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Apollo Smile's awesome music

she sure can rock

I have a couple of Apollo Smile's awesome songs here for you to download and enjoy! These prove that she truely does rock! Apollo kicks ass!
Okay, enough of that... here's the stuff you were looking for. It's in RealAudio format, so if you don't have it, click the logo underneath here to download it, then download the songs and you're set!!
Just remember, these songs aren't here to substitute you buying the CD, but rather to get you to buy it! And also for all those people who won't get a chance to pick it up from Apollo and Team Smile at the conventions...
Enough talk, enjoy the groovy tunes!

I just got "Feelin' Groovey" in MP3 format! Check it out below!!! I will try to get more MP3s soon... tell me which you like most, Real Audio, MP3, whatever.

this is an MP3 file


last stand in discoland


I am trying to collect all the lyrics to Apollo Smile's songs, but so far I just have a couple! I'm sorry that I don't have the lyrics to the songs that are up there, but I do have the lyrics to another song, "Rainbow Rider"... both versions!
I haven't heard it yet, seeing as I don't have the cd yet, but from what I hear (and from the groovy lyrics) it seems like an awesome song!!
Well, I hope you enjoy reading them!!

army girl!!

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