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Dear John

Dear John


Dear John


Dear John,

It seems that only yesterday
That we were each so young.
I was thrilled, a "bright, new star"
Your beautiful,  songs were sung.


I danced in Yellowstone Nat'l Park
To "Small World" in '59.
And you were on your way, dear John
To Stardom, shine on.....shine.


Nursing school and Mathis music,
Hand in hand you say?
Yes, of course, for study hours
Your music I did play.


Wedding bells and three kids... then
Finances were a little tight.
I planned and saved for new L.P.s.
My collection, quite a sight.


In 1986 we went with friends,
To Pine Knob, Detroit, "Mish".
First time I saw you on the stage,
A happy, life long wish.


To see and hear you do a show
Was the start of something GRAND.
I joined the "club" and met Maria,
And became an official fan.


Next was Interlochen in '94
So near our retirement place.
We stood together side by side,
This huge smile upon my face.


A couple years went by so fast.
You returned in '97
And gave my face a sweet, sweet kiss.
I thought I was in Heaven.


I travel now with many friends
Who love to see your show.
You bring us joy in many ways.
More than you'll ever know.


So congratulations, John on this 50th year
As a recording artist...THE BEST.
We wish you many more years to come
With your music, we are SO blessed.




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