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Banger Migraine



Banger Migraine

   Banger Migraine

Banger Migraine, you stay away from my Pam

I will kick butt, I'm a fighter I Yam,

You leave her alone, stay away from her brain

Because this ol' earth without her, would not be the same.

Now back to the closet, shut yourself in real tight.

And don't you come out EVER, unless ME you want to fight.

Hang your head low, get your tail between your knees

I mean it, Migraine bitch and I'm not saying please..

Put your head down in shame for picking on my friend

You're outta here PIA to hell I will send

You're mean and vengeful, not a very nice thing

You make folks feel bad with a head that rings,

A little headache, we can take then and now

but the crap you deliver  get outta her.....POW

Our Pammie is special she deserves not your hate

In our books, ol' Migraine, she is just great.

So Pam we are cheering for you to feel better

I've sat here 5 minutes and poem-ed you this letter

I love you much more than my words can just say

So hope that your Migraine leaves you alone today.


Love, Your BRANSON




Thanks Branson !

I Now


So Much


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