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Area 51 Scientist Dr. Dan Burisch

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WallRace (Sterling Allan) 4/7/2004 5:40 am EDT

Re: Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: GLP Volume 5:) Page 37 =>> 5:40 am EDT

Face-to-face with Dr. Dan Burisch (copy)

Area 51 microbiologist in lock-down, working with the Lotus project and J-rods, meets with two "outsiders."

by Sterling D. Allan Greater Things News Service April 6,7, 2004 LAS VEGAS, NV

I imagine you folks at GLP have been anxious to receive a report from Harry (harrdrawk) or myself (wallrace - Sterling Allan) regarding our recent three-hour, face-to-face meeting with Dr. Dan Burisch.


As you know, Harry and I drove to Vegas Friday April 2, 2004 with the hope of meeting Dan at the UNLV campus on Saturday, but that meeting was scrapped because there was too much suspicion and concern regarding it. We were being brought in by an insider under the cover of being maji 12, but Danīs security did some checking of inbound flights, and they could not identify anyone they knew.

The next day or so, we were informed by the same insider who had extended the first invite, that we would have "one last chance" to get in and visit with Dan. In about 24 hours, there would be a one-hour window. BJ would be there too.

The next morning, after fixing the flat on the car that had now logged over 1,000 miles since Harry left S. Idaho for the first attempt, we headed back to Vegas. 

My wife wasnīt too happy about me going. She was not keen on the possibility that she might have to continue on as a single parent because I get killed or disappear. She was more upset with me over this than anything that has happened in our near five years of marriage.

Based on the communications Harry and I had received regarding the pending meeting, I did not think the danger level was very high at all.  We arrived in Vegas with plenty of time to scope out the meeting place. We then drove to Boulder Dam, which is behind the mountain range that is purported to be a natural stargate (Frenchmanīs Mountain), to wait out our time.

As far as we know, no one from the "outside" has been able to meet with Dan since 2002 when Bill Hamilton interviewed him at the UNLV library. Speculation has abounded as to whether or not Dan is even alive. The maji 12 purportedly spent $125,000 to erase virtually everything they could about Dan in the public arena, including his microbiology degrees. 

BJ likewise has not had contact with the outside world for quite some time. She was inducted shortly after Dan was.

The maji 12 have exerted great time and expense to propagate the idea that Danīs very existence and purported accomplishments are no more than another lunatic fringe hoax.

Harry has spent a great deal of time over the past six months studying Danīs case and accumulating intelligence on the various facets of the science and its cover-up.

I am more of a newcomer to this subject. Harry recommended that I come with him because he thought I would do it, and because of my background (past) in Microbiology; but mostly because I am relatively nearby, in contrast to others on the GLP forum, who cover the globe in their various locales.


So there we were in Vegas, at the appointed time and place. From our vantage point we could not see Dan or BJ, so we walked over to the specific place we were told they would be, and as we rounded a corridor, there they were. Harry said quietly to me, "Thatīs them." I recognized Dan too, but had not seen B.J's photo before.

As we walked up to the table, Harry said, "Dr. Dan Burisch."

Without hardly moving his head up, Dan glanced up at us with a very gruff look on his face as if to say, "Who are you, why do you know my name, why are you here, Iīm not expecting anyone."

Harry then said the pass code. Dan said something in reply, "are you here to talk about ____"? and we looked puzzled, which made them even more skittish. Harry explained that he is from GLP. Dan didnīt immediately register.

Then Harry introduced me by name and said I was the one running for President. Then Dan made the connection of who we were, and the concerned look was nearly washed completely off his face.

He and BJ moved over to make room for us to sit down. I sat by Dan and Harry sat by B.J.

They said they were in a state of shock, as this was completely unexpected. It showed in their faces, and did not subside for at least five minutes. From then on, though, the ice was broken completely, and both Dan and BJ did not seem concerned in the least about us, but seemed relieved and grateful to have us there -- someone from the outside.

We asked if we could tape record the conversation. They declined. I asked if I could take a few notes, and they said that would be fine. Nearly everything they said, they did so while half-way looking at the other to verify that they were okay in doing so. BJ seemed to be the one ultimately calling the shots in what could or could not be said.

As Harry churned off a briefing of who he is, and what GLP has been doing in following his situation, and how much information they have been accumulating and filtering, both Dan and BJ [Marcia] commented on how astonished (and glad) they were with how much information has gotten out.

They were glad to learn how much of their book, When Eagles Disobey, has been pieced together and posted in the GLP/Burisch library.

Dan commented that he really appreciated receiving Harryīs card the other day, and that he has it posted in front of him at his desk. When we explained that we were the ones who had come Saturday to meet him at the library, Dan and BJ looked at each other and said, "that explains it." They commented that someone from the inside had to be setting these things up, and you could see them churning a few names in their mind. Harry commented that the person who arranged this said he(?) is not someone they would typically expect, and that they "would crap their pants" if they knew who it was.


Our conversation covered a wide array of topics briefly. Without a tape recorder and better background knowledge of what Dan is doing, my report here will be admittedly inadequate and prone to misrepresentation of actual statements made. Iīm afraid I'm too rusty in my microbiology (2 years graduate work in 87/88 and 95/96) to have been able to understand Dan as well as I might have otherwise.

What I will say, though, is that there is no doubt in my mind that Dan is a genius microbiologist, versatile in other disciplines as well, including psychology, anthropology, and eschatology. In my humble opinion, he is Nobel Prize material; and I will not be the least surprised if he receives it in the future.

The three hours went by rapidly. Several times BJ would ask Dan if maybe they should wrap it up, but each time Dan declined, and once of these times he said, "I'm having too much fun." 

We moved between two locations about three times to get away from loud noises and possible eavesdroppers. As we walked between locations, I noticed that Dan has a scar running straight up the center of the back of his head, about 1/4 thick, and about 4 inches long, starting at the top of the neck and going up. Harry said he thought it went all the way to the crown of his head, which was bald.

Harry remembers his head as naturally bald. It seemed to me that it was a shaved bald. Dan is probably somewhere around 5'0" - 5'2" tall. BJ is a little shorter than me, at about 5'7". He looked very much like the photos I saw previous to our meeting: particularly the one in which he is looking up from his microscope as if to say, "who are you, and why are you taking my picture?"

B.J. is very different from what I had imagined. She is very protective of Dan, but very gentle. She used to work in surveillance, and said they could see the time on your watch from about 300-400 feet up. They commented that their security will protect, but not take proactive, aggressive measures. If they are in protect mode, they might make it look like a mugger did the job, to cover their tracks. Dan commented that a lot of the openness is at his insistence. He needs an occasional break from the four walls of his office and lab.

Sometimes all of us would be talking together, other times I would be talking to Dan, while BJ and Harry talked to each other; and other times I would be speaking with BJ while Harry spoke with Dan. It was quite the scene as we would be carrying on independent conversations in such close proximity to another conversation. But in all this, BJ kept half an ear cocked to what Dan was saying, and occasionally would stop and focus, and make sure he was not stepping out of line in what he was disclosing.

The one I found most humorous was when I was talking across the table to one of them, while Harry, next to me, spoke across the table to the other.

As I think back now, we created a rectangle shape, with an x between, by the shape of our conversation, which is the shape Dan drew while explaining a stargate principle.


One of the first things Dan mentioned was that he would like to gain immunity so he could speak before a Congressional hearing (and not just in a library room as he did with Bill Hamilton) and divulge the information that he has (e.g. [my summary] regarding his direct knowledge of and involvement in man-made biological weapons, his first-hand scientific interaction with an extra terrestrial at Area 51, non-willful human subjects of ET experimentation, ET treaties, etc.). This was also one of the last things he said near the end of our meeting.

When I asked him about his "disappearance," he pulled out his current NV driverīs license and set it on the table for us to see. He didnīt seem to think that his being a non-entity to the outside world was necessary, and he even seemed to be put off that people would consider him anything other than what he is: a living scientist in temporary lock-down for security purposes.

Toward the end of our conversation, I remarked to Dan that he didnīt seem to be all that upset about being in lock-down. He responded with a round-about statement that it is a sort of love-hate relationship. On one hand, the lock-down enables him to focus and get a lot done without interruption. It also provides security from those that might try to thwart what he is doing. On the other hand, he does not like the limits it places on his freedom to do what he wants and go where he wants. Ultimately, he and BJ would like to be out, but they accept their present state as a necessary condition -- though they do not agree with all parameters involved. Come March 15, 2005, Danīs report will have been submitted at the Masonic temple in Wash. D.C., and he will be able to "retire," and go to a research institute of his chosing.

Dan and BJ [Marcia] clearly view the science Dan is working on as being pivotal for a better future for mankind. They are not at all pleased that there are factions both on the inside and the outside that would use this technology for anything other than to impartially improve life.

I mentioned that I believed that the various prophecies did not describe certain outcomes, but rather were probable futures to provide us with a warning, and that we can turn away or mitigate certain outcomes by correcting our path. BJ rigorously agreed, and said that this was precisely what they were about. I think she would agree that a major shift in consciousness of the people in general was necessary to go along with the scientific progress being made, or the scientific progress would only result in greater destruction.

They do not have high regard for those among their ranks who are only out for their own survival and advancement. Dan said that some of the J-rods were outright racists of the darkest hue, reminiscent of Nazi Germany -- trying to clean up the gene pool for the sake of a better outcome for them. He spoke of the Illuminati and Luciferians as being one and the same, except perhaps as a matter of semantics, "Luciferian" would refer to the religion while "Illuminati" refers to a sect. These are not theoretical existences but a matter of regular interaction in the case of Dan and BJ.

I tried to pick BJīs brain to understand how their operation fits into the U.S. govt. secret ops and illuminati operations. I was not able to get that one clarified very well. The best I can tell is that they are all kind of mixed together in the same general team, the good and the bad, and itīs not always easy to tell who is who. They each serve each otherīs purposes, so they put up with one another, but also are interested in seeing their own agenda prevail as opposed to the agenda of the other faction.

BJ mentioned that funding has been a lot more tight since the clamp down on $500 hammers...


Dan spent a few minutes explaining to me about the class A, B, and C particles involved in the Ganesh particle (which theoretically is capable of inducing healing and immortality). This was one of those conversations he and I had while Harry and BJ were on another conversation. Harry said that BJ commented to him, "their talking about science again," or something like that, as if to say, "donīt worry, he loses me too when he talks about that stuff."

From what I could gather, the Class B particle acts as a sort of wave guide or channel for the Class A particle. He never got around to the Class C description.

The class A particle is the primary Ganesh particle of life. It is comprised of some protein components, as well as sugars and (oligonucleotides? [forgot the other one; that word comes to mind]). He said he has not done the gas chromatography and other assays to determine the molecular composition of the particle. He said something to the effect that he doesnīt want to know, because he is getting too close to something that he doesnīt think the planet is ready for.

The class A particle luminesces (gives off light) when it is "active." He told me the exact measurement range, but I canīt remember the unit he used nor the number.

He showed me several pages of several images each sowing these particles. The methods of taking the images were confocal, and polar illumination, and Rineburg (I am not familiar with these, though confocal rings a bell).

Before he launched into the description of the different classes of particles, he talked about the tree of life, showing me two Egyptian images on a page and speculating that before the "fall" there may have actually been three strands in the DNA. I may not have understood him correctly. He didnīt elaborate on this, but stated it in a way as if to say, "if that makes sense to you, then youīre ready to understand it, if not, no big deal; Iīm not sure myself, Iīm just venturing a good guess here."

He believes that right now is a time of a fall, and that the rogue extra-terrestrials were involved in the first fall as well as this one, and that this one is a sort of culmination of the first. I shared my belief that we are now in a time when we will reverse the effects of the fall and come back into the garden (which of course has spiritual as well as temporal ramifications).

He also mentioned that they have taken a "broth" of elemental components, applied light, pressure, and vibration, and have produced cellular structures -- the beginning of life. I asked if these cellular structures included "nucleus, golgi, etc," and he said they did not -- just the membrane.

Later in the evening, he showed me a paper he was drawing from Gariaev, Birshtein, et. al. called "DNA-wave Biocomputer" He also referred me to a paper (/book?) called "Structure of Evolutionary Theory" by Jay Gould, regarding "punctuated equilibrium."

He drew a stick drawing of a normal DNA molecule, and next to it drew a stick drawing of a PNA molecule. Iīm not sure why he was drawing these. He was over my head. Iīm not sure if it had to do with a marker method or if it was being used as a building block.

Earlier in the conversation he mentioned that his assignment regarding the J-rods had to do with repairing a genetic weakness in them in which their nerve system is malfunctioning. He used the word "oligodendrocyte." He said the mutation was causing them to not be able to regulate their bodyīs temperature, and that the ideal ambient temperature was colder than what humans could withstand.

Near the end of our meeting, I put a question to Dan something to this effect: "I hear people talking about īspiritual DNAī and īcell memory.ī To me it sounds a little hokey and like housewife science. You are a serious microbiologist. Whatīs your take?"

Before I had the question completely formed, both Dan and BJ lit up. "As a matter of fact, that was exactly why BJ (not sure if that was the name he used for her) and I were getting together tonight -- to talk about that very thing."

He believes that he has come up with what may be an actual scientific proof to back this up. This was the "latest and greatest" from what I could tell. He drew four U shapes )V^( in a cross shape, with the opening away from the center. He said that the remote viewers/intuitives had been seeing and drawing this shape. He looked at me and said, "magnets" as if he was giving me a hint for a possible breakthrough by someone, but did not pursue that thread with me any further. He said he got to looking at that shape and saw that it created a German cross looking shape if you draw lines connecting the opposite ends of the Us. One section of this makes the shape of what he called the "Olphanic stargate."

Sterlingīs notes/sketches from Danīs sketches/comments -

He then said he took some Q-tips and glued them together into the shape of an octahedron, and started moving it around in different orientations, and said that if you shine a light through the octahedron in a particular orientation (which he said would be obvious), that the shadow creates the "Olphanic Stargate" shape. He then talked about (by allegory?) that the same phenomenon applies in our DNA, that there is a spiritual reality that (sort of?) resides in a (side dimension?).

When he was done explaining this, he was like a child that had just discovered the most incredible thing. He looked at me to see if I "got it," but I think he got more of a "I wish I did, but Iīm not sure I followed all that." It seemed like a lot of leaps to me without understanding one step to the next of his flow of logic.

I imagine weīll be hearing more from him on that one.


The next thing I asked him about was if he was familiar with the work of Dr. Len Horowitz, who has exposed the laboratory origin of HIV and other nasties.

Here I could tell that I was getting into a sensitive subject with him. When he talked, he did not come right out and say, "I did such and such," but he said, "letīs take a hypothetical situation that there is a person that did such and such," while clearly implying that he was that person. Before he launched into the hypotheticals, he did clearly state that in times past he had been involved in genetic engineering of bioweaponry for the U.S. government, in which viable organisms were created that were a product of the laboratory, and not natural environment. This is where he wants immunity from possible charges of war crimes so that he can testify openly about what he was involved with.

I asked him very pointedly, "how could you do this? Did you not perceive the end result?" He replied something to the effect, "Do you think I could create something and not know exactly what it is going to do? if itīs going to be lethal on one end of the spectrum, or if it is going to have a minor effect on the other end of the spectrum?" As he said this, his manner of speech and body language was such that to him it was as obvious as daylight that such a creator would know precisely the outcome.

I was commenting to Harry latter that I wish I had challenged him on that, because that seems like the height of human pride and folly to presume that they know such things, when they canīt possibly know just how it is going to perform in situ.

As a side note, Harry then gave me an example of this very phenomenon in a story that is currently breaking, and could be a bigger fiasco than phen phen. Monsanto created a hormone, rVST that spurs the cow to give many times more milk than usual. It turns out that it also causes children to go through puberty at much younger ages -- like 7 - 8 years old; and that just last month Monsanto issued a memo to the dairy farmers that they will be cutting production to 50%, and that the farmers should begin cutting back in their usage because supply is going down. What they didnīt say is that their milk is creating premature maturation in human children. This could put Monsanto out of business if enough people catch wind of it.

Speaking of Humility, I will credit Dan with at least knowing the importance of humility. It came up early in our conversation. I think in this instance, Dan went over that line into deep pride and denial. In the "hypothetical" mode, he said, "Letīs say there is a person who had an opportunity to server his country by creating such a weapon [man-made virus to target a specific outcome]. Would he do it īfor his country?ī Yes. Letīs say that this person also is involved with creating such organisms for the government but not for military purposes. Would he do that? Well, letīs just say that he imposes certain restrictive components so that . . . [I donīt know that he finished that thought. As I asked him about "restrictive components" (not sure he used the word "component") he hinted at the idea that there would be an element of the organism that would be limited by availability of a particular reagent, and thus even though a viable organism is produced, the ability to replicate it would be limited by that restricted element, thus creating a breaking mechanism so that the thing would not get out of hand -- or something like that; he was being pretty cryptic] Now letīs suppose that this same person decides to put his own īsignatureī -- something that other microbiology nerds would pick up, similar to what is done in the computer programming world."

As I engaged him in his statements, it was obvious that he was talking about projects in which he was directly involved, and that he has a way to prove that he created it. I commented to him that this would then enable him to have concrete evidence when he goes before a congressional hearing. He said, "yes," with a sort of imploring tone of -- īwhen can we get this moving?ī

In other words, as he patched various sequences of DNA together in formulating these designer viruses, he included in the sequence a "signature" that would show up in all the progeny. So the present form of this virus could be taken by any university and be shown to have an identifying "signature" that can clearly be tied to him. When inducting him into the present position he is filling, his handlers obliterated his records of ever having been a microbiologist. What they did not count on was that this guy they were messing with had another way to prove that he a microbiologist, and that he was involved in creating designer viruses for the U.S. government.

I offer it as sheer conjecture that Dan may have a similar trick when it comes to the Lotus project and the Ganesh particle. Heīll be giving them what they asked for, but they wonīt be able to do with it what they had intended -- at least he hopes not; and that may be why he can in good conscience continue with the project, with his positive applications in mind, while being consoled by the notion that he has quietly sabotaged any possible negative application.

My response to him, next time I meet with him, will be that the only assurance that a technology will not be used for evil ends, is not found inherent in the technology, but in the hearts of man.


As we concluded our meeting, we embraced each other with hugs. Both seemed grateful to be receiving a hug from the outside world, and seemed to even soak it in like a drink after being parched.

They went one way, we went the other. We took our time, made a rest-room stop. Harry wanted to wait longer, so we would not be leaving at the same time. I prevailed by saying that we were not in any kind of danger. Security was oblivious to our presence. As we walked up to our car, some 20 feet away, we saw Dan and BJ getting into their cars, which happened to be parked immediately opposite Harryīs car. Dan joked, "Hey! stop following us." Despite the good humor, we all continued forward as if we did not know each other. There are probably nearly 1000 parking stalls in various spots around the place we were at. And there were plenty of empty spaces everywhere, so the probability of our parking so close together is very low, yet there we were.

We had a similar coincidence coming in. I was driving, and the car had begun acting up (vapor lock?) nearly as soon as we came into Vegas. It was getting more and more difficult to get the car going at stop lights. It was acting like it wanted to stall. Finally, when we were at the destination, pulling right next to the valet, the car stalled completely -- at our destination. After a minute or so, I got it going again, and we parked it where we could work on it. On a hunch, Harry said we would just let it sit. When we came back to it, it worked just fine, and never repeated the problem again on our several hundred mile trip home.


Here are a few more items in a random order from our conversation with Dan and BJ.

The recent heightened solar activity is having an effect of activating some of the natural star gates. I didnīt catch this one, but Harry said Dan and BJ said that six of their staff and one child recently disappeared at the Frenchmanīs Mountain stargate east of Vegas.

Dan said the man-made stargates are about the size of a 100 gallon barrel and are filled with orgone(?) gas, and then charged around the perimeter. There have been 90 of these made, and 60 have been reclaimed. One of the main reasons for the war with Iraq is to reclaim some of these that Saddam Hussein had in his possession. Also, the recent softening of Quadafi (sp?) was most likely the result of a bargain that was made [my recollection of this statement may be coming from a later conversation with Harry, not from Dan].

Dan recently was looking at a sun spot, and saw a half-cherub shape in it. He said it coincided almost precisely with a cherub image he has in his collection. He qualified this observation as "non-scientific" but notable.

He mentioned that the book/paper he is writing to report this Lotus technology is not going to be in the typical academic format, but will be more casual, as it draws from multiple disciplines.

One of the first things he said was to correct me when I used the word "alien." He said, "There are no īaliens,ī they are all extra-terrestrials, of earth origin." I donīt know if I buy that as a feasible blanket statement, but it may be generally true. When Dan and BJ wrote Eagles Disobey, a guy named Robert Charles [Iīm not sure this is the correct name; Harry would know] who is listed as one of the authors (or in the credits?), was most likely a CIA plant whose purpose was to introduce statements that would introduce a "hokey science" element to the book and give people reason to discredit it.

There were 200 pages clay tablets that hold information about a wormhole between this planet and ___(?) If I understand correctly, this set of tablets was being transmitted via star gate recently, and when it came through it was so hot they could not touch it; when they came back the next day, MUFON was all over it (the latter part comes from a conversation later with Harry).

BJ [Marcia] burned her fingers on something to this effect, and one the first things mentioned in our conversation was that her fingers still hurt, and you could still feel the raise from the burn. She showed her fingers to Harry, who felt them.

Sheala Anderson, a remote viewer who challenged the (magi 12?) powers that be was maimed (by them) to the point where she requires assistance. "Blood was coming from her eyes," Dan said. "She is living in fear to this day," said BJ.

I told BJ my story of my parentīs dog Winnie, who was not afraid of anything, and it was her lack of fear that protected her when dogs twice her size would come charging after her to engage her in a fight. She would ignore them, and keep trotting forward as if they were not even there. Tail straight up in the air, head held high. "Thatīs the posture we should take," I told her.

I got the feeling that she and Dan almost enjoyed their captivity in a sort of masochistic way -- like a battered wife who will not leaver her abusive husband. Not that extreme, but there was a slight shade of it. How much of the control being exerted over them is bluff? Certainly a human tendency would be to enjoy all the doting -- good and bad -- as it creates a sense of self-importance. Dan and BJ are human. Still, I will say that they are generally refreshingly humble and down-to-earth.

When Harry reported in his briefing to them that "there are a lot of people praying for you," with hardly a secondīs hesitation, Dan retorted, "you should be praying for each other." The impression was that he wanted to deflect that kind of doting attention as being too much, and wanting instead to make the point that everyone is equal in the sight of God, and we all have a role to play.

They see their work as very important, but not all-important. Others are doing great things too. The 7 months is not to write the book but the bibliography (references/citations for the book).

They mentioned that they do not have any problem with remote viewers checking up on them and seeing what is going on. They invite it; and they invite reporting of intuitive or other input that might be of assistance. He said the best way to get that through would be to mail it.  

They commented that Bill Hamilton started "showing up" like we did, and it wasnīt long before he was inducted.

I donīt think Harry and I fit the profile of a suitable inductee. Too independent and too open.


skywatcher22 4/7/2004 10:08 am EDT

Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 5:) Page 38 GLP Forum

Quote... "They commented that Bill Hamilton started "showing up" like we did, and it wasnīt long before he was inducted."

Inducted? Into what? This is news to me. The last meeting I had with Dan was on March 13, along with Deborah and later B.J. The purpose of the meeting was unknown. It was said to be authorized by the 12 Maji. Why they would authorize such a meeting is unknown.

Dan has conducted an enhanced replication to Lorenzo Spallazaniīs famous experiment, wherein the notion of abiogenesis was sent to its rest. Results from this īenhancedī replication confirmed Spallazaniīs original results.

Dan has also produced protocells that differentiated into cycling eukaryotic cells. Also, some of the results he obtained are suggestive of neurogenesis, something which will be of great interest to an M.D. associate. The results of these experiments and replications of been forwarded to the higher ups (the 12).

I am glad you had this meeting Wallace as now you are one of the few who has had a face-to-face talk with Dan and B.J. When I go to Washington next week, I will be seeing who I can contact on getting Dan that hearing he wants. I will take your report with me for reference as well as my whole book of documentation on this.

Very best, Bill


WallRace 4/7/2004 8:43 pm EDT

(trivial) to: Peter 7,

Thanks for posting an archive copy of my report:

I would like to recommend that you use a different background on your site, as the one you are using makes it hard to read the text. Iīve taken your background and softened it. You can download it here:

Keep up the great work with the library.



Anonymous C. 4/7/2004 9:11 pm EDT

Re: Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 5:) PAGE 40

This is probably my only chance to help disclosure in this world, so here it goes

Date: 07 APR 04

From: J1 (Majesty/Directorate PD/SF, Washington, D.C.)

To: Dr. Dan Burisch, Director of Project Lotus (PD/SF)

Ms. Marcia McDowell, Assistant Director of Project Lotus (PD/SF)

Re: Required Report to events alleged occurred 06 APR 04, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Time transmitted: 07 APR 04 10:26:01 UTC

Specific: Dan and Marci, I have read the report provided by a write-in candidate for the Office of President of the United States, that person: Sterling D. Allan. He has alleged that a meeting took place between yourselves, he, and Harry Dschaak. Security Blue Team (N58/N61) reported that their internal rovers confirmed that the two gentlemen interrupted your pre-briefing meeting. They further confirm that both of you engaged in a lengthy conversation with the two men, moving from position to position within the hotel/casino. You are aware of the prohibition set forth, concerning Mr. Deppeller. I am sending the report, as publicly posted on an internet forum, for your perusal. I expect a response to the statements and allegations therein, within this dayīs time. Respectfully yours, J1.

The following response was received from the residential/office desk of Dr. Danny B Catselas Burisch, on 07 APR 04 20:00:00 UTC.

"Dear J:

This letter will act as an official response to the above statement as well as the attached statement from, WallRace, assumed to be Sterling D. Allan. As Director of Project Lotus I have spoke with my Assistant Director, and she has approved this response in toto. As I have not the time to provide a off-the-cuff reflection of the meeting, herein confirmed to have occurred on the date set above, I will frame the response in reflection to the statements made by Sterling D. Allan.

The statements by Sterling D. Allan will be bracketed, and individual responses will follow. Section: [THE INVITE]..."


~=~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~>>-<>~+~<>-<<~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~=~

UPDATE 7/15/2007 Located at

Dan Burisch said: "Thank you for the questions. But...No. The information presented by Sterling D. Allan, a few years ago was in my opinion (which counts as the info was about me ) erroneous at best. He used (in my opinion) a meeting with me to attempt a furtherance of his own goals, goals which neither I, my family, nor Marcia, share... -- [edit]

"... During the meeting with him, he personally shared with me beliefs which more than bordered on the bizarre which involved ..." [edit]


" ... Concerning the Gulf work wasn't really misused...the best and most honest I should say is that I used it to further a goal which rightly supported the efforts of a group to contravene the actions of a rogue unit who had intention on experimenting with Iraqi regulars who would either not be missed, or could just be relegated as plowed under by Blackjack's 3-82 FA participation.

The rogue unit was linked to the Psyops in prep for Berm Buster. There was no way to stop them from doing what they were doing, so we did what we could to lessen the effects - to shut off what they were doing. On the whole, we were very successful, even given the events of the chopper crash. That said...If called to ever give testimony...I'll tell the whole (rest of the) truth of the events..."

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Harry (Harrdrawk) Comments on the Meeting

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