel, but because Dan doesnīt refer to the Light Being visitor as an Angel, he answered the query with a story about the quartz crystal angel he usually wears around his neck. He compared it to the one Marcia had which was a crystal in the shape of a cross but very startling in itīs simplicity. Dan told us that he gave his crystal Angel away to a hispanic woman he found sitting alone outside the the movie theatre sobbing a couple nights previous. Dan and his wife had just finished watching the Passion of Christ there, when he saw this woman reacting to the movie and openly weeping. He took his Angel off his neck and placed it around hers then whispered something to her and slipped away. She held the angel and looked into it just long enough to not notice which way Dan had departed. He said it was a wonderful time for him to be here. To be able to be alive and give whatever he can to humanity. I have been wondering if I should repeat this story as Iīm sure Dan would not want anyone to give it a second thought... It didnīt take much to notice how natural his reaction had been, when presented with the situation.

It was easy to envision the perplexed look on the face of a woman when she realized too late that she had just been visited by an Earth Angel bearing a prismed Angel with sacred geometry written into itīs DNA. It came to her at a good time, and Iīm sure one day it will be passed along to another in exactly the same spirit of healing and Love. We never got back to the subject of the Light Being, as a brighter Light was already upon us


Harrdrawk 4/10/2004 4:25 pm EDT

Re: Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 5:) Page 49

Hello Anyone Anywhere, I am finally home from the big Nevada loop.

As for another lesson in odometry, my minivan trip odometer now reads exactly 666.6 sitting in my driveway, meaning that the car coasted about 2,666.6 miles since I left. For other cool odometry stats, the main odometer says 140700.0 and I came across a stranded motorist in the middle of the midnite Nevada desert (last night) when the trip odometer said 222.2. Donīt tell Sterling or weīll never hear the end of it(tee hee). I have some boys and a 7 year old girl that want to do something like go visit relatives!!! Wo! (Let me at read up on the thread first.)

The news about Dan's retirement was passed to me over the phone at 5:30 this morning. I have many thoughts about that development. First, it is probably for real. Dan wouldn't lie. Secondly, it seems to be for the best (his safety) The completion of the Lotus Project had him concerned... you know... what would happen etc. One of the things I asked him directly was about some leaked insight pertaining to the date of Mar 15, 2005 when the Lotus was to be handed over to the rogue J-rods in a ceremony, etc... He struggled over the idea that anyone knew about the plans, then stared at Marcia and she shook her head īnoī before asking... "Does any of that sound Hokey to you?" I said it did. He asked why, and I said that if J-rods could read peopleīs minds, they could read mine, and then they would know what was up... which suggests they could read anyone elseīs there, and would not be caught off guard. He smiled and said thatīs exactly right. He went on to encourage us to use our instincts with any leaked information, etc.. I assume that the detailed information we got about the T-9 treaty ceremony was in fact someoneīs test to see if we could keep our mouths shut. It makes me shrug to think they would give us any information that could not ultimately be looked upon as "hokey", leakable, or nullifiable. I have looked at all the transcripts leading up to the Samīs Town meeting, and I see nothing in those conversations that promises that we would not share the results of the meeting or even delay itīs release for any length of time. [Lots of suggestions to the contrary]

(To ravenmaji: Should I post those conversations yet?) Itīs your neck sticking out, not Danīs. Before I do, I would encourage you to leave some incrimminating (or other damning) evidence pointing to or naming your predecessors and potential replacements some place easy to find, should you get exposed before the lid comes all the way off this thing.. It would also go along way towards saving your own soul. We like documents, even shredded ones that have been ressurrected and scanned.(you know, for humanity...)

To Craig: [way big smile and a wink] To the mudslingers hoping to find a link between myself and Sterling before the Craig Wallace link: (tee hee)

Nice to finally know who Brain Gibson is. Imagine finding out one day your name and life has been quoted through 2 or 3 volumes of the story of all time and you never even read one post? or made one?

That's life all right.

FWIW, I thought Jodi was cuter than her sistah from a different tribe, quite a bit smaller too. For the record, I enjoyed all my minutes with Sterling in person. I even choked down some vegetarian meals his wife made. I saw him in action in a bar in Vegas being the champion we all hoped for. Whatever else heīs done prior to that day helped him to be there. The person who dissed him (A/C 5:09 signed BR)(undoubtedly from among the loftier lightworkers surprisingly still earthbound ) would have failed to get passed the Angel. Funny how that works sometimes..

I have more on the trip to share, but this post is already to the floor in length. Check back later.


Harrdrawk 4/20/2004 12:00 am EDT Page 20 Vol 6

X-Conference Report; DC Report

(Posted repeatedly to counteract spammers that are presently sabotaging the forum)

WASHINGTON, DC Sterling & Harry reporting

April 19, 2004; late PM EST.


X-Conference was absolutely stunning. Burisch mentioned by at least 6 speakers (that we listened to)
- Bill Hamilton (10 min in both of two sessions)
- Michael Salla (~5 min)
- Dr. William Birnes (5 mins)
- Bill Birnes/Phil Corso Jr. combo mentioned but didn't get to that part of Video by stargate productions
- Linda Moulton Howe (20 minutes including 15 min clip of Dan Burisch 2nd video by Ron Garner of Stargate Productions – packed audience, arguably top 3 presentation.
- Steve Bassett in several introductions and in keynote speech at banquet
- quite sure Greer mentioned him in workshop presentation

Harry & Sterling presentation at banquet, Harry mentioned "missing biologists and scientists" Gave humorous presentation, shtick had people laughing while also making statement. Had a lot of positive feedback.

Off camera, and behind the scenes there was talk about the anxiety that some of the key individuals in the field were having as a result of the Burisch "ready to talk" press release. Lengthy discussions with
- Dr. Michael Salla (getting up to speed with story and implications)
- Bill Hamilton (showed folder with documentation [just to show extent of collection] he talks by phone with Dan. Dan calls him, not the other way around. Bill said Harry and I would never have another chance to speak with Dan, but later agreed it could yet be possible)
- Dr. Birnes (interested in mentioning Burisch story in next issue of UFO Magazine)
- Three members of Press/freelance from US and UK.
- Steve Bassett
- another person who will likely prove very helpful in getting good inside information. Will likely have ability to reproduce Eagles Disobey website.
- Dr. Robert Wood (Majestic documents) is going work on proving authenticity (if so) of Bush-Burisch shredded document (rancher memo).
- Linda Howe – wanted to know why we had been chosen to go in, when Bill Hamilton had already established a solid link with Burisch. Sterling responded by saying that Bill is not disclosing much, and someone apparently wanted more to get out.

Found three people with complete copy of Eagles Disobey (one in first hour). More details on conference later – took extensive notes. Tapes available of all talks immediately. Highest recommendations are: Must-haves (3 for $20) - Steven Greer - Linda Moulton Howe - Jim Marrs

(Hamilton's second/workshop tape would be good to know what he said about Burisch) Salla received message from Burisch first day of conference via Hamilton Got a T-shirt Next conference same place, whole hotel conference facilities.



We're in D.C. (Dodge Caravan tee hee) Hiked 15 miles on foot around capital. We met with a staffer from Senator Orrin Hatch's office for quite some time, and he stepped in for a minute to shake our hands. He knew of our meeting and its content. Later brought copy of "Disclosure" book (571pp) and tape by Greer and Howe from X-Conference; and copy of signed get-well card by Dan and BJ April 5 meeting.

Hatch is chairman of Judicial Committee, which is the Committee that oversees Congressional hearings. They have thousands of subjects of topics to consider. We stressed to her how important this issue is for many people. Probably will come under "Select Committee on Security."

Met with staffer from Mike Crapo, R-ID for about 15 minutes.

Met briefly with office staff from Senators from
-Utah (Hatch & Bennett),
-ID (Crapo & Craig),
-NV (Reed).

Could not meet with Sen. Ensign from NV because that building was having an evacuation drill at the time. Also went to Congressman Cannon's office (House rep from Utah) In each place, we had the receptionist print a copy of the press release, with instructions to give it to the Senator/Congressman.

We had no idea how large the Capital grounds are, thought maybe 1 mile from Arlington to Senate building. Actual mileage one way: ~5.5 miles. Jogged back to car to get back to Hatch's office before it closed to give book and tapes and card copy. After drop at Hatch's office, drove one block to Cannon building where Harry then noticed the trip odometer was reading 444.1 Saw many large churches 16th street. Took some photos. Avail. on request. Will post more later.

Will check offlines before leave town tomorrow. We've done enough damage for three days. If anyone has anything else they would like us to do before we leave please let us know. Need to get home, but may squeeze something else in before we leave. Contact any hour. Will leave Harry's cell phone on. Have to jump hoops to get on Internet, so need phone call to inform of important mission before we check messages in morning. Feel free to cut and paste multiple times on forum to counter spammer.


Harrdrawk 4/25/2004 10:42 am EDT

Re: Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 6:) Page 26

Hello Sunday Morning in Idaho, I will try to get some things out of my head (and notes) and onto the pages here.

One of the first things I would like to comment on about the X-Conference was my impression of Bill Hamilton in real life. I had occassion to chat with him twice off camera, and attended all his presentations, which were very worthwhile. It has been obvious to me for these past months that we disagree on how to go about effectuating public disclosure, but I never understood the difference. I assumed that Billīs reluctance to share or publish every detail on Dan Burisch was because he was loooking to write a book, (which he probably could and should), or make a movie, (ditto), or wanted credit or the spotlight or attention or praise or worse... At times I just could not get my head around his actions or motives, and his announcement of retirement was just too confusing. I have not been able to trust Bill and refused to give him the benefit of the doubt, mainly because I want straight answers, and donīt want to have to pry information out of those who have it. So hereīs what I found.

Bill has a lot of respect from those at the X-Conference, because of his genuine desire to know the truth. He has sacrificed as much of his private life as anyone to gain insight, an he has shared as much as he felt he could, as soon as he could, based on his own understandings. He has been careful not to provide disinformation, which I myself as well (as Dan himself) have a greater potential of doing, because of my/our desire to get the story out, and let the world haggle over the details. Bill admitted that he is worried about altering a certain timeline. I donīt happen to agree with him, but at least now his behavior and his presentation of the facts makes more sense. Someone(s) on the inside has/have provided Bill with compelling insight that helped Bill to draw his conclusions, and it helps to understand that. Where he is a long time researcher in the field, I canīt judge him for taking any position he feels adamant about. Iīm sure that Dan and Marcia have had a hand in forming his opinions of what future is best for mankind. I immediately forgave Bill for not sharing some of his past and recent insights with us, but informed him I was coming from a different angle. To me, there is no timeline to alter. I am in the one Iīm in, and itīs the only one I care about. I have arrived at this time and place right on time, and everything I expose of discover is fair game to chew on and share with whomever, whenever. I am a champion for insight and awareness, and I donīt trust myself to be able to discern or understand new information. I want to include the entire human race in my journey, not just a few philosophers, scientists, or theorists. We agreed to disagree on the theory that a certain thing has to happen.

My notes of his presentations shows he has had conversations with Danīs parents, and that his life story is basically reconstructed to fill in all the gaps. I would like to read what he has put together, and have it saved and posted. A turning point in Danīs life was when he was approached by a professor at UNLV to sign his name to a paper that had fraudulent results in order to get funding, but Dan refused. Shortly after that Dan was approached by three men in suits offering him unlimited resources to work on what turned out to be the black Ops projects he now canīt get away from. I asked Bill for copies of the Documents he has showing Dan graduated from UNLV as well as the Oath he signed upon accepting the microbiologist position he has (or had). Other materials everyone should see include the maps and diagrams of S4, the Zeta reticuli star systems diagrams, any relelvant recorded conversations not yet shared dealing with the science. Bill said all his conversations with Dan have been recorded) I would also like to request a copy or link to the photo Billīs people took of Dan and his wife Deborah (with the hot pink shoulder bag) at the UNLV campus that day when the photo girls were taking long shots. It is excellent.

I asked Bill if he knew who was to recieve the finished Lotus protocol and he sort of stared at me and nodded but didnīt say. He confirmed that he had done some research papers for Dan recently, and had submitted those papers to Dan in March, simply because Dan had asked him to, and not because he was inducted into the Maji. I believe him. On the subject of retirement, Bill publicly reaffirmed several times that he would be sort of retired, but also īaroundī to help, which I interpreted to mean, "If anyone asks, Iīm retired after the Rachel UFO convention" , but he will doubtfully drop out of sight. The idea that Dan is now in retirement, to me, is a farse. The project is not completed, and Dan will continue to slave away in īretirementī the same as he did before he "retired" until his handlers are satisfied. Then, both Dan and his security guards will do more than just īfade awayī into a secure villa with a new cat.

The infamous government witness program will not be extended to Dan the leakmeister... Anyone believing otherwise needs to review the many microbiologist obits leading up to this day and age. The same goes for Marcia nad Clark. Humans are the only species that are friends with their prey right up until the moment they eat them.



Harrdrawk 4/25/2004 11:08 am EDT

Re: Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 6:) Page 26

Harrdrawk report:

Sterling and I met with Ron Garner, who produced the video Linda Howe shared a segment of on C2C the other night, (Stargate Productions)that Dan described to us in a chat a long time ago. As Dan predicted, the excerpts that were allowed to be viewed at the X, were chosen to provide a certain impression Linda and Bill and other X-ers decided the world was ready for.. grrrr! Ron said he came to the conference from California just to see what was going to happen. He said the interview Sterling and I had with Dan stirred up everyoneīs plans of controlled release. He said he has the original video intact, including footage of the conversations that took place immediately after the video was produced.

Itīs much more professionally done than the video we have circulating the internet, and itīs longer. We didnīt get to see too much, which I whined about in vain. It seems that someone is trying to control the process again, which will never work. For the record, Ron Garner is not a ufer, and is only just now starting to think Dan might be legit. He did not act like he had the power to release the video into the mainstream public without permission. He also has a copy of Eagles Disobey, and most of Bill Hamiltonīs early stuff for sharing. He said he would look to see what he still has.


Harrdrawk (Harry Dschaak) 5/1/2004 8:21 am EDT

Re: Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 7:) Page 3

"I am not in a great mood, but I have some long posts to make, so bear with me. I am having a harrd time with the recent developments involving Dan and disclosure... start with this:

I would like to make some observations using some material I got from links provided by Seion9 and others, as well as my own experience here. Be prepared to read several lengthy posts, as I doubt they will all fit in one slot..." Page 3


Sterling Allan's X-Conference

Press Release WASHINGTON, DC April 20, 2004

WallRace 4/20/2004 6:52 am EDT

Page 17 Vol 6

Press Release & Petition, Congressional Meeting 4/21/04



Dr Salla comments:

Bill Hamilton comments:

The View From Jim Marrs:

Richard Boylan Says: "X-Conference used as trial baloon for Cabal's Fake Disclosure/Alien Menace psy-ops"

Dr Boylan & the Dan Burisch affair, by Dr Salla

Dick Farley Comments:

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Anonymous C. 5/16/2004 3:35 am EDT

Re: Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 8:) PAGE 35

Thatīs exactly how I feel about it Ubleck. For the past several months your fine people were fed an extraordinary amount of information and the most you were able to do with it is excercise your heads, but a few did exercise their minds.

Why did Dr. Burisch ever want this strange concoction of fools, wanna bees, fantasy players to see or hear about Lotus? I asked him more than once and he said they someone in here was supposed to pass the message on to the right person for the future. He also told me that that was done some time ago, by of all people Harry Dschaak. Thatīs right, it was Harry Dschaak that talked to the right person at the right time. Funny isnīt it? A _ pig farmer talks to the right person on the Hill and the message gets passed to the future. He said that the message was meant for him to carry on. Harry did it and then predictably stepped on his _ like most of the rest of you in here.

He found out about the T9 real schedule about 10 days ago and rushed and finished the work. So he will take his smelly J-Rods, and we will take out baby cams and woddle away never to be heard from again. He would say Peace to everyone. I would say that to some and f.u. to others! Heīs not that way though. He even said that he expected to be scourged by you idiots: congratulations you won! So go ahead and erase your library and links because you are the first people to say that there is no truth to be found there. You can all go back to your fulfilling lives now. Like I said: you got more proof than you deserved.


The little guy just walked in and I asked him for his message. IMO you donīt deserve this but here it is:

"To the members of GLP, thank you all for carrying the message into the future! The model has been completed and the conference has been made witness to the subtle beauty of the process of continuous creation. May the One Creator bless each of your through your days and may we all find a future filled with love and happiness!

Dan B Catselas Burisch, Ph.D."

~=~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~>>-<>~+~<>-<<~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~=~


Harrdrawk 8/10/2004 4:59 am EDT

Dr. Burisch Catselas. The Re/Search for the Truth Volume 19

Hello fine people: I am really out of the loop here these days, having been away for at least a couple of months, engaged in high stress farming in Northern Utah. I have missed about 10 volumes now, but I think Iīll be okay. I got a chance to visit with a couple of faithful followers here today, to sort of catch up on the latest, and for now anyway, the latest is the letter Marcia McDowell composed for (everyone) but mostly the people over at UFO magazine with her long winded counter attack. I was asked to comment on it for the record, and I said no, but changed my mind. I read it at the library,(Kateīs) and was not so impressed with the overall whine that Dr. Dan somehow got cut short of his due praise or respect.

I personally think he gets plenty of credit for what he knows (his brilliance, etc)but I wonīt be blaming the Ufer community for the decision Dan made to go silent. IMO, That is just one huge cop out. George Noory or George Knapp do not have the power to condemn all of humanity for their "actions" as talk show hosts or journalistic reporters as much as Dan Burisch will have for his "lack of action" as the eye witness he is. I read this part of her article and I think it pertains to me: **Forces that he could not have predicted placed him into a possible disclosure scenario. He strained under the pressures, but didn't wilt, nor did he break. Now his place is set and he accepted the burden of silence with his same true spirit: for the right reason.**

I suspect there are plenty of Dan fans here, and Marcia and the Maji gang are obviously in that category, but this isnīt a ulogy and I donīt think I have to bite my lip. Maybe they donīt consider what Dan did to me and Sterling a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I chose to think it is the most revealing part of Dan;s overall character. I have always believed that what a person does in the heat of the battle is the best time to have a look at what he really is all about..

Contrary to what is published in the record, I for one happened to see Dan wilt, (and break), at the knock of a door. I saw him lie boldly to you all repeatedly(not to me) about several things. Then he justified it. Just like we teach our kids they will go to Hell for if they do. I saw him try to pretend he didnīt know who Sterling and I are, and I saw him twist things and act confused about what our so called hidden agendas and visions of engrandeurment might be, (which some of you also chimed in and/or condoned). I remember him pretending to be helping to clarify things by holding a special group conference with GLP members the night we left Vegas (the last time) and later even scheduled a meeting in Rachel, NV (which I did not attend) to help smooth things over and get you all to forget about his testifying anywhere. Everyone, including Dan, knows Sterling and I were just two guys and were not the enemy. When we went to his apartment we were wanting him (needing him)to decide what and how it was going to be, when we had the immunity and the subpoena arrangements laid out... They (the attorneys and chief investigator)wouldnīt proceed without meeting Dan and getting his approval, (right to counsel is not against oneīs wishes in the USA) All anybody needed was a verbal from Dan that he wished for the proceedings to begin and they would have had it put together in two days time, (so we were told). Dan just plain freaked out, and called the police, and pretended like we were somehow suddenly the Devil himself. He rescinded his statements, and acted like he never met us.. that he never chatted for three hours with us... that we were suddenly some out of control assholes who had no right to approach his residence, that WE were the ones demonstrating "bad form". I will long remember how it made me feel. What a kick in the teeth. I couldnīt help lose all respect for him. (Sorry) In his report to J (when he responded to Sterlingīs Samīs Towne meeting post, near the very end), he said we were gentlemen showing good heart, and we should all try to be that way. Next thing you know, it is us who need be constrained and silenced, as we are some kind of circus act. It is true that there were several press releases that did change things forever.

There was a visit to Capitol Hill that didnīt change Jack, regardless of what the Yellow Book says. But anything that was not accurate in any press release could have been resolved by Mr. Burisch himself in court, with witness testimony, cross examination, display of real evidence, and the Maji knows that. If Dan had nothing to do with biochemicalweopons or designer viruses with hidden signatures, or NOTHING to do with the Gulf War Syndrone wreck, then he should have been calm. Sterling and Harry did not drop the ball. George Noory or George Knapp did not drop the ball. No one in the Ufer community dropped the ball. Dan Burisch is the only one who crumbled under the pressure when the pressure was on. I feel sorry that he couldnīt manage it, after he indicated to everyone everywhere that he only trusted in the Creator. It has been my observation that he fears mere mortals or extraterrestrials more than he fears God, he does not answer to God only, he answers to passcodes, so the push for disclosure died right there on his doorstep.. His Brilliance will be only witnesses by a few of those now living, according to his wanna-be dad(J1) and that is a tragedy on top of a tragedy.

As for the Psy-Ops Director, I donīt have much to say. I saw Marcia McDowell engage in one of the most ridiculous obvious displays of active spreading of disinformation and for whatever reasons lie through her teeth at the behest of her "bosses" about her alleged Lukilu, so I wonīt waste any time on her. I have no patience for such types. I canīt believe she is the author of a couple of books, after I read the latest rant either.. (By the sounds of it, I think George Knapp is actually the catalyst here that generated all the recent docs, and memoirs we would have paid big money for a few months ago.. so somebody should send him a thank you note) Whoīd a thunk it that all we would have had to do back in those days was call Dan a balding little man, etc, etc, and the flood gates would open up wide?? I donīt know what to think about the sudden reappearance of Bennie the birdie Raven. I would think that he shouldnīt have to talk in cryptic codes now that secrets are being e-mailed and Imīd to various members who still have room in their mailboxes. I think he should stop posting as an A/C and get registered, leave his phone number and address etc.. maybe his own website with photos of himself etc.. The story of Dan is not life and death anymore, and I hope it never is. I sometimes wonder where we would be today, if Dan had been able to be a man and answer the door. I assume he would have had the worldīs attention as the hearings proceeded along. I for one would have been more hopeful than I am now. We had a chance to crack the shadow governmentīs infrastructure when we had Dan the Man as our witness.

In closing, I am sure that Dan has some time left to make things right with us, but I donīt believe he has what it takes. I think of him in his hide-away and I think of all of us out here sorting realities looking at his pictures and all I see is a coward hiding for the sake of some humanity, just not ours.

If I have offended any of you, I apologise in advance. I wish you all the luck in your search for the true cowboy with the true grit. No Harrd feelings Carey on!

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Dr. Burisch Catselas. The Re/Search for the Truth Volume 19 Page 6

It was certainly nice to hear from Harry again to hear his perspective on what transpired on his second visit to LV for the īmachete meetingī that never took place yet still left us tattered and torn.

In retrospect, the first meeting resulted in a Media Release in which īinnuendoī was repeated as fact in an Article written by Sterling and signed with Harryīs name and phone number without Harry ever having seen or read it before itīs release. At the time, it drew a lot of attention to Dr Burisch as well as Harry and Sterling, but the wording was such that it appeared (to me) at that point in time that Dr Burisch would never meet with them again since the Media Release was so presumptive of Dr Burischīs īinvolvementī in bio-molecular warfare research without specifics. A Congressional hearing with full immunity might have been the Drīs desired stage for disclosure, but since such a hearing most likely would have been behind closed doors, I donīt see how this would have been īTelling all the World.ī

"They (the attorneys and chief investigator) wouldnīt proceed without meeting Dan and getting his approval, (right to counsel is not against oneīs wishes in the USA) All anybody needed was a verbal from Dan that he wished for the proceedings to begin and they would have had it put together in two days time, (so we were told)."

Without knowing the specifics of who or what these attorneys and the chief investigator had in mind with respect to even grant immunity, let alone a Congressional hearing, the hesitancy of an individual from one who cannot even handle money is understandable as he probably would have little understanding of the legal terminology of what he might be signing off on, as what begins with a īverbalī is going to require a īsignatureī sooner than later. Perhaps Dr Burisch did not like the idea of a Presidential candidate sitting in on a 2 day deposition whose contents would end up disseminated all over the internet filled with some facts and distorted opinions, similar to the previous meeting.

It certainly was disingenuous for Dr Burisch to have stated that a īdoubleī had filled in at the meeting and for īJī to have authorized a īone last timeī conference while Harry and Sterling were in LV. At the time, I considered it an avenue of īplausible deniabilityī in case a court ordered subpoena was forthcoming; nevertheless, having been in that conference, along with many others including Harryīs wife, it was discomforting to witness statements from Dr Burisch which were contrary to what he had previously stated in his response to īJī after the first meeting. It was truly sad to see īSajeī leave under such a subversive maneuver. I think Dr Burisch was ordered to do what he did and I will not sit in judgment of him for it one way or the other.

We can sit back and criticize Dr Burisch for having let us down, or accuse him of backing down when the going got tough, but perhaps if a subpoena had been arranged more accommodating to his desires, expectations, and timeframe with more group participation from those also involved for input as to proceed, things might be different, but I do not think so. The cohesiveness of the īgroupī had long since divided. Harry and Sterling got chewed up and spit out the same way Don had previously, along with some of the īravensī and even Dr Burisch himself at an earlier point in time. Altruism is not so realistic.


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Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2005 7:07 am Forum

   Post subject: Well Well, this new volume is already twenty something pages long and I only had a couple of posts in the last one, so I'd better say something before it's all old hat.

Jodi and the (7)kids and I went to Las Vegas to see Dan and Marcia on Sunday, (left Saturday night at midnight, got home Monday), and spent 4 or 5 hours there, and then we went to swimming at Lake Mead, toured Hoover Dam and cruised the boulevard trying to pick up chicks until midnite... (well, we did see some pretty dazzling lights, but no hot chicks)

I also read the audio clips Dondep transcribed, and the image and some of the things Dan said seem to match okay.. The soldier who was in the door of chopper 2 and died that Feb night was Specialist "Contreras" as it was not audible on the tapes I guess. Dan has all those details burned into his memory, as one might expect. I don't know why I remembered his name, there were lots of things to remember.

I realize that whatever my reaction might be, or whatever my attitude might be, will be suspect in the minds of certain types, and no matter what, not everybody will believe or be satisfied with what my take might be, depending on that person's own needs and desires.

The idea of a new forum where Dan can post and Marcia (pronounced Mar-cee-ya) can moderate, might be a good thing for them. They live in a world I would not want to live in, where retirement sort of means they took the surveilance camera out of the bedroom, and the bathroom, and where the security guard can leave his gun with Dan while he goes for lunch.

Dan's personal health is still rather delicate, but we did take a pretty long stroll around the grounds, before landing under a shade tree. I didn't spend much time talking to Mar-cee-ya, but Jodi and her hit it off good enough that I didn't have to. I don't know for certain if this Marcia was the Marcia I met at Sam's Towne. There is a physical resemblance, albeit this one seems shorter, but this Marcia acted like we were meeting for the first time. Mind control? Doubt it. I think it was just a different person. This one looks like the person in peterrabbit's photo's from her retirement party, which has since been negated somehow, because Marcia is adamantely NOT retired maji, soooo... until she wears out her welcome, I guess they'll keep her busy. Jodi can tell you about her tonal healing research as she played it for Jodi and had a reaction... not my area of interest, but it was exciting nonetheless.

I got the low down from Dan about what happened at Cabrillo Beach because I missed that chapter in my travels. It was a good thing to have happen, because Dan's faith in his overlord's promises took a beating, and has caused him to rethink a few things. I think I understand where Dan and Marcia ARE in the grand scheme of things, and it's okay. It will take some uncommon faith to understand how serving or working for Nazi's might actually earn you a smile from God, but that can only happen if you understand that God Loves everyone, including Dan's and Marcia's superiors, who most of us would never serve, let alone love. I am confident that God will allow each of us our heart's desires, and because of this, we ought to be careful in our pursuits.

As far as I know, the invitation to meet with Dan privately is still open to anyone who so desires, and I would reccommend it to anyone who can, before the mood changes, his health deteriorates, or things become irrelevant.. I hope I didn't wear him out too much. I know the trip with teenagers did wear me out.



Harry and Boomer meet Dan Burisch again (Nov. 05). Dan treats them to some mystery material.  

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