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"One of mans' greatest enemies is the illusion that there
will be more time in tomorrow than there is, in today."

Patches of Time
"Much may be done with those little shreds and patches of time
which every day produces, and which most of us throw away."
~ Charles C. Colton


Here is a collection of my all time favorite clock clips.
You've already seen Felix at the beginning of this page.
I have a real one hanging in my family room.

    The first clock radio I had looked like the first one in the
box above. I can still remember getting it for Christmas.
I thought I was hot stuff! Back then we only had AM stations
but WFIL and WIBG played some pretty good music.

Of course we can't forget about the dreaded time clock...

   Oh how I would love to PUNCH the time clock!
You would think having all these clocks in my house I'd be on time...
Nope! I'm always late.

Now for the Christmas Clocks.


Some fancy clocks...

Look who's hiding in Hickory Dickory's Clock!


Don't ya just love these...


Ansonia Bonn China Clock 1895 Ansonia China Clock 1900's
Ansonia Crystal Regulator Clock 1920's Ansonia Fisher Clock 1880's
Ansonia Gingerbread Kitchen Clock 1900's Ansonia Jumper No2 Clock 1886
Steeple Clock.gif (17197 bytes)
Ansonia Munich Clock 1900's Steeple Clock

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