Steal All of Elmdor's Equip!

First of All , have a Thief with all the Steal Skills you need. That thief MUST have concentrate, it's the archer's skill. It is good to turn that thief into a Ninja because ninja's are real fast and can steal multiple times.

Have Everyone in the party with 108 gems.

Have someone with the knight skill BREAK SPEED, I had ramza with that skill. MY Ramza also has teleport and two swords ability.

Ok starting the battle, MY my party members are Beowulf, Agrias, Mustadio, my Ninja with the Steal Abilty, and Ramza.

Agrias has on a barrete and chantage, also my ninja has a chantage (a high risk of being blood sucked) First your ninja will have to move first since s/he is fast, just move anywhere. Elmdor will teleport to your party and use his Draw Out skill, and the Assassins will attack, if you are lucky they will both use Ultima. Make sure Ramza gets hit with this. Have beowulf use the "Don't Act" skill on one of the Assassins, have Mustadio use the "Arm Aim" skill on the other assassin. When it is Ramza's turn, have him use Break speed on elmdor (if you have the 2 swords ability it attacks him twice with break speed, VERY USEFUL) that is Ramza's main objective to get Elmdors speed to 0, Make sure if you kill the assassins (they will turn into Ultima Demons). Kill them off too, Make beowulf use chicken on Elmdor 2 times, That will make your stealing percentage higher. First before you steal anything make sure you steal his shield, once you do the Stealing percentage for other equip is about 40%.

IF you get blood sucked, (my ninja with the stealing abilities got blood sucked, she had chantage instead of 108 gems) Just kill that person to be restored, since chantage has an always revive.

Does this work??? Yes it works, I have done it myself, it took a couple of tries, and about 2 hours but it is worth it, if you use gameshark, GET OUTTA here you fool. Gameshark is no fun

Duplicate Weapons

Have Ramza Have the two swords ability, equip the sword you want to duplicate on the top hand and any sheild on the bottom. go to a store and goto best fit on Ramza. The sword you duplicated is now in red words and is on the bottom. Don't worry about the other one it is in your invitory buy the stuff. Any rare sword like the knight swords is only 10 gil!

Unlimited Rare Items

If you want unlimited rare items, make sure someone has the "Talk Skill" Invite. Whenever in battle you see a unique monster like the uribo or huydra or any other rare monters, invite them in. Once they lay eggs bring them into battle and poach them, make sure you have one of that type of animal in ur party so they can keep laying eggs.

How to get Cloud

1. Go to the bar in Zeltennia Castle located in the Northeast part of the map. Listen to the rumor of the Cursed Island, Nelveska. When you get back to the World Map, you should see a path extend to the island to the north. You won't be able to enter it yet.

2. Go to Trade City Zarghidos and buy a flower from the girl (Aeris).

3. Go to Goug Machine City with Mustadio in your party. He and Basrodio should discover a ball-shaped machine.

4. Go to the bar in Goland Coal City and listen to the Ghost of Colliery rumor. There should be a reward posted.

5. Go to Lesalia Imperial Capital. When you talk with Beowulf, choose the second answer and he should join your party along with his Holy Dragon.

6. Go to Goland Coal City, which should now be an orange dot, and there will be three battles you'll have to face in the underground floors of Colliery. Now, when the fourth battle begins, you will need to protect the Holy Dragon. At the end of the battle, Band will join your party and you should receive the Zodiac Stone from Beowulf.

7. Go back to Goug. When you enter the town, Basrodio and Mustadio will turn the ball into a robot and he will join your party.

8. Go to the Nelveska Temple. You'll fight a robot and you'll get another Zodiac Stone and The Holy Dragon should transform into the Dragoneer.

9. Go to Goug again and the strange machine should be working now with the Zodiac Stone. Cloud will be summoned and he'll take off for now.

10. Fight your brother Dycedarg and then the monster he transforms into, Adramelk.

11. Go back to Zarghidas Trade City. Your goal will be to protect Cloud, who is unarmed, from the same gang that attacked Aeris. Cloud should join your party after this victory.

12. Go to the active volcano at Bervenia and keep walking back and forth until you get into a battle. In this battle, have someone with the Move Item Find skill. Have that person climb the highest rock tower in the battlefield. (Must possess a level 3 Jump or higher)You will receive the Materia Blade. This will allow you to use Cloud's Limit skill. And you'll be surprised to see that all of his limit breaks are from Final Fantasy VII. *Note: Cloud will not be able to use his Limit skills if you don't find his sword and equip it.

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