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Microbiologist Dr. Dan Burisch Retires From Area 51, 5/30/04

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The One and Only Public Appearance of Dr. Dan Burisch

Rachel Nevada 5/30/04

"Boomer"~ Winston ~ Marci ~ Dr Burisch ~ talk over breakfast at the Little A'le'inn

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OpDirLotus 6/5/2004 6:36 pm EDT PAGE 6

Re: Dr.Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 11:)

To say that it has been a pleasure to have this rare chance to speak to you personally, would be such an understatement.

I really donīt know how to thank everyone who came to Rachel, even if we did not always see eye to eye. Boomer, you are and always shall remain in my memory, one of the most treasured people I have met. John, you are irrascible, but loveable. Serg, quiet and powerful with cutting questions that reached into the very heart of many matters. Ike made me feel so special, welcoming me as an old friend. The people we met there, even the ones we didnīt know were kind spirited and hopeful for a brighter tomorrow.

To all the great people I have met on the forum: I canīt even begin to tell you how much I appreciate your grace, curiosity, humor, talent and warmth. Even those who have made themselves a nuisance asking questions that have been more than adequately addressed, spamming the board with nonsence posts, and spewing anger at every turn have helped to make this experience memorable. They have served to show how wonderful the majority of the people on this thread are, by comparison.

I thank you, each of you for talking with me. Thank you for talking with Dan and forwarding your questions to him even when he was not able to post to the board. I know that we havenīt been able to answer all of them. We have done the best that we could in this brief window of opportunity.

All I can say is that each and every person here is important. I donīt know what is going to happen. But I do know that everybody can make a difference. Even if it is just a small difference in the world. If catastrophe happens, and even if we manage to avoid it - I am hoping that everybody here will do one thing for me. Aside from garnering knowledge of how to cope and make the best of a situation, I would ask you to do this.... please select something of kindness, beauty, music, maybe a story or a poem or a song, or your skill as an artist..... something personal that you can carry forward into the future...... to help bring the best of our world into tomorrow - whatever tomorrow holds.

Thank you, and God Bless you all.

Marci (BJ Wolf)

OpDirLotus 6/5/2004 3:29 pm EDT PAGE 4 Re: Dr.Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 11:)

Hi everybody,

I have just been informed by security that Dr. Burisch has said that it is time for me to go back to work - I have got to concentrate on the next phase of the Lotus project although it wonīt be called that any more. Go figure!

So at 13:00 hrs pacific, Dr. Burisch will be vacating his email address as he has indicated that a reasonable question set has been answered. Dan says that he wishes all of the good people on the GLP forum all his best in their lives, great happiness, love and peace.

I have until 16:00 hrs pacific time before my email will be similarly vacated and I will be concentrating wholly on the project at hand.


Dan Burisch 6/5/2004 12:54 am EDT PAGE 2 Re: Dr.Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 11:) [ Dr Burisch answers some questions, some highly technical. ]

Boomerangī 6/4/2004 2:37 pm EDT PAGE 31 Re: Dr.Burisch and His Enigma:Volume 10:)

Illuminated one... Re, "Boomer Id like to hear your opinion of Burisch and his story on who he is. Do you believe it? Is he lying? brainwashed?"

These are my findings. Dan Burisch sounds level headed, articulate, intelligent. He did not at any time appear to be drugged or īmind controlledī, he was sharp, quick witted, a pleasure to converse with. Ditto for Marci McDowell.

You answer your own query when you state that nothing is being sold etc. So the question is......what would be the point of creating such a hoax? Who would benefit from it? I went to Las Vegas specifically to meet Dan Burisch, what better way to judge a situation than first hand. I have no regrets, given the opportunity I would repeat the trip without hesitation. Speaking for myself, Iīm relatively well educated, possess qualifications in both electronics and electrical engineering.

One of the guys I met in LV is a retired high ranking police officer, he treats Dan with respect. From the information I have, this person has also investigated Dans story for a long period of time and appears to have satisfied himself regarding its veracity so far.

Bill Hamilton has been looking into Dans life and work for many years, from the meetings and contact he has, he would have to be īin on itī too. Do I believe Dan? Having met the man, yes I do. Is he brainwashed? If so, then Marci is also, letīs not forget Bill, and many others... The bottom line is, nobody asks you to believe this story, do they? My life wont change because of it, whatīs the point? Whatever happens is out of my control on the planetary scale. The problem as I see it is that disclosure on a wide scale would be met with hostility, Iīm of the opinion now that perhaps disclosure will occur to those that seek that information.

Thessa 6/4/2004 6:20 am EDT PAGE 29 Re: Dr.Burisch and His Enigma:Volume 10:)

I would like to ask one question, if I may, but I'll not address it to anyone in particular. First because I don't know who is more qualified or more willing to answer it and second, and more important, because I don't want anyone to feel left out. What I would like to understand is why it's not an issue anymore to talk about and with Dr Burisch. I remember when this thread started that we even didn't know if Dr Burisch was dead or alive and just a couple of months ago someone came here saying we were all delusional because there wasn't any Dr Burisch and we all had a massive dose of "conspiranoid" theories by watching x-files... Also, if I remember well, just last month someone told us that Dr Burisch was retiring and that after 1 June he would disappeared to some quiet place to never be found again. And the Rachel gift and all that...

So... what changed? Why all of a sudden can Dr Burisch be openly (with an avatar!) at GLP chatting with all of us and by that to make this thread even more visible to all that have a cherished place in their beings for the deception/disclosure subject. Even if he is not anymore directly tied with any secret project and by that to security matters, unless his memory was erased and/or his will messed up, he stills has the knowledge to keep us all busy for quite some time.

I'm not complaining (not at all!...) it's just that "group dynamics" (LOL..) always triggers my curiosity and even if I'm not that thrilled anymore to expect to see the "whys" and "what for" of human/et involvement explained here (some of my answers have been answered elsewhere), I'm still curious to observe how this thread will evolve and the role that is reserved for it...."

Boomerangī 6/4/2004 6:01 am EDT PAGE 29

Re: Dr.Burisch and His Enigma:Volume 10:)

Good morning all, I agree with Shady about trying NOT to inundate Dans mail box if at all possible.

Dan and Marci,

"In fairness to other posters Iīm leaving the questions to them and sitting here enjoying your company, however there is one thing......I would like to ask you about the pen that Dan kindly gave to me."- - (the pen that was used in the creation of the "model". )

"Almost immediately I realised that there was a small inscription, I could feel it but my eyesight without specsī didnīt allow me to read it. Winston on the other hand being young and untainted with the rigors of old age (LOL) had no trouble, he was able to tell me what it said straight away. To be perfectly honest, Iīm almost afraid to ask this the inscription significant? I like to think it is, but would rather know for sure than kid myself! Thanks for your time."



Boomer~Dan~Winston~Marci ~ ~ Dan~Marci~UJ~Serge~Boomer

Boomerangī 6/3/2004 4:20 pm EDT

Re: Dr.Burisch and His Enigma:Volume 10:) PAGE 25

Hi Marci and welcome, my gut feeling is itīs really you, please stay as long as possible. I havenīt read the previous pages as yet, iīm busy downloading photos etc here. I find it impossible to comprehend that John would dispose of a gift from Dan....ever, he was īover the moonī with the gift on the day, no matter what the gift was. Iīm feeling confused right now, this doesnīt sound like the actions of the John that I met.

I would like to tell you one thing Marci, the gift that I received from Dan came home with me in my personal hand luggage, I didnīt want to run the risk of it going astray in the hold luggage. I would have been distraught at such an occurrence. It will be treasured always, I have plans for it too, it will be mounted on the gift that I received from Alan, it will look fabulous sitting on the small piece of Frenchmens Mountain (such wonderful colouring of the rock).

Iīm overjoyed with my gift and canīt thank both yourself and Dan enough for all you did for me. Over the next few days I will be showing some of my own images on my website, I hope you get the opportunity to visit.

To all posters here, please treat Marci and Dan with respect, they are real people with feelings just the same as you and I, not some cyber creation. Marci tripped and injured her knee at Frenchmens, she bled the same as you or I would, she is a lovely lady, pretty too, her photos do not do her justice.

Phi(re)/Serge 6/3/2004 4:31 pm EDT

Re: Dr.Burisch and His Enigma:Volume 10:) Hi everyone. Now that Boomer has safely returned, and Dan (and Marci!) has showed up here too, I feel like I can start posting again myself....{Continued PAGE 25}

OpDirLotus ('Marci') 6/3/2004 3:25 pm EDT

Re: Dr.Burisch and His Enigma:Volume 10:) PAGE 25

Well, this day has certainly been full of surprises. I got back to find that Dan had managed to push for, and get a concession about posting to this thread. I donīt know how he did it, but he has to carry a great deal of clout.

Ok, so everybody is probably saying, yea sure, itīs not her. You know what, I donīt care what everybody says. Think whatever you want. I know itīs me, and Iīm posting, at least as long as I can, so believe it, or donīt believe it. Itīs your choice. One think I want to say before anything else - I want to thank Boomerang for coming all that way to meet us. It was such a pleasure to talk with you, you absolutely made my day. You are quiet but fun, and curious, and insightful, and you represented the good people of this forum with grace and integrity. I was sad that the day had to end - I really wished it could have continued.

I was also happy to meet John Henderson. At least I ***was*** happy to meet him - that is until I read the last few pages of this forum, and learned that he didnīt think Danīs gift was good enough, or some crap like that.....and threw it away.

That is simply too incredible for me to believe, after he was so very nice to our faces. What the hell possessed you John? If you didnīt want it, at the very least you could have thought about the other people on this thread who werenīt able to attend, and who might have appreciated having something like that from Dan. Why didnīt you send it on to somebody who would appreciate it, instead of throwing Danīs gift into the garbage.

I am serious, and I want an answer John. I am sure that there is somebody on this forum who would have appreciated having a gift from Dan, one given from the heart, even if you didnīt.

Look, if any body wants to talk with me, or ask a few questions, Iīll do the best I can to answer you but right now, I am so pissed off at John I am going to end this note here and now - before I vent my frustration in those four letter explatives that I am so (in)famous for.


oh, and by the way, in case nobody has figured it out yet, I was the one who threw out those five Belgian media people/cameramen from the Inn

Dr Burisch continues to answer questions PAGE 23 => onward Vol. 10

Dan Burisch 6/3/2004 6:04 am EDT Re: Dr.Burisch and His Enigma:Volume 10:) PAGE 22

Now it can be started from a little AīleīInn in a small town named Rachel. ---"No! The truth, in my opinion, that began in Bethlehem will be finished with the rejoining of humanity to God. Rachel is not the birthplace of a truth. That birthplace is with God and its seed will grow in our souls. The Creatorīs LOVE is the TRUTH. QUESTION: Did you enjoy the meeting with those nice people.

---"I was afraid at first because it had been so long since I had open conversation with such beautiful souls. I will treasure the experience for the rest of my life. So many people said to me how honored they were to meet me...the truth truly is that the honor was mine to have had the privilege of meeting them.

"It is the danger to Earth that must be heralded to the people; if the Lotus comes out as a consequence, and if I.....īam called to testifyī...." ---We are now part of a mass extinction process. We have the power to halt it. We are the only earth species that does.

And yes, if I am called to testify...I will tell the truth, but for the sake of humanity, I will not divulge (under any circumstances) the key to the blue apples, which is the access point to the fruit of the Tree of Life.

Dr Burisch speaks directly to the Forum for the 1st time

Dan Burisch 6/3/2004 2:45 am EDT PAGE 20

Re: Dr.Burisch and His Enigma:Volume 10:)

"Well? We all do very well when the cat is away. The cat is here for a time. Hard fought argument won. Here I am. The poor soul, the gift giver from the heart. Ready to be called names to my face. Idol? No copy and pastes if you are able. Speak to me directly. Hereīs your chance lady! Mr. Henderson, I am glad you found some small use for the gift I had to give you from my heart. Thatīs what "have" meant...from my heart. I can stay as long as I wish. What do you wish?

Dan Burisch 6/3/2004 2:47 am EDT

John: I petted little Garcia while your wife reclined next to your motor home, in the shade, at Frenchman. The dogs were on a rug. Confirm my identity if you are able.

Dan Burisch 6/3/2004 4:15 am EDT PAGE 21

Re: Dr.Burisch and His Enigma:Volume 10:)

All of the individuals with which I had to work, were volunteers. I have never used the science or art within it, to harm anyone. On to housekeeping issues...

Dan Burisch 6/3/2004 4:22 am EDT

Re: Dr.Burisch and His Enigma:Volume 10:) The OpDir, at this moment, is unaware that I am posting here. I returned a few hours ago with hard fought freedoms under hand. I am aware of the things that I must not say, ref the timelines, and am clear as to those things that I can say, ref the same. I must say from the onset that I have read many things that have made my heart feel glad: the caring for the truth, the questioning as to whether I have been telling it, and the concern for the people of the world.

On the other hand, I have also experienced reading things that have not made my heart so glad. The first item, is what I perceive as the expectancy that I should be something that I am not. I confess, that while I am a Christian, I may not be as Christ-like as I wish to be. No, John, the angel that was given to me two weeks ago will not jump off its chain, vibrate with the Schumann resonance, nor will it provide a whizzing multi-media extravaganza for all to see. Do I sound upset? It was just a simple gift from the heart. If you feel that it does not meet your particular tastes, throw it away...or better yet give it to someone that may find some introspective use with it. :) (I see now that Freedom of Expression may also be a dangerous afterglow. :() ).

Dan Burisch: "...I CHOOSE to continue my research soon. I CHOOSE to quietly try to help the earth out of the damage we are inflicting upon her. I KNOW that I cannot do that by setting at my VDT and typing. I MUST go out (however quietly) and DO things to help..."

Kiwi Cocky 6/3/2004 4:25 am EDT

Re: Dr.Burisch and His Enigma:Volume 10:)

Hi Dan, if it is you. What a weird scenario. Hope you can find the time to answer the questions posed. ...CONTINUED ON PAGE 21 Vol. 10

Uncle John 6/2/2004 3:56 pm EDT PAGE 19

Re: Dr.Burisch and His Enigma:Volume 10:)

{ Uncle John has some Major misgivings about Marcia (BJ) & Dan. }


Dex 6/3/2004 2:09 am EDT PAGE 20

Re: Dr.Burisch and His Enigma:Volume 10:)

Uncle Johnīs compiled posting helping those who have a hard time cutting through the inconsiderateīs...

Uncle John 6/1/2004 12:36 am EDT PAGE 13

Re: Dr.Burisch and His Enigma:Volume 10:)

Uncle John here: Just back from a 12 hour drive. ... .

Met with Dan and Marcia at Rachel and Frenchmans. Much to tell. Got lots of it recorded. Dan even cautiously went over the blue apple thing. Got to unwind the road jitters. Later

Uncle John 6/1/2004 1:52 am EDT PAGE 13

Uncle John here: Kate, any pictures I sent out on email are public domain and can be posted by anyone.
{ PHOTOS at }
There is going to be some discussion about the videos and audio that were taken. I'm mainly interested in securing the rights to all videos taken to be available to all in any form. Lots of camera's were rolling. It's going to be a trading rights sort of thing. If you think that I'm crazy on chats, wait to you see how I am in video and audio. LOL.

Uncle John 6/1/2004 1:58 am EDT PAGE 13

Uncle John here: Have to quickly add that Boomers and CrackaJack's letters were read out loud to the three different groups of ETs at the T9 meeting. We're talking history here.

Uncle John 6/1/2004 2:46 am EDT PAGE 13

Don, I'm soo tired, but I keep typing, so don't be surprised if i'm wrong. The T9 had already been agreed upon, it will not be signed until 6/8

Phi(re) 5/30/2004 10:02 pm EDT PAGE 10 Re: Dr.Burisch and His Enigma:Volume 10:)

The meeting(s) went extremely well, well beyond our first humble expectations. It will take some time for the participants to put all things together. Of course, Boomer and Uncle John should have the first say and present the collected information in a more digested form, although, some may prefer to share raw data... It was also emotionally intense. When certain sensitive areas were touched, we would hit the no comment barrier. The apple question was addressed too. Some interesting details surfaced about the Hebrew speaking entity that Dan said could speak English, and as a matter of fact it sounded like this was their preferred way of communication. Once again I feel that it is not my privilege to present the conversation(s). But I also feel that at least something must be said to help those who are desperately waiting for any news from Rachel till Boomer and Uncle John get to a place where access to the Internet is available

Boomerang Picked To Meet With Dan

~=~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~>>-<>~+~<>-<<~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~=~

Sterling's Friend 5/19/2004 7:42 am EDT

Re: Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 9:) Page 11

Boomerang, It looks like you are the one that Dan wants to meet and will be most open and comfortable with. Are you up for it?

Boomerang' 5/19/2004 7:43 am EDT

Herald, "...I will speak with Bill Hamilton to confirm the veracity of the situation, if Bill confirms it, then I am coming over. Please inform Dan I look forwards to speaking with him..."

HERALDh 5/19/2004 7:48 am EDT

Re: Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 9:) Page 11

Sounds good Boomerang. I have a note here that the Operational Director informed Mr. Hamilton of Dan's decision and his bosses ok yesterday. He WILL be there. A bit of a side note here that I called Dan and informed him

HERALDi 5/19/2004 7:56 am EDT

Re: Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 9:) Page 11

And Boomerang he said after you three (he and the OpDir) get done talking if you want to follow them in a car he would be happy to show you where he has done his research at Frenchman's Mountain. A bit of a tour. He won't have others come along though aside from personal company that you might have with you. He really seems to like you. :0) He said the cost of showing you around where he did the research would be a small rock from your homeland. Can you bring one to him?

Boomerang' 5/19/2004 7:59 am EDT

Herald, I can fetch whatever Dan would like. Rock from any particular location? I would be overjoyed to have the 'tour'!!!


Ok he said it would be about a 3 hour drive back to Vegas. Then he would show you the mountain, "without a circus" and he said that "any rock he would feel that is representative of the beauty of his homeland." What a night! Bushed! ;0)

Boomerang' 5/19/2004 8:07 am EDT

Thank you Herald, For starters, I have some beautiful lava rock from my favourite place the Isle of Anglesey. I will get a selection together for the trip, have to watch the weight allowance.....

HERALDk 5/19/2004 8:11 am EDT

Re: Dr. Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 9:) Page 11

Ok he just confirmed: "Ok then it's solely Boomerang's day after the Hamilton speech until dinner. Proj. Lotus in it's last day will be Boomerang's from 10:00-16:00! We will need to break at around 16:00 hrs because we have another commitment that evening." Time for me to get shut eye Boomerang. I don't know if I will be commoing again, so it's been a real pleasure. Project Lotus looks forward to meeting you.

5/21/04 -- Bill Hamilton will also take the trip to Frenchman's Mountain. Much advice & help on the GLP thread as Boomerang gets prepared for his 1st time journey across the 'pond from the UK to the USA!

Dan at Frenchman Mt.


Posted: Thu Oct 06, 2005 2:54 pm  
 Post subject: boomerang wrote: Hi Marci,

"What was I saying just the other day to a fellow forum member?
I intend going back to the States if the circumstances feel right.
From your 'tone' this 'sounds' like it.... No media circus this time.....PLEASE!!!!!!

How much notice would you require? I can leave virtually anytime subject to obtaining a suitable flight. (Have to ask Ron for the fare again...sheesh!) Wait 'til my little oppo NS reads this one, he will be steaming at the ears!!

Boomer, that sounds great. Give me a couple weeks notice ahead of your arrival, as I need to get Dan's schedule freed up. He will set up one of his personal scopes for you to use in his office, and we can see what Nature will provide in the ganesh-particle runs. In the past it has generated positive results for portal formation 2/3rds of the time. Ganesh particles are much more discreet and hard to observe, but we will take film of the events and process it right then and there, so you can see yourself what we find. If Nature does not cooperate, we will schedule additional runs while you are here. But in most cases we do get something. But this is only for you - no media circus, I promise. Just for the record, no other people are going to be invited into Dr. Burisch's office for this run, except you.

Later on there may be other opportunities for people, but this is being set up just for you. We'll outline a full description of the Lotus imagery if you'd like, as well. It would take about a full day if we are successful on the first run. If not, we may need an additional day or so, to do subsequent runs. Nature cooperates at her own pace. (If this were easy, everyone would have found them ) We can also share with you some of the early (prelim) work we have been doing with the tones in music if you'd like.

~=~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~>>-<>~+~<>-<<~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~=~

MARCI (BJ Wolf) RETURNS "OpSci" Vol 15 Page 11

OpSci 7/3/2004 2:42 am EDT

Re: Dr.Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 15:)

Vicky said:

I cannot speak for all ufologists, but in my book heīs a genuine hero. My opinion isnīt likely to change on that. He is a brave man, a genius, a godly man...a good man. What else can I say? God bless him.

Thank you Vicky. I agree with you. Of course I have one advantage that most of you donīt, I actually have known Dr. Burisch for many years. Yes, strange as this seems, I have been allowed to recontact this group, as well as those idiots who decided to wait until after Dr. Burisch went into retirement and could never again comment before they leveled their cowardly attacks. I have a few things to say to those illustrious people.

I am not too pleased with what I am currently seeing. In any event, could Boomer get online or somebody else who can identify me? Marci

Marci (Opscinsn) in conference with some Forum participants

7/3/2004 Vol 15 Page 13 4:56 am EDT

Opscinsn: (Marci- BJ Wolf) " bosses turned me lose on those damned bastards who keep trying to attack Dan.
Opscinsn: I am concerned that all this negative energy is having a toll on Dan. He doesnīt know I am doing this..."

"...Opscinsn: well, what I got in briefing was that this Noory guy started out all nice and everything
Opscinsn: then about half way through ambushed Linda on live radio
Opscinsn: tried to pin her against a wall about Dan and a polygraph test..."
Continued -> Vol 15 Page 13 4:56 am EDT

Anonymous C. (Marci) 7/3/2004 4:15 pm EDT

Re: Dr.Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 15:) Page 17

I just finished reading a redacted collection of the posts since I logged off last night. Noticing several cockroaches slipping out of the woodwork, after Iīd left. That was only to be expected. first off, I never said I liked or disliked Linda. She certainly has my respect, if for nothing else, for the way she handled those circus ring masters who tried to corner her on C2C. She is aces in my book, for being cool, composed, and professional. Boomer, I know you are hoping for firm evidence, but thatīs not really why I was allowed to speak at this time. Perfect proof my friend? I donīt think it exists. Most of Danīs background was destroyed several years ago, including the BlackOps funded Ph.D he earned at SUNY, through professors who have long since been paid off to dismiss any question of him in exchange for their quietly lucrative contracts, grants, and perks. You donīt think it really works that way? LOL.

Everybody has, under your hands right now a lifetime worth of research material you can evaluate.

If some people donīt think its enough. Thatīs fine. Handing the UFO community a finished case, with perfect evidence, all neatly tied up in a package with a big pink ribbon is just not realistic. And quite frankly, if the world were handed that kind of a thing, it would probably be dismissed anyway. The current actions among the UFO elite are serving to prove Brookings was right. Most people who are demanding the truth, when faced with things they canīt understand, cope with or validate to their hearts content, things that donīt fit into the perfect little image they have created for themselves of how everything SHOULD work, start jumping around with their hands over their ears, whooping loudly so they donīt have to cope with stuff not going their way...." CONTINUED -> 4:15 pm EDT -> Followed by 4:21 pm EDT The Salla/Marci Exchange on Disclosure 4/20/04 OR THIS -->


Vegas Cockroach 7/4/2004 5:31 am EDT

Re: Dr.Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 15:) Page 20

I am here to defend all my insect friends who have been handed a negative announcement by the wanna be world(s) savior Marci McWolf and her team of dipshits, being coached by "J" who used to coach for Charlieīs Angels before he got dropped.

I am not impressed. Wasnīt it Marci herself who lied to our faces regarding the interview those guys had over at Samīs Town Casino not too long ago?? That she personally had coached a lulu through several hours of questions via some link up to her glasses? Her ability to come here and think that she is above us cockroaches reminds me of her ability to keep the poker face up while "directing" you worthwhiles just who youīre supposed to believe is worth wasting your energies on. What an elitist b___h! She comes by permission of the puppetmasters to keep us honest cockroaches, ( who are not owned and operated by anonymous chickenshits), off balance. It is pretty obvious to us sub-human life forms that Dan Burisch did not do anything for us except let us know that he canīt do anything for us.. another elitist patsy is all he will ever be. Whatīs this lame excuse about he "canīt affect a timeline"? What kind of stupid bullshit is that? He should feel pretty good that he saved the world, and we should feel pretty good that we didnīt have to know from what... She calls the unearthly light visitors HOLY? Their description and track record fits nothing HOLY... more like they want you to think they are HOLY because they say HOLY, HOLY, HOLY IS THE LORD. What else would they have to say to get someone who believes in the LORD to trust them? I am personally an offended Vegas cockroach because I donīt have a poker face, donīt lie when told to, would die for any of my species without any prompting, and HOLY, HOLY, HOLY never comes by for even a visit... too busy over there visiting the LIARS, CHEATS, and THIEVES that make this city famous.

Think people. Before you get stepped on by the inducted OP/DIR who thinks it a pain in the ass to address "the few" here worth saving. FUMB.

MARCI & DONDEP CHAT 7/6/004 VOL. 15 Page 25 2:22am EDT

VOL 16

Crackajack 7/7/2004 6:02 am EDT

Dr.Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 16:)

Great to see ya back again HS. Hi All. Timely new thread. ;) Rather than argue with each other about hoax or not, right or wrong, science or belief, occult or otherwise, woo-woo or sane etc etc etc, how ībout redirecting those energies to further research? No question is a dumb question but some questions will just not be answered. Why? Because not one soul here can answer some questions with 100% certainty. Get over it already *smile*.

Then again, it appears all over as far as "The Effort" is concerned, so may as well return to our "normal" little Private choice of course. ;) This received via email recently from Marci (thank you). Discern for yourselves as you will.


The following letter from J came in my pouch today, and after reading it, and re-reading it I have decided that I need to send this out to everybody as soon as possible. For reasons of privacy, everybody except for Linda (using her public email address) has been blind ccīd. Since Jīs letter seems to refer to something that was posted previously on the GLP forum, I took the liberty of going there and making a copy of that posted entry for reference purposes.

I donīt know if it might be of any help to you, Bill or Linda, as you are the ones having to weather the brunt of the firestorm right now, but it does refer to the free-for-all that is going on right now. Maybe it will help, I hope so. If not, at least it is something you can read to help put things into perspective.

To the two GLP members I have addressed this letter to: I am using your email addresses on behalf of the whole forum. I hope you donīt mind. There are just too many to handle. So please feel free to send this on to the rest, and if you wish to post it, go ahead. I can see no reason why not. I donīt think it was meant to be a private communication between myself and "J". Marci


Letter from J [an "insider"] regarding Dan Burisch

Mr. Deppeller and all, you may distribute this letter to whomever you choose. Or, not. As a preamble, I do not believe that the library addition under the name Noory should be given to him. No good would come with doing so. I personally doubt he would remember it after receiving his next paycheck.

To the children here reading,

You have been witness to a truth, a truth that shall be called otherwise by those whose destiny is more simple than others. True enough this man is a hoax to them, as their world view will not grasp otherwise. In finality they used all that they had left and soon the man who started the pressing at my boy will hold up his and those of his ilkīs best banner against him: their love of money and their dependence on your also believing in such societal rules. Hundreds of pages of information exist, including verified documents, eyewitness reports of confirmation, his work that could be studied, and direct encounters that have resulted in many feelings about him as a man. That will be given over to derision soon, to the fools of the time. He was informed that this would happen, in 2000.

He smiled at me and said, "Okay." He knows the purpose for which he was called. Those close to him and those in power have accurately said "bread and circuses now". Discussion around my boy lately has been subdued for his health. He will not know all he is to be called. He will not read the articles destined for a magazine that headlines, "Alien Ghost at Roswell" or some other nonsense tabloid spew, nor ever have to deal with the equally nonsensical tabloid headers Arthur Bell, George Noory, George Knapp, and some guys called William Birnes and Donald Ecker. The tabloid rag offered by Mr. Noory and the last two names have promised the complete story of my boy.

They offer this by showing a rubber monster for a science fiction movie on the cover, speaking to some of our information releases, misreads of his complicated life and honest loving decisions, and holding up his checkbook. They should know that it was that response that damned the entire community from our moving forward. They have written their check and we have determined that they are representing insufficient funds to move forward. I doubt they have the capacity to wrap their minds around that.

My boy does not need to know anymore about this. Years before many of you were born a decision was made to set a test before the public, in defiance of the prognostications of the famous Brookings Institution report of 1960. That test, using a man with simple brilliance, was carried out.

In 1971, a decision was carried to use my boy in this effort. I had no idea at the time that he was to be much more than I knew at the time. He was to encounter another child under extreme circumstances and my boy would only live on through him. I have known the person as my child ever since.

The ball was put in motion in 1975 when he first began to show brilliance with a microscope. Powers decided at that time to offer two roads, in a test of his mettle. He chose the difficult road. He chose the only right road. Some of the greater truth was showed to him and his simplicity of heart and love of people drove him forward toward them.

We of the smaller group have felt too that this community was not necessarily the best to offer this test of human immunity against disillusionment. It was determined the only contiguous community now available, set apart from the bars of the Brookings Institutionīs findings. Given the great proximity to the time of changes, it was the only course we could attempt out of respect for people that have so long yelled for truth.

The power plays that happened prior to his success with the model and ultimate retirement ultimately wore him down too. But he survived. Some of his work has insured that you will too. Laugh at his name at your own moral expense. He prays for every one of you daily, anyway.

It remains my hope that one day another offer will be made to the public. Maybe they will then show that they can grasp what is before them. Or, maybe they will fail again. Only time will tell us. I hope that this letter has reached each of you in good health and that you remain so for many years of happiness. The time has come for me to go, and so you will also be returned to the reaction that has driven our decision to step back instead of forward: outright dismissal, entertainment value headlines, the hoaxed-truth boxes of the recent Century, mocking, moving cartoons as responses instead of human value, and self aggrandizement. In my deepest heart, I pray for each person here. J"



Dodep 7/14/2004 2:13 am Page 24 Vol. 16

"...( Marci)..."Being "taken care-of" doesnīt necessarily mean receiving gobs of money. Majestic is very subtle, and often by the removal of obstacles, and faciliation of a memberīs efforts, they are well taken care-of. Other members are taken care of by having scientific equipment appear upon request, even if it does not belong to them - they are allowed to use it, and pursue their passion. Majestic has been perfecting methods to move undetected through society for more than 50 years.

Thatīs why nobody has ever been able to pin anything down...........there are literally hundreds of methods available (again, I am only being authorized to speak to the issues being lined up against Dan for the purposes of helping to offer some balance). What most of these methods have in common is their brilliant simplicity, and subtlety. BlackOp methods work to perfection.

In essence Majestic is expert at keeping our people in the public without ever being part of the public. BlackOps has been designed this way. And nobody has ever caught on - because itīs very difficult to pin down. If it was EASY to figure out, the coverup would have already been over. But itīs not. Itīs still going strong... "

The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy of Dan and Deborah Burisch by Linda Moulton Howe (With documentation) July 13 2004


(Starting at this post) Boomerangī 7/15/2004 4:37 am EDT

Dr.Burisch and His Enigma: Volume 16:) Page 33

Boomerangī 7/16/2004 8:08 pm EDT

Dr. Burisch. The search continues Volume 17 Page 3

New mail received from Marci, with thanks.

Additional Information - Regarding Dr. Dan Burisch

It should be noted that Majestic employs many legal first ammendment hedges (such as the issue of freedom of religion) in order to prevent people or agencies from prying into specific operations...(continued) > 8:08 pm EDT

Dr Burisch backround information also available at



UPDATE 8/10/04 reading files now allowed only to "moderaters">


Links to reproductions of emails from Marci McDowell (BJ Wolf) Regarding Dan Burisch and academics also at




skywatcher (Bill Hamilton) 8/15/2004 1:11 pm EDT

Dr. Burisch Catselas. The Re/Search for the Truth Volume 19 Page 16

Here is the full text of the message I received from J1 - I think the time has come to share it with you. It was also a revelation to Dan according to him.

As received via telex 02MAY040630U, authorized directly from the working 12 "01 MAY 2004

Dear Mr. Hamilton:

It has been determined that an answer to your genuine human question about Danny should be provided. Danny has been the unwitting star in the release of information that was determined important long before he was born. In 1958, as part of an information exchange program established four years prior, the jrod that was later to meet with Danny informed the United States government of a need to establish regular treaties leading up to a culmination of a human time loop paradox, 54 years later, in 2012. The timing of his information was driven by numerology. Once informed, representatives of the working group established by President Truman confirmed it by the jrod's government's representatives. The beings from Orion confirmed the information in 1967 and an immediate meeting was held at White Sands between all three groups. Unknown to us at that time, they had established a base some 15 light years away, in our 1958.

In 1973, in the last year of a 15 year sampling agreement, grandfathered by 9 years of abductions that had already taken place, Danny was taken by Crain family agreement to help preserve the future, while playing as a child in a California park. Many other children were taken as well. He has believed, to this time, that he was taken as a random sample and is only being told of the truth today, with this letter. The intermixture between he and another's son, Michael, did occur as he was told, but it was a planned operation. Michael was dying of cancer.

During the 1976 treaty conference it was determined that Danny may be placed in a position for later disclosure of sensitive information regarding the paradox, depending on his life direction. During that same year Danny was introduced to the Los Angeles Microscopical Society, via a physician with close ties, and so was brought into the external sphere of our influences. Those influences branched out during his tenure in England and we watched as he came to a decision on what side he was on. He chose the Maji's direction and not that of the Illuminati.

By the time of the 1985 treaty discussions, Danny was making a distinction for himself at the University of Nevada: as a scholar and a rebellious trouble maker! We extended the discussions for another year as a suitable candidate had not yet been determined. Robert Lazar was in this group of candidates. By 1986 we had decided that Mr. Lazar was possibly one of the best to steer that way, but he quickly got out of control and didn't realize the doors that were being opened to him, rather he was too much the rebel. Several other characters have since also been assigned to assist in the information release. While Mr. Lazar pulled himself apart, and we were helping a little because of his loose cannon nature, we set our eyes on Danny. Danny was inducted in 1986 and was almost immediately given a small bit of information to hide. He wasn't aware that his information was of little importance at the time, little more than Mr. Lazar had already released. The first test release was done to reporter George Knapp and Danny performed brilliantly, denying everything but showing a psychological willingness to tell the truth about a subject so important to mankind. Such metered releases from us continued to Mr. Knapp and progressed as time went by into a treaty-authorised set of releases to the public for two purposes- 1- to fulfill a moral and ethical obligation to evolve certain information as required in the treaties, subordinate to an open government release that would eventuate a panicking populace, and later -2- we found to release Lotus information to the right sources that would carry it as a myth into the future. That myth will eventually prompt the Lotus model being found at the right time.

He was put through University at New York, but the later decision of the Committee of the Majority to censure Danny for his unauthorised release of information about Mars resulted in his paying a price for his disobedience. That censure is still in effect as the Majestic 12 has not taken up old decisions, during the tenure of the Committee's reign.

In 1991 Danny was assigned for a short time to an operations group that served in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Iraq. The nature of his service has been alluded to, but is not germane in this context.

In 1994 Danny was selected by the jrod to be the front man in the biological research into his nerve disease. His selection came at a price as there existed a big rivalry for the spot. That rivalry was quieted when we released to the other scientists that the particular jrod was aboard the same craft when Danny was taken in childhood. They were not informed of the intermixture, and such issues now remain moot as all but the few that were not directly involved with Aquarius in those years are now dead.

Danny served as the leader of the Aquarius - J-Rod Biological Working Group with distinction. The group failed to resolve the disease but made many inroads to that end.

We decided to release the information about the paradox to Danny and it was not a quid pro quo. Sorry Dan! (We hope you understand all this and you forgive me. It was decided for the best.) Danny provided us with the information that he had received from the jrod, while still in a twilight state after the incident. We knew that Danny would find it impossible to keep such information to himself, due to his moral and ethical outlook on life, even after the penalty he paid several years before.

In 2003 we met in treaty discussions. The treaty was set into abeyance for the period of 1 year, for many reasons. Almost comically, one of the reasons listed was so that the next conference would not be held in 2012, but as three separated species in 2013. The numerologist jrods were superstitious! A more sober concern, and one other reason for the abeyance, is the presence of a faction of jrods that do not share our vision for a happy future. They feel themselves superior to other groups, including us and have allied themselves with the Illuminati. Their numbers make the issue formidable. We, in concert with the jrods and Orion Universal Brotherhood, are acting to suppress the threat. Contact with bona fide intra-galactic alien intelligences (not at all relating to this issue) has occurred throughout the years. The counsel of such intelligences, always greatly advanced beyond our own and benevolent, is being sought by those assigned to do so. Their opinions, just as those representing many cultures and religions, will be taken into account as we move forward to counter these threats to mankind. Danny has never been involved with projects with those intelligences. This is the first he has heard of them, from an authorised source.... You may provide the gist of this information to those picking your brain.

We hope for a bright future for mankind. Submitted, J1 for the Majestic 12, as approved."

skywatcher22 UL 9/27/2004 12:41 pm EDT

Dr. Burisch, J-Rod, Ganesh Particle.., the quest continues.Vol.21

I am posting this on behalf of Marci... To Whom it may concern,

On October 30th, Marci McDowell will be going into retirement and will not be available for any future public discourse as of October 30th 2004.

An open invitation is being extended by her to any individual who would like to talk to her about any issue she has publicly addressed, realizing of course, that there are some issues that cannot be addressed for security reason. She would like to extend this courtesy as her last public action.

With that thought in mind, and the problem with logistics, a two hour public forum will be held at the residence of Alan and Sandy Gudaitis in Las Vegas, Nevada. The time period will be from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM on October 30, 2004. No emails or telephone calls will be allowed during that time slot. It will be a face to face meeting for whoever wishes to attend. This will be the last time Marci will be speaking publicly.

Anyone wishing to attend is requested to send a notification to the following email address: Thank you,

Alan Gudaitis P.S. All of the issues contained herein have no association with the Mutual UFO Network Inc.

Posted at -:- GLP thread discontinued. gnosis Posted: Tue Oct 12, 2004 6:49 am  

Glad you're here too, PR So, the consensus is to have one thread. That's cool with me. Who will do the honors?

Now, about this 'Bennie' e-mail... "I am the blackbird! I know all that I can know and see all that I can see! I have risen from the ashes and am no longer a Raven. They thought they got me, but no. I have my ears inside this little get together. My ears have heard many things. Ms. B.J. Marcie McDowell is retiring that is true but no one has really said why. I know why. She is being inducted into the fraternity of the few people that know the code of the 27 blue apples. Her precious family ties finally paid off for her. None other than our little Dr. Burisch is going to fill her in on it. She will be silenced the same way as Burisch was, but oh what a life she will have! I hear the get together has a working side to it to. But I am not sure where Burisch will be. Burisch has been a busy boy over the last months but no one is talking about what it is. I have NEVER seen so many shut mouths. If I guess I would say it has to do with the whole world.

McDowell is facing having to give away her precious Eagles Disobey rights too. My birdie ears hear she has to give up all rights to any money on everything she has done in her past. She has a short list of people that she is deciding from to give full rights to. My birdie ears heard a rumor that it is one of these people: Bill Hamilton or Ron Garner. She is working on the "best" way to do it right now.

One hell of a party is coming and there is some kind of angle to it yet I haven't heard. Something about Burisch to, but I can't figure what. Black Bird"

"She is being inducted into the fraternity of the few people that know the code of the 27 blue apples. Her precious family ties finally paid off for her. None other than our little Dr. Burisch is going to fill her in on it. She will be silenced the same way as Burisch was, but oh what a life she will have!" What's wrong with this picture?

My feelings towards burisch and cohorts are getting pretty fired up, as I keep hearing him say & write: 'They are only interested in controlling the proces, not the solution'...

Well, hello! HE IS DOING JUST THAT. IMO, pure evil, and I mean it. Secret fraternities are the cancer of this world. But of course, they, and all those who support him, will see that otherwise. "We're all equal, but some more than others" Orwell. That still stands.

Posted: Sun Nov 14, 2004 6:25 am
    Post subject: An observation.

"I posit that one does not and/or cannot retire from the Black Ops community, save for the wooden box or window push variety retirement.

Under this assumption, which is all it is, the Lotus Model is now nearing completion (ie: December 2004), and the meeting will go ahead on March 15th 2005.

For anyone living in the DC area, it sure would make an interesting day for a cult/ural visit to the Masonic Masonic Temple on 2800 16th street.....


Posted: Sun Dec 12, 2004 3:52 am    Post subject: Coffee Page 35

Burisch NO more? No way! He lives a mile from Sunchase apartments where he lived before. I live right at the same apartments he does now. He comes from the North east area but I am not sure exactly which apartment. I live in the south central buildings. Nearly each and every day about midday he takes a walk usually alone but sometimes with another guy, one of 3 different men, and with a woman I think is McDowell. I see him carted in an out by Miz Pink Purse Deborah in their silver car at least once every week too.

When he walks alone he's got his coffee with a blue mug and a white microscope on it. He doesn't walk on the pavement but in the grass between a really long two rows of trees on the north side of the grounds.

Two months ago I saw a little girl that visits my neighbor's kids run up to him and another little girl. They talked for awhile and she left. I asked the little girl who that was. She told me that is Victoria's father and that he is a scientist and a nice man. That proves it was him! He walked right by my place 1 week ago.

I'll keep watching but I won't get any closer. Shorty

Corvalis Guest

Posted: Wed Jan 05, 2005 5:17 am

 Post subject: Doctor Danny Burisch and the future

My name is Corvalis. I don't work for anybody but I work for everybody. The name Corvalis is my seeing name not my real one.

I'm one of 4 that have finished about 3 months of remote viewing and seeing Doctor Danny Burisch as part of a project about prophecy my group is working on. I started with simple questions like "Is Dr. Dan Burisch alive" and "Is Dr. Dan Burisch really retired?" After I was satisfied with the answers the univmind gave I started on more difficult questions like where he lives, what his surroundings look like and what he is doing right now. The last question is where it got weird not weird but really weird weird.

He is alive I know that certainly. When I encountered his spirit in the univmind he turned in his seat and smiled at me and then looked really serious and waved his finger back and forth like to say "no no" so I back away. His spirit still breathes and reaches out among the living. His office is adorned with colored lights, strange shapes hanging from the ceiling, and there is some kind of decoration of splashing water made of concrete slabs built into the wall. There's serene harp and heaven music coming from everywhere in there. One whole wall is covered with a screen that comes up and the whole wall has built in T.V.s. with world news on them. A couple of the T.V.s. go right to people he has working for him like a close circuit at a seaside place. His desk is covered in paperwork, bags of really small bottles, and computer disks. He is definitely not retired! He spends much time on the phone, in front of his computer, and in meetings in his office with small groups of people, 2 or 3 at a time. Recently his attention has been on the tsunami for some reason but I haven't pinned down why? He watches colored moving maps about it on the computer, like colored moving clouds in the ocean. I have no good idea what that is. I think I know what he is doing and where it will be but if I tell it it could interrupt it.

That is the weird stuff and I think it could be one of the biggest stories ever. I am not sure if I want it to happen or not. I am not sure what is the right thing to do. Maybe I'll go there early this year and ask him myself. Maybe I'll just watch and do nothing. I don't know right now. Maybe I'll just say what it was after it happens. You have been following Danny Burisch's life for longer than me so can you give me your ideas? I should say this that he is going to run a test into the life of the Pacific. I am not trying to mess with anyone here. I am just trying to figure out the right thing to do.
Sincerely, Corvalis Seer

Abstract: Maybe not all work & no play?


? South Mississippi Contract Procurement Center, Inc. (SMCPC)
Marcia McDowell, ACAS  Director ?


"Guest" Posted: Sat Mar 19, 2005 4:02 am Forum    

"Ok, thanks. This should work fine. We will give it a try over the next few days and let you know if there are any kinks.
-opdir Okay! seeing that it is still appears that the kinks are gone!
-scidir I am in receipt of this image, is this from the new software that they send down from Dreamland?
-opdir Yes, this image was processed with shadysoft. It is the second of two images... This one shows a mature portal. Looks like a spinning mirror, yes? Geeeeeeee...I wonder why? ) After your physics people take a look at it, let me know their comments and if they want to see the first of the two! -scidir


Posted: Sun Apr 03, 2005 1:16 am Forum

     Oh come on now kids. I am not one to betray 'insider information' but this lack of anything being put out for 'public consumption' is a bit weary.

Bill Hamilton was allegedly thrown out by BJ for overt disclosure relating to the '27 blue apples' and tonal manipulation of the 'shiva' for ganesh particle production.

Cabrillo Beach was induced as an attempt at bioremidiation but was subterfuged by elements more inclined to 'alien craft retrieval' at the Port of Long Beach than environmental concerns.

After a week of preferring to ignore this site, it is amazing to see that those who know something or anything have preferred to say nothing at all. Shame on you smug bastards!

Lotus '2' was allegedly disbanded and there was such a 'hub-ub' over having been used by the Maji again. Some things never change. If Dr Burisch and BJ are too stupid to realize the reality of how they are being used by the powers that be, then let them go on believing that others would refrain 'where angels fear to tread.' I would never resort to such insults towards those who befriended me, and hope they realize that now that the 'cat is out of the bag' they would be far more skeptical of more altruistic manuveours employed by their superiors.

Really, kids, so much information has been passed behind the scenes that the casual observer is totally unaware of what has transpired to the detriment of critical evaluation and common sense. Many who have an honest interest in this situation are left in the dark not knowing what has transpired since communication with Dr Burisch ceased.

'Tell all the word' has been replaced with 'keep shut about what you know' as others with something to contribute say nothing while playing the audience for a fool.

There have been massive files transferred which have yet to be made 'public,' but since we are not of 'right' to know, we are kept in ignorance by those whom we sought to help. Thanks a lot. Hope all is well with you!!


Location: Alberta, Canada

Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2005 12:15 pm    


To my fellow Eagles and the 'interested few' that have followed this saga and in many ways contributed:

Today begins a process of Disclosure that, as I indicated over a year ago, would have to have at least the tacit acceptance of the Maji. This is not to be confused with a Maj-orchestrated operation, simply that they will not interfere..."


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