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Notes for David Myers and Ellen Wolf from The Myers Family Geneology:

He was a Civil War veteran of the northern army. Member of the GAR post of Abilene.

David and Ellen moved from East Berlin, Pa. at the close of the Civil War in a covered wagon to their new homestead 12 miles north of Abilene, Kan. in the year 1872 after his discharge from the army. He continued to live there the rest of his life until he moved into Abilene, when ill health prevented him from taking care of his farm. He passed away in 1917 at the age of 77 years.

Ellen then went to Aurora, Colo. to make her home with her daughter Grace and son-in-law Dave Stucker, where she resided until her death in 1922.

David and Ellen's son Charles cared for the farm until about 1921, he then moved to Oakley, Kan. After Ellen's death in 1922, the farm was put up for sale in 1923 and sold, later sold a couple of times again.

So ends the Myers reign on the homestead taken so long ago by a Civil War veteran looking for a home for his little family, a true pioneer family who helped settle the state of Kansas so many years ago. Many happy memories are buried there that were shared by so many of us when we visited our grandparents on the old homestead, they have been told to grand and great grandchildren who have enjoyed them also.

Compiled by Ellen's granddaughter Pearl Myers Witzel, with the able assistance of another of David's grandsons C. Leon Myers, who furnished the information on our older ancestors who came from Germany to settle in the state of Pennsylvania over two centuries ago. They were a family of hard working people skilled in many crafts that still survive in the younger generation of today.

George & Sarah Myers Family

Front row: Sarah Ann (Yonally) Myers, Mytrle Ardath, George W., George Albert

Back row: Iva Grace, Ellen Elizabeth, Pearl Ann

Notes of Sarah Yonally from the Sarah Yonally Biography:

Married to George Myers on 5/29/1894 at Talmage, KS. She was born at Abilene, KS. She and George lived at Talmage, KS where son Jesse (Elmer) and daughter Ellen were born, then they moved to Tacoma, WA where the rest of their children, Pearl, Grace, Albert, and Myrtle, were born.

She and George lived in (Parkland) and around Tacoma, WA for many years. They spent about three years at Everson, WA, up near Bellingham, WA. (two years in ?, OR) A year or so in Lakeport, CA and then back to Tacoma again till the fall of 1915 (6 years on Homestead in Princeton, OR, 1 yr 1916 in ?, WA then back to Portland, OR) when they went back to Abilene, KS to spend the winter and see his father who had been in ill health for some time and who passed away in 1917 after George moved west again to Princeton in Harney County, OR where he took up a homestead near Princeton, OR.

They stayed a couple of years (6 years) and then back to Washington near Chehalis, WA. They later acquired a piece of land from their son-in-law Wesley Greear and spent many years clearing stumps from the land and planting grass and clover for hay for their dairy cows. George always managed to make a living for his family of five children, besides moving very often to different places, but he always had dairy cows to milk.

After Sarah passed away from a sudden heart attack at their home at Onalaska, (WA) George traveled around between his family until he married a widow in San Diego, CA by the name of Julia Caroline Peppert Clark, with whom he lived at varied places in California until his passing Nov 6, 1956 at Santa Ana, CA. He and Sarah are buried at Alpha Cemetery, near Onalaska, WA, beside their son Albert.

Marriage Notes for George Myers and Julia Clark: They lived in various places in California until he died in 1956.

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