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The Research in Question | For What Purpose?

Area 51 Scientist Dr. Dan Burisch

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..." Danny has been the unwitting star in the release of information that was determined important long before he was born..."


Anonymous C. 3/31/2004 1:17 am EST Page 20 GLP Forum

Re: Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 5:)

Dr Burisch has planted seeds from the 'Tree' in the Lotus Process. And yes, others have taken liberties with this knowledge that Dr Dan refused to do. They have begun to genome the Ganesh Particle DNA. 'Reversine' apparently is a synthetic molecule which can reverse a developed cell to the stem cell level. Advanced Cell Technologies is an organization which sought to profit from Ganesh Particle technology. Recently, we received notice that research from Los Alamos will be used to create life by engineering the molecular components of life forces into different patterns. [A Related Forum Mesg] As Dr Dan said, 'the genie is out of the bottle.' Can't say he didn't warn us!

What will Dr Burisch's research be used for? It is part of T9. The aliens get the right to 10 million humans a year and the working Lotus Protocols for genetic manipulation of mankind into alien hybrids. What do we get? Well, only the military knows for sure. Bigger bombs? Stargates? Coordinates for off world terraforming operations? Wow, why bother to 'tell all the world' our leaders have sold us out to Satan for their continued success?

Whatever good could come out of this research will never see the light of day for the benefit of mankind as those who control the information will utilize it for the manipulation of us all.

But which tree has Dr Burisch cultivated? The 'Tree of Eternal Life,' or the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? I think the latter, and this Tree will kill those who eat its fruit. It will kill in spirit those who think they know, rather than the essence of life itself. There is no way to cure the cancer except thru death and the dying experience, the very fact of material existence which those who manipulate life forces through knowledge are trying to avoid to save a dying race of Jrods which are not worth the time of day, let alone the fate of a single human being.

Oh, about fertilizer, it is used so much that now the oceans are dying off in its surface runoff. Great, we need more genetically modified crops to feed the cattle to give them all sorts of unheard of diseases. Lichen killing elk? Impossible. What about man? Just so long as the flowers grow the graveyard won't seem so empty.


Anonymous C. 3/31/2004 2:10 am EST

Re: Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 5:)

Interrogatory 03NOV03 Submitted:

Dr. Burisch, there are many within our tight group as well as those laterally interested (specifically authorised contacts in the Society of Jesus), that have concern over the involvement (Good/Evil) of the being alleged to visit with you on a regular basis. Can you clarify and comment? Submitted, Reviewer #098 (Religious Doctrine Division)

The following was received from the Desk of Dr. Dan BC Burisch on 06NOV03 0400UTC

"Dear Reviewer #098: Thank you for your questions and comments. I, too, bear the same concerns. While I am a confessed follower of Christ as a true representation of the Lovingkindness of the Creator, I give my free will to no one, aside from if the Creator would directly ask that of me, to the Creator. I doubt that to ever be the case, but I wish not to tempt the Lord God in my unworthy comments. As you may be aware, during my term in seminary, I acted as a Death and Dying counselor at Holy Redeemer, assisting the AIDS patients at their final moments in reaching out to our tender God. I must have had well over two hundred die in my arms, and during that term I wore no protective clothing, aside from the presence of Jesus Christ and an abiding belief in the wonderful angels of God that were present to watch over all of us. Many who passed to His presence gave testimony of the angels in the room. I could "feel" them with my soul, as well, in a way- seeing them. I believed, in faith, that I was there to do His work, so only required true faith as protection, and my required blood tests, many months following the horrendous bodily fluid exposures, yielded negative results. I was not infected with any variant of HIV, Hepatitis B, nor any other disease. I was infected with greater faith. At the time I didn't know the origin of the HIV variants, as we do now, but if I had it would have only strengthened my faith in His armor!

I was known as a different one in the house-like facility because I wore a white clerical shirt with white collar, instead of black, and that was allowed of me by the Church (Father Dave in the seminary) because of the earlier healing I was so fortunate to have received. Many joked of me in the seminary and called me "Francinas" (a foolish combination of the names St. Francis and Thomas Aquinas). They were the ones engaging in the "behaviors". So sad. I considered it an attack of the devil at that time, and testified so when I had them charged (and were subsequently convicted) with violations of Church (Canon) Law before I departed. Monsenior H. gave me the Francis relic, within the crucifix and as a gift from His Holiness Pope John Paul II, and that I still wear (quietly under my shirt). They knew I was to one day work with the J-Rod, and possibly even Lotus. I guess Francis was (is) with me afterall. God, I hope so. I understand the things of this world, and the Universe, through faith in God and His Christ, and use the tools of science to further my understanding of this beautiful Creation. Science is only a human-made tool, that is all, and bears within its machinations the internal faults of our logical processes. We have difficulty in finding them, but they are there; to assume otherwise is the folly of arrogance before God. Aquinas, help us! :) I guess that is also part of what your question really asks, 'what kind of man am I?' I hope that helps open myself up to you and those evaluating this work, a little better. I often keep "myself" hidden, as I spare others of my unworthiness. That is who I am my friend, just a man, a marveling child, knowing the Love of God, and dancing in His beautiful Creation, while the chains of illusion are wrapped about my feet by those given to ultimately illusory consequence, of their own designs. This is the general framework that I take with me, into this great adventure, looking at the wonderful act of continuous creation that God gives to this Universe, and possibly an infinite set of other's.

During the first visitation at Shady (Area 51), the being made itself clear with a warning that what I was viewing was to be observed and not touched. I have respected that admonition, not because it said it, but because it is in keeping with the ancient admonitions that are both respected and followed as words of divine inspiration. During the first visitation at my residence, I said nothing to the being. I was not visiting it, it was visiting me. It spoke of the Glory of God and the Creation of the Ages. I listened. Most of the time, that is all I do. After all, what words could I add? Before it, I am a child. Thus far, everything that has been uttered by the being has been in keeping with my understanding of known, sacred revelation, spanning multiple faiths based on the Love of God and God's true Love for us. Contents of discussions, as has been audio taped from the outside of my residence, have been evaluated by our representatives of numerous religions, as you are aware. Do I accept that on face value? No, not even that. If you check my log requests, as each specialist evaluating concludes this or that about the contents of the discussions, I have their comments cross referenced against (1) the sacred literature which they cite and (2) a potpourri of scholarly commentary, across faiths, concerning those same texts.

As Director of this project, I feel a special responsibility (for my team as well as myself) to steer clear of trespassing within those areas that have been seared as prohibitory (into the fabric of human consciousness), across generations, faiths, and philosophies. There have been those, and will be those to follow, who will attempt not show that same respect. They risk only themselves, for there are limits that are set upon all humanity, with respect to how close one may come to the Fruit of the Tree of Life. There exists no human being, whose hands are worthy to touch it. I have simply considered blessed to have possibly glimpsed a little bit closer to some of its beauty and innate philosophy. I am confident, in faith, that they will ultimately be found powerless to control it, when they try. Their actions will only bring forth that creation, already deigned by the God of the Ages, and insodoing only apply to themselves the ancient warnings against "addition" to prophecy and the distancing of themselves from His Holy presence.

In the presence of this being, one hears the great rushing of waters, and feels the peace that is found in the Holiness of the Creator. I can assign no further spiritual description than that. It's repetition of wisdom is not a deciding factor of its posture, and such could never be decided upon as a factor to its allegiance, for I am not possessing of sufficient wisdom. So, this sets as thus: I retain my free will and have given myself to the Creator through the Christ. I trust, in the deepness of my soul, only through that faith, to our Creator, and provide no guarantee of such trust to any being that must condescend sufficiently to stand before the likes of me. I will continue, God willing, in my work, and complete the Lotus model on time, as directed by those who are assigned as my superiors. The results for which some so pretend as "enamored friends" and salivate as the self satisfied Oroborus, may be different than they expect. They must wait and see. The real potential of this model is not meant for now, and its core is not the concept from which future ideas will spring the illusive cure. They (the so called Superiors), also, had better understand, that we ALL stand equally before God, and equally before the Creator's Holy attributed Tree of Life. In that respect they are not my superiors, no matter what chains of illusion to which they sell themselves. I will take no action, nor will I tolerate any team member doing the same, that will trespass past the ancient warnings. To that end, I am prepared to give my life, for in losing it in such a cause, I will gain it with Christ.

Sincerely so, Dan Burisch"

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...Publius 3/31/2004 2:25 am EST

Re: Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 5:)

Hue, you are bringing up my favorite conundrum. Mephistopheles understood that he was no more than a part of a larger good.

J-Rods evidently are defective in this regard. So, too, MJ-12.

The spiritual heritage of humanity will triumph over mechanistic mind. It already has with Dan Burisch so we must have faith that our small voices will be like a trumpet sounding warning and we must continue to blow our horns.

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Anonymous C. (Dan Burisch) 3/31/2004 5:49 am EST

Re: Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 5:)

"First, I have to ask your friend what the word "acceptable" means. If someone trusts in God, they are acceptable to me. On the other hand you know we have a professed Atheist that works nearby with us. Whatever the word "Atheist" means? :() As for Dali Lama...are we confused with His Holiness the 14th. Dalai Lama? or is the person speaking of Salavador Dali??? :( ) Actually, the best way to answer your question, Bud, is to say that one Abbot of Dzogchen has been in the loop for some time and whose spiritual insight I deeply treasure. There are a few Jains in the UK with which I frequently have the honor to speak. Numerous Islamics (a few clerics), Hindus, and Rabbi´s as well, honor me with their insights. As far as I am aware there are over 10,000 religions that grace this wonderful planet. But, I am sure that given the apparent accusative nature or spirit of the statement, the writer must be aware of that? Yes? I know you are aware of our Wiccan? Yes, there is a tremendous amount of spiritual arrogance associated with this work. I encounter it, time after time, in comments such as the one you sent. I regard it as part of the test of this project, the influences that surround it, that would have an opposing position be the victor. God will be the victor here, no one and nothing else. I do not protest my humility, I beg for more of it, because I am not satisfied with myself. And to whom would I protest it, as such a protestation is by itself an act of arrogance! There is a difference in wanting to appear humble and being it, I think. I am not humble. At the same time, I know damned well that I am unworthy, yet still at the same time doing this project. That makes me feel even more blessed. I love God. I think, just maybe God loves me! I only serve one master: the Creator.

I do act in accordance with my philosophy that I should, within reason, accept those powers appointed above me on this earth, as my share in any Kingdom (should Christ admit me!) is not of this earth, as Christ´s Kingdom is not of the Prince of the world´s! (I won´t get millennial on you! :() ) I do hope that after such a posited "given", that this individual is of a kin to wander the earth, eating locusts and honey, living and sustained only by the word of the Creator and not in any way affiliated with any societal ambition? The individual should not be driving a car, for that serves the oil industry. I am sure that this is true, for such a lofty statement must come from such a pure spirit?

This project will not be abandoned, as it was given as a gift to see beauty. I will not abandon the beauty of the Tree of Life, but marvel at it, to the extent I am allowed. Who should this person be to entreat me as to what is wise, and in the same statement call me a man of God? If this person takes such a tack, then he/she should also know that "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" (Prov. 1:7) From that it follows that the individual is self entrapped by a non sequitur argument. The missing point is that I am doing this, not to be better off, but ultimately for the betterment of humanity.

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"Harrdrawk 3/31/2004 5:54 am EST

Re: Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 5:)

The above A/C is Dan Burisch speaking (typing) This is as close to having him post here as we have come. Thank you insider,...

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Anonymous C. 3/31/2004 6:03 am EST

Re: Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 5:) PAGE 21

The above was his direct comment. He is by authority I won´t challenge not aware that this came from this group.

He is at home. At his desk working. His ailment is nearly gone. He is fully in charge of the project.

Harrdhawk, with all due respect, with what this guy is responsible for I doubt anyone here could stress him. :)

The only thing I am glad for is that he is in charge of this project. We can all say "it shouldn´t be just decided by him what to do, or the few representatives of religions that have spoken with him."

But you know the fact remains he is in charge of this project. He is the one writing the model, right now even. It could have been Deborah Burisch. Think about that.

I am over 300 miles from him and he doesn´t even know it. No one knows who this is. Not even the Maji.

He calls everyone that has a number and talks over the intercom "Bud". :) This guy is going to get his job done, while many applaud, many whine, and many think they know better! He knows about all of that. It is his job (some call it foolishness, a burden, and even a hoax!) to do. He calls it a blessing! When he got done typing just now he looked into the camera and gave me that "wet-eyed twinkle-eyed smile." Forget Nicholas, Dan knows.

Thank God he was the one that drew the lot to get this ´BLESSING´. ;) Have good lives and be happy!

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4/16/2004 9:32 pm EDT Page 11 Vol 6

Re: Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 6:)

I listened to c2c George Noory interview Michael Salla this morning. It was professionally done. Salla came across as a thoughtful, low-key person.

Noory asked the question:"Why Dan Burisch?"

Salla: "He was the right man in the right place at the right time with the right set of skills." That´s exactly right. God put His man where He wanted him to be.

I´m happy that this story, and all of you who stuck their necks out, got some publicity. I take sides. I was swinging back and forth between Boomerang and Nightshade. But now I think the man is for real.I sincerely hope the next media outlet I see the name Burisch is not at the supermarket checkout counter.

The "machine" post was the one that swung me. I´ve been there, in a lab setting, observing the great gurus in action. I was a grunt, doing the time-consuming grunt things that have to be done at 2AM to keep a project on track. But still, the grunts know who gets it done, and who does not, who is good and who is bad, who tells the truth and who does not.

My interest? I knew about Roswell before most of you were born. I was told the story by (nameless - he´s still alive) in a rural hamlet. He was in the Air Force and saw a grey alien he shouldn´t have seen, and heard things he shouldn´t have heard. I was a young kid. So I want to see how it all comes out. You have to ask yourselves, how many people out there are like me? We´re not in the business, but we KNOW our government is lying to us. We´re damned tired of it.

So you in the know, I think it´s your moral responsibility to get the word out. I´d do the same for you.


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Joined: Sep 14, 2004 Posts: 194

Posted: Sun Jan 09, 2005 2:39 am

"...AS TIME GATE 2004 APPROACHES [now unfolding], THIS TESTIMONY SHOULD REKINDLE SOME INTEREST IN THE IMPORTANCE OF A CIVILIAN SOVEREIGN BASED TIME GATE. Dr. Dan Burisch, formally employed by the MAJI, herein confirms a whole series of levels of information that were predicted by Emmanuel. We have taken the time to add some of our own commentaries in this text and to add several excerpts of Emmanuel communications from upto 17 years ago, that are being confirmed herein...

The most important thing is the empowering nature it implies on a Civilian based Time Gate on behalf of the Sovereignty of mankind... Much of the Time Gate 1998 and 2003 signals have been documented by civilian scientists (as we have publically presented since 1998), and are being utilized by the MAJI as some of the most important national security domains, for those of the MAJI who want a harmonious transition through 2012, and beyond... These are the galactic signals of the MANU, which are affecting the DNA "Light Body", which is increasing its 100 UPS coherent light signal output at present, as a result of the PHI signal from this Manu Gayatri network, effecting our Sun and Earth. Most importantly, the work we have been doing for the last 2 years (with Manu Emmanuel guidance), on the Sri Yantra/hyper Sierpinski triangle, the Rg Veda DNA Omni-dimensional code, is also the highest prime directive of the seeding of Life research in MAJI (their work with billions of black budget dollars — so this area is one of the most advanced topics on the planet at present)...

Their, so called, Ganesh particle, more properly the Maruta particle (the Maruta's outdate "ganese" by 50,000 years in archeological finds), actually is nothing new at all. The Sanskrit and proto-Vedic paradigms of the Manu accounts for it in vivid description, and many other similar families of particles (we have already presented the different particle clases in SION MANU III, and a PDF Manu-Script already sent, lists some of them), the "Ganese particle" is of the "Manu Anu" class of atom's, primarily...

This essential testimony of prime importance, gives added substantiation to the Vortexijah LOTUS vehicle... As you can see when comparing the Manu-Script III DNA Helix & Omni-D, with the enclosed pdf Manu-Script on the Rg Veda Lotus DNA and the Sierpinski Triangle. These stills from our animated slide shows will give you small idea of the significance of these findings of the last 8 months... In other words, this testimony, like Dr. R. Santilli's hadron physics, is another amplifier and verifier of the prime importance of the Vortexijah Diamond Body, and its activation at present, as the Vatarata vehicle of the Manu, to the Vehicle of Vehicles, the Manurata (Ati-Purusarata). We first presented the STAAR Lotus documents of Dr. Burisch, in our Austrian seminar November 8, 2002, and linked the global PHI signals and some of our "New Universe" material to its contents... The signals from the galactic ETI, as gamma rays of 24 tetrahedron pulsed geometry, we presented already in TIME GATE 1998, in our Diamond Body Training in Thailand, when perfect conjunction with the Galactic Center was at hand, and the global PHI signals begun to become majorly apparent.

Our CD MANU & THE ALIEN PRESENCE, covers several 1000 pages on Dr. Burisch, as well as hundreds of other pages on relative testimony from others, and radio interview with former MAJI scientist Major Michael Wolf Kruvant — and with a copy of our book THE ALIEN PRESENCE: The Evidence For Government Contact With Alien Life Forms, some 108 covert and declassified government memorandum on the alien presence accompanies the text, together with short film interviews with military officers... Alain-Yan Mohr created a ingenious and humourous CD cover, very appropriate from "Bear technology". Several more pieces shall be coming way of the Grailvine, to inspire the Time Gate Sovereignty. ..." {continued}

Skywatcher {/ Morpheus / Bill Hamilton}
Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2005 6:27 am Forum    
subject: All That was Hidden will be Revealed

Thank you PageMarker, now for other items in the news----
Another document has surfaced with data that corroborates the data in the Q94 document. When I have it you will know it. Too many of the wise men have aged and passed away. Edward Teller was one. Last year was another. Now since then, two more. And more is happening than anyone here knows. The assembly of the chosen has begun. We were here before you and chose to be here now before the end of this age. Now my work with the Good Doctor has completed this cycle and a new one has begun for those I have waited for sent an emissary to tell me of their return. Watch for changes to come. I will reveal that which I have kept hidden and others will come to reveal as well. A wall that was black is black no more. Peace


Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2005 3:05 am
subject: a gift to the public

Hello Don and Pagemarker!!

Don't be the least upset about the low brow attacks on my Danny Boy! In the past hour he sat at his desk and typed a reply to a series of questions put to him by a researcher, actually a series of researchers. He is now settled down for the night and is listening to his radio, doing of all things soaking in a hot bath. After you read his letter, I think we all may allay or concerns that such attacks would bother him or even need to be replied to. By the looks of his letter, he doesn't appear to be the kind to involve himself with such meaningless things. He is more interested in the important items.

BTW, Marcia, I am that guy that "signed his whole name", so I feel entitled to make a decision here. ;) I know you and Danny's tight associates will understand. Danny's reaction is unknown but I will apologize if he's upset and his big heart will forgive me. My turn to give a little disclosure to the world! The importance of what you are about to read rivals his and Steve's now infamous Queen-94-109-alpha document. Can you just imagine what gifts he is going to give everyone when his debriefing is made public? When the full story is told? When he unleashes great gifts of healing? Good luck all.

Additional speculation: Maybe you were not completely briefed on J-Rods. ...then again, maybe I was...but I didn't pay sufficiently close attention.... And...XXXXX is in my corner? I wasn't aware I was in one! : ( )

I have received information of excellent provenance that provides a definitive answer which lies between your two points of resolution. I am quite surprised that such was offered, as the source understood I would be responding to your query. (Oh, well! Bully for us!) I was provided with this information (#Q-91-740King), during one of my briefings, but didn't pay as much attention to it when first provided it, as I was more interested in the biological considerations. I remember skimming it, but the societal stuff wasn't my "thing." (If you recall, I advised you of that fact, during one of our early meetings at XXXXX.) Being that I was already exposed to the document, I had permission within my emeritus status to have it read to me under the understanding that it was for the purpose of refreshing my memory.

The J-Rod at LANL (no longer alive) was a separate J-Rod that arrived in a cooperative effort with the S4 J-Rod. The LANL J-Rod was resident at P+45k-yr. (rounded) at Reticulum, whereas the S4 J-Rod was resident at P+52k-yr. (rounded) at Gliese. The LANL J-Rod was sent to combine efforts with his future (a future exchange effort between societies), with the S4 J-Rod stationed at Gliese. Both traveled to the P-52y location in the Arizona desert as a combined scientific emissary team, which was supposed to land in New Mexico and be greeted by representatives of the MJ-12 working group. The report reads that the crash occurred near Kingman, Arizona. The report makes allusion to a third EBE, dead at the impact site. It makes no other declaration about it. I know it was supposed to be a briefing, but the report was written more in the style of a filed report, and contained areas of both detailed and less tightly woven information. The report goes on to indicate that the P+52k-yr J-Rods (hereafter called 52's) who have been assigned to Gliese are those suffering from higher rates of the peripheral neuropathy as they are no good to the society from whence they came. The higher ambient partial pressure of hydrogen and lower normal environmental temperatures enable them to carry out their societal functions, as those conditions reduce symptoms of the neuropathy. The 52's society is such that a strict utilitarian approach is maintained over its individuals. This was a way to make them "worth their salt", from their leader's perspective. The P+45k-yr. J-Rods (hereafter called 45's) are those scientific representatives, direct from Reticulum, not suffering from active peripheral neuropathy. Both representatives possess the generalized short, slim, stature. This report indicates the 52's to possess the Type-1-Cockayne- Syndrome-like appearance, and range between 0.91m-1.07m in height (normal stance).

The 45's stand more erect, and appear significantly taller as a result (normal stance: 1.07m-1.22m). (These numbers must supercede any other recollections of mine as they come right from the measurements in the briefing dossier.) There are also anatomical differences, such as variants in cranial protuberances, eye size, and such...but that is not germane to the issue at hand. The 45's are accustomed to breathing approximately 18% ambient oxygen, whereas the 52's are able to acclimate to that same level when the neuropathy is not exacerbated, with supplemental hydrogen partial pressures being therapeutic (see reason below). The report clearly indicates that hyperbaric therapy was applied to both the 45 and the 52, with the 45 recovering sufficiently to handle the present day atmosphere, and the 52 existing likewise (with intermittent supplemental hyperbaric therapy) until August, 1991. The report doesn't specify when the J-Rod was consigned to permanent enclosure, but it is clear that he could sustain himself in our atmosphere, for short periods, as close as a few years prior to my interaction with him. During the time of first introduction to the 52, it was clear that he could not sustain himself outside of the pressurized clean-sphere environment. True enough, by then he could not. In fact, atmospheric variations were used to control the 52's behavior, through the use of negative reinforcement, by pressure induced intumescence. (I was never involved in that kind of activity.)

This briefing dossier also included societal and political perspectives. Prior to my involvement, his formal status changed from "guest" to "prisoner" as there existed a schism between the human authorities and the society of 45's, then showing an upwelling of political activity by the "rogues." The 52 was held under arrest, for that reason, as the suspicion was transferred to their society. The "rogues", resident at the time of the 45's, didn't have representation from the 52's society. That caused the human authorities to suspect that the "rogues" were actually in charge of the 52's society and were therefore cloaked under the guise of the majority and not separated as a distinct minority group.

As I understand it, the "rogues" in their attempts to justify themselves, are also attempting to change the timelines such that they do not become socially extinct within 7 thousand years between 45 and 52 societies. It may be useful to reiterate that should a cataclysm occur in concert with the history books of the J-Rods, that the evolutionary process which ultimately results in the production of the J-Rods and the Brothers from Orion occurs over many thousands of years of evolutionary process. (i.e. It doesn't happen overnight!) The only thing we would see, during our lifetime, would be the dead and the efforts to survive on the surface and in the subterranean areas and facilities. Any divergence occurs hundreds of generations into the future. I do believe, in my heart, that we will avert the catastrophe, that the timelines will collapse, and that "something wonderful" will either happen or begin to happen.

(Regressing to the mean {so to speak}, though: Implicit in that is also the recognition of prophecy and tribulation. Again, no free lunch, by why would we ever expect it? Just a note— why do the carnival barkers in the media refuse to present that statement/position of mine: looking to a successful future for humanity? They consistently paint the doom then declare themselves as positive, when the only thing they are positive on is their own financial status and fleeting fame! Is it just that they are that desperate to feel in charge, or gain some distorted view of leadership? Sad...anyway...) Now, on to my direct experiences and the linkage between them and the information contained in the briefing.

I will try to confine my comments to his self perception, the issues regarding the neuropathy and heat loss, and the extraterrestrial cytology germane to the discussion; in reverse order. General cytology as germane to this discussion: (from personal recall, not the report.) In early discussions I referred to the general cytology of the 52's as possessing an "external" and "internal" cytoplasm. Not much was made of it, during any previous interview, and from my standpoint I was always confounded by that lack of inquiry. Of course, I am looking at it from a single direction and am biased toward the biological attributes surrounding my experiences. The discrete cytoplasmic partitioning was at the focus of the initial investigation, and the team previous to one to which I was assigned left the possible evolutionary pathway leading up to that partitioning as their greatest unsolved mystery. Once we finally received a thorough briefing, we took that issue up and carefully conducted our own investigation into the EBE's cytology. Of course we used the previous team's reports, presumptive physiology, biochemistry, photomicrography and electron micrographs to frame up the strategy for understanding the functional morphology. We found that the previous team had rushed through the description of the "median cytoplasmic membrane" (that membrane separating the internal and external cytoplasm). That median membrane was found to be composed of an approximately 58 angstrom thick active smooth endoplasmic reticulum (sER) with an ultrastructure demonstrating multiple vesicular pockets, with probable function of membrane phospholipid synthesis. Some anomalous 20-30 angstrom vesicles were observed, on the exterior (toward outer cytoplasmic membrane) and interior (toward nucleus) surfaces. Those vesicles were associated with what was later determined to be probable endosymbiotic nanobacteria. Ribosomes were ruled out. Rough ER (rER) was found associated with the sER, but that function moves away from the focus of this discussion. Further vesicles were found to be fused to mitochondrial analogs, on exterior and interior surfaces. The mitochondrial analogs were of two varieties: ones that operated under probable prosaic terrestrial oxidative phosphorylation (internal, toward nucleus) and a unique bioregulatory solenoid-like process (external, toward outer cell membrane). The external variety contained cristae, but also invaginated packets which encased the cristae and acted as hydrogen sensors via an anomalous "gated" diffusion barrier. Yes, the mitochondrial- analog's genomes (external and internal varieties) were sequenced and we positively identified selector genes, sequences probable for conservation of nuclear-to-mitochondrial redundancy, and potential enhancer modules.

All this data also reinforces the wonderful work of Margulis, relevant to S.E.T.: in other words, the exterior mitochondrial-analogs are presumed to be former endosymbiotically maintained extraterrestrial microbes, probable origin- Reticulum.

So, now you are bored and are asking yourself, "Where is all this going?" Ha! Ha! Ha! The external cytoplasm acts to increase the available energy, when higher amounts of hydrogen are present and when the temperature of the system is lowered, and supplants the internal cytoplasm's functions during times of stress to normal cellular equilibrium. Initially, we were limited to the estimation of the equilibrium constants via van't Hoff (as like the standard log(k1/k2=DHo(T2-T1)/2.303...RT1T2), but were able to nail down the equilibrium pressures across the cell's exterior plasmalemma and median membrane. (This was specifically alluded to / referred to in the Q94, dealing with action potential generating cells. Of course, by the time the Q94 was produced, we had been specifically targeting the focus of the pathology, whereas much of this is general EBE cellular physiology.)

Now, as you may have learned in a college level biology course, differentiated cells, comprising specific tissues, conduct specific activities that are defined as that tissue's "function." For instance, cells of a tissue that produce...say...a large amount of a specific type of an anti-freeze glycoprotein (AFGP), would possess the appropriate complement of cellular apparatus (number/ratio of appropriate organelles, etc.) to complete the assemblage, packaging, distribution, movement, and exporting of that protein.

Armed with this knowledge, we can now turn to the usage of AFGP's by the 52's. Without going into hours of anatomical descriptions of locations and orientations, suffice to say (for now) that exocrine and paracrine glands exist for the production of specific AFGP's which act toward thermal hysteresis. We positively identified two varieties of AFGP's: conventional Type 1's (Thr-Ala-Ala) which formed alpha-helical secondary structures and Type 3's containing the parallel/antiparallel beta-sheets. As temperature was decreased around the 52 variety J-Rod, AFGP's were specifically produced as a physiological result, via increased signaling ultimately into the internal cytoplasm's apparatus. This function was carried out via a merocrine-like methodology. Peripheral neuropathy decreased the signaling to the glands, and life-threatening hypothermia resulted!

On transition from the S4-5's Suite Level to the S4-4's Gallery Level (where I worked in the clean sphere), the temperature was specifically reduced and hydrogen partial pressures altered, in trials, so as to determine trigger points and baselines (dependent on the neural tissue's removal point and level of pathogenesis), thus enabling us to create a "functional" gross anatomical map of the disease progression. We applied this data against morphometric magnetic resonance type imaging, then staffed it (along with the neurochemistry, associated biochemistry, and histopathology results) against known neuro-biological theory and defined neuropathologies. We found a completely alien (no surprise there) combination MGUS (with specific paraproteins) and anomalous CIDP-like (IgA involved) neuropathy. Immunotherapy was applied via multiple techniques, including t-cell immunosuppression, plasma exchange, blah, blah, blah! Later, even viral transfections were applied. Nothing we applied provided more than minimal and short-lived amelioration of symptoms! Further, the Cockayne-like syndrome increased (by magnitude) the difficulty in handling the pathology, and turned the issue into an almost unimaginable multifocal process. An extensive attempt to further delineate the cytochemistry was applied, and I gradually headed-up the process to apply an early precursor study, using a reversine-like cyclohexylaminopurine. We attempted to dedifferentiate the EBE neuroblasts (by this process and by using mechanical teasing with subsequent chemical/electrical stimulation), with little usable success. As the process of some protein tertiary structure alteration progressed, a sloughing off of the external cytoplasm occurred. This keyed a process which produced presumed multipotent cells which divided into abnormal neuroblast progenitors, not containing an external cytoplasm. In other words...we may have data which can lead to a better understanding of J-Rod evolution, but we were not able to translate that into an efficacious therapy. Add all this to the constant progression of the disease and his acclimatization to the clean-sphere environment and you can get a feeling of what our team faced. While all this was ongoing, I was making a friend. He saw himself free of the disease and the myopic humans that imprisoned him. He did not see himself, personally, without the Cockayne-like abnormality. That stabilized condition was part of his self image. But, when he looked at me (and the other humans), he felt something he dearly longed: the conjoined resonance. He saw present day humans as what he, on occasion, termed as his "organic pure form."

Love (and may 'God help me' for what I know and have experienced),


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This message was a response by Dan to another member of the "Projects" and contains plain language about his work, his thoughts, his contact with J-ROD, the extraordinary Doctrine of the Convergent Timeline Paradox, and his beliefs as a person and a scientist.

Marcia McDowell, M.A.

Posted: Wed Apr 12, 2006 4:17 pm

Hi everybody.

I want to take this opportunity to try to interject something positive. Dan and I are very honored to be in communication with some of the wonderful people of the Tribal Nations of America and First Nations of Canada. My spirit is always lifted by these great people, and I would invite people to visit one of their websites:
These people have been kind enough to place some of Dan's words (echoed below) on their site, along with this photograph which should cause us all to remember what should never be allowed to happen again.

"In each case, where I was asked to do a duty, for the Government of the United States of America, I did so to the best of my ability, but always held the safety of humankind as supreme over all - for the Great Spirit lives in us all. In those cases where my duties were mixed with instructions where the supreme safety of humanity was placed in question, I acted in a manner which would place limits on those "products" which caused them, ultimately, to fail.

The Majestic, a group with which I had been associated for 20 years is aware of this, yet I have solidly refused to provide information to anyone which would enable the immoral and unethical "products" to function properly. To date, their better minds have been unable to decode the subtle "clockwork" mechanisms altered by me, while in their sphere of operations. The replacement coding, for the "clockwork" changes, has been long since forgotten by me, thus enabling me to not be able to provide them with the solution, no matter what they may ever decide to do to me. My simple hands have been graced with more than one such matter, and such work are in "products" of which they remain unaware- they destined to failure too, should the madness of certain humans ever decide to use them. I have always remembered that my hands are your hands, my heart your heart, my life, your life. We are one people!

When I hear that such genocide could be attempted, and knowing that we indeed have the ability to do so, it reminds me of my ethnic heritage- the Macedonian Jewish people who were targeted by Hitler, because of what they were. I am them, so I am you.

I do ask for prayers from your people, prayers for the sum of humanity as we enter a time of change, prayers for UNITY, before the Great Spirit!

Please know that I am your servant, a servant to your great peoples, and will be there for you at your calling.

Until God deigns that we may meet in person, and in the presence of the Eagle and in the heart of the earth, I humbly say to you:
Walking in Love,

Ann 9/26/06 ~ eaglesforum (Majestic initiated forum)

I'll pass the heart wishes everyone. Thank you. Dan's recovery is expected not to take days or weeks, probably months. A lot of emails have come in asking about the Solfeggio publication that Dan and Marci were working on when the seizure struck.

Dan was doing the most of it, because Marci is marketing the "Tell the World" DVD to many countries. Dan promised that the ebook Emanation of the Solfeggio was the first project that would be completed. It will be completed. You probably know that Dan and Marci were the first people ever to prove out hyperspace geometry on the Solfeggio scale. This is no small discovery and never described before. They found that the 6 tones of the Solfeggio scale, when added with the 3 suppressed tones, could be represented as a hyperspace cube that through the mathematics of music continues to generate the Solfeggio tones by the differences between tones created when the 2D numbers were raised to 3D. This means that the Solfeggio may be natural and produced by the universe itself!So if anyone ever says it was known before, ask them to give their research on the SOLFEGGIO TESSERACT. When they look at you dumbfounded, you can smile at them and tell them to go away and do their homework. If they stubbornly say any more, ask them to show the research they have on subtle matter that can restart cells. (Dan's Lotus promise will be fulfilled too.) (If they say anything more, they're probably drunk, but I don't want to be rude but refer them to another forum I can think of! )Dan was struck when he was finishing a special part of the Solfeggio which I am backtracking through hundreds of pages of his handwritten notes, for Marci to complete. This special section could be considered very heretical and will show ancient knowledge about the Solfeggio maybe known before it was hidden or maybe never known before. Marci is now tasked with making decisions what will be written because this ancient knowledge section was written in Dan's handwriting:This is a dangerous discussion he was (IS!) going to give to the world. It's worthwhile because it's information believed to have been suppressed for centuries. It may make the book infamous in orthodox circles, but when have either of them ever backed off because of that?

Dan's private notes are littered with notes to self about giving healing to the world. I can promise that his work will not be stopped. If one falls another will step up, and another, and another. This will be given to the world. It may take a little longer than when we had Dan at the wheel, but it will be done because he gave his word that it will. Blessings to all those of the heart-love, Ann

Crystal Lotus Model in 2091 ?

Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2005 07:11:50 +0100 (BST)
From: nobody nobody
To: dondep@xxxxxx.xxxx

Mr. Deppeller, Please do not reply here as those damned elements in Las Vegas keep breaking into the system. I have expanding news for you. First, I hope all of our efforts, aside from the chap caught with the Hamilton letters, are arriving. If they have, you now possess an appreciation of how "in the dark" Dr. Burisch has been kept. The disc is most important as Dr. Burisch revealed his true orders during Operation Desert Storm and the result of his actions during the Tau 9. Dr. Burisch retired on March 21, 2005 at 5 am GMT. Dr. Burisch was told by J2 [Dick Cheney] on March 30, 2005 that he had been lied to by the Maji, concerning the concocted "butterfly effect". He was directly informed that his silence had no consequence to the finding of the Crystal Lotus Model in 2091. Once this information spread to his inner circle, those around him began contracting his psychological operating space so that he would not gain internet or telephone access and "tell the world" himself. He is extremely angry that he was fed with such disinformation and appears more than willing to not only fight for himself and against the trashing of his reputation, but move to public DISCLOSURE. I must admit, though, this willingness is very fragile and he is very weak. As the contraction around him continues, and as he listens to the people he calls "loved ones", the time is NOW to approach and subpoena him. He is ready to scream from the roof tops! In Dr. Burisch's failing health state, he barks loudly but has very little energy to fight the strong wills around him. His state continues to worsen and there appears to be a progressive loss of coordination due to seizure-related brain damage. Walking for him has become more difficult and he now uses a cane. He was issued a hand-crafted masonic walking stick, from the Washington Consistory, by request of J1 himself. It is personalized and quite elegant. Recent communications between he and McDowell have indicated that Dr. Burisch has demanded to sign some type of document to forever swear off the receipt of monetary gain from his story. Dr. Burisch reacted in a very vehement manner about not receiving monies. This portends that he intends a "story" to be told. It also suggests that he has lost neither his sense of moral balance nor his ethical base. McDowell is still very active in the Maji and is Dr. Burisch's #1 protector. Ms. Marcher is a close friend of both she and Mrs. Burisch and together they watch him 24/7. Dr. Burisch is not aware that McDowell and Marcher are close. Other internet communications suggest that some type of public announcement from Dr. Burisch's "handlers" is imminent. I have read that whatever is coming, it is not a book. I believe they intend to permanently disallow Dr. Burisch actually speaking directly to the public. McDowell is acting as the focus group coordinator and appears to be in charge of how anything would be released. She is the power player now! I highly suggest you breathe not a word of this to anyone else as the "handlers" may change their direction if they know this leak has occurred.

Dondep comments NOTES: "J-2" is none other than the illegitimate Vice-Pres. of the US, one Richard B. Cheney, a/k/a "Deadeye Dick", "Chainsaw Cheney", "Chickenhawk Cheney", etc. Someone who Marci admits to liking. (You don't think Cheney would let someone be that close to Dan unless he could trust her, do you? Of course not! This is but one reason for questioning someone that has "the full support of [the Veep]".)

The 'walking stick' referred to I saw first-hand a year later, as did Dagwood. It's true that it's "elegantly carved", having 33 rings (specifically for the Masonic meaning).

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Dr Dan Burish Verification & Research?

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