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Apollo Smile's Bio

Apollo Smile buttons

real name: Paula Apollo Anne Scharf
nicknames: Charlie Brown
birthday: February 16th
age: ??
hieght: 5'3
weight: 103 pounds
eye colour: blue
hair colour: blonde
blood type: B+
base of operations: New York City
occupation: Living Anime Girl! singer, songwriter, dancer, martial artist etc.
allience: Team Smile

Apollo Smile with Hello Kitty

fave foods: pasta, chocolate, icecream and, of course, POKEY!
fave anime: Iria, Dragonball, Devil Hunter Yohko, Pokemon, El-Hazard, Ninja Scroll, Ghost In The Shell, Tenchi, Photon, Lodoss War, Gunsmith Cats, Shadow Skill, Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventures, Sailor Moon, Darkstalkers, Street Fighter, Doomed Megalopolis, Crying Freeman, Speed Racer, Star Blazers, Gigantor, Astro Boy, Giant Robo
fave weapons: nunchukas, axes, fighting sticks, guns and other assorted cool things
fave music: Metallica, Foo Fighters, White Zombie, Madonna, Fluke, Sound Garden, Crystal Meth, Usher, Will Smith, Beastie Boys, Apollo 440, Veruca Salt, Tricky, Barry White, AC/DC, Blondie
interests: Anime, comics, Hong Kong cinema, video games, weaponry, martial-arts, axe-throwing, sci-fi, action movies

Apollo Smile at a convention, looking cute

Here is Apollo's latest bio (from her newsletter)

Apollo Smile is a rock-pop singer/songwriter and proffessional actress whose career began at the prestigious Alvin Aily American Dance School in New York City. In pursuit of a music career, Apollo moved to Los Angeles and signed a recording contract with Geffen Records. Later that summer Paramount Pictures contracted Apollo for a song titled "Thunderbox" for their film "Days of Thunder" starring Tom Cruise and a successful gold selling soundtrack. And in 1991 her first solo album simply titled "Apollo Smile" was released.

Apollo, who is heavily influenced by her love of Japanese animation, sci-fi and comicbook heroines as well as all types of music, decided to create a unique nitche for herself as an entertainer. So she based a comicbook character on herself and began performing her high energy live concerts to audiences around the country [don't forget Canada too!!]! Apollo's live shows consist of Asian martial arts exhibitionism using traditional Chinese fans, Kali sticks and nun-chucks conbined with groovy rock-pop music she sings, writes and produced herself.

For the past three years, Apollo with creator director/husband Douglas diMonda have been successfully running their own underground "grass-roots" production company called "Team Smile Inc." along with the multi-talented illustrator/artiest Peter Kato and gifted writer Pail E. Hosten. The four members of Team Smile have independantly created a comicbook series based on Apollo Smile and her sci-fi adventures and a growing line of Apollo merchandise consisting of CDs, comicbooks, t-shirts, lapel pins, kiss charms, and a colourful collection of illustrated buttons!! All of which are available for sale at Apollo's shows. What's next for Apollo and Team Smile? Well, they are currently talking to TV Networks in Los Angeles about creating a live action tv series based on "Apollo Smile-the rock/pop sci-fi super agent who's about to rock your workd... Are you ready?". Keep your fingers, toes and eyeballs crossed everybody... wish 'em luck!!!

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