Military History

Some hobbies have a rich history or background. While it's not necessary to know the background in order to enjoy the hobby, it can sometimes enhance the experience. If I am painting Civil War soldiers, the history of different units & their uniforms gives you more insight to the figures.

05-08-2012. I will start to make pages about different conflicts and show some pictures or mention some books or movies that can be used to get ideas when painting or making dioramas.

[ Tigers to the Rescue - The Valley Campaign 
Artist: Bradley Schmehl  
Publisher: Somerset House Publishing, Inc.  

I am going to use this page to describe how I use Military History regarding my hobby. For example, if I'm describing Huron Indians, I might mention how I first became interested in American Indians and how I acquired my painting skill in this area. ( =

[Playmobil Custom Medieval Inn]

[Huron Indians]

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