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Dr. Dan Burisch response to Dr. Salla:

Area 51 Scientist Dr. Dan Burisch

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Page 62 Vol. 5 OR

"So we have echoes of the Epic of Gilgamesh where the hero Gilgamesh set out on a quest for the secret of immortality, and got tantalizingly close to success before being robbed by a wily serpent." Gilgamesh? Perhaps it is fitting for it was Gilgamesh that has been said laid the first stone for the temple of Ishtar, a name from which the word "Easter" may be derived. This man is truly thinking, or at least writing from inspiration! Whilst I am not the offspring of a goddess (lol!), being 3/3 humbled-human, it is said that he may have seen the abyss. Indeed, poor Gilgamesh. This abyss resides in the statement above, involving a quest for the secrets, as the Fruit of the Tree of Life is such that would bestow immortality. Thus, the fruit is guarded from all human beings, by the Cherubim, to be bestowed only by Christ as a gift. In this case, though, the wily serpent is not conjured as the robber, but again (as was in Eden) as the tempter. It sets, within the darkest of human infatuations, as a swirling helix awaiting its two mates, through our empathy toward it. There it sets, being lost and awaiting its´ mating with the dualism of our present circumstance, begging for completion as the three columns of the Divine Sephiroth. Indeed, poor Gilgamesh, the wily serpent comes! As to the next statement:

"No mention of Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Arcturians, the Galactic Federation, etc., mentioned by numerous other researchers exploring theextraterrestrial presence( ). It´s as though we are being conditioned to accept that the only extraterrestrials that are relevant to the human condition are the J-Rods/Grays."

Surely, I cannot account for the agendas others. Again, all I can say is what I have seen, read, and heard. I have to admit that I found it a bit disconcerting that Dr. Salla, with his litany of impressive origins and destinations, may have left from the list (not having been briefed on any "membership statistics" for any Galactic Federation), those from Orion. Those, as I have been told, (may) continue the spiritual side of humanity. But to speak of such things, may engender further accusations: such as being "spiritual" in the time of "great aspirations" of those that would place themselves above the stars of heaven. Indeed I know that it would have been important for me to justify everyone´s agenda, but to do so would require that I lie to them. For as much as it would have made people feel better (as much as self satisfaction carries us through our lives), I have opted not to do that.

"Disclosure that is made with the Dan Burisch scenario at its core, is something that is so highly contrived, that it would amount to little more than two small steps forward followed quickly by one large step back. At the end, we wouldn´t know if we were better off or not. After five decades of secrecy over the extraterrestrial presence, humanity deserves a more honest reckoning of what has been happening behind the scenes with the extraterrestrial presence, and an unambiguous step forward into a post-disclosure world."

Do I sense something? ;) The term "contrived" gives this away. The block above would necessarily posit knowing the truth (if linked to the first and second sentences of it), for without that, the statement "more honest" should not have been uttered. But, I do agree, in part. One group is, in fact, attempting to mold the future of humanity, for evil purposes. I fear that is not what he meant though. Rather, I hear, "Disclosure that is made with everyone´s (including Dr. Michael Salla´s) scenario at its core, is something so important that it would amount to a giant step forward." Be careful though, as someone in that group may just be a Jedi and offer the Galactic Rights of the Wookie to the fore! Unfortunately, not everyone is right, as others may well argue of me. The democracy of the human does not instill the truth. I am not saying that there are no aliens, and positing just the extraterrestrials of an uncertain future. The size and complexity of our beautiful universe would strongly argue fortheir existence, only that my work has not involved them. The "Tau-9 Conference for the Preservation of Humanity" is an event, for humans (not aliens), where our own dirty laundry, created by our unwashed hands, will be sorted out. It's okay, Bill. If you have to placate them, do it. You will see them relax and enjoy themselves and their philosophy. I have been working as hard as my body and spirit will allow, for them too, even so that they may enjoy themselves with their musings. It´s not just for the people that would agree with what has been said.

Can you really imagine the governments that are "in the know" telling the world the truth? What does that mean, telling the world? Everyone? Hand it to the United Nations? Does it mean getting everyone´s input or acquiescence, or just those that have struggled within the community of UFO researchers, or those members of the Cult of Great Men? Further, could one speculate as to how, given the time line we have, humanity (as a whole) could come to a decision? What rubric would one set to meet, how would one mediate to equanimity, what process would give way to total equality? Look at our world. Bear witness to our own history, present conditions, and to the structures and strictures we have built around ourselves, ostensibly for self protection, on both personal and global scales. Ought we to have everyone suspend their (let´s say) religious convictions, in order that they may deal with the issues? If not, how? We have 8 years for a solution to be found. This solution, in toto, will not cure the ills of humanity, but it will, with the help of God, put a band-aid over some of its errors. Sadly, as much as I believe in the involvement of everyone in the destiny of humanity (and I really do) by the time the debating would end, it would be too late. Sometimes reality dictates that some must simply stand up and act. They (as I) are available for judgment afterwards. We´ll see, on the morning of December 22, 2012. I hope to watch the Sun rise and know that all the work, of those now toiling, is being greeted with laughter by those that have always "known better." That is enough for me and all I ask in return for my small part: to know. Do I believe that people should be told? However possible, sure. I think they should be told everyone´s perspective, even those of poor insiders, that struggle daily, while trying to help. It is not truth that I hear and read most of the time, but fear. With truth, we always step forward, sometimes painfully, but yet ever forward. We should listen to everyone, and debate credence from their statements. While we should act with caution, we should not be afraid to step forward, for fear of the boogeyman waiting in dark places. Such fear of the boogeyman does not serve humanity, but is simply another excuse not to act, to keep ourselves where we are, comfortable in our positions of self-grandeur. We know who that serves. We should not lose sight of the truth and the struggle for it, not even by means of the hatred for government, no matter how much it has lied to us - and it has.

I have appreciated reading Dr. Salla's words, wish him all the blessings from God, and ever look toward to having the opportunity to chat with you in person again. You may communicate this letter to whomever you wish. I do wish for freedom, and even as my bus pulls toward its destination, I hope for it. I feel a little work left in me. May God grant this world peace and love.

Truly, Dan"

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From: "Dr Michael Salla"

Date: Tue Apr 13, 2004 2:54 pm

Subject: Letter to Dr Dan Burisch Page 62 Vol5

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Dear Dr Burisch, Thank you for kind response to my short article [attached below] and I´m glad that you enjoyed the Gilgamesh metaphor for the unique situation in which Providence has placed you.

As you know, what sparked the quest for immortality by Gilgamesh was the death of his good friend Enkiddu. Enkiddu was the only individual of King Gilgamesh´s contemporaries that matched the King in strength and manly virtue, and in their mutual friendship Gilgamesh had found something that went beyond the superficial loyalty and fealty of his subjects, and had found a `true friend in the sense of what the Greeks called `philia or brotherly love.

With the death of Enkiddu, Gilgamesh set off on his quest for immortality so that he and others would never again have to experience the loss of a `true friend´. So what we have in the Gilgamesh myth is a story of deep friendship, of overcoming the frailties of human life, and even the mitigation of human suffering. So we have here echoes of Prince Siddartha who set off on his own noble quest to mitigate human suffering.

Dan (I hope you don´t mind me being informal here since I hope we can continue to correspond) I wish to inquire about your `friendship and experience with J-Rod where he performed a kind of mind-meld with you where your mind was flooded with information on the origins of life. No doubt this information has played an important role in your subsequent research into the Ganesh particle, and appears to be something that you highly value.

Perhaps, more significantly this information appears to be very highly prized by the controllers within the institutions of the Committee of the Majority/MJ 12 which puts you in this unique position of perhaps being the catalyst for disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence on our planet.

My question about your mind- meld encounter simply is did J-Rod ask your permission? Did he enquire as to whether you would accept the information he wished to share with you? In that sense, was he being a `true friend´ in passing on that information to you? I ask because I have observed a distinct pattern in the way the J-Rods or `Grays as more commonly known, interact with humans. The reports on the human and J-Rod interactions are quite varied ranging from the most sublime of spiritual experiences, to what many would consider to be exploitative. Nevertheless, the one common thread in these interactions is that the J-Rods simply don´t ask permission when they initially interact with humanity. Permission or consent, typically comes after the first interaction which is forced or a result of compulsion upon an unwilling human subject.

Now you might inquire what´s the relevance of asking permission if what is gained is mutually beneficial and uplifting, and isn´t the result an important criterion for friendship rather than the process of asking force? My response is asking permission is demonstrating a respect for human free will, a recognition that the choices we make are the ingredients of human maturity as a species, rather than the end results of our human labors. By simply interacting with humans where the J-Rods took unwilling human subjects into their ships, downloaded their advanced information into humans, performed their `biological improvements´, and a variety of other `mutually beneficial´ projects, all typically done without first asking permission, the J-Rods were demonstrating a remarkable absence of a characteristic that is an important criterion for true friendship.

You may ask whether I´m setting a rather high standard for how extraterrestrials might interact with humanity, and whether we should just accept that mode of interaction chosen on by the J-Rods for passing on their information which in the end is `mutually beneficial´. I raise this issue since I do question whether the J- Rods can be `true friends´ for humanity, and also wish to propose that there are another extraterrestrial races that have demonstrably shown a greater capacity of being the true friends of humanity.

You may not be aware that on February 20-21, 1954, President Eisenhower met with a delegation of humanoid extraterrestrials commonly described as `Nordics´ which I will hence use as a `general description´ for those extraterrestrial races that physically appear sufficiently like modern humans as to blend in without being recognized. The evidence for the Eisenhower-Nordic meeting has been quite sparse as might be imagined given the secrecy over all things extraterrestrial, but when all this disparate information put together it makes for a compelling case that such a meeting took place. I have subsequently learned that the meeting was even filmed.

I've compiled the evidence that I could find into an article on my website: A significant fact is that the meeting occurred eleven days before the testing of the largest Hydrogen bomb ever by the US. The Bravo Test took place on March 1, 1954 at Bikini Atoll, and had a 15 megaton yield. The meeting with the `Nordics did not go well since they apparently asked that the U.S. end the testing of the hydrogen bomb, yet offered no technological assistance in return, but only `spiritual advise´, and believed that humanity had still not reached sufficient moral maturity for the advanced technologies the `Nordics´ possessed. It appears that the Nordics were not interested in reaching an agreement with the Eisenhower administration based on `mutual assistance´ agreement, since they presumably were not motivated by what the national security agencies had to offer.

The Bravo Nuclear Test indicated that national security officials, in particular those within the Committee of the Majority, thought that they could get better terms from another extraterrestrial race that would be more open to participating in an agreement based on `mutual assistance´. The treaty you refer to you in your reply –"Tau-9 Conference for the Preservation of Humanity" was I believe one aspect of this process. Now in exchange for their technological assistance, the J-Rod/Grays were given the right to conduct a limited biological program based on a variety of conditions that have subsequently been disputed by both sides in terms of compliance and led to military conflicts according to a number of whistleblowers such as Bob Lazar, Phillip Corso, Phil Schneider, Bill Cooper, Michael Wolf, et al. You are in a better position than I to comment on the accuracy of what has occurred and the contents of the treaty, but I would like to offer some comments about what I have observed from the nature of the interactions between the `Nordics who first met with President Eisenhower and the human contactees who have subsequently reported on the Nordics.

The contactee reports between the `Nordics and humans typically follow a pattern that can be found in such classic cases as George Adamski, Billy Meiers, Enrique Rincon and more recent cases such as Jay Solomon. I have subsequently heard from others who choose to remain anonymous about their contact experiences.

Based on my research I believe that there is an active military-intelligence campaign to suppress information on these `contact´ cases, as opposed to `abductions´ involving J-Rods which by and large are allowed to be disseminated in UFO circles. This suppression of contactee reports makes it difficult to gain a sufficiently large sample of cases on which to draw firm conclusions. Nevertheless there is enough information that points to the `Nordic extraterrestrial´ contact experience having the following characteristics for the contactee: 1. heightened interest in extraterrestrials; 2. establishing telepathic communication with `Nordics´; 3. physical meeting with Nordics; 4. subsequent physical sightings of Nordic ships; 5. voluntarily going on board of a extraterrestrial ship; and 6. Nordics give assistance to the contactee to disseminate his/her experiences to a wider audience.

Now this appears to be a classic contact pattern and the thing which strikes me as most significant in this process is that the `contactee´ is asked for permission by the `Nordics´ when moving through these various stages which is indicative of a high degree of respect for human free will. I believe this is very significant and indicates that the `Nordics display a key characteristic that indicates that they are capable of being humanity´s `true friends in the sense of philia or brotherly love. This of course contrasts with my earlier comments about humanity and the compulsory nature of the initial interaction with J-Rods, and leads me to your own rather unique situation.

You are not doubt aware of the way in which information about your experiences has been allowed to leak out to the general public, and in the way in which you have been allowed to be interviewed by phone and in person by individuals outside of the compartmentalized network of black projects. This is quite unique and I have never heard of any other case where this has occurred, and suggests that you are indeed the subject of an `insider´ supported initiative to disclose the extraterrestrial presence on terms that might be considered to be favorable to the Committee of the Majority.

One can read many motivations into this but what I see is that this as an effort by the Committee to legitimate the historic decisions they have taken to work with the J-Rods, and establish agreements based on mutually beneficial projects. I am very concerned that the result of a disclosure done in this way will be to legitimate the `spin´ on human - extraterrestrial interactions that puts the Committee of the Majority in a favorable light. I suspect that the Committee does not intend to release information on the failed diplomatic negotiations with the `Nordics´ involved in the 1954 Eisenhower meeting, or at the very least cast this in the light of an obscure group of extraterrestrials not willing to participate in mutually beneficial projects. This would be most unfortunate since in my view, it is these extraterrestrials that have shown they are most capable of being humanity´s true friends, since they recognized that the fruit of any technology agreements would not be beneficial to the human condition simply because we were not yet morally mature enough to deal with this technology. Subsequent history has show the truth of this since all the technology achieved through interaction with the J-Rods/Grays has been kept secret, and we still for instance consume fossil fuels when there are alternative technologies that are secretly available. Public disclosure is more than just revealing information on the secret extraterrestrial presence on our planet, and of the `mutually beneficial´ projects that have been embarked upon.

Disclosure is a rite of passage which marks an important milestone in human maturation where we enter into the greater galactic community. If the general public is given information about extraterrestrials that is sanitized of any mention of the earlier meetings that occurred with the Nordic extraterrestrials, or casts a negative light on them for their refusal to participate in `mutually beneficial´ technology programs, then that would be most unfortunate. What we would have instead is a sanitized disclosure process based on a utilitarian principle of `mutually beneficial´ projects, that resulted in much abuse by the Committee of the Majority in terms of how the fruits of these projects were dispersed. The J-Rods are complicit in this by virtue of their participation in these agreements, even though it was the decision of the Committee of the Majority not to distribute these technologies. This might be simply viewed as the J-Rods respecting the will of the leaders of the secret political committees set up to interface with the public, yet the behavior of the J-Rods in the abduction process suggests they are not champions of human free will.

I hope that by sharing these ethical and exopolitical insights with you, you may incorporate some of these into your efforts to promote a more transparent disclosure process. It appears that you have been chosen by the Committee of the Majority to play a significant role in disclosure of the most important event in recent human history. I hope that the fair mindedness and great integrity you have shown in your responses both to me and to others, influences you in giving some of the issues I have raised a fair hearing in what lies ahead.

I feel that Providence has placed you in a unique position and that you have the necessary gifts to promote an outcome for the highest good of all. I wish you well in your efforts.

In peace and friendship Michael E. Salla, PhD

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Anonymous C. 4/19/2004 2:13 pm EDT

Re: Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 6:) Page 19

From: "Dr Michael Salla"

Date: Mon Apr 19, 2004 8:23 am

Subject: Further Communication from Dan Burisch

Warm Greetings,

I´ve had a further communication from Dr Dan Burisch via his Assistant Director which has been kindly forwarded to me by Bll Hamilton, Director of Skywatch International.

I had an interview on the George Noory Show on April 15 in which Dr Burisch was invited to appear and this invitation has been extended to him. I also intend to reply to the following message so I hope we continue to hear more from Dr Burisch, and that a public dialogue is maintained.

In peace, Michael Salla, PhD


Dr. Salla, I have been authorized to send you a response to your reply to Dr. Dan Burisch. For now, Dr. Dan is being restricted as to what to communicate so his Assistant Director has been kind enough to attempt a reply on his behalf.

To: Dr. Michael Salla

From: Marcia McDowell, M.A. OpDir Proj Lotus (PD/SF)

Re: Follow-up comments to your letter to Dr. Dan BC Burisch

Dr. Salla, Dr. Dan Burisch has been made aware of your recent letter, and as his ability to communicate with anyone outside our ´community´ has been severely restricted due to recent events, I have been asked to try to relay his thoughts, as well as the position of the research team with respect to your well crafted and thoughtful letter.

True friendship appears to be a thread winding its way throughout the body of your letter. And indeed, Dr. Burisch values true friendship very greatly. It is a rare and treasured gift, to be cherished as we wander through the difficulties of this world.

Perhaps, the number of true friends we acquire in this lifetime is intentionally kept to a small number because of the fact that we feel so moved by that relationship that we often suspend our own best judgment in order to preserve and foster a deepening of that bond.

However, in the case of Dr. Burisch, and indeed most of us involved in this research, the raising of true friendship over best judgment cannot be permitted, no matter how tempting it may be, since those aspects of friendship such as mutually beneficial projects, good manners, apparent respect and assistance can all be a ´glamour´ obscuring a hidden agenda. Even if that hidden agenda appears to be full of virtue, such as the mitigation of human suffering, it comes perilously close to reaching out, or touching the Fruit of the Tree of Life; an action which cannot be condoned by anyone on this project. Comparing Dr. Burisch to Gilgamesh or Prince Siddartha who set off upon the noble quest to mitigate human suffering, or to seek immortality so that nobody would ever again have to experience the pain of loss of a ´true friend´, is tantamount to a carefully disguised maneuver to direct or guide his caring and humanity-loving nature in a direction which appears on the surface to be worthy and full of great virtue. Actions (conversion of the observational nature of this project into a technology of any form) even to alleviate human suffering, or the pain of loss in such a manner would be tantamount to touching the Fruit of the Tree of Life.

As to the question of whether the J-Rod asked permission before flooding Dr. Burisch with mental images - Dr. Burisch regards this as a personal matter between the J-Rod, himself and God.

And finally, disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence, regardless of whether it concerns the factions of the J-Rods with which we have become familiar, or other extraterrestrial entities which are unknown to us at this time, it is Dr. Burisch´s position that such a disclosure is not an issue over which he has any unique position which might help to promote a particular outcome.

We in this project agree that we have been placed in a very unique position: we have been chosen by the Majestic 12 to perform an important task, albeit a humbly small task when considered in the overall panorama of Terrestrial and Exopolitical agendae. But beyond that, we have been chosen by The Creator, as evidenced by the Spiritual Entities surrounding this Project that help to guide our small steps. They always remind us to honor the admonition to ´look but not touch´ the Fruit of the Tree of Life which we have been given the honor to study. It is unwise therefore for any of us to believe that Providence has placed us in a unique position whereby we could help promote any particular outcome, since by so steering or manipulating the observations, or our actions concerning those observations, we might ignore the very founding Tenet upon which our work has been sanctioned by the Creator of All Life.

While we are always moved to consider the ethical and moral questions surrounding disclosure and our work on the Lotus, we will not continence any maneuvering with regard to any aspect of our observations, our actions, or our conclusions. This we do with respect for the Creator of Life and in humility as human beings.

Marcia A. McDowell, M.A.
Bill Hamilton
Executive Director Skywatch International Inc.
Fiat Lux et Veritas

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