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Posted: Tue May 17, 2005 10:59 am (forum)
   subject: A request to members of the Forum

To Don, Boomer, Crackajack, UJ, all...

I have a special request. In about 3 weeks I have a meeting with Dan at an unspecified location to show him some material and have a discussion. I hope that one day we can have another meeting with those who were at Rachel last year to meet him and some, like Don Dep who has had so much involvement, arranging to be there too and it is a subject I want to raise with Dan and Marci as a possibility.

For those who have a friendly message they would like to convey to Dan, please drop me an email line with a paragraph or two (I do not need anything lengthy) and sign it with your forum monker and your real name (that is if you are not hiding out from the Galactic Patrol) and I will hand these to Dan. You can also pose a question or two (two should be the limit) and I will record his answers with my trusty GE cassette recorder.

I want to acknowledge all of you who have helped Dan in the past and anticipate that you may all be playing a role in the future (if you should so decide) in a Disclosure process that seems to be in the works. The UFO community that I have been part of has to some degree ousted me from their ranks over my support of Dan's story. Be that as it may, they will not be a part of this Disclossure process and, to tell you the truth, I do not have any idea who will be, but I seem to have been privy to some pre-Disclosure info from a source that shall remain unnamed for now, someone who I should be meeting with before I meet with Dan in June. I think we are entering a time now where we can make this happen. If not, then I sincerely hope that with that which we know now that we will survive the rough ride that earth is going through. Sincerely, skywatcher Bill H.

May 27

Marci (BJ Wolf), starts a new forum webmastered by her, where she and Dan B. can chat comfortably.

"Eagles Disobey Forum
A place for free thinking, easy conversation, and good hearted people!" (moderated? )

The nexus forum continues.

Captain Bill

Location: Lancaster, CA
Posted: Wed Jun 08, 2005 10:24 am
Post subject: From Agent XXX

Well, I received an interesting post this morning via a guy I know named Victor who sends out all kinds of interesting stuff. In the light of recent revelations on Brazilian disclosure and info about Peruvian secret UFO files, an unidentified agent (Agent XXX) posted the following which is interesting even if not authentic...


Dear VICTOR: It's interesting that the civilian/commercial sectors are now VOLUNTARILY doing Public Acclimation at a faster rate. "Streaming" Internet Radio, XM/Sirius Satellite Radio and Internet websites are now bypassing conventional media. The word about ETs/UFOs is spreading... internationally.

Many people now "WANT to Know" -- and are turning to the "alternative media" for information found in many places, including "web blogs" and "e-mail streams" like yours Getting elected U.S. Government officials "up to speed" is still slow, but progressing. Maybe if "your side" AND the public UFO groups/radio programs keep feeding information, we can quietly "teamwork" to prepare for the future – AGENT "XXX" –

1. Intelligent life does exist on other planets and throughout the Universe.
2. Craft not of human design or manufacture are operating in and around the land, sea and air of Earth.
3. Intelligent beings other than Homo Sapiens Sapiens are conducting various missions on this planet. These beings have been coming here for tens of THOUSANDS of years.
4. Alien beings may have human-like bodies or non-human bodies (such as hybrid, insectoid, or Reptilian). Intelligent beings can be physical, non-physical or inter-dimensional in nature.
5. The variety of life in the Universe is diverse, like the life on our own planet is diverse.
6. Some alien beings have the ability – through advanced technology or other means – to move forward and backward at will through time and space.
7. The spiritual evolution of an alien life form may be ahead of, equal to or behind its level of technological development.
8. The social orientation, motives and agendas of these beings is very diverse. Some alien intelligences are more friendly to human beings than others.
9. In many cases, the "abduction phenomenon" is a real event. This activity is complex, coordinated and purposeful. It often occurs throughout many generations of a family.
10. Cross-breeding of humans with more than one alien species has occurred. Hybrid children and hybrid adults do exist. They have characteristics of both the human and alien races.
11. Although most alien contacts and sightings occurring on modern-day earth have been shrouded in secrecy and mystery, the veil is slowly being lifted by the activities of civilians and specially assigned government personnel. The Public Acclimation to the reality of alien life is proceeding in a way designed not to shock or disrupt society any more than necessary.
12. A great amount of "UFO" and alien information is now in the public domain. Countless books, videos and Internet Web sites are devoted to these subjects. Thousands of pages of U.S. government documents on unusual sightings and encounters have been made available through the FOIA.
At this point, credentialed researchers and academicians have investigated the UFO/alien phenomenon and published their findings. This is a further step to help validate the phenomenon in the minds of the public.

With these 12 points as a reliable framework, it is intended that key members of the public and government will be better able to accept, evaluate and place into perspective the body of evidence which is now before them.
I'm ready. BTW, somebody took notes on what is in the Yellow Book and I am trying to get access to at least some of those. On watch
Captain Bill Galactic Patrol ... {copied to page}


"... Dan: And you know they were negotiating for …for…..a certain number of abductions per year?
Marci: yeah, yeah…I was aware of that. They were extremely greedy on that.
Dan: I was sent in by the top members of the Maji to get it off the plate.
Marci (both she and he are whispering now): Excellent, excellent! No way!
Dan: So I scared the hell out of them…. END CLIP 7 START CLIP 8
"In the Year 2525" is playing, Dan is off-camera having gone to crank up the stereo, saying "I'll close the door after this, we'll finish up on the tones in a second"…..Marci is clapping and singing along….this would obviously be an embarrassing moment, but somehow the unscriptedness is evident. If ever released, this portion would have to be snipped out to avoid embarassment. This goes on for about 5 minutes, they play with the dog….
Dan: I'm sorry, I had to hear that….
Marci: You had to hear that, didn't you…
Dan: Like it was only yesterday…..he didn't know how close he was to the truth. Ah…..we're gonna win this time. Yeah, I scared the hell out of them.
Marci: They wouldn't let me in. I wanted to go, desperately, but they wouldn't let me in.
Dan: So, you don't know anything that happened inside?
Marci: No; what did you do?
Dan: I walked in, and then they lowered the screens. This was at the request of the participants, and so I got the chance to see their lovely faces.
Marci: uhgh!
Dan: I had Willy {??}, after he went thru his red-tape rigamarole, bring in the crystals. And you know that we have the triumvirate system set up….[Marci "yes, yes"] ….well, I asked for the cube to be brought in, and once the cube was brought in, I opened up the box of crystals, and I brought them close to one another, it activated the Yellow Disc and they each saw, each last one of them saw, what would happen to them and their family, by their negative behavior. And right before that, lest I digress, I had Willy read the Hebrew admonition from 324 [Biblical reference?] about not [?] of the fruit of the Tree of Life and….they kinda hemmed/hawwed with that because it went through the translation and all of that. Then, when they saw what was going to happen to their family, I pointed to them and said "Each of you, by your behavior with your abductions, will be transgressing against God."
Marci: No! (expresses shocked delight)
Dan: And the one went, "[unintelligible, but judging by the body language of Dan can be translated as WTF???]". And I closed the box up, and I turned around, and I walked out! I could hear, through the voice systems where they're encapsulated, I could just hear it…..[Marci "pandemonium!"]….just erupt!
Marci: It must've been pandemonium!
Dan: It was great….I scared the hell out of 'em. The result was….there are no treaty-okayed abductions now.
Marci: None?
Dan: No. We saved probably six million, seven million people

SacredCircle (Marci, BJ Wolf)

Posted: Sat Jun 11, 2005 9:02 pm    Post subject: Update

Hi Everybody,

I am writing to update you all. Dan is still pretty pissed off about his posts being deleted, and he knows he kind of stretched the envelope a little bit there. Remember, I got the OK to set this up so we could have a less hostile place for the thread, and where periodically Dan would be able to post about science and philosophy. Specific questions and his very specific answers to them, well I think you all have figured out, are probably best left to his debriefing.

As many of you know, Dan is working on the debriefing project, so that he can get the details of his experiences over the last 19 years, especially the details of his interaction with the J-Rod at S-4 recorded. It is very demanding and taking a lot out of him so we have to go slow. Imagine yourself telling everything that you can remember of the last 19 years of your life. It's not just the time of the debriefing itself, it's the prep time that is involved. Plus, we have to work when he is well enough to handle it, and he has been having seizures again.

I'm not expecting to accomplish this in a day or a week or even a month. I am fully expecting him to be busy over the next year or so with this ongoing project, so his time to post will be dependent upon that as well as his microscope and research time and of course, his health.

I'm going to keep you up to date on things as best I can, and I am sure Dan will be posting as soon as he feels up to it. He had another seizure about 2 days ago, and is still recovering.

All your questions are really good, but probably not best on the forum. (We certainly found that out! If you have anything you really want to ask about, please feel free to email them to me here using the forum email - like the questions we collected earlier, none will be attributed to you directly during the course of the debriefing. All questions that have a bearing on the issues we will be talking about will be mixed into the discussion, and hopefully covered that way. You may have to wait a while for his take on your question, but at least you have a way to get them in!

When Dan does have a chance to post, it will probably be to say hello, or discuss philosophical issues etc.... rather than rehash what he is doing with the debriefing.

You folks are wonderful and I will post again as soon as I can.


Location: East Anglia, England

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2005 12:51 pm
Post subject: Gliese 876..where have I heard that name before...:P

Astronomers have detected the smallest extrasolar planet yet: a world about seven and a half times as massive as Earth orbiting a star much like ours. The newly discovered "super-Earth" orbits the star Gliese 876, located 15 light-years away in the direction of the constellation Aquarius.

Captain Bill (Hamilton)

Location: Lancaster, CA
Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2005 2:07 pm 
Post subject: Staging Base found? 15 LY away - Gliese 876!

Is this where J-Rod's staging base is located? Small, Rocky Planet Discovered Circling Another Star

Keith Cowing

Monday, June 13, 2005

Researchers speaking today at the National Science Foundation announced the discovery of the smallest extrasolar planet yet found - one that resembles our own planet much more than any other yet discovered.

The planet is between 6 to 9 times the mass of Earth and orbits its host star once every 1.9 days at a distance of 2 million miles. The surface of the planet is hot and has been estimated from observations and calculations to be between 400-700F.

The host star which this planet circles is Gliesse 876, a small red dwarf one third the mass of our sun and is located 15 light years from our solar system

According to Jack Lissauer "this is the most Earth like planet discovered since the dawn of history -- but it is not likely to hold that title for long."

According to astronomer Geoff Marcy, "155 extrasolar planets have been discovered over the past decade. To date all of these planets are gas giants - similar to Jupiter and Saturn with masses 100 to 1000 times that of Earth. Last year we reported two Neptune-class planets. Today we report a new type of planet - much lower than any reported around a sunlike star. It is more similar to Earth than any previously discovered planet. We have no analog like this in our solar system. We do not know its composition - whether it is all rock or some chimera of rock, ice, and a thick atmosphere - perhaps a hybrid of Earth and Uranus."

The discovery of this planet was serendipitous. According to Marcy there were two previously discovered Jupiter-sized planets orbiting this star further out. "These two planets pull on each other and change their orbits notably every year. We were using the Keck telescope to study these two planets and discovered this small planet fortuitously using the Doppler effect." Paul Butler noted: "we would have announced this 3 years ago except for the signal of a third planet."

Marcy went on to note that numerous improvements have been made in use of the Doppler effect. "This technology allows us to measure the speed of a star to an accuracy +/- 1 meter per second -- that's human walking speed."

Geoff Marcy put the discovery in context saying: "for the first time we are able to find our planetary kin among the stars". _________________ Captain Bill Galactic Patrol

SacredCircle Site Admin (Marci) Joined: 27 May 2005 Posts: 23
Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2005 6:08 pm 

   Post subject: Well, well, well............. Bill! I read your post, of the new information released today about the planet discovered circling Gliesse 876!

Doesn't it seem like only yesterday, when we were sitting across the table from each other, at the Little Alie-In at Rachel. I remember pulling out one of my notebooks and we talked about the planetary body at Gliesse 876 where Captive had indicated the jump-off base was built beneath the surface due to the inhospitable surface conditions - hence the J-Rod's chosen self-identifier of a 'J' and an 'Inertial bar' mis-identified by the team as a 'rod' symbolizing the tenth position across (J) and a Mayan number 5 (totalling 15 light years from Earth).

It feels kinda good to read that they've finally found it. I'll let Dan know about this, but I just know what say; he'll probably just sit up, laugh and say "......Told 'em so........."

Captain Bill

Location: Lancaster, CA
Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2005 8:11 am 
   Post subject: Further Disclosures

I have received in my email some further disclosures that may be of general interest.
1) Dr. Bruce Maccabbee has now released a 60+ page transcript of his interview with aviary member HAWK and his testimony of his involvement with the UFO/AFC cover-up as a Lt. Col in the USAF. WORD document can be downloaded at about 800 kb
2) My friend C's email about his continuing contact with MJ-8 who I believe may have the initials AG (am checking now). It was MJ-8 who released the Framework document to him. There is some skepticism about this doc, but I can vouch for C as I have known him over the years. Hopefully, there will be more info.
Captain Bill Galactic Patrol


Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2005 1:57 pm

 Post subject: FYI...

Hey all!
I just logged into eagles II (Marci's & Dan's new forum-, and the message is This board has no forums.
What the heck is going on? I'd hate to see all that good reading up in smoke!

Dondep Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2005 12:25 am
Post subject: Update on Dan

Location: Alberta, Canada

Just a quick update to follow-up what Bill said earlier, once I get through laughing at JAn's joke.

As Bill said, Dan is apparently in good enough health to finish completing the debriefing, but the manner and timing in which the plug was pulled from Marci's forum shows that there is more to this than meets the eye. It has been explained to me that the time Dan was taking to 'hang out' with us, not to mention the exhaustion of the debriefing and the seizures he started suffering from, were taking too much of a toll on him. The 'Gatekeeper' Bill referred to was apparently not the one to pull the plug; that action was ordered by the Maji and probably because the majority vote authorizing the limited Disclosure that has begun is fragile and our input may have endangered the careful crafting of the information to be included in the 'debriefing' Dan is undergoing. Lampshade's antics at the time certainly didn't help, but it looks like we came out of that bad trip stronger than before.

To put this in perspective for those that didn't read the inclusiveness in one of Marci's last posts, where she made a point of asking for our questions for the debriefing; no announcement was made nor explanation given. Just as Marci had opened up the process to include questions from our perspective, in other words giving us a role in 'the process' of disclosure, this outstretched hand was yanked back and not of her own accord. As I explained in a response about the puzzling turn of events, it appears as if certain ones directing the debriefing behind-the-scenes seem unaware of how they appear to once again desire to 'own the process of getting there'. I'm certain they mean well, (whether they are Maji, Illuminati, or others) but the net effect is that only questions they deem fit to be answered, in areas of interest and values they deem fit to address, will be covered in this process. Had we not been invited to participate to begin with, this would probably have gone un-noticed, and we could all have accepted a reasonable announcement of Dan's being sequestered until the debriefing is complete, but as usual the plot thickens with these abrupt turn of events.

Keep both Marci and Dan in your prayers or, if not praying, your meditations and good-hearted energies. Disclosure = Two Steps Forward, One Step Back.

A.M. User ID: 1324

8/5/2005 9:09 pm EDT

Re: EaglesDisobey Cult Front for Dan Burisch - GLP-Nightshade's thread

Hey, Digorius.
You´ve posted the same message to Dan a couple of times on this and other boards. Maybe you are not aware of something. Maybe you are. You have been respectful so I will respond respectfully to you. Dan is currently in a debriefing. Most of his entire day, everyday is taken up with the debriefing issues. This debriefing is expected to go on for months more. It covers 19 years of work. He has approximately 55 hours of debriefing time completed and it is expected to take the questioners and answers to go well over 120 hours at this point. Dan does not read this forum. He doesn´t read any of them. He accepts nothing from me that isn´t from the inside pipeline so I have no official way of getting your letters to him.

If you are waiting for Dan to supply a J-Rod from the N.T.S. or for him to give away the secrets of the tones, I think I need to inform you of something.

As it stands, and I find it funny that I actually have to spell this out, a J-Rod will not be supplied by the gov for Dan to demonstrate to the public. Dan´s work is not merely scientific, it involves spiritual attributes of which most know nothing. This is why they act the fool so often. Many people that come into contact with Dan´s work first say wild things such as they believe Dan said that he was Remote Viewing their DNA. When the transcripts prove they were wrong, they say that Dan is a hoax (eh, Kyra?). This is the way people react when things don´t fit their way of thinking or they become embarrassed.

From what I understand of Dan´s work, and it is limited too, the tones are those that were used to heal in times past. Dan intends to use the tones for the same purpose. He certainly doesn´t intend to hand them out to people who act the fool. That would be foolish, and make him a fool right along with them.

No one will be hearing from Dan for sometime to come. He has spelled out in black and white that he is not in control of what happens to the contents of his debriefing. A few close friends are. Contact them if you like. He has been asked to do it for history sake, he is interested in getting it done, getting on with his life, and doing the research he wants to accomplish to put the tones to music. I have reviewed every contact between Dan Burisch and the public. Now, that´s my job. I have never witnessed Dan request to speak with the public. The action to open him up to the public was always done by someone else and it is the world who has asked Dan questions, not the other way around.

If this does not satisfy anyone, I am sorry, but I don´t feel anyone on this side of the veil is concerned. Just my opinion!

God bless all those from the heart love -------and be careful --------sometimes when you ask questions (and it is the public that asked them of him) you get answers you may not like.

Joined: 26 Jul 2005 Posts: 57 Location: Los Altos CA USA

Posted: Mon Sep 05, 2005 11:51 am

   Post subject: Re: STOP THE PRESSES

SKYWATCHER (Bill Hamilton) wrote:

I'm back from a whirl-wind weekend in Hollywood at the National UFO Conference. I gave a lunch-time lecture on my two coming books" Time Travel NOW and Project Aquarius, but little did I know that destiny awaited me in the audience which materialized at lunch today.

I went to lunch with Linda Howe, Ron Garner, and Richard Sauder and about 5 other people. Among those other 5 people were 3 special people who are producers. I thought what I told them would blow them away. It went the other way around and what they told me blew me away and confirmed everything that Dan has told me and went BEYOND, yes, BEYOND when I learned that their source is very very high up and they want me to join them as an advisor on this project which has some big people backing it because it is about DISCLOSURE!

"...SKYWATCHER wrote: The fact that a NASA scientist told one of these men about what the sun will do in 2012 which is exactly what I said it would do was stupendous enough, but a light hit me during the day that there is much more going on than I had thought and there may be a plan in the works to divert the major part of the catastrophe -- yes, you heard me right -- and I will outline that to you shortly. I am inviting two of these guys to join the forum and they may be introducing me to their source who now represents a THIRD FACTION!

Yes, you are reading this right.
Faction 1: Majestic 12
Faction 2: Illuminati
Faction 3: G-man who broke away from the Illuminati and is now getting flak from Factions 1 and 2 because....well, now I am going to get in trouble here because I think someone had a good idea and that is to resolve the differences between the factions and get everyone on board who can help, to help because whoever this guy is, he is powerful and something big is in the works. Dan Smith (ok ok, another group outside of the aviary called the aquarium -geeeez, what do we call ourselves? the beehive?) is also hinting disclosure is at hand and the some of the alien groups are putting on pressure for the disclosure so that my impression is that something is unraveling quickly here. Two of these guys have also had CONTACT with the Others. ..."

Dan Burisch, Ph.D. Guest

Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2005, 7:27 pm


I am just now under the understanding that certain things are being "adjusted" right now, but everyone in the public has my word that the debriefing WILL BE completed. My "word of honor" still matters and IS GOOD.

As for those naysaying liars out there...maybe a few suggestions?
1. Perhaps, set on your hands, so they don't get you into trouble by breaking items in your general vicinity?
2. Chew gum to occupy your mouths, thus reducing the opportunity for prevarication?
3. Wear heavy shoes so they may not fit into an available orifice?

Folks, I am still around and will deal with the issues in time. For now, I have a little [a lot! : ( ) ] of work that still must be done. It is better that I continue to concentrate on my duty to you all, to no matter what, get the debriefing done as I OWE THAT TO YOU ALL, rather than speaking to each agenda-driven kid (you will know them by their posts), for whom bottle feeding came to too soon an end.

My debriefing is continuing to concentrate on the whole truth, no matter how messy it is, and may not fit nicely situated with a teensy pink bow upon it...but such as how lives are actually lived...reality...not the movie version.

God will continue to direct the path, protect myself and Marcia (and all those on this journey of a lifetime), and will lead us to where we belong. As it has been in the past, so it will be in the future! God's angels will ever so gently watch over us and make way for the path.
With all my love, Dan

P.S. It was truly a wonderful moment for me to have recently had a 1/4 Century reunion with Dr. James Reynolds, my mentor in histopathology, from Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. We shared good memories, such memories and the visit will be our pleasure to show to the public when the time comes. I owed him my gratefulness for his stewardship, and was ever so privileged to have hugged him at the conclusion of the day.


Dan (Burisch)

Joined: 07 Sep 2005 Posts: 2
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2005 12:07 am

Thank you, Digorius, love and peace to you (and all) as well.

Bill, we have some things to discuss and work out privately as time goes by and I am sure we will have that opportunity, probably in a few months. On some things I fear you are as misguided as I KNOW I AM about others, but we will find our place in the middle of it all I am sure, and discover new things! For now, while Marcia (wearing her rather ominous "Official Representative" hat) has informed me that certain "mandatory adjustments" are in store for me, I will be focusing on the upcoming "PART 2 of 2" of my lengthy (and very tiring) debrief. Months to go before I sleep...

As for the gates, the Cherubim will do well to seek your assistance! Anyone able to defend against the lot I have just this eve been privileged to bear witness should certainly be lauded with the title "Gate Keeper"!

I think I can really only promise this:
1. I will continue to follow God in my heart and mind, seeking Truth and Love.
2. God willing I live long enough, I will finish the debrief.
3. I am telling the truth in the debrief, and will (if appropriately called to do so), swear this under penalty of perjury.
4. I am prepared to stand before a court of law and defend, to the best of my ability and recollection, the contents of my debrief.
5. I have been sworn to the truth in the 2 affidavits, now in the possession of Don Deppeller. Now, I know this doesn't quite rise to the bar of what appears to me to be the standardized ufological circus practice...but I guess we can't all be perfect! Frankly, I have no guarantee nor any idea how much any of the so called 'powers that be' would ever stand behind the truthful contents of my debrief. FRANKLY, I DON'T CARE IF THEY DO! I will give truthful testimony and no amount of either their potential cowardess, nor the pitiful rants of those phonies who posit false evidence for themselves, will change that course. Fear for myself? I was once taught that "fear" is the only thing which died upon the Cross. I will stand by the truth NO MATTER WHAT THE COST TO ME. So far, the only one price I have paid is bearing witness to angry, attention seeking, and agenda driven individuals calling out names as if they never grew beyond the grammar school playground. Gee, what price is that? None so far, but I stand ready, and I pray that they may find happiness in their lives. I am not "going away", and I am prepared to pay any price for the truth I have sworn. As time goes by, that will be proven out. One way or the other, it is guaranteed to be less than the price some others have paid.

I'll have Marcia set up a meeting between us, after the debrief is concluded, or during it, if the situation either warrants it or is conducive to arrangements being made. I do not know what they may be as of this moment. We do need to talk. I will continue to trust in God.
Now...back to some efforts, for moi!
God love you all, Dan
P.S. Remember to preserve the "child in heart" it's never too late, and you're never too old for a good round of 'duck, duck, goose'!

"And so he drove the man out and posted at the east of the garden of Eden the cherubs and the flaming blade of a sword that was turning itself continually to guard the way to the tree of life." Gen. 3:24 NWT

SKYWATCHER (Bill Hamilton) Site Admin
Joined: 26 Jul 2005 Posts: 150 Location: California

Posted: Tue Sep 13, 2005 12:09 am
   Post subject: Dan and Marci

I hope you got that coded phrase I sent. To repeat this source wants to communicate with you and he may be at a level that is on rank with Maj. I don't know for sure that is why I sent the coded message to Marci.

I also understand there are others hovering around where you are and paying attention and not all may be friends.

I am just not a cloak and dagger man. I just know that I have been told disclosure is proceeding on more than one front in bite-sized pieces. There seems to be a lot of people that wants the story out and an equal number who are opposed. I have passed on this coded message to Don is well as the person can be identified by the Maj if this coded message is authentic and I have certain reasons for believing it is.

I am still going forward with telling your story as more groups are interested and have invited me.

I have now heard all sides of the story and I feel caught in the middle. I just hope all gets resolved in the future.

Take care, skywatcher

Dan (Burisch)

Joined: 07 Sep 2005 Posts: 8
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Posted: Tue Sep 13, 2005 12:53 am
Post subject: Re: Dan and Marci

Yes, Bill, the phrase was received and I do fear that, given the current international climate, it may not be the right thing to broach an ARCHANGEL or a BLACK SHIELD. I am not going to be discussing things such as "final deliveries to Groom Lake," the object of your code, I believe, would be "June 1964." Any communication to me, from another operative in the field, must first be vetted by the Maji themselves, even now that I am retired. OR AT LEAST TRYING TO BE! That means, and I am not trying to be rude in the least, that they would have initiated the suggestion for such a meeting. Simply put, and the Maji have not come down with an official response to the letter and number offering (nor am I), it is way too dangerous for me to set such a meeting. For God's sake, he might be another G.N. (the guy we spoke about on the Little Ale'inn steps).

Yes, there are nasties hovering around me at the moment. War is declared, and it has nothing to do with the interpersonal difficulties about which you have now least I hope not. That doesn't mean that I will budge one bit with what my decision has been or what our plans are going to be. I will get the job done!

I appreciate your telling the story, however, things are going to be moving in an "official manner" soon for me, and I will be required to make sure that the "official representations" are accurate and presented in such a manner as will be dictated by "official agreements." We are both men, honorable men, and I am sure you will understand. The truth must be presented, but presented in the right way for the larger population. More things are going on in the background than I could or should possibly try to bridge in this medium.

I do look forward to speaking with you in the future.

Dan (Burisch)

Joined: 07 Sep 2005 Posts: 9
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Posted: Tue Sep 13, 2005 3:26 pm Page 20

Hi Bill, not that I will have too much more time as certain things are speeding along for me... I do have to say that I feel everything will be fine.

I am not exactly sure what markings on what documents to which these people are referring, however, this seems to correspond with the so called "document problem" that (using the overused words of RCH, and with the same level of veracity)...'our good friend'..."Dr. On-Again-Off-Again" referenced.

I do have to say this, that all the documents (especially including the draft copy of Queen-94-109-alpha), and of which I have direct knowledge, that are currently spinning their way through cyberspace, are very real. Frankly, I find it an utterly fantastic claim that these documents (whichever ones are really being referenced, if they have to do with me) are now being alleged to have been examined by the FBI! It sounds like a bunch of hogwash to me, as the FBI, in their pearlescent wisdom, and in keeping with the course set for our National Security, have already declared the lot of MJ-12 documents as bogus. Of similar topic, in that they have declared Majestic 12 as nonexistent, no security markings on a document allegedly marked for Majestic 12, being released to the public, could be in violation of the act for dissemination of security material. I see the words "top secret" on children's toys all the time. Could anyone hear me telling them to "go fly a kit(e)" if they would be rude? I can. I would.'Majestic%2012%20fbi%20foia'

So, if they were to examine these documents, I would be expecting a tap on my door. If they have had difficulty in finding me (smily face inserted ) for now I live at:

xxxx South xxxxx xxxx, Apartment #131 Las Vegas, Nevada, 89121 Difficulty finding the cross-streets? My phone number is xxx-699-xxxx! They can call me from a secure line and I'll given them directions! Bottom line: they have been told what they can do and what they can't. I remain a loyal American, always will, and the REAL INSIDE on me spells that out very clearly.

I would ask that you consider deleting the address and phone from my post after a couple of hours, as I want them to have the opportunity to be able to find me at their nearest convenience. Should I receive a tap on the door and they are capable of properly identifying themselves, I will be happy to host them for coffee and a chat in my office. (There are no security marked documents or other NatSec information from MJ or anyone else there.) Insofar as they would treat me with a courteous manner, nearly the skies-the-limit of the topics we could discuss! It is true that I have been informed that the ABC's are now uniting to listen to my telephones, and that's cool! I hope they enjoy the teen-chat that occupies most of the afternoons. Nothing of import is really ever said over those open lines. While Bob L. reports he lives in fear of receiving another door-tap...I have no such fear, and many more years behind me in the field, giving much more moxie than a "tender few months" of having one's butt booted around S4-1 may afford.

But, no...they go to others and then the others make the claim they have the information from them. You see, they are such important insiders! Crapola, upon more crapola. Bob Collins has been one of the few honest ones out there (save your present company).

As for the "official release" it will come, of that I have been assured. Time will spell things out. I know that (on the whole) the average citizen will receive me well, because in most ways I am just like them. I AM just another guy.

The truth is something no amount of slight-of-hand, on the behalf of profiteers, can defeat.
Love, Dan

Dan (Burisch)

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Posted: Tue Sep 13, 2005 6:20 pm

For the record, I was, and remain a member of Majestic 12. I am just in a retired status, that's all. Things can change.

For others questioning how it is that such documents could have a security marking and me not go to jail for it: it is really quite simple... I never leaked any security-marked or classified document, EVER!

The guy who did won't being going to jail for it either- he's dead, a plane crash seems to have taken care of other's needs for his prosecution.

As for my willingness to comment on such matters, now that the government has Oh-so-officially declared that Majestic 12 couldn't exist (ref the earlier FBI FOIA) then they can't very well prosecute me for talking about something that is declared nonexistent, now can they?

The arguments about others going to prison for the release of documents still I am aware those were military/intelligence related documents on the edge of where Majestic 12 operates. I am aware of such information. Now...please hold for my official comments on such information.... .......................

Okay, now that I am done commenting on that I will simply say that people (and the government) can't have it both ways, and Majestic 12 knows it. As I have said before, Majestic doesn't just work in the "white" (exposed) world and doesn't just work in the "black" (totally hidden) world, but in the gray areas. People recruited must be able to work there. I have witnessed many attempting apply the wide brush strokes to everything they see: you need not apply. In any case, if it is declared not real (and they have previously done so with other docs), I can't be prosecuted, however if it is declared real...well...then they are in quite a pickle now aren't they?

The only way for me to end up in a pickle is to speak out about a) the mil/intel items or b) speak out about items not acquiesced for my inclusion in the debriefing and public disclosure from me...which are few and far between. Given their cowardess and possible plausible deniability, they have little to fear.

Being that neither is going to happen... ...still awaiting the tap on the door which won't come. Hell, not even a phone call...sooooo lonely.... Okay...I have to really get back to business here. Catch everyone later on.





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