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oUr MUsic pAgE

Led Zeppelin - Jimmy Page (guitar) is a sweet guitar player and anyone with a brain who has listened to Zeppelin and watched the movie "The Song Remains the Same" know how cool he is. Robert Plant (vocals) kicks ass cause he drives the chicks wild with his oozing sexuality. John Bonham (drums) pounds the shit out of the skins. He's like a big farmer hick that plays drums. John Paul Jones (bass and organ) has the most musical knowledge of them all and fills in the gaps. Man they just sound cool. When Jimmy Page was 16 he hitch-hiked from his home in England to India!!! That's cool! If you want to know a ton about Zeppelin I suggest the book The Hammer of the Gods . The book has everything about their career, including stories about how hardcore they were. My favorite album is pictured below : "The Song Remains The Same" and my favorite song, although it is always changing is D'yer Maker.

Blind Melon - They are the funkies of all modern - alternative era bands. They where something fresh to new music. Beautiful and Funky. Shannon Hoon had a little drug problem sure,... who doesn't right ? Oh well at least we have what they gave us. My favorite album is the one pictured here... my favorite song??? The Whole THING!!!

PiNK FlOyD - Ohhhh myyy God!! Pink Floyd is more than just a musical experience thanks to Roger Waters Contributions with "The Wall" If you are into Pink Floyd I suggest the film "Pink Floyd : Live at Pompei" . They play in the Coleseum in Pompei. Although I don't have a favorite Pink Floyd album, I would say I most like "Wish you Were Here", "The Wall", "Dark Side of the Moon". However there is still some Pink Floyd I have not heard yet. If you have any interesting Pink Floyd facts or any questions, please e-mail me.

Bob Marley - was here to make people feel good. He did a pretty good job of it.

Lenny Kravitz - Man he is sooo phunky. Tracks like "Always On The Run" and "Are You Gonna Go My Way" are ones that make we want to play guitar. Aside from his amazing music, he dresses cool, and isn't afraid to be funky.