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Here's a few font's for your PC. I will add more later. I have them all in a .zip file. If you do not have WinZip then click HERE

To Install: Open the zip files using winzip, and drag them into the X\:Windows\Fonts directory, where X represents your hard drive letter. - PanterA font
Kornucopia - KoRn: Follow The Leader logo font.
Quake 2 - Also a NIN Font.
Slipknot - This zip file contains 2 Slipknot fonts. The Barcode font and Slipknot logo font. (there is still 1 more Slipknot font, i gotta find it again. It's called Digipak I think.)

M.Manson - This zip file contains 4 Marilyn Manson fonts: Creepy Girl, Kinderfeld, Anti Christ Svperstar & Curlz (still tryin to find POAAF font).

Nine Inch Nails Fonts:
The Fragile
Halo 11
Halo Eleven
The Wretched

Font Links:

WillyMac - This website has PSP Tubes, Fonts, Dingbats, etc. One of the good sites I've found with no bullshit. You can check out the WebRings on this website for other pages that contain fonts, graphics, etc... for your website and personal use.