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Greek Children's Literature Page

Greek Children's Literature may not have the same kind of worldwide fame as English-language Children's literature, except for Ancient Greek mythology and Aesop's fables which have done their round of the world in translation more times than Aesop himself could count, however this does not mean that superb and progressive work has not been done on both the writing, illustration and research fronts. This is evident both in terms of national and international awards and recognition given to children's literary texts as well as the publication of critical papers in international journals and secondary texts and their subsequent citation by international researchers.

This site is an attempt to provide a resource for both Greek and foreign scholars interested in Greek children's literature and its research. Throughout its pages, an attempt is made to present various Greek children's books (however not all in translation) as well as theoretical and critical books on children's literature published in Greece. In addition, information is provided regarding where and how children's literature is studied in Greece as well as providing news related to exhibitions, conferences, calls for papers and seminars in Greece.

Web-Site Updated June 2009

Table of Contents

1. Taking a Stroll Through Time Within the Realm of Greek Children's Literature
2. Translations and Adaptations of Literary Works for Children in Greece
3. Indicative Discussion of Selective Greek Children's Literature Criticism
4. News and Useful Information
5. Selective Bibliography of Greek Children's Literature Criticism Texts
6. Bibliography of Various Translated Greek Children's Books and Foreign Books about Modern 20th Century Greece
7. Children's Literature Conferences In Greece

Children's Literature Links

Greek Sites

Greek Ibby Section -- Circle of the Greek Children's Book Association Official Web-Site
Gynaikeia Logotechniki Syntrofia -- The Women's Literary Society devoted to the promotion of Children's Literature in Greece
Hellenic Bookspace
Greek Children's Literature Database [Kapodistrian University of Athens. Department of Primary Education] (categorised by author, title and genre and including annotations and bibliographic information)
Athens College Children in Libraries Project
This site includes information on children's literature authors, exerpts from their books, comments on books written by children, book reports and other such relevant information.
Greek Children's Literature Mailing List Home Page
Hellenic Ministry of Culture
Athens 2004 Olympics Youth 2004 Education Program
I highly recommend visiting this web-site which has been set up by the Olympic Education Committee for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. This web-site which is in both English and Greek includes many different educational activities and information for use in the classroom related to the Olympic Games. In addition, you shall find information of educational texts which have been published by the Educational Committee which include classroom text books and activity books in addition to Eugene Trivizas' "Despina and the Dove" (an "educational" children's book for the upcoming Athens 2004 Olympic Games). The book "Despina And the Dove" published by Ellinika Grammata is available on the market from September 2002. For further information, please contact Youth 2004 directly. Their contact details are available on the above-mentioned web-site.

The e-place for juvenile Greek literature
Costumes & Characters in Greek Children's Literature
This web-site includes a brief description of Greek children's literature and further information regarding the pioneering authors and their work.

On-line Classic Greek Children's Books by Penelope Delta
The 88 Canelloni -- A Greek Children's Book by Eugene Trivizas
Eugene Trivizas -- Greek Children's Book Author
Manos Kontoleon-- Greek Children's and Young Adult Book Author
Voula Mastori -- Greek Children's Book Author
Loty Petrovits Androutsopoulou -- Greek Children's Book Author and President of the Greek IBBY Section (Circle of the Greek Children's Book

Ellinika Grammata Publishers
Kastaniotis Publishers
Kedros Publishers

Kedros Spreads the Greek Word
Until recently, modern Greek literature in translation was a scarce commodity. Now, largely thanks to Athens-based publishing house Kedros , a body of contemporary Greek writing is now available in English. Launched in 1991, Kedros' Modern Greek Writers series now includes some 32 titles.

Kedros is one of the oldest and most eclectic publishers in Greece , with roughly 2000 works to its name, including the poetry of Yannis Ritsos . Kedros' aim is "to make Greek literature better known beyond the borders of Greece". The inclusion of lesser known works and younger authors presents a rounded picture of the contemporary Greek novel. The Modern Greek Writers series includes modern classics, such as Dido Sotiriou's best-seller Farewell Anatolia , a vivid exploration of the Asia Minor disaster, and Stratis Tsirkas' wartime trilogy Drifting Cities , set in Jerusalem, Cairo and Alexandria.

This holistic philosophy is reflected in the editions: rather than using an illustrative image, a photograph of the author adorns each cover. Besides giving unity to the series, this emphasizes Kedros' commitment to introducing Greek authors - rather than isolated works - to the international market.

By spreading the word, Modern Greek Writers makes Greek literature available to philhellenes, students of European literature, and those who read novels simply for pleasure.

Metaichmio Publishers
Papadopoulos Publishers
Patakis Publishers
Psichogios Publishers

Institutional and Organisational Sites

National Centre for Research in Children's Literature (Roehampton Institute, U.K.)
CIRCL (University of Reading, U.K.)
University of the Aegean (Rhodes, Greece)
CHILPA (Abo Akademi, Sweden)
International Centre of Youth And Children's Books (Salamanca, Spain)
The Swedish Institute for Children's Books
The International Youth Library (Munich, Germany)
IBBY Official Home Page

Greek Children's Literature On-Line Journals

Keimena: About the Theory, Criticism and Teaching of Children's Literature

Relevant Sites of Interest

Harry Potter in Ancient Greek
This site belongs to Andrew Wilson, the translator of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone into Ancient Greek. It includes a vocabulary as well as notes and information relevant to the translation and the difficult task of translating this popular children's book into a now "dead" language.

Information and Research Sites

Multiculturalism in Children's Literature
Katherine Vandergrift's Children's Literature Web-Site
Children's Literature Web Guide
Children's Literature Around the World
Children's Literature Guide to Criticism
Reading about Children's Literature: A Bibliography of Criticism
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