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Remind me again


Remind me again

Sharon Branson

It's muggy today, I hate it so

I wish it were days of heavenly snow

My sinuses are running, that lily I picked

Should have known better, it's made me sick.

My head ache is pounding, my back aches too

What's  a complaining hypochondriac to do.

Write poetry she said, without a  stop

Before this misery blows my top.

And Hubby is grouchy, not feeling swell

His projects are bombed, not going well

He drags around here all grumpy and sad

Grrrrr, it makes me also feel quite mad.

Miss Mary Engelbriet, our artist....fave

Had a saying I loved and through years have saved

"Snap Out of It" she says, with mirthful glee

What good advice for Hubby and Me.


We're blessed beyond blessed each day of the week

We  can't ask for more, please pinch my cheek

And Forgive me Lord, for feeling so lost

Remind me again, You died on the cross.


Thank you.

Sharon Branson


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