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7/25/01 -For the rest of the life meaning all of the Dragon Ball Z episodes, not just reruns that are on cartoon network, by the way funimation dubs suck and if you ain't watching the real thing you must like simpsons better, and the simpsons meaning all of the episodes ever made

7/25/01 -Me and my friend are debating over which is a better cartoon, he picked The Simpsons and I picked Dragon Ball Z. His opinion on it is "because its funny and you don't need to understand the whole damn history to get each epiode" while I say "Dragon Ball Z has a great story and it has a lot of action while bart stayed in the forth grade for about 10 years, the Dragon Ball Z characters grew up. Well anyway we want YOUR opinion on which would you rather watch your whole life if you had to...

6/1/01 -Codes section updated (Or tips and tricks)

5/8/01 -Deep Dungeon updated.

5/7/01 -I got a new guestbook since I forgot the password to the old one.

3/13/01 -I don't know what to update but, e-mail me and tell me what I need on my site, thanks. I answer all e-mails.

2/23/01 I put the Chrono Trigger link in the links section.