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DIVA OF THE DECADE AWARD: Presented by Shawn Michaels
oNominees: Sable, Sunny, Trish Stratus, Lita, Chyna
oAnd the winner is.... Trish Stratus!

DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME AWARD: Presented by Shane McMahon
oNominees: Big Show chokeslamming Undertaker through the ring
oNominees: Jeff Hardy in the Tables/Ladders/Chairs match
oNominees: The Dudley Boyz powerbombing Mae Young off the stage
oNominees: Kurt Angle doing a moonsault off the top of the cage
oAnd the winner is...... Kurt Angle!

oNominees: Mick Foley - The Three Faces of Foley
oNominees: Eric Bischoff - The Night Hell Froze Over
oNominees: Bart Gunn - The Brawl For All
oNominees: Kane - Firestarter
oNominees: Stone Cold Steve Austin - Zamboni 3:16
oAnd the Winner is.... Mick Foley!
GIMMIE THE MIC AWARD: Presented by Chris Jericho
oJericho doesn't bother listing the nominees, he declares himself the winner.. Jericho opens the envelope and says, And the Winner is.... The Rock..Jericho says the Rock isn't here, he's going to accept it because he deserves it more than anyone!

BEST ON SCREEN ROMANCE: Presented by Michael Cole & Tazz
oNominees: Mark Henry & Mae Young
oNominees: Eddie Guerrero & Chyna
oNominees: Matt Hardy & Lita (Team Extreme)
oNominees: Vince McMahon & William Regal (Kiss My Ass Club)
oNominees: Triple H & Stephanie McMahon
oAnd the Winner is.... Triple H & Stephanie McMahon!

NETWORK DIFFICULTIES: Presnted by Mene Gene & Pat Patterson
oNominees: Mae Young giving birth to a hand
oNominees: Stone Cold Steve Austin gives Santa a Stone Cold Stunner
oNominees: Hot Lesbian Action
oNominees: Brian Pillman & Steve Austin - The Gun Angle
oAnd the Winner is...Mae Young!

RAW SUPERSTAR OF THE DECADE: Presented by Brock Lesnar
oNominees: Mick Foley - The Hardcore Legend
oNominees: The Rock - The People's Champion
oNominees: Bret Hart - The Excellence of Execution
oNominees: Triple H - The Game
oNominees: Stone Cold Steve Austin - The Rattlesnake
oNominees: The Undertaker
oAnd the Winner is.... Stone Cold Steve Austin!

RAWS GREATEST MATCHES: Presented by Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler
oTLC from 2002
oTriple H vs Cactus Jack, Falls Count Anywhere from 1997
oJeff Hardy vs The Undertaker, Ladder match from 2002
oStone Cold Steve Austin vs Kane from 1998
oAnd the Winner is... TLC 2002!

BEST RAW MOMENT AWARD: Presented by Edge
oRAW MOMENT #1: The Rock & Sock Connection - Rock, This is Your Life!
oRAW MOMENT #2: Stone Cold Steve Austin crushes the Rock's car with a Monster Truck
oRAW MOMENT #3: Shane McMahon appears on Nitro and buys WCW
oRAW MOMENT #4: Mankind & Mr Sock visit Mr. McMahon in the hospital where Austin attacks!
oRAW MOMENT #5: Degeneration X "Nation of Domination" Parody
oRAW MOMENT #6: Iron Mike Tyson & Stone Cold Steve Austin
oRAW MOMENT #7: Degeneration X invades WCW Nitro (April 27, 1998)
oRAW MOMENT #8: The Rock challenges Hollywood Hulk Hogan for Wrestlemania
oRAW MOMENT #9: RAW IS OWEN (Owen Hart Tribute Show)
oRAW MOMENT #10: Stone Cold Steve Austin gives the corporation a beer bath!
oAnd the winner is.... #10 - Steve Austin!

RAW 10th ANNIVERSARY RESULTS - January 13, 2003:
Women's Champion, Victoria, defeated Trish Stratus and Jacquline in a three-way hardcore match...Maven and Test defeated D'Lo Brown and Christopher Nowinski...William Regal defeated Jerry Lawler by Disqualification...Jeff Hardy defeated Raven to win the Final Spot on the RAW part of the Royal Rumble...Booker T. and Lance Storm fought to a No Contest...Hurricane Helms defeated Steven Richards...Chris Jericho won an "Over the Top Rope" Battle Royal. Other participants were: David Batista, Rob Van Dam, and Kane. David Batista eliminated Kane. Rob Van Dam eliminated David Batista. Chris Jericho eliminated Rob Van Dam to win the match.

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