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In My Mirror



 In My Mirror

 Shirley Jean Harwood

I look in my mirror and what do I see?

my mama and my baby looking back at me,

They tell me they love me and not to cry

then mama sings to me a sweet lullaby.

She sings, don't cry my baby, don't shed a tear

your baby and I will be waiting here,

We and other loved ones who've gone on before

wait for your arrival at heavens door.

Remember, Jesus loves you and died on the cross

so those who truly live for him won't be lost,

So hush now my darling don't weep anymore

cause Jesus is returning, He is at your hearts door.

I look in my mirror and what do I see?

I see Jesus and my loved ones all smiling at me,

My heart may still be aching, my arms long to hold

my mama and my baby, but I must wait I'm told.

One day we'll meet in heaven on that golden shore

where we'll hold each other happily to part never more,

We'll sing praises to our God for sending Christ, his son

to give his life for sinful man, to die for everyone.


Shirley Jean Harwood


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