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Tux and Bunt/Luxus and Friends Dance the Antartic Winter away

(Best viewed at 800 x 600 or higher, align row of   birds you wish to view center of screen.)
You have got it right when images don't get sliced.

Stay tuned trendsetters, thank you, dingus ;-)

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People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms = PCMCIA = Penguins Can Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms

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The Universal Dictionary of Penguins

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Click here for
The Universal Dictionary of Penguins






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This image is thanks to the wonderfully talented Sandy Johnson ... Creative Talent Partytown Graphics 1997,1998
If you would like to use this image, you need permission from Sandy. Check her excellent site



Again thanks to Sandy Johnson for permission, the three dancing penguins are from Disney's "Mary Poppins"
[ image originally digitized by Lucien Giordani, on an Amiga? ]
Thanks must go to Karl J. Runge for the timely reminder about Ms. Poppins penguin association!
Karl also says 'I believe the originaldedodedo.wav "music" is from Disney's "Robin Hood" animation (but I am not completely sure).'
Alecia from Orlando FL says 'Yep, the music is from the opening credits of Disney's "Robin Hood." '


"Pingu" is from the European claymation program "Pingu". Again thanks to Sandy Johnson.


"Feathers McGraw" is from "Wallace & Gromit: The Wrong Trousers"
One of penguindoms few villians, Feathers McGraw has crashed this party.
So until someone complains, I guess he stays !!! Thanks Sandy !


I got this image from the original "Didg".
Visit this way kewl site today, ( fast heading for 2,000,000 visitors, not a typo !!!) in fact do it now.


P1.gif / P1a.gif
Thanks go to Gary (Jack Callahan - ) for images P1.gif, P2.gif, P3.gif
(Sorry you don't like the music Gazza, I'll have a choice of music up soon !)

Gary had a Penguin Dance page {The Penguin Dance - THE PENGWIN DANCE} that pre-dates mine !

So when I get notified his server is back up, we'll have a link to it !!! Thanks again Gary !


Thanks to Urs M. E. Streidl who has an entire page devoted to multi-colored, multi-sized versions of his penguin !
There is a gif animation of Bunt/Luxus available at Urs site, unfortunately I have not been able to
include it without slowing this already graphics heavy site measurably! (on the todo list!)
(animated above by dingus using JASC Animation Shop 1.0)

Tux is having a cool brew.

This image has a long lineage, it is part of a logo (made from several others) by Greg Roelofs.
(animated by dingus using JASC Animation Shop 1.0)
Another excellent Linux/phernalia site!

Tux sits and juggles
Made with GIMP by

Tux, forward handstand and flips
				onto	feet

Tux flipping his/her lid thanks to Larry Ewing.
Made with GIMP by originator of Tux!

Linux Rocks!

Very little of this is 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002,2003

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You may copy penguin content herein (unless otherwise stated) but acknowledge the authors please!

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This page constructed with Arachnophilia 4.0, and Notepad

HELP! I can't hear the music!

The Secret Life of Linux Penguins in free nature

Photos of penguins in everyday life

More Penguins - and how to get one (at Neko's Homepage)

Many thanks to Hampton the hamster, , for
inspiration and permission to clone his page.You'll find Hampton and friends
dancing the night away here

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