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Ti Amo Zabella



Ti' Amo' Zabella

Ti ' Amo  Zabella Mi '

I Love You ,My Beautiful ,

How much these words mean.

I hear them forever in my mind.

When I look into my child's eyes,

It's times of long ago I find.

These words of love ,

That My Father spoke to me ...

That was so long ago,

Why did I not then see ?


My Dad so often said:

Ti' Amo  Zabella Mi'

I Love You My Beautiful

That's  what  Dad left for me.

Now I look at you

And speak to You each day

So You will Remember when

I look At You and Say

"Ti' Amo  Zabella Mi'

I Love  You My Beautiful

More with each passing day"

Ti' Amo Zabella Mi'

Chi Domani Chi Eri'

I Love You My Beautiful

More then You will ever see



By : Pam Gallo

May 2002/ Re Edited 2007




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