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Your field manual is broken up into several sections to aid you in your battle against the Strogg. Be sure to read all the information included in this manual so you have a clear understanding of what you are dealing with.

For the latest information and updates to this manual, be sure to check Command Headquarters at

Customer Support
Before contacting customer support, please consult the technical help file. It contains the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions and may quickly and easily provide a solution to your difficulty. If after reviewing the technical help file you are still experiencing problems, please feel free to contact us through any of the services listed.

The Story

Setup, Controls, Screen Menus

• Goal of the Game
• Game Structure
• Main Menu
• Game Menu Selection
• Multiplayer Menu Selection
• Video Menu Selection
• Options
• On-Screen Information During Gameplay
• Getting Around Stroggos

TCM Intel Brief (Classified)

Operation Alien Overlord
Military Objectives
The Stroggos Environment
Structural Systems
Environmental Hazards
Military Supplies

Enemy Profiles

Barracuda Shark
Iron Maiden
Light Guard
Machine-gun Guard
Shotgun Guard
Tank Commander

Quake II Multiplayer

Credits / Legal

Technical Information

Other Useful Documents

There are several other useful documents that are installed on your computer. Each file has a Word .doc format and a standard .txt file, which are located in your '\quake2\docs' directory. Here is a list of these files and their purpose:

Release Notes.doc (release.txt)
This file has up to the minute game information that is not included anywhere else.

Commercial Exploitation.doc (commexp.txt)
Contract to commercially exploit Quake II.

QII License Information.doc (licinfo.txt)
Explanation of the different legalities of using Quake II.