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I've Heard all this Before

You will have to 

speak to my heart .

Because My Ears 

have heard all of this before.

You had better find 

something new to say...

Because I wont be 

going through this anymore.

You will have to

Open up My Mind.

Because I don't

Trust a thing you do.

You have to

prove again to me

That I can

Ever Believe in You.

Yes , I've heard it all before

Each and every time 

you walked out the door.

I asked myself 

what all this is for...

Because I really can't 

take this anymore.

You can speak to my heart

But I heard all this before.

Maybe it's time say.

I don't want you anymore

Now it's my time...

To walk out the door.



By Pam Gallo

copyright 2007






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