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The meeting was originally scheduled for Wednesday, 9/29 - 0900 at Fairfield Grand Desert.  However, due to a conflict with a late arranged tour of Nellis AFB, the board meeting was rescheduled for 1400 on Tuesday, 9/28 and was held in the hospitality room at the Imperial Palace.  All board members were present except Tom Straight (past president), Russ Smith (web master) and Dick Hachey (legal and research).  Ed Hubbard attended board meeting as chairman of 2004 convention.


The meeting was called to order at 1400 and adjourned at 1608.


Items discussed at the board meeting – and decisions reached – follow.



>> Opening Remarks - Jim Melton

Jim welcomed all the board members and thanked us for being able to adjust our schedules for the change of meeting date/time/place.  He then brought to the board’s attention the status of Howard Singer, author of “Wake Me When It’s Over”.  Mr. Singer was approved for an honorary membership to our association.  Jim recommended that we ask the membership to adopt Mr. Singer as co-chaplin of our organization (Mr. Singer was a Jewish Chaplin on Okinawa and the Far East).

>> Report of Board Members - All attending board members

Stan Duro reported that we have over $6400 in the bank after paying all expenses for this convention and expenses for the updated membership books.

The board approved payment of $200 to Tracy Fisher to cover airline expenses for reunion.

Bob Hughes has asked to be relieved as publisher of the association newsletter.  Bill Castagno has expressed interest in taking over this task; board approved Bill if he wishes to accept.

Board members discussed and decided that the association history needs to be reviewed and updated.  No one was appointed or suggested to do this task.

Stan Duro has been investigating getting our association incorporated as a non-profit organization and getting us tax exempt status.

Dave Law resigned his position as vice-president.  Candidates for his replacement can be submitted and discussed at the general member meeting.

>> Membership Dues/Membership Cards

  << Do we need improvements in collection of member dues?  We have no formal procedure for collection of membership dues.  Nor do we have any official records of how many of our members are “dues paying” members.  As long as our financial status is solvent, we see no need to formalize this function.

    << How about issuing "simple" membership cards (wallet size)?  The board sees no need to issue membership cards of any kind.




>> By-Laws Changes - recommendations and discussion (Ray Walker)

After discussion, it was decided that we need to review and update the by-laws.  Jim Melton will appoint a committee to do this task.  It was also decided that we would not include the by-laws as part of our membership book; nor would we publish these by-laws to the members.  They will be posted on the web site, or members can request a copy if they so desire.

>> Web Site - where do we go from here? (All)

The general consensus of the board is that Russ Smith wants to give up the position as our web master.  Jim Melton will contact Russ personally to ascertain his status and his wishes.  If Russ does want to give up the maintenance of the web site, then Jim will appoint someone new to do this task.  There is a strong desire by the board to have John London take over the web site if he is willing to do so.  After we get Russ’s decision, we will approach John to see what his interest is.  The board also has agreed that any costs with the upgrade and maintenance of the web site will be borne by the association.

>> Archival Custodian - proposal and discussion (Dave Law)

(copy of this proposal is amended to these minutes)

After discussion, the board agreed with Dave Law’s proposal on collection and archival of historical documents.  Jim Melton and Dave will appoint members to handle the archival of different sections.  The association will bear the expenses of miscellaneous office supplies to accomplish this task.  Members will be able to request copies of the documents.  However, the member will have to pay the cost of copying and mailing the documents.

>> Board Members - election/re-election (All)

Except for Dave Law and Bob Hughes, all board members in attendance have agreed to continue in their positions. 

>> Permanent Name Badges - availability and cost (Ed Beck)

Recommendation by Ed Beck was to consider having permanent name badges made for all members to use when attending reunions or other official functions of the association.  The board agreed that most folks would not remember these when attending reunions; so they were unnecessary.

>> 2006 Reunion - Date and Place

<<Annual vs. Semi-Annual Reunions?

Board members voted against having annual reunions (6-2); however, it was agreed that the question would be presented to the general meeting.  Three possible sites were discussed for the next convention – Biloxi, Branson, and San Antonio; site will be picked by general membership.






The meeting was held as originally scheduled on Wednesday, 9/29 at 1300 in the Hospitality Room at Imperial Palace.  We did not do an actual count of members; but the number was much less than the number who had registered for the reunion.  Several spouses attended as guests



Opening Remarks - Jim Melton

Jim Melton opened the meeting and welcomed all the attendees to both the reunion and the general membership meeting. 

Report of Board Members - All attending board members

Stan Duro gave the Treasurer’s report; bank balance is over $6400; report was accepted and approved by the membership.

Dave Cory was tardy; Ed Beck gave a membership report in his absence.  Ed requested that all members give Dave any updates to their personal records; also update Dave with service assignments and spouses if this data is missing from the current membership booklet.  Ed also informed members that the next newsletter will have an entry on the label detailing membership dues status.

Report of Items Discussed at Board Meeting - Ed Beck

The items discussed at the board meeting were presented to the general membership and necessary items were voted and approved.  Separate discussions were held on the frequency of reunions and the next reunion site.


Election/Re-election/Appointment of Board Members

Jim Melton was unanimously re-elected as the association president.  Gary Friesen expressed an interest in the vice-president position.  His name was put in nomination and he was unanimously elected by the membership.  Bill Castagno was appointed to replace Bob Hughes as newsletter editor.  Any other needed positions will be appointed by the president (as spelled out in the by-laws).


Frequency of Reunions

A lively discussion was made on the frequency or reunions --- either changing them to having a reunion each year or to continue with the practice of having the reunion every two years.  After discussion, this was put to a vote by the general membership; and they approved staying with the current practice (every two years) by a vote of 15-13.


Tracy Fisher (Update on Iraq)

Tracy was asked to be the keynote speaker at the banquet, so she did not give the update at this meeting.


Dave Law (Okinawa today)

Dave gave an excellent presentation on the status of air defense radar on Okinawa.  Dave has revisited Okinawa on several instances, the latest being in 2004.  On the 2004 visit, Dave was given a detailed tour of the radar control center and other radar facilities.

Fred Samples (Howard Singer Update)

Fred gave the membership a detailed report on how he located Howard Singer; his e-mail correspondences with Mr. Singer.  Fred explained how he led the movement to have Howard given honorary membership into our association.


General discussions/Presentations

Phil Urban updated the membership on the bumper stickers and hats the association has for sale.  The bumper stickers have our web site on them; the hats have been updated by adding “Okinawa” to the insignia.  Hats are available for $15.00 each; bumper stickers are $2.50 each.  If interested, send your order (with money) to Phil Urban, 132 South Oak, Palatine, Il 69967 (include $1.00 per order for shipping).

Selection of Next Reunion Site

Only one site was put before the membership for the 2006 reunion.  That site was Biloxi, Mississippi.  John Hammond gave the presentation and agreed to be the next reunion chairman.  John also desires to have the reunion in March or April (versus September); this was tentatively accepted pending a change in the by-laws. 

Closing Remarks - Jim Melton

With all business and items on the agenda being completed, Jim Melton adjourned the meeting at 1537.