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The Comet Crashes Again!!

Brief Overview of the De Havilland Comet Airliner

Detailed Descriptions of the De Havilland Comet Crashes

Putting The Pieces Together (Conclusions)

REFERENCE : A great thanks to Marc Schaffer who generously allowed the use of information and pictures. You can see his stuff @

THANKS: I would like to thank my family for sticking through it all with me. I would like to thank Jesus Christ our savior for breathing life into us all. I would especially like to thank Carolyn Simms for her emotional contributions to my well being. Aaron, James, Tim, Keith, all the people who I live with (except one of you… you can fight over who this refers to) I couldn't have had the power to undertake such a task without you all.


Most planes I know go zoom

But one famous plane just went BOOM!

Each time it touched down

It was smoking and brown

I'd call it the aero-plane of DOOM!!!


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