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symbolOfficial Apollo Smile sitesymbol

It isn't up yet, but this site looks awesome from what I've seen so far! I can't wait to see how it looks when it's finally up! And when it's from Apollo Smile, you know it kicks ass!!!

symbolApollo Smile Appreciation Societysymbol

This is one of the coolest fan sites out there dedicated to Apollo Smile! I nice pictures section, but the best parts are all the extra features like contests and an exclusive interview! check it out!

symbolThe Unofficial Apollo Smile Websitesymbol

This site isn't really done yet, but it looks like it's gonna rock! The layout is awesome... I don't know what else to say, once it's done i will say some more stuff! so go check it out!

symbolApollo Smile Cyber Shopsymbol

The Apollo Smile Cyber Shop! Go check it out and buy some awesome stuff while you can! A big sale is going on as you read this man! GO fast!!

symbolBryan's Apollo Smile Pagesymbol

I really like this site! There is so much stuff there! Check out the pics and music (I don't know if it's working though) and some other stuff! This is a cool site.

symbolApollo Smile (pictures)symbol

A really nice little page with a log of pictures of Apollo Smile (I may have used a few on my site). Check this one out.

symbolHome Apollosymbol

This is a cool little site! Some nice stuff, put together real well! Take a look!

symbolApollo Smile (Yahoo club)symbol

Check out this cool yahoo club! Currently the biggest one dedicated to Apollo Smile on the net! This page will tell you how to join up!

some other cool links on the net you should check out

symbolthe Official Prozzak Websitesymbol

Here is the official Prozzak webiste! This Canadian band really kicks ass! Hmm, wouldn't a team up of Apollo Smile and Prozzak rock??? I think so!

symbolthe Official Bush websitesymbol

The official Bush website! They're one of my favourite bands, you won't want to pass up this cool website! Go take a look!

symbolthe Official Matthew Good Band Websitesymbol

Like Prozzak, this is an awesome Canadian band! They realy kick ass (I know I say that a lot, but it's really true!!) You need to check them out!!!!! Matthew Good Band will be the next big thing all over the world, I swear it!

symbolthe Britney Spears Breast Pumpsymbol

Okay, this site might be a little crude, but it's just so damn funny that you have to check it out! Sorry if it offends anyone, but it's too funny for me not to put here! Enjoy!

my other websites for you to look at!

Krillin and friends

Comic Book Guy and friends

symbolProzzak Hot Spotsymbol

Prozzak Hot Spot

This is my site dedicted to the awesome Canadian band Prozzak! They are a couple of living cartoon characters... hmm, reminds me of someone else!! I plan on updated this site real soon.

symbol Vincent's Vincente Vervesymbol

Vincent's Vincente Verve

This is my site dedicted to the underused, unknown and unapreciated Marvel Comics character Vincente! He's really cool, but gets no respect. He was a member of Generation X in the Age of Apocalypse storyline. I update this site often, so check it out! There is a lot of fun stuff there to do!

symbolI Don't Want Your Sitesymbol

Here's a new site I made that you probably won't find funny unless you are my sister or her idiot friend. It'd a whole site dedicated to the line in the movie Varsity Blues "I don't want your life". It's a pretty funny site I think, go see!

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