Hi, going to go through my links today. I have updated the ATS Toy Soldier link and everything else works.

Just added another link on 06-01-2014, Expeditionary Force. They are making American Civil War plastic Toy Soldiers and now Greeks & Persians.

Just add another link on 03-30-2012, Paragon Scenics & Miniatures. They have some great Apaches and US Indian Wars Soldiers.

Hi, I just added a New link on 3-27-2012. Check out PLASTICUNDERGROUND.NET
. I get back to this page to add some other links in a few days. Check out Red Skorpio Toy Soldiers & Collectibles, They look Great, take a look. A company located in Argentina dedicated mainly to sell plastic toy soldiers made in Argentina by DSG from the molds provided by Britains and for his own molds. Also sell another toy soldiers and collectibles too. They have hundreds of historically accurate flags for use with your figures.

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