07-04-2014. This is my favorite Playmobil Theme and this is where I will start. I am going to add as much information that I know about this them here. Starting with pictures of all the Viking Related sets. Then add links for my collection, custom figures & playsets.

In 2002 the Vikings stormed into the world of Playmobil, that is the theme. They did have a Playmobil Special figure 4519 (Viking) that came out in 1995 and 4540 (North Man) in 1997. Also Special set 4526 (Dove Maiden) can be used a Viking maiden. In 2002 Special 4599 (Norseman) came out, with the rest of the Viking Theme. Set 3150 (Viking Longboat), 3151 (Viking Stronghold), 3152 (Viking Raiders), 3153 (Vikings Warriors), 3154 (Norse King & Prince), 3155 (Nessie), 3156 (Viking boat), 3157(Viking Shelter), 3158 (Norse Horseman), 4433 (Viking Fortress) and 5707 (Viking Starter Set)

[Playmobil 2002-2003 Catalong]

[Playmobil Vikings]

[Playmobil Viking Sets]

[Playmobil Viking Set 4519]

[Playmobil Viking Set 4540]

[Playmobil Viking Set 4526]

[Playmobil Viking Set 3150]

[Playmobil Viking Set 3151]

[Playmobil Viking Set 3152]

[Playmobil Viking Set 3152]

[Playmobil Viking Set 3153]

[Playmobil Viking Set 3153]

[Playmobil Viking Set 3154]

[Playmobil Viking Set 3155]

[Playmobil Viking Set 3155]

[Playmobil Viking Set 3156]

[Playmobil Viking Set 3156]

[Playmobil Viking Set 3157]

[Playmobil Viking Set 3157]

[Playmobil Viking Set 3158]

[Playmobil Viking Set 4433]

[Playmobil Viking Set 4599]

[Playmobil Viking Set 5707]

07-04-2014. After the first wave of Vikings came out there was not much added to this theme. A few figures here & there and some others that can be used for the Viking theme. I will get to these next time, Thanks ( =

07-27-2014. Ok, here are some sets that came out after the first wave of Viking figures or can be easily changed to be Vikings. First is set 4615.

[Playmobil Viking Set 4615]

Next is 4672

[Playmobil Viking Set 4672]

Next is 4677

[Playmobil Viking Set 4677]

Next is 4684

[Playmobil Viking Set 4684]

Next is 4742

[Playmobil Viking Set 4742]

Next is 4752

[Playmobil Viking Set 4752]

Next is 4762

[Playmobil Viking Set 4762]

Next is 4769

[Playmobil Viking Set 4769]

Next is 4778

[Playmobil Viking Set 4778]

Next is 5293

[Playmobil Viking Set 5293]

Next is 5408

[Playmobil Viking Set 5408]

Next is 7717

[Playmobil Viking Set 7717]

Next is Viking Mystery Figure

[Playmobil Viking Mystery Figure]

07-27-2014. That's all for now, there are some other sets where you can break figures up and convert them to use. Next I will list some of the main figure parts with codes for you guys who want to order parts from Playmobil. I will get to these next time, Thanks ( =

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