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Ode To My Back Fusion





Ode To My Back Fusion:


What I wrote on Vicodin.

Sharon Branson

Two weeks ago at this very same time,

I was waking myself up from the anesthesia line,

"Oh Lord turn me over, get me off of my back",

"Oh no" said the nurse, "it's time there you lack".


"You must lie there still for a little bit more,

I know that it hurts, and it feels pretty sore.

You've been hacked on and screwed, your dressing looks good.

Now here's more Dilaudid,  relax, Babe, you should".


Well back in my room I feel better and turned,

A task very tough I will soon have to learn.

My IV is running, that little button I push.

It dulls my sharp pain, turns my brain all to mush.


I'm up later on, thinking to pee,

But Lord, what this garden hose coming from me?

And YIKES, there's another sticking out of my wound.

My backside is aching and all tightly bound.


My nurses are lovely, the students and aids.

They helped me quickly when my nurse call I played.

Except for this one, I won't mention by name.

She's reached in my book, pure negative fame.


My adrenals and blood count took a nice heave-ho.

I needed a transfusion,  oh where can it go?

The IV team placed it without a picc line,

But it leaked under my skin, in a matter of time.


Oh my the bruise, oh my the pain,

But Nursey won't stop it, my tears were in vain.

So back they all came and put in the line.

Red blood infused safely after some time.


After all this fussin' I was ready to leave.

"Doc Prusick", I said, "send me home please".

So home we did go and I'm safely in Dean's care

I'm healing each day with loving to spare.


We're camped in our loft with computers and TV,

And music and soft chairs and Torch lake to see.

My Vicodin's here, my shower my bed.

Where usually my guests lay down their sweet heads.


It's two weeks since hacking and screwing my back.

My leg pain is gone I can tell you that.

I love Dr. Prusick and I love Dr. Dean,

The best in this world, how lucky I've been.


My friends have been praying I'd soon be well.

And I'm beginning to know this back fusion went swell

Thanks for your patience and spending your time.

In reading my little hospital adventure rhyme.

By Sharon Branson

copyright 2007



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