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My Frozen Lake


My Frozen Lake

The sun shines brightly on my frozen lake.

The snow, a light cover it makes.

The cloudless sky is blue and soft.

And my thoughts are freely aloft.


I love this place we chose to be.

In our twilight years, He and Me.

Our family's close, friends are near.

We stay here throughout the whole year.


We share our spot with Cedars and Pine.

And rocks, the creek, my gardens sublime.

The animals come out at night to play.

Four deer last night near the creek did lay.


We enjoy the seasons, especially spring.

The winter is cold, deep chills it brings.

Fall  is beautiful when God paints the scene.

With reds, gold's, and oranges, replacing the green.


Summer warms the lake to a brilliant blue.

A turquoise, like no other, a beautiful hue.

Here come the grand's to play in the boat.

And water toys that keep all afloat.


Evenings we gather around the campfire.

Toasting marshmallows, the stars we admire.

God knows best where to put each one.

They glitter and gleam, tiny midnight suns.


But for now, there before me, my frozen lake.

What a serene picture  for me it makes.

I love the color that seems to shine through.

The turquoise God made, like His eyes of blue. 


I guess we'll live here forever and a day.

We'll do some work but mostly we'll play.

And when God calls us on the very last day.

We'll thank Him for such a beautiful place to stay.





Top Graphic Is an

Actual Photograph of

Sharon Branson's Lake


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