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Star Wars Pepsi Cans - USA
Please click on the can for a larger image.
#1 Anakin Skywalker #2 Sebulba #3 Qui Gon Jinn #4 Watto #5 Jabba #6 Senator Palpatine #7 R2D2 #8 Darth Sidious #9 Darth Maul #10 JarJar #11 Mace Windu #12 Obi Wan Kenobi
#13 Captain Panaka #14 Rune Haako #15 Ric Olie #16 Destroyer Droid #17 Queen Amadala #18 Padme Naberrie #19 Shmi Skywalker #20 Battle Droid #21 Chancellor Valorum #22 C3PO #23 Nute Gunray #24 Boss Nass
Storm: Qui Gon Storm: JarJar Gold Yoda: Storm (front) Gold Yoda: Storm (back) Gold Yoda: Pepsi Gold Yoda: Pepsi replacement Gold Yoda: Diet Pepsi Gold Yoda: Mountain Dew Gold Yoda: Pepsi One Destiny
US fans were lucky enough to have the largest collection of nationally relased SW cans in the world. 24 were released nationwide in the millions, the 5 Gold Yoda's were released in limited quantity, and the two Storm's were released in test markets (around a dozen areas). By far, the Storm Gold Yoda is the rarest.

One thing that made the USA collection unique from the other cans is the "secret word" on each of the nationally released cans. Many fans who had all 24 cans were still puzzled over the words. Then Pepsi announced on Sept 1, 1999 that the words actually formed three phrases rather than just one:

"Anakin breaks free but may face new enslavement"
"the Jedi triumph but their future is clouded"
"one menace is destroyed but another lurks nearby"