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Dallas Sprinkles


Dallas Sprinkles was a home care  patient of mine,

I visited him several times for his health care.

At one point in our visiting he told me he was a writer

and gave me, with his autograph,

his little book called "Odd Man In", a series 

of verses and essays on race relations. 

He was raised by his grandparents,

both died when he was 14 years old

and he made his own way from that time on.

During his childhood he realized that being a Negro

(his words)

was different and not easy. 

He wanted to be a doctor,

and after a course at Indiana State Teachers College,

discovered that writing came natural to him. 

He studied journalism after serving in WWII.

Dallas traveled with a team of J. F. Kennedy campaigners

 lecturing throughout the state of Indiana. 

When Mr. Kennedy won the nomination,

Mr. Sprinkles received an invitation from Mr. Kennedy

 requesting that he come to New York

 to work on a program to be set up in regards to Civil Rights.

Later he worked as manager

of a low income housing project in Evansville, IN

 and edited and published a monthly news magazine. 

He was retired when I met him.

Here is my favorite little poem he wrote:

God, I want to ask some questions

Right now I am very sad.

And if your answer is yes, God,

I'll be very glad.

Are there colored angels in Heaven?

Do they live in the same Heaven as you?

Do they have real angel wings?

Can they fly where they want to?

I hope it is different in Heaven, God.

From down here on earth.

It's terribly  hard for Negroes here

Starting from their birth.

I'm really very concerned, God,

Because just the other day

My little colored playmate

Was ill and passed away.

I know she's there in Heaven

She never committed sin,

When I get to Heaven, God,

May we play together again?


I hope I see Dallas Sprinkles in Heaven, Dallas Sprinkles died September 7, 2001




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