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stuff from Apollo's fans

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a little drawing by me!

crappy drawing by me

Just what is this part of the site about? Well, it's for you, the Apollo fan! We've gathered pictures, stories and other stuff made by Apollo Smile fans and put it all together here for you to see.
If you have any drawings, pictures or stories of you and Apollo, and/or fiction of Apollo Smile and Team Smile, please e-mail it to calbretto@yahoo.comand I'll put it up on the site!
Enjoy everyone!

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picture #1 Calbretto
picture #2 Calbretto
picture #3 Calbretto

title author added
Apollo in Toronto Gwen_Colby January 19 2000
Apollo at DragonCon Jake the Fake January 25 2000
Captain Wolf and Apollo Captain Wolf January 25 2000

title author added
Gundam Wing X: The Groove Army
Prologue: Chronicles Of War.
Captain Wolf November 24 2000
Gundam Wing X: The Groove Army
Episode One: Full Moon Rising.
Captain Wolf December 1 2000
Gundam Wing X: The Groove Army
Episode Two: Escape From Sinope
Captain Wolf December 22 2000