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Whatis and Whatwas.

Picture - "morphed" by Donna Brooks 

Some of us have a nostalgia bent to our spirit. We like to recall events from our past. But did you ever notice that we somehow without trying, filter those events so that they always become squeeky-clean, and "one of the best times I've ever had." The 'good 'ol days.

We sanitize our past, dis-remembering the crummy stuff and emphasing the great time we had. And if we are diligent and do that often enough; the time remembered takes on a dream-like quality, where the colors are brighter, the weather is nicer, and all the people are saints.

So in that fun spirit when life was simpler and we were all young and strong; I say, find your walker, go pee one final time, and let's re-visit some favorite times and places from our tour on Okinawa!

Enjoy - John London