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By Sharon Branson


Dreams are the fluffy thoughts of our mind,

The hopes we hold, to our hearts they bind.

Dreams are thrills we have not yet felt.

And icy cares in our soul do melt.


Dreams are whispers of our heart,

Unspoken words our lips impart.

Dreams are prayers for what we hold dear.

For health, and happiness, more than cheer.


Dreams are prayers for tomorrow's day.

For life and breath, for work and play.

Dreams we share with our dearest friends.

Those for whom our love never ends.


Dreams are promises we must always keep.

They creep lightly through our hearts while we sleep.

Dreams bring us forward through life's dreary days.

To places where we hope to stay. 


Dreams are the flowers in our bouquet of life.

They protect us from harm, and daily strife.

We bask in the light of our dreams yellow rays,

That lead us to happier, playful days.


Dreams are the blessings for which we long.

Dreams keep us healthy, and faithfully strong.

We bind up our hope with God's saving grace.

Our dreams keep us firm on this earthly place.


Dreams keep us sane with merry thoughts

Of times with our friends, whose company we've sought.

How fun to be with them, to party at the beach.

Into each heart, such sunshine would reach.


There's Angelheart Sharon and Precious Dee,

LaLuna, Dreamwalker and sweet Ree-Ree.

Together at Torch, oh the delightful screams.

We're living a part of Angelheart's Dream.


By: Sharon Branson


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