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Susan Cirba - Life Issues

Susan Cirba
Education Director
Pa. for Human Life
506 Broadway
Scranton, Pa. 18505
Phone: 570-343-5099
Fax: 570-343-5099

TIF"> Susan Cirba is currently Education Director for Pa. for Human Life, Scranton Chapter and writes for, and edits the Pro-Life Reporter which is a newspaper published quarterly by Pa. for Human Life, Scranton Chapter.

Mrs. Cirba has been involved in the pro-life movement since 1974 and has given more than 100 pro-life presentations. She speaks about chastity, abortion and euthanasia and is currently working on a presentation with cartoonist Gary Cangemi called "Umbert's Facts of Life". Mr. Cangemi is creator of the comic strip Umbert the Unborn. Persons interested in a presentation should put the request in writing and address it to Sue Cirba c/o Pro-Life Information Center, 506 Broadway, Scranton, Pa. 18505