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Back Ache



Back Ache

I Got Up Early this Morning

Stepped Out of Bed Quite Gingerly... 

With a Yawn and A Stretch I slowly Arose

I Feel Pretty Wonderful It Seems.

Not Feeling to Shabby or Rickety

Maybe I Can Garden and Mow...

I Know I can Do All This Stuff

If I Pace Myself and Move Slow.

A Cup of Coffee and Brush the Teeth

The One's Soaking in the Glass...

Pull on The Gardening Comfy Clothes

Broken In From Many Years Past.

Now I wonder where Are those Old Sneakers

That I Save for Days Just Like this...

Deep In the corner Closet,

Another Season of Gardening Bliss !

I Know My Worn Old Gardening Gloves

Are In the Kitchen Junk Drawer...

And the Watering Can and Miracle Grow

Still In the Cabinet Near the Floor.

But If I get Down On the Floor

How will I get back Up...

Maybe Crawl to the Step Stool In the Corner

That Way I Will Have Better Luck.

Now I Think I have Gathered Everything

And Yup...Got In My Teeth...

Now All I have to do Is Dig through the Shed

For My Rake...Where is That Thing?

Pull Out the Snow blowers and the Shovels

Move the Ladders and the Paint...

Better Climb Back up those Deck Steps...

I Need some Water Before I Faint.

Holy Smokes, The Phone is Ringing

Hurry Up It Could be and Emergency ...

Grab a Hammer, I make a Mental Note

Fix the Nail Sticking Up that Just tripped Me.

No This Is Not , The Corner Deli

What Number Did You Dial...

How Dare that Witch Slam the Phone In My Ear

I Think I Will Sit for  Just Awhile.

I better Check the Weather

It's Getting Sort of Cloudy and Cool...

Where Did I put the Darn Remote

Lately I am Such an Old Fool.

Oh Yeah My Old Bones Knew It

They Say It's Gonna Rain.

My Knees are Creaking My Back is Bent

I Ache and I'm In Pain.

I Blame it On The Weather

These Old and Brittle Bones...

Better Stay Inside and Rest Awhile

Comparing ailments On the Phone.

I Know I am Not the Only One

My Gal Pals All Have this Ailment Too !

Heating Pad, Advil, Pillow and Blanket

Bad Backs are Contagious Like the Flu.

Oh Yeah My Old Bones Knew It

And I Blame it On The Awful Rain.

My Knees are Creaking My Back is Bent

I Ache and I'm In Pain.

 Tomorrow Is Another Day

And then I Will Be In Tip Top Shape...

If I Rest My Back and Pamper Myself

Tomorrow I Can Rake !




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