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Dr Dan Burisch Area 51 Microbiologist

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CONTINUED FROM Updates Part 2: The One and Only Public Appearance of Dr. Dan Burisch Rachel Nevada 5/30/04

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Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 12:37 am Forum

subject: YOU HAVE MAIL



Location: Alberta, Canada
Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 2:22 am    
subject: Humanity's Never-Ending Quest For Compassionate Truth

TO THE READERSHIP: I have requested permission to post my reply to the mail I received.
"Humanity's Never-Ending Quest For Compassionate Truth"

Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 10:56 am    
subject: I am watching from outside the Matrix

I am following the trend of communication here and see that certain terms that were not to be disclosed, have been. The white pieces and the black pieces move in strange patterns. The good Doctor has made a decision and has knocked on a door. Someone unanticipated was on the other side who has compiled extensive notes. This I have learned and I am concerned over the good Doctor's state of mind. The butterfly has flown beyond the sky, yet fails to disturb the wind.

I await eagerly to see what the good Doctor does next. Someday I hope to share my new discoveries with those who are sincere and seek the truth.
Who am I? Someone has guessed. Are they right?


Location: Alberta, Canada
Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 12:15 pm    

To my fellow Eagles and the 'interested few' that have followed this saga and in many ways contributed:

Today begins a process of Disclosure that, as I indicated over a year ago, would have to have at least the tacit acceptance of the Maji. This is not to be confused with a Maj-orchestrated operation, simply that they will not interfere. As promised, if allowed I would post the exchange referenced above.
Hello Don,

I hope that this note finds you and Starry well.
I am aware of your efforts to get the Crown to grant your petition to remain in Canada. I have actually been aware of your plight for some time, but certain restrictions have prevented me from trying to assist.

Suffice to say that things are happening here, which a month ago I could never have imagined, so odd as this may seem, I've been authorized by the Maji to discuss a relevant matter with you.

Please refer to the forum, page 105, where the person identifying himself as Seion9 has posted something which appears to have merit; a proposed affidavit, set up to identify a body of facts to be placed in evidence, which might then be signed/sworn-to by Dr. Burisch.

If this might be of benefit to your case, I have been empowered to discuss details of any proposed statments with you, and if we can craft such a document, to present it to Dr. Burisch for his approval/signature/oath. I have been advised that 'they' are willing to come to terms to a certain extent with respect to certain issues concerning Dr. Burisch. It's not carte blanche, but it's certainly an opportunity no one would have predicted.

Needless to say, it is of the utmost importance to have your statements of fact crafted well.

Statements containing multiple subjects/ variables (some of which could be identified as true blended with some that could not be so identified) would render the entire paragraph/section useless. Anything like that would need to be reworked and this would take time. As I understand it, time is of the essence to you.

My suggestion would be to restrict each statement to one topic. If you need to have many individual paragraphs/topics, it would simply lengthen the document, but be of no other consequence.

If you would be interested in pursuing such a route, please email me at this address at your earliest convenience and I will work with you in this matter.

All the best to you and Starry. I think of you both often.

Marcia McDowell, M.A. (BJ Wolf) Representative

And my reply:

I'm humbly grateful to have received your email, Marci. [xxxxxx...laudatory comment redacted to save a fellow Eagle some embarrassment] I had suggested Form 255 as a basis for corroboration of the important facts, but other key 'advisors' to me have opined that a Form 41 would be more useful to our present efforts of Disclosure. However, as our mutual friend may have told you, I anticipate that nothing is allowed that isn't at least tacitly acceptable to the Maji. I'm pragmatic, despite my "shooting off my mouth" and "getting awfully vocal in the last little while" [you realize I'm quoting some of your recent remarks, I trust].

Yes, I think that if you are of the opinion Form 41 is too extreme, even for the now-reasonable majicians, I believe the Court would be pre-disposed to a Form 255, if the essence remains the same. I am not interested, as you may have suspected, in proving or disproving Dan's involvement in BCW activities; he is one of the greatest American heroes we've had in the past generation, and any focus on those issues would only serve to discredit his achievements. Those truths are left to Dan to avow or disavow. The evidence I currently have regarding them only marginally validates any related activity, although evidence is continuing to pour in.

In my interpretation of the cumbersome Federal Court Rules 1998 (the "Rules"), I believe it is within the discretion of the Federal Court to allow for evidence to be submitted that may not correspond to a more-traditional form of testimony. I'm also of the opinion that, since the beginning of this amazing adventure, we may also be pioneers in what manner and type of media would and should be allowable in a Court of law, insofar as presenting an accurate picture of a pertinent Truth utilizing digital and web-based electronic communication (Yahoo Messenger as well as emails and screen-prints). In printed form, the printed evidence in our case now exceeds a stack 6" thick. In my estimation, any presentation by Dan could be resolved via electronic deposition, and this could be engendered under the perquisites of Form 255. We would need to communicate quite closely over the next 48 hours, as this is for the Ages as well as Toni, I, Dan, you, and the rest of the disobedient Eagles and those we purport to be working for. I don't think it's necessary for Dan and/or you to physically attend the proceedings on Monday, if we can arrange for a video connection a-la the famous chats or even one of our IRB hearings, where the Member interviewed us via video camera from Calgary while we remained in Edmonton. We will find the pertinent subsections and I will email them to you for your perusal and consideration. Paramount will be exactly what Dan and you will be allowed to comment on. Bluntly put: this Form, as interpreted, would have Dan validate the chats that he took part in with myself and the other Eagles, the interviews he gave Bill and Ron on videotape, the entire meeting held recently between the two of you when you gave him a CD of Queen (yes, with Freddie Mercury, live in the '70s), and his documented writings such as the "18-page Document" and the relative documents that describe the Lotus. Also, as one small request for the benefit of the readership,

I would like to post this correspondence to you, (even if no permission is granted to post your query to me) on the Golden Thread, so that the 'interested few' that have helped the cause tirelessly can experience some sense of validation. I trust this rather minor request won't generate a flippant reply.

Ever yours, in "humanity's never-ending quest for compassionate truth"; Dondep


I have no problem at all with you posting this to the forum, and/or any replies and discussions we have regarding this issue are fine as well. I'll try to be as available as best I can be, during the next 48 hours.

One thing, I will need to see the forms you are speaking of because I am not familiar with the differences between them.

An internet conference might be possible, but I would have to run that by some people for the ok. One problem I can forsee is the fact that before Dan could attest to the truth of any information you have presented to the Crown, he would need to see it (what you would like him to verify) in its entirety to be sure that all was correct to his recollection.

I am not sure how this might be done on an internet conference without it becoming too time consuming. I am open to suggestions.

And yes, I do recognize some of the phrases you have quoted. This has me concerned. How is it you are able to quote me? Sincerely, Marcia McDowell


Location: Alberta, Canada
Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 12:26 pm    
subject: Reply

Good Morning, Marci;

I will be sending copies of the chats I (and the others) have had with Dan, going back to the initial interview on Nov. 13, 2003. The only exceptions are where I redacted certain responses that Dan asked me to keep confidential, regarding his personal life. There are also items that he would be asked to verify such as his (and your) Nobel Peace Prize nomination, the photos of him following the March 2003 physical attack that showed his injuries, etc. We can sort through them after you've had a chance to see what is all there. I believe our mutual friend came to see you within the past 24 hours, and he has a complete copy of what the Court has received. I will be speaking with him shortly, and if possible, he can bring the copy of the record for your perusal.

Regarding how I was able to quote you; please do not be concerned unduly. There are apparently quite a few 'patriotic insiders' who are the real heroes of this disclosure process. Without their courage this process would never have gotten to this stage. I doubt there will be any need for additional 'leaks', at least to this source, following the events of this case.

I will be focused during the day here on other more mundane day-to-day concerns, despite the enormity of the time constraints in this case (namely, ensuring I have transportation to accomplish the necessary filings to the Court). This coming Thursday is the last day in which motions can be heard; it is a guideline that all motions be heard or presented at least 2 days before the date they are heard, except in urgent situations where the Court has the discretion to waive the requirement. Form 41 is an actual subpoena form, whereas Form 255 seems better suited to our present purposes. In either event, I will have to file one of them by tomorrow close of business, or take the chance the Court would be amenable to a filing with less than the 2 days notice. I would implore you to speak with Dan candidly about having him proffer a statement that would be in his OWN words. The fewer the filters between Dan and the public consciousness, the better for history.

All the best until later today; Don


Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 12:27 pm    
subject: Thanks Pagemarker

Thanks for that Pagemarker, so if Bill has 'allegedly' been cold-shouldered then Ron Garner must have got everything Marci 'allegedly' signed over?

Quote:Lotus '2' was allegedly disbanded Was it really? Totally missed that. Quote:Really, kids, so much information has been passed behind the scenes that the casual observer is totally unaware of what has transpired to the detriment of critical evaluation and common sense. Many who have an honest interest in this situation are left in the dark not knowing what has transpired since communication with Dr Burisch ceased.

And many others have given up in disgust, seems a bit like the little boy crying 'wolf' perhaps?

Guest Sun Apr 03, 2005 7:15 am thinks its over the top, but how can any of what Pagemarker has posted affect the court decision? Entertainment - I don't think so Guest, take a look at what's happening in the real world.

Quote:but since we are not of 'right' to know, we are kept in ignorance by those whom we sought to help. Thanks a lot. Hope all is well with you!!

Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 3:28 pm    



Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 4:12 pm

Dondep, I'm in awe with the last events. All the very best wishes for you and Starryeyes. : ) Thessa


Location: Alberta, Canada
Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 4:52 pm    

subject: In the Year 2525.....

Thanks Thessa. And thanks to all who've hung in there; at the very least all the records of our conversations with Dan will be validated, whether or not the implications of the knowledge is true. Perhaps I was a bit euphoric in my expectations, but I am so NOT complaining about the recent events. At the very least, the fact that certain key elements of the Saga will be finally vindicated gives me a feeling of serenity.

Here is the latest exchange:

The overall emphasis of the form 255 was to isolate and reduce to writing exactly what you needed to have the Crown be aware of concerning Dr. Burisch and his work, as it might apply to your case to stay in Canada.

That is precisely what will be required before Dr. Burisch can review any statements. There will be no internet meeting, nor question-and-answer session, nor will there be a freeform statement written by Dr. Burisch for inclusion in your proceedings.

If you are willing to present a series of exact statements for him to review I can arrange for them to be hand carried to him for his consideration. He will make any changes he feels necessary and/or eliminate entire blocks of text at his discretion, before he determines whether to affix his signature. There is also the possibility that he may decline to affix his signature at all; it is ultimately his decision, and that decision will be based upon what you present for his review. Therefore, take all pains to ensure that there are no ambiguities. Once he makes his decision whether to sign what you present, it could be notarized and returned to you by FAX, followed up by traditional mail for hard copies. But that is the extent to which Dr. Burisch and I are prepared to extend ourselves at this time.

Dan has an implicit willingness to help you, Don, but if this proceeds, it will only do so in an orderly manner without any room for misunderstanding. It is my responsibility to ensure that.

I wish you the best, but personally I think you have got your hands full trying to accomplish something this complex within a two-day window.

Sincerely, Marcia McDowell, M.A. Representative

My reply:

Thank you, Marci;

I will prepare a short Form 255 for Dan's review. He may accept or decline to answer, as you point out. There is no 2-day window; apparently motions aren't heard every week. I will be sending the Duty Justice in Ottawa a letter requesting that a Form 255 be allowed into evidence. Upon composing the 255, I will email it to you so that you may review with Dan. If he would wishes any changes, please return with any notations.

Please thank Dan from the bottom of our hearts, as we wish you both the very best. Regards, Don

the reply:

Thanks Don,

Once you have prepared the form, email it to me here. I will have it presented to Dan for his review. All statements that he is willing to sign to will be returned to you on a separate form. They can then be transferred to the appropriate form (word for word as he has approved it) and sent back for his signature and notarization under oath.

As an aside to you Don, I am currently under discussions with the Maji to allow Dan to be officially debriefed, for the totality of his 19 years of service. This will be a slow and arduous process taking a year or maybe more. If Dan agrees to sign off on your form then this would be filmed and I would petition for this to be added to the videotape archive of his debriefing.

The possibility of this longterm debriefing becoming public are unknown at this time, but all options are currently on the table before the Maji. I am doing my best, not only for you but for Humanity and history.

Again, I have been informed that these conversations between you and I remain approved for publication to the forum.

Sincerely, Marcia McDowell, M.A. Representative

Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 6:16 pm    
subject: Vegas Unit
Vegas Unit,

Whoever you are, you don't know much about my work and no one on this timeline has made the discoveries I have made.

As for my worrying about the good Doctor at least I exress my compassion for Dan despite your rudeness. I have a feeling that now he has been caught in a web of deceit and has expressed to me his concern in our previous meetings. Do I know some secrets? You bet I do, including the blue apple tones. It was Dan who gave me all the clues and it was just a matter of finding what fits. We are both trained to look for patterns.

I am grateful that I have a powerful contact that none of you know about and he is well connected to those who are TPTB. I have set a wave in motion and we will see whether it turns into a Tsunami. The Games must stop. Many have been disillusioned. It is time for the Truth. Truth beyond the Matrix you are caught in.

FYI: All the above posts from

Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2005 9:37 pm Forum  

No he doesn't and he doesn't need to right now! All he would need to do is type in into his computer and he would know. His register history currently lists him not having visited this website. He visited 883 websites last month, most of them scientific and esoteric. I am not even sure he knows this site exists. Right now he is sitting in his office drinking coffee, reading a selection from National Geographic "Death on the Nile", and waiting for American Idol to come on. On Friday, April 8, a call will be made to his residence. Mrs. Burisch will be made aware that an entourage carrying orders is enroute to see him. The entourage will arrive and be escorted to him in his office. He will be presented with 4 documents: a cover letter, the request, a transcript and a set of intentions with detailed information (replacing orders) from the Maji. At that point the entourage will leave his office. On Saturday, April 9, he will be transported to a location for a preexisting meeting. At that meeting, Dr. Burisch will be supplied with a copy of the complete packet and offered to sign it under oath. He will either stand for the truth or not. He doesn't need a week to decide about the truth! By Friday night he will know what is at stake. What do you all think? Will he lay it on the line and become a hero to some for the truth, someday dying once, or back off like a coward and die a thousand deaths? I know the boy like a son. He would walk into Hell itself just to save a flower from burning.

Morpheus Here
Guest Posted: Wed Apr 06, 2005 10:15 am Forum    

subject: One Last Post On Sacred Geometry METATRON'S CUBE

First, Don, I hope you got what you want and need now. Yes, there is more as there is always more isn't there?

As to the message from the INNER SANCTUM, I will not answer that here on a public forum, but there are some things for the thoughtful to consider.

As we tip the Metatron cube forward, we see the sphere of the center now occupy the position where the three planes meet. The spheres in motion are toroidal vortices.

After the creation of the" Seed of Life, the same vortex's motion was continued creating the next structure known as the" Egg of Life". This structure forms the basis for music as the distances between the spheres is identical to the distances between the tones and the half tones in music. It is also identical to the cellular structure of the third embryonic division. (The first cell divides into two cells, then to four cells then to eight ).

It was Michael Helios who discovered the musical proportions and corresponding tone scales for each of the Platonic shapes. He even tuned his keyboard to specific frequencies in order to achieve exact proportions.

In the Circle of Fifths we see another way in which the musical scale is related to Sacred Geometry, for the musical progression is an exact parallel to the Fibonacci sequence.

As we know, the Fibonacci sequence starts with the number 1, and proceeds by adding the two previous numbers. So the second number in the sequence also is 1, then 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, and so on. And a graph of this sequence almost exactly matches the spiral graph of the Golden Mean sequence. One is finite, the other infinite. "As above, so below."

Fibonacci realized that the natural branching, flowering, and spiraling forms in Nature followed the same uniform laws found in musical scales, for his sequence mathematically predicts all of the intervals that comprise the chords of music. Plato, discoverer of the "Platonic" solids, believed that music was the strongest of all life's influences. In his treatise the Timaeus, he describes the numerical (vibrational-musical) creation of the physical universe and the soul that animates it. He called upon his students to activate the ancient shrines and sacred temples of the earth with sacred song, employing "perpetual choirs" in order to echo the harmonies of the Heavenly Choir.

The work of German astronomer and mystic Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) focused on the five Platonic solids, their harmonic ratios, and how these shapes correlated with planetary orbits and sound frequencies. He found the musical tones of individual planets, and the musical scales of planetary movements. As Stephen Hawking reports, Kepler was even able to determine that "four kinds of voice are expressed in the planets: soprano, contralto, tenor, and bass."

Excavating Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem, the Knights Templar discovered vaults of hidden artifacts and scrolls that described the alchemical sciences of sacred geometry and architecture and their relationship to sound, astronomy, and genetics. Ancient sacred relics also are said to have been found, including the Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail, and secrets pertaining to Mary Magdalena and a Holy bloodline.

Inspired by this material, the great Gothic cathedrals, including Chartres, Notre Dame, Salisbury, St.Denis, and Cluny, were designed and built using the principles of sacred geometry and harmonic acoustics.

The angel appears with sphere in hand and an emanation from the flaming letters of the Hebrew alphabet emit a tone and windows shatter. The tone of creation and destruction. The golden spiraling waveforms produce a set of notes related to the flower of life.

The Aleph is symbolized by the "apple" and has the number 1 or 1000 and one proceeds to the left as in the archetypes until one reaches the 27th symbol Zadi and has the number 900 (9 x10 x 10) which is symbolized by the "tree" so one can see that the apple produces the seed which produces the tree and thus the cycle turns upon itself as in the fruit of life, the tree of life. As above, so below and tree and the fruit are also in the body and in the mind. These 27 compose the music of genesis.

This can be modeled also as 3 coils with 9 letters on each coil, now you rotate from Aleph to the right to BET symbolized by the House and Open the gate. Each of the 3 coils corresponds to 3 layers of a 3x3x3 cubic matrix. Aleph is ALL. Aleph is Oneness.

He who occupies the Inner Sanctum may be interested in this rendition and will comprehend its meaning. To those who are wise, this will have great meaning and to those who are otherwise will have little significance.

I will be away on vacation for a few days, but those who know me will know how to reach me. My salutations to the Good and Wise doctor. Blessings to the wise."

{Also archived at }

Posted: Thu Apr 07, 2005 4:28 pm Forum  

"I am following the trend of communication here and see that certain terms that were not to be disclosed, have been."

Indeed, Morpheus, the "breach of confidentiality" is a bitter indictment on an honest conscious knowing 'the ends do not justify the means.' With the recent developments of more hopeful promise, what is 'disclosure' for others feels more like 'closure' for me. I must commend you, Morpheus, on your 'last note on sacred geometry.' That was the most meaningful and comprehensive post I have read during the 'saga' of Dr Burisch. Thank you for sharing those insights with a 'bioinfoton' of lesser understanding fascinated by the piecing together of various aspects of human knowledge and science as we seek an understanding of the nature of Our Creator.

I apologize to you as personally as a 'public' posting allows, having realized in advance that "allegedly" means little in the 'gossip talk' circles.

Even so, it is readily apparent you have made discoveries others have not, and so I express my gratitude for making them known, and think of the beneficial aspects of your associations with Dr Burisch and Marci (amongst others) who have helped you in your journey as you have also helped others.

DonDep & Toni, the prayers of many are with you. My feet have been a 'little to close too the fire' to say much else, except that it has been truly wonderful to see Ms McDowell come to your aid in coordination with Dr Burisch.
Lastly, is this A#1 worthy of Majestic consideration?


Location: Alberta, Canada
Posted: Sat Apr 09, 2005 11:59 am    
subject: Service Accomplished

Dear Don,
With this letter I am formally advising you that Dr. Dan Burisch has signed and sworn to the document presented to him, Request to Admit et. al.

His words were: "Before Almighty God, I do so solemnly swear." Then he signed in the appropriate place, and went on to sign each page of the document -
all twenty pages. Each page was then individually notarized.

Congratulations Don and Starry. Please stand by for FAX transmission.

Sincerely, Marcia McDowell, M.A. Representative


4/9/2005 4:37 pm EDT

This has been a LONG TIME COMING....

To the quarrelsome, loving, babbling, reflective, thoughtful, snarling, scoffing, blabbing, etc etc denizens of GLP:

Today, Dr. Dan Burisch, Phd., Majestic 12 badge #H-6196-Maj-E-ret., has solemnized by oath the admission to the following, docs to be found here:


YOU ARE REQUESTED TO ADMIT, for the purposes of this proceeding only, the truth of the following facts:

1. You were made aware by Mr. Xxxxxxxxx (Deppeller) that he and his family were placed under surveillance, by persons unknown in early 2002, and that such surveillance continued until the Xxxxxxx (Deppeller) family moved to Canada in early 2003. You have personally heard allusions by individuals with which you have associated, that the allegations in the aforementioned statement are a fact.

2. You have been allowed online (over the internet, using text and webcam) conversations with Xxx Xxxxxxx (Don Deppeller), known by his public internet moniker "DonDep", and other apparently similarly-interested individuals, representing that they were from various locations from around the globe. Said internet personalities represented themselves as separate individuals, giving the public internet monikers: "Human Subject", "Boomerang", "Crackajack", "PageMarker", "Seion9", "Harrdrawk", "WhiteRabbit", (and others), at various times during 2003 and 2004.

3. The facts relevant to the subjects in this document, as stated by you during the conversations recalled at the time of signing this document were then true and correct to the best of your knowledge, and were not conveyed with the intention to deceive. This includes the handwritten statement "For the sake of humanity, tell the world".

4. You have been formally associated with the group known as Majestic 12, since 1986, were formally dissociated from the public on June 8, 2004 (then at the instruction of Majestic 12), and were professionally dissociated from Majestic 12, albeit under emeritus status, on March 21, 2005, at 05:00 hours (Greenwich Mean Time).

5. Some of the projects you have worked on have been named "Preserve Destiny", "Aquarius", "Lotus", and "Preserve Mother".

6. You state to the best of your belief that some implications of these projects (listed above as "5.") are of such a grave nature that, were the general world human population to know the entirety of the information contained within them, the resultant reactions of portions of the present human population may vary from "no reaction" to potential "panic."

7. You have also been a party during the negotiations of a treaty known as the "Tau-9 Conference for the Preservation of Humanity", between present human authorities and certain individuals representing themselves as extraterrestrial peoples, with their origin alleged to you as the star constellations "Reticulum" and "Orion." You have had physical interaction with at least one such extraterrestrial.

8. The normally required secrecy for these issues, as a consequence of the gravity contained within the aforementioned statement ("7."), stipulated that individuals entrusted with such relevant information – including yourself – must swear a secrecy oath upon pain of death. You are not currently under such an oath, the previous one having been discharged by the issuing authority.

9. Individuals that receive such information, from sworn agents of Majestic 12, but who have not been sworn to secrecy – including the principal Applicant – could possibly be subjected to many forms of harassment, by non-Majestic agencies that have been requested or otherwise authorized by that group.
God bless this scrappy bunch of fringe lunatics and scholars of the impenetrable.



Posted: Sat Apr 09, 2005 11:09 pm Forum  



(((((((((((( (((((((( (((( ((( (( : <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<------------------- (( ((( (((( (((((((( ((((((((((((
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 20:53:59 -0800 (PST)
From: "Dan Burisch" <>
"TYPE=PICT;ALT=AddtoAddressBook"Add to Address Book
Subject: Session Distillation
To: "TYPE=PICT;ALT=SendanInstantMessage""Binah" <> && &&&&&
What follows is the distillation of the session conducted this morning, basically read to you over the phone. You may share it with the XXX as you wish. Pope
31MAR05 I/C Session J1
1. Cause of Issued Untruth: Majority in the 12 was tipped by Tenet/Prodi, to prevent my disclosure by Illuminist Elements, 7/5 against.
2. Cause of Change: With Prodi/Tenet gone, shift has now moved to 6/5 in favor. J1 advised that I can proceed with what I am doing under the assurance of no negative from the Maji, yet no vote authorizing. As the Maji have been informed of my intent and that I have now been told of the untruth, they officially sit in a "not convened, no actions taken against operator, no further presumption of wrong doing" status. They (6 of 11) have signed on that, and that prevents future votes against me that could yield greater than a deadlock (6 of 12) with no action.
3. Import: Some disclosures are good and some are bad. (Could feed Illuminist elements, ex. military disclosures.) My particular history, truth to be told, and my orientation to it, will do nothing but act to hasten our survival and 2012 success. The 33 (CotM) voted in 1994 that I should be the one to disclose (at an undetermined time) the relationship between the ETs and the timelines, as the received info from the positive ETs indicated it would hasten our ability to resist the negative influences as we approach that time. J1 was unaware of that vote and it had been removed from the records by Tenet. J1 just became aware of the vote and the Illuminist Elements were exposed.
4. Possibles: If deemed appropriate from the data provided by me (and possibly others), the Maji may allow my (and others) exposure (Congressional) to "do the deed." end notes.
"So He drove out the man; and He placed cherubim at the east of the garden of Eden, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way to the tree of life." Gen. 3:24 (NKJV) Danny B Catselas Burisch, Ph.D. H-6196-Maj-E ret.
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Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005 13:48:41 -0800 (PST)
From: "Dan Burisch" <>
"TYPE=PICT;ALT=AddtoAddressBook"Add to Address Book
Subject: Monee makes zee verld go alound, zee verld...
To: "" <> && &&&&&
12MAR05 XXX:

I received a very interesting personal call from one of the Maji this morning (not J). It seems there exists a temporary disagreement as to what is owned or not owned by the Maji, relative intellectual property and my discoveries/inventions/etc. I am sure this issue will be worked through fairly quickly, just as soon as J becomes available. (He is currently out of position on an extremely important assignment.) For the record (so to speak, as I know these letters are watched closely):
When I took my oath, in 1986, I swore allegiance as an operator and then junior scientist to Majestic 12, insofar as I would carry out to the best of my ability the following:
1. I will follow the moral and ethical orders of the Maji, to include those actions in keeping with a "just war."
2. I will protect the United States of America against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.
3. I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America. I also signed a "Secrecy Agreement," which was formally revoked in 1995, by a 32-1 vote of the Committee of the Majority, with an indication that another would be forthcoming in the near future. While I considered myself ethically bound, no such replacement (to this date) was forthcoming.
Included at the bottom of my original oath's sheet (which I signed in good faith and had to do a little digging to find the original wording), was a codicil concerning "intellectual property." That addition spelled out quite clearly what was and what was not the intellectual property of the Maji, and how said intellectual property may be defined in terms of financing and formal operations.
"A. All items purchased through formal or informal Majestic funding sources, being dispensed to active operators, and all real and intellectual property deriving from said items is the property of the Maji."
"B. All real and intellectual property, deriving from an active operation of the Committee of the Majority or Majestic 12, is the property of the Maji."
"C. While preserving a secret status, funding sources unrelated to the Maji may be obtained and said funding sources may be used in projects not considered active by the Committee of the Majority or Majestic 12. Such projects are not considered under the power of the Committee of the Majority or Majestic 12, so far as such projects do not interfere with the mission of the Committee of the Majority or Majestic 12."
Simple enough.
Point 1: I will be officially "retired" and I have the Majestic 12's signatures on that statement, as of 16MAR05. The document was presented to me at my retirement party, held at the end of May, 2004. On 08JUN04, I filed my intention to retire, which was accepted by the Maji at the Consistory in Washington D.C. on 10JUN04. In 4 days I will not be considered, from the point of view of the Maji, Project Lotus or Project Tiamat, as an "active operator." Does anyone truly believe it just slipped my mind?
Point 2: Project Lotus (including all subprojects, of which Tiamat is one) was assigned as a "Provisional Operation," under "Project (and its related Operation) Preserve Destiny," and under the complete control of myself, insofar as not violating any of the above stipulations. It was basically considered as an "in between" project, while I awaited more official operations, related to national or world security.
Point 3: Insofar as I do not apply my continuing emeritus funding to the upcoming research, it will not belong to the Maji.
Now...this fuss is all about a device which has not yet been built, a device I call "the widget." We can do this the nice way or the hard way. The nice way includes private funding (in keeping with security issues), the present OpDir being allowed to continue with the project as detailed in the previous letter's preliminary outline, we supply the Maji with ALL compiled scientific data forthcoming from the project, and she and myself are the only people "in the know" on the internal structure and function of "the widget"; (What a good deal, huh?) ...or... Nothing. The Maji gets nothing. Research stops. I watch movies and eat popcorn.
Pen me up, I do nothing. Hey, Porter and Richard...remember the POLB: "Fool me once..." ???
As a side note: the OpDir and myself have been exploring (the first time ever for me) sources for private funding that would not violate security issues. So, as stated above... ...this disagreement seems only a "temporary" one. Dan
"So He drove out the man; and He placed cherubim at the east of the garden of Eden, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way to the tree of life." Gen. 3:24 (NKJV) Danny B Catselas Burisch, Ph.D., H-6196 MBV, Science Director, Project Lotus, Lotus-2, Tiamat TD- Blue Marble SF/PD/MJ
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2005 03:03:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: "TYPE=PICT;ALT=SendanInstantMessage""Dan Burisch" <> "TYPE=PICT;ALT=ViewContactDetails"View Contact Details
To: "Binah" <> && &&&&&

As you are aware, with our return from assignment(s), I have been informed of the true nature of the information provided us concerning the mandated silence as of June 08, 2004. As I was formally retired from active service within the Majestic 12 on March 21, 2004 (05:00 UT), and as there exists no plans for me to be again (even temporarily) moved, I hereby request the reassembling of the Loop Group, to that extent authorized by the Honorable Members of Majestic 12.
I am given to understand that in the recent knowledge of my release from the tortuous psychological operation applied upon us, a fabrication used against us, as well as the reality that I was legally released from my secrecy agreements in 1995; discussions have been undertaken concerning the production of a biography relating to my professional life in Majestic. To the extent that this act gives pleasure to the honorable members, and in the understanding that I know not where this may all lead, I do freely give my permission for such discussions to continue. Please keep me informed of their status.

The only admonition I feel necessary to apply is that I will not accept monetary gain, should discussions bear fruit, in my debriefing (oral autobiography of sorts). As I wish to continue in my emeritus status, doing research into the beauty of the Lotus, and as my health is somewhat unstable, I wish to bring to the table my suggestion that XXX.
In respect to my somewhat failing health, I submit the following notion:
I would humbly suggest that should there be consideration on the parts of the Majestic 12 or anyone else integral to it, of using this debriefing in any official public manner, that I be placed under lawful Oath with penalty of perjury during its extent. Should public contact, or closed or open session testimony be later required, the contents of the oral presentation may be entered into evidence, thus reducing the possibility for my presence.
May God richly Bless and keep you, the Majestic 12, and the United States of America. Respectfully submitted, Danny B Catselas Burisch, Ph.D. H-6196-Maj-E ret.

"So He drove out the man; and He placed cherubim at the east of the garden of Eden, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way to the tree of life." Gen. 3:24 (NKJV) Danny B Catselas Burisch, Ph.D. H-6196-Maj-E ret. "


~ Addendum ~

"...Danny has been the unwitting star in the release of information that was determined important long before he was born..."

Skywatcher {/ Morpheus / Bill Hamilton}
Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2005 6:27 am Forum    
subject: All That was Hidden will be Revealed

Thank you PageMarker, now for other items in the news----
Another document has surfaced with data that corroborates the data in the Q94 document ~ 2. When I have it you will know it. Too many of the wise men have aged and passed away. Edward Teller was one. Last year was another. Now since then, two more. And more is happening than anyone here knows. The assembly of the chosen has begun. We were here before you and chose to be here now before the end of this age. Now my work with the Good Doctor has completed this cycle and a new one has begun for those I have waited for sent an emissary to tell me of their return. Watch for changes to come. I will reveal that which I have kept hidden and others will come to reveal as well. A wall that was black is black no more. Peace


Addendum: From Bill's site

"As of March 21, 2005, Dan B.C. Burisch has assumed emeritus status with MJ-12. Dr. Burisch has gone on the record and sworn that he was formally associated with Majestic 12 since 1986, and was professionally dissociated from Majestic 12 under emeritus status on March 21, 2005. He also swore that he was a party to negotiations of the Tau-9 Treaty and had physical interaction with an extraterrestrial.

Dr. Burisch found out that he was lied to by Majestic. They told him anything he said about what he knew would cause a 'butterfly effect' that meant his Lotus Model wouldn't be found by the right people, in the future. That turned out to be a lie, just to keep him quiet. When he found out he got real mad.

Now, Don Deppeller is trying hard to get the Canadian government to let him stay in Canada, because he's been so involved in Dr. Burisch's case he's afraid of retaliation. It looks like Dan decided to do something to help Don Deppeller with his court case. And why not? His secrecy oath never got renewed after 1995, and he doesn't have to worry about people in the future suffering because of the butterfly effect and he doesn't answer to anybody now except God and his conscience......BH"


Location: Alberta, Canada
Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2005 10:04 pm    
subject: Body-blow

Friends, I have some very bad news. The Court DID NOT EVEN LOOK AT IT. The judge had his mind made up. HE DID NOT EVEN CARE. He obviously wanted to rubber-stamp what the counsel for the Respondent (this would be the 'prosecutor', who in this case is the Minister of Citizenship & Immigration) said in his response. Basically, because the Respondent did not respond to my Application for Judicial Leave last year (and this is what he said in response to my question as to why Leave was granted in the first place), this was only an opportunity to assert that there was no error in the original ruling by the IRB. That is to say, the judge agreed with the findings of that tribunal, which was: there is no public record of Majestic 12, no precedent, and so it cannot exist. There is no grounds for plausibility, therefore any affidavits concerning these things are rendered moot and inadmissable. In effect, I was told: "Yes, you seem sincere in your belief, but it isn't possible, so it doesn't matter how many affidavits you bring me."

The Court DID NOT EVEN LOOK AT THE DOCUMENT. I had prepared 5 copies, with clear cover and nicely bound, in the required format. I had all the applicable Rules of the Federal Court Rules and the Immigration & Refugee Act, complete with section and subsection, but when the judge on duty for that week is a small-minded strict-constructionist (euphemism for 'hanging judge') who is bent on not accepting any additional evidence, despite its historic import, one can only go past them.....TO THE SUPREME COURT.

Incidentally, even if Dan himself were there, with J-Rod in tow, this particular judge wouldn't have admitted any testimony from him, and would've probably told him to 'get that freak out of my courtroom'. Had the judge who ordered this proceeding actually presided, I'm certain that at the very least he would have actually LOOKED at the document. Just to make clear to the reader; there is no longer an APPEALS court for immigration cases, due to the abuse of the system in the past. However, once judicial leave is granted, it allows additional evidence to be presented that wasn't available at the time of the original hearing. It is also an opportunity to show any error in the reasoning used in the original ruling. Since that original ruling was based on the lack of a public record, the assumption that it is too fantastical is supposedly acceptable. Here is a snip from my motion:
TAKE NOTICE THAT the Applicants will make a motion to the Court in writing under Rule 369 of the Federal Court Rules, 1998 (the "Rules").
THE MOTION IS TO request leave to enter a Form 255 "Request To Admit" and its concurrent Form 256 "Response To Request To Admit" from Dr. Dan Burisch, Phd., Majestic badge No. H-6196-Maj-E-ret., of Clark County, Las Vegas, NV, pursuant to Rule 8 (1); Rule 41(4) (b) and (c); and Rule 312 (a) and (c) of the "Rules".
(i) Rule 8 empowers this Court to extend the time fixed by subsection 341(1) of the Rules after such time has expired;
(ii) The following sections of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act are applicable:
(iii) Sec. 150.1; (1) The regulations may provide for any matter relating to (b) the disclosure of information for the purposes of national security, the defence of Canada or the conduct of international affairs, including the implementation of an agreement or arrangement entered into under section 5 of the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Act.
(iv) Sec. 113; (a) an applicant whose claim to refugee protection has been rejected may present only new evidence that arose after the rejection or was not reasonably available, or that the applicant could not reasonably have been expected in the circumstances to have presented, at the time of the rejection; of the Federal Court Rules, 1998 ("the Rules").
(v) Sec. 182; (1) In conducting an inquiry, the judge is not bound by any legal or technical rules of evidence and may receive, and base a decision on, evidence presented in the proceedings that the judge considers credible or trustworthy in the circumstances of the case.


Now the fight gets serious.
I just hope the judge hadn't gone duck-hunting with Dick....." ( X )

skywatcher (Bill Hamilton)
Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2005 2:59 pm    
subject: Message from Jason

I do not yet have the time to answer everyone's question today, but I received an important message from an old friend who is also an INSIDER in security. His code name is Jason and I thought what he had to say was important enough to post...

The problem as I see it is how to simply it into a form where it can be made understandable to the general population.... or even to just a few people. It is SO Complex, having elements of so much Science and Mythic secrets... (Continued at


Location: Alberta, Canada
Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2005 10:35 pm    

Marci has just informed me that there would be no objection to Dan signing a General Affidavit, to the same information, so long as Dan himself is willing. Dan has indicated his willingness, with the proviso that no more pictures from inside his office be posted.

I offered to assist in drafting said General Affidavit, if necessary, and offered to remove any offending pictures.
We aim to accomodate.

Location: Alberta, Canada
Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2005 8:35 pm Forum
subject: Jeff Rense Show

Friends, Jeff Rense has just sent the following email to me:

Hi Don...

I'd be happy to hear you out regarding Dan's story. I am booked up for the next two weeks but had an availability open up tonight, Thursday, from about 8:30-10pm Pacific. It would be a good follow to Bill's appearance if you are available. Please advise immediately.
Thanks, Jeff

I accepted. Let's hope I wasn't late getting in and responding.

~ Addendum ~

DonDep gets his interview on


Location: Alberta, Canada
Posted: Fri Apr 15, 2005 7:57pm
subject: General Affidavit



Location: Alberta, Canada
Posted: Sat Apr 16, 2005 3:34 am    
subject: Bleedin' Canadians

Thanks for the sympathies Shady, but it isn't over by a long shot. Perhaps you might think it's more of a case of "okay, now we've given you the 'truth', who are you going to prove it to? Think they'll listen?" The original Form 255 and 256 are historic documents, even though they have been superceded by the General Affidavit. It was apparent after the Judge strolled into his space that he was bound and determined NOT to allow his Court to bear witness to what could possibly be proof of everything that had gone into the case til then. He probably thought he might even be doing the Maji a favor by not even examining the evidence. What he had to assume was that, even if true, to admit the 255 and 256 into evidence would mean he had to accept the reality of what he was (ostensibly) there to rule on. There will be many like that in the weeks and months ahead.

US Govt Scientist Confirms Allegations Of Harassment Of American Asylum Seekers


Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2005 3:05 am
subject: a gift to the public

Hello Don and Pagemarker!!

Don't be the least upset about the low brow attacks on my Danny Boy! In the past hour he sat at his desk and typed a reply to a series of questions put to him by a researcher, actually a series of researchers. He is now settled down for the night and is listening to his radio, doing of all things soaking in a hot bath. After you read his letter, I think we all may allay or concerns that such attacks would bother him or even need to be replied to. By the looks of his letter, he doesn't appear to be the kind to involve himself with such meaningless things. He is more interested in the important items.

BTW, Marcia, I am that guy that "signed his whole name", so I feel entitled to make a decision here. ;) I know you and Danny's tight associates will understand. Danny's reaction is unknown but I will apologize if he's upset and his big heart will forgive me. My turn to give a little disclosure to the world! The importance of what you are about to read rivals his and Steve's now infamous Queen-94-109-alpha document. Can you just imagine what gifts he is going to give everyone when his debriefing is made public? When the full story is told? When he unleashes great gifts of healing? Good luck all..." (continued at )

Dr. Burisch Elaborates On 2 Types Of ET Physiology
From Bill Hamilton 4-23-5

US Government Scientist Confirms Allegations of Harassment of American Asylum-Seekers


Posted: Thu Apr 28, 2005 8:40 pm    



On April 28, 2005 I was informed, by those around me, that the beginning of my debriefing is imminent. All of my time will be taken up between engaging in that discourse (19 years of important events is quite a bit to recount and schedule for presentation) and those activities already underway in my life. So, please consider me on a sabbatical leave of sorts until further notice. Any email will be picked up for me by my former Operation's Director and filtered. Should anything of a critical nature be included in that email it will be brought to my attention.

Please forgive my absence, but given my health concerns I need to appropriately deal with all issues while maintaining my personal balance. See everyone on the other side of the equation! God Bless you all!

Danny B Catselas Burisch, Ph.D. H-6196-Maj-E ret


Posted: Tue May 10, 2005 10:40 pm 

  subject: Thanks, Skywatcher.

I will remember to pass on your message. Marci and I are organizing a hug-fest along with Deb and Marilyn for "Dan". He deserves it! I can tell his desk is mighty lonely at this moment.

And thank you Nightshade for agreeing with your not being Illuminati. How ridiculous! :)

My presence here will last for a little while just to make sure that the message to the poster about "Dan"'s past gets through. Our presence here is only really for that reason. Yes, J suggested that no further posts about "Dan"'s experiences, life, and background be made, but now there are competing feelings. After the arrival of that post "Dan" became concerned that the great eagles group would become a true target of them. Signals have been sent and are being sent that such will not be tolerated and a reaction will occur if they don't cease immediately.

"Dan" is the only one who should really be speaking up about his childhood, unless Doreen or John wishes to make a comment. They were the intimate ones there. The misguided ones only have a outside appreciation of him. Knowing "Dan" as I now have come to, that is as close as they will ever get.

I have read every comment, as part of my briefing, ever said on all of the volumes, plus much other information. The thing which most holds true about "Dan" was a comment within the first 10 volumes that an Angel surrounds him and "gently" moves people out of the way who shouldn't be around him. The comment went on to say that "Dan" had a 6th. sense about people around him and that is so true!

Anyone who has ever had ulterior motives in them and tried to get near him, have been pushed away I am certain by that Angel. Some struggled and the pushing was increased just with the degree of their struggle, just enough so they wouldn't get hurt. Some tried to walk up, but mysteriously found the time pass and away he went. It all depends on motive. The Security Staff near "Dan" calls these people Pinnochios! When they try something they became as plain as the nose on your face. We have ;earned that we only have certain control over "Dan"'s security. Some things, some exposures seem destined to occur with him, even harm, no matter what we do. The strange thing is that he knows about it ahead of time anyway. I was picked somewhat for that reason. I can roll with it. But, we won't hesitate to personally defend him. That goes without saying.

Please understand I am not here to defend the former security staff, defend "Dan"'s account, your pursuits or beliefs, defend or account against anything aside from the above reason what I said. "Dan" has made it clear that the Illuminati must hold everyone here as hands off. He has the authority to declare that at this moment and have it done. He has also made other guarantees to individuals who know what I am saying. I can testify that if I ever met anyone good for his word, it's him. I have only known him for a few months.

A quickie note to the poster who posted WARNING. Please stop listening to the individual who gave you the information that there was an error in the account of "Dan"'s past. That person is receiving information from a group within the Illuminati called the Followers of Tabula Rasa. They are followers of Satan who believe we aren't born with souls and only accumulate what they call soul-charge by material and physical experiences. Your friend believes they are harmless gnostics. They aren't harmless gnostics. You made a mistake in the past when trying to investigate "Dan" by coordinating with a harmful person who enjoys "physically hurting" others. That strongarm is willing to beat people to death to get information. This is part of the reason I'm sure why you were one of those who were ever so gently moved away. You didn't intend "Dan" to be harmed "in that way", we have evidence supporting that, but the danger isn't to "Dan" it is to yourself now. We will watch over "Dan" but please watch over yourself.

Blessings to all here who post from the heart-love, Ann





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