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Gentle Winds of Change  


Listen for the Gentle winds of change                                                              

 And   ready your wings                                     

                                      To be sweetly lifted                             

                                  Towards a journey to New horizons            


Gentle Winds of Change

I feel the Gentle Winds of change blowing

As I gently close my tired eyes...

It's only then I start Knowing

I can spread My wings and fly.

If Only the Gentle Winds

Could blow across the sea...

For waves to  wash away My sadness

Then lift me toward my Destiny.

If the sweet, cool winds could gently lift me

High into the skies ...

I would spread my wings in ethereal ascent

Until I reached Your side.

I will listen quietly

For the Winds of change ...

That will carry me to horizons of  Gold

To My Journey's End.


By Pam Gallo

copyright 2007







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