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11/13/2013 - Well, I decided to log into my website for the first time in over 3 years, as you can see by the date below. I am debating on wanting to rebuild my site to something more new age for music lovers such as myself. Or to delete shit off of here and just leave it an empty void of nothingness.
Lately, I have been very busy with my kids and shit at home so I haven't really had much thought of rebuilding a website, but right now, I may need some practice again as I may be doing a some websites for money (no, not this one, not making any money from this what so ever). I hate ads, can't you tell? I went through hell finding ad kill codes for angelfire. At once, they used to work, don't know if they still do or not, but they are still in my HTML. As for my posts below, yeah they are old, there's better upload sites for images at least that I can use. They knock down the resolution of the image though and make it look like crap. But Angelfire restricts how much I can upload and what I can upload. Which is why I was discouraged in even working on this website. After many year, I have a very good, and fast PC now, which I spend a lot of that time just playing games... Why? Because there isn't shit else to do anymore. As I ramble on, and put very few people asleep, I just want to let people know I may not even make this a music website anymore since it takes a lot of coding, image editing, and headaches that I really don't care to do or have. So, we'll see what I do here, I am not sure yet. - D347H

Oct 21st, 2010 - Well it's been over 2 years since my last post from below this one. I come back to angelfire to find out that they've completely changed everything, so it took me forever to even figure out where the goddamn edit page was lol. I am still getting page views here and there so I am guessing people are actually still browsing the net which is cool that they happened to stumble on my old website. And remember, my website is now officially 12 years old!!! Thats right, i was 17 when The MOSH Pit officially opened back in March of 1998 and hasn't really changed too much since then. However, I still enjoy my music, and yes I am still doing digital art or "remastering" images as I should say. I plan to remake my site since I deleted my KoRn page a while back and I still love Manson, Slipknot, Nine Inch Nails, you name it man! And I still write my own HTML, and never an editor unless its for tables etc. Ok enough talking... here's the skinny: I got a lot of artwork already done, but there is a problem... I am limited on how much shit I can upload as usual.. thats free service for you. So what I did was make an Imageshack account which I can also link to my website. I will do that when I start everything. Everything I make deals with music or music bands! Lately I've been playing games online on my PC, and not Facebook apps and shit, i mean REAL games. So most of my spare time doesn't go towards my page anymore. Peace out, and hell bless! - D347H aka DethDestruction

Oh yeah, Geocities is no more either so my Marilyn Manson page got deleted by Yahoo! not me... However, I did manage to save my entire website before it went down, so i can easily just upload everything as is on here but I don't think I should do that. If you need to contact me you can by:

If you can't find me after these options, I do not know what to tell you.

October 15th, 2008 - Alright, a quick little stick posty here for people that may even be looking for me, yes I have quit on this page almost a decade ago. However, its still here. I basically just use it now for personal storage and i still do wallpapers, icons, etc for myself, maybe if I can get extra time between the kids driving me crazy, I will upload some nice Manson wallpapers that I recently made during mid-summer. I am very rusty on HTML anymore that I had forgotten almost all advanced HTML use and some basic. But I still have the knowledge to at least keep the page running for the sake that I still love heavy metal music. I do have myspace, if you want to come add me, make sure you at least tell me who you are. its: I still use my computer almost everyday, but to only play games and try to get a hold of old friends, which hasn't worked cause I havent talked to most of the people in almost 10 years.

My site is way out-dated, and now theres newer coding, new programs, and shit that I lack the care to even use to impress anyone, so this site will stay basic. No fancy bullshit graphics to make you say "WOW, THATS FUCKING COOL!" nope, none of that shit. Anyways, thats all I have to say, I got too much shit on my hands to really worry about this page. Browse whatever I have left uploaded, it will be here til angelfire decides to close it down.

Programs used: Adobe ImageStyler (for creating and laying graphics, mouseover scripts and logo's)/PhotoShop (editing images) & ImageReady (editing images). Paint Shop Pro (editing images & animations, i do most of my work with PSP), CoffeeCup HTML Editor (for frames, advanced HTML and other uses of HTML), FrontPage (For laying out my table borders), Macromedia Flash 4 & Dreamweaver 4 for other HTML/Graphics shit. All files on this site are scanned for virus' and cleaned before they are uploaded. And are fully tested to work on all Windows OS.

(c)1998 T.M.P. All images non-band-photo related are souly made by D347H (me). Any copy writing I can care less about, just enjoy my page. I made you read this shit, didn't I? HAH